“The most dangerous years of the Obama presidency are upon us.”

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“The most dangerous years of the Obama presidency are upon us.”

His conclusion says it all:

Holding the House and taking back the Senate in 2014, while extremely important, cannot stop someone who considers himself above it all. A united front is needed for the next three years. So what is Republican and Congressional leadership planning?

A war on the Tea Party.

This is no time to petty internal politics. It is time to unite against the threat the Democrats pose, which they have now repeatedly admitted to quite openly, which is to deny their opponents any say in the political process.



  • Jwing

    Watch…this is when Republicans are at their best and they “compromise” with the Dems in an effort to show that they are not partisans.

  • Cotour

    one word ——-IMPEACHMENT———- And then removal, and let the chips fall where they may, if he chooses to go the route that he is threatening.

    And if the Republicans are loath to do it, replace them! This is not play time, this goes beyond his “race” what ever you choose to call him he is THE American president, this goes to the core of our civilization and our Constitution. If he gets a pass its because that is what the opposition (the establishment Republicans) also desires because they too desire what he and his followers desire. And that makes them (the Republicans) also the enemy of the peoples freedoms and the Constitution..

    Maybe this is in reality is what he and his true believers want, chaos and unrest. In order to accomplish “fundamental change” first you must raze what existed before in order to replace it with your new model. The one (the Constitution) must be destroyed. The way it is designed it gets stronger as you test it, unless the opposition just chooses to lay down. Then it goes away.

    The rule: Everything that a government (any government) and a politician (any politician) says is a lie, walk it back from that point to where as best you can establish through your own due diligence what is truth. That is the nature of the beast.

  • Cotour

    ALL of these SOB’s have sworn to uphold the CONSTITUTION, as it is written, not as they would prefer for it to have been written! What is going to happen in the coming months of 2014 is what they ALL (the leadership of both party’s) want to happen. Let us not be naive.

    *Amnesty for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (does anyone see a fundamental logic problem with those first four words?)

    *Allowing the president to act outside of the constraints of the Constitution

    *Promoting the IRS to be used as a political weapon

    *Raise the debt limit without any attempt at a reduction in spending

    Etc. Etc.

    (and yes, I know I am being redundant)

  • D.K. Williams

    Disagree. The GOP impeaching Obama would be worse than useless. The Senate, controlled by Dems, would never convict. It would give Dems cover for the 2014 elections. The GOP needs to concentrate on winning as many Senate seats as possible.

  • You are absolutely right. The Republicans have to focus on defeating as many Democrats as possible. Win elections, and all else will follow naturally.

    Anything else is a distraction.

  • chili palmer

    Thanks to Robert Zimmerman’s great site I was introduced to Angelo Codevilla’s 2011 article, “The Lost Decade.” Dr. Codevilla makes the point in this and other wonderful articles that the GOP has long since merged with democrats and has no interest in this country per se. His articles illustrate how the GOP has joined the democrats and the GOP has nothing but contempt for right of center Americans. They’ve made this clear themselves over the past 12 years but especially recently. “The Republicans” united with their lobbyist pals are spending millions to defeat conservative Republican candidates and elect people who’ll advance the radical left agenda. The stuff George Bush wanted to do but failed to. As Dr. Codevilla says, the US no longer has a two party system, it has a “UniParty”. As if that isn’t enough, the GOP establishment incessantly bashes the Silent Majority. This practice was popularized by the Bush crowd. I’m not giving up, but it’s important to see reality. The Romney campaign alone was simply massive fraud. These people don’t deserve the time of day from conservatives. As Dr. Codevilla says, conservatives have no political party. I’m sorry about your detached retina, I hope it wasn’t caused by too much time in front of the computer. Get well soon.

  • Cotour

    And in between now and then if the president goes way too far in challenging established Constitutional limits? He has basically promised testing limits the other day. Your going to wait to take action? I could agree on a strategic basis but reality may present something other than an ideal situation.

    Best wishes for your recovery.

  • Edward

    Not just win elections at the national level, but also win them at the state and local levels. These levels still have influence and power, even if they are not supported by the national representatives.

  • Cotour

    After reconsideration IMO the president will strategically push the limits of the Constitution in 2014 in order to create that movement to impeach (which will never happen) and use that to distract and divide and create the desired imagery in the mind of the public that the Republicans / Tea Party is unreasonable. Prepare to be pushed to the limit and be outraged in 2014.

  • This is no time to petty internal politics.

    So long as you continue to consider it merely that, you’ll never mount a real alternative to the left.

    You need to purge the Romney’s and the other pretenders from the GOP if you want a chance. There’s no room for pretenders in the fight for freedom.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I’m torn here – on the one hand, I’m sick of Repubs constantly “compromising” with Obama & Dems – meaning, they basically give up THEIR beliefs & go along w/Dems. When does the pResident (not a typo!) or any Dem ever compromise & meet US halfway? NEVER ! ! But we have to be careful not to shoot ourselves in the foot – I have no way to verify this but I’ve heard rumblings that in some cases, those claiming to support the Tea Party with the claimed goal of replacing GOPers w/Tea Party types may actually be Dems masquerading as Tea Partiers & that if you trace the money, you’ll eventually find there are some left-wing groups funding some of this. I have no way of knowing if it’s true, but we have every reason to believe that’s possible. There were several such “stealth” so-called “Tea Party” candidates in 2010 & 2012 that were ultimately revealed as frauds. Think about it: Who stands to benefit from the defeat of dozens of GOPers? I hate being snookered into supporting candidates who turn out to be little different from the Dems they’re running against, but I think I hate even more the thought that by dividing us, the Dems may well come out ahead…

  • Kent Sogge

    From the comments above it appears all on this site are Tea Partiers and therefore substantially delusional. Impeachment talk is nonsense as no impeachable offenses have taken place. Second until the GOP can offer actual detailed plans and real solutions there is no reason to even pay any attention to them.

    The President has no choice but to take the steps he proposes that are in his legal authority. Somebody must lead as the Congress is plainly impotent as lead by the republicans.

  • Bob

    Sorry but I can’t see much difference between either party. Both have their hands deeply in my pockets, both waste vast amounts of money(just on different favored industries), both push the debt higher, both work to remove the constitutional rights of the citizens. We flip back and forth with who holds the White House or Senate and neither side does anything of value for the common guy. They all enrich themselves or their corporate backers.

  • Edward

    Kent, you don’t seem to understand the leadership that the president of the US is supposed to take. He is supposed to propose legislation and lead Congress to pass a bill that he will sign. ‘The President proposes, Congress disposes’ (paraphrased from FDR). Bypassing Congress is *not* leadership, at least not in the American democratic republic way.

    What are they teaching is civics classes these days?

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