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The terrible consequences of NOAA’s data tampering

Link here.

In 2017 Tony Heller broke the story of how NOAA and NASA have been routinely adjusting their historic global temperature records to cool the past and warm the present in order to create the illusion that the climate is warming, far more than it is.

The post by Heller at the link above focuses in on how that tampering, which erased from the temperature data the record-hot year of 1934, is then used by both NOAA and NASA to claim each year for the past decade was the hottest ever.

The raw data however tells a far different story. The raw data from 1934, as reported amply at the time, recorded big heat waves and murderous droughts and extensive dust storms, all far more extreme than anything we have experienced in the past decade. Moreover, that raw data matches well with public news stories, and also matches well with all the published science prior to the 2000s.

Since then, however, intellectual honesty and the real scientific method has been replaced by an agenda-driven political manipulations. Having 1934 be the hottest year ever cannot stand, especially if present temperatures do not exceed that year’s records. Global warming demands a correction!

The nicest interpretation we can give to these adjustments is that the scientists are innocently engaged in confirmation bias. They believe the Earth is warming due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and thus they must find evidence of that warming, even if it requires data adjustments to past record-hot years like 1934, adjustments that they then rationalize as necessary and scientifically justified.

More likely, they have decided that their political agenda to prove human-caused global warming requires them to be intellectually dishonest and the falsify the global temperature record. If so, this is a tragedy beyond words, as it signals that the revolution in human thought that began with the Renaissance and Galileo and was reinforced and cemented by the Enlightenment and Francis Bacon, has now ended.

That revolution made possible a burst of human creativity and civilization that lasted more than five hundred years. The consequences for future generations should that revolution be rejected now cannot be good.

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  • Phill O

    Interesting to note of the hottest year being in the early 1900s. This corresponds to the maximum rate of recession of the Athabasca glacier being before 1950.

  • pzatchok

    I welcome the new inquisition and the coming dark ages.

    Our children will save us! Yeah!!!

    Greta will lead us into the new future.

  • wayne

    Greta Thunberg, off script

    “I can’t speak on behalf of everyone…”

  • Gary

    Skeptics knew about the adjustments years before 2017 and criticized them in the blogosphere, but couldn’t get a hearing elsewhere. The truth was overwhelmed by the propaganda and aggressive push-back by the small number of interconnected alarmist scientists, governments, politicians, media, and the educational system.

  • Cassandra

    Tony Heller plots the temperature adjustments vs CO2 concentration, and it’s a practically perfect linear fit. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Proof positive of the bias in the adjustments. Maybe this author can revise this article to include it.

  • Alan Prendergast

    I wonder if they’ll be rewriting the history of the Dust-Bowl years – from 1930-1936 to erase the drought and heat records.

    I’d never seen that date before as the record hot year – but 1934 screamed “Dust Bowl” in my head.
    I’m not surprised that the two are coincident.

    When us oldsters croak they can confidently make up even more ‘facts’ since none of us will be around to refute them.

  • wayne

    The Grapes of Wrath
    -last scene

  • Steve S

    Discarding the outliers and focusing analysis on the remaining data is a denial of reality. This was a point that was hammered home early in any STEM classes that I took. Is that concept no longer taught in the universities?

  • Phill O

    Steve S STEM? Statistical analysis?

  • commodude

    BTW, the correct acronym is now STEAM, Science, Technology, ARTS, and Math.

    Art is a hard science equal to engineering and math. (/sarcasm)

  • Star Bird

    The facts that the Democrats and the Eco-Freaks want all skeptics silenced over this Global Warming/Climate Change scam that’s why they want to monitor the Internet so only the tue Climate Change beleivers are heard

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “intellectual honesty and the real scientific method has been replaced by an agenda-driven political manipulations.

    There is something terribly wrong when scientists allow blatantly fudged data to stand as reality. We are hearing stories of people submitting bogus papers to journals for publication, and those bogus papers being accepted and published, showing that our science journals are not doing their job of vetting good research from bad. So it is not surprising that we keep hearing of papers that are retracted due to sloppy workmanship or bad scientific methodology.

    It is a terrible thing that all this bad science is being accepted by our researchers and by those who fund and employ them.

    The fifth graph in the following link is the chart you mentioned:
    The adjustments correlate almost perfectly with atmospheric CO2. NOAA is adjusting the data to match global warming theory. This is known as PBEM (Policy Based Evidence Making.)

    This shows that the data has been fudged in order to correspond with political agendas of those who provide the funding for scientific research into what is described as an “existential” problem. By their own description of the problem, our very existence depends upon the decisions that are based upon bogus conclusions from fudged data.

    As they said in the 1986 version of the movie The Fly sometime after the experiment was done sloppily:
    Tawny (or is she Greta Thunberg?): I’m afraid.

    Seth Brundle (or is he a politician telling Greta that all will be OK, but only if everyone obeys government’s orders?): Don’t be afraid.

    Ronnie (or is she the scientist who realizes that the government’s orders are based upon fudged science?): No. Be afraid. Be very afraid.–hMJPUBwMc (6 seconds)

    Star Bird,
    No wonder they want all skeptics silenced. No one will be afraid of the bad decisions made by politicians, once the skeptics are silenced, because no one will realize that they are bad decisions.

  • wayne

    speaking of steam—

    Diesel Punk
    (because steam wasn’t dirty enough)

  • wayne

    “We’re a team: Greta Thunberg visits Barack Obama”
    September 2019

    We need to increase Federal spending on R&D.
    (Render & Disappear, that is….)
    ((so to speak))

  • wayne

    Being There
    “There will be growth, in the Spring”

  • Paul

    Unconscious biases can be very powerful, enough to mimic the appearance of outright fraud. The scientific method is still being used often and used well. There are two related problems,however, that affect many fields of study.

    First, the scientific method has not been updated to apply to data mining and simulations. Such things are useful, but are subject to both conscious and unconscious manipulation from the experimenter. Google “p-hacking” for examples. Each field needs to establish rigorous rules. Perhaps each data mining query or simulation run should be treated as an experiment, with a predetermined question, hypothesis, etc.. No fair looking at the data before the experiment runs or changing it in the middle of a run. My guess is that this is done in some fields but not others.

    Second, it is the lack of knowledge of statistics. Most of my classmates in college took calculus. I took statistics because it is useful nearly everywhere, while calculus is used in far fewer fields of study. Statistics are the mathematical heart of science. It is a very interesting field of study when presented well Just try to find out how likely it is that two members of a class of 30 will share the same birthday…the answer may surprise you. Fortunately, this is starting to change…I hear the new ACT & SAT will have more questions on data interpretation.

  • hondo

    “Climate change” made the jump from science to a new-age religion some time ago. It’s tough to fight a “religion”. Many politicians embrace it for that reason,
    and it makes for good ad theater …. vote for me, or you will die from climate change – I’ll save you!

  • pzatchok

    The real problems will only be seen in the far future.

    Historians and scientists will look back at the data and find the real unaltered data and correct everything back. You can’t do good future science with bad past data.

    After that the rest of our history will look stupid. People will be asking “why in the world were they so worried about global warming?” The data just does not hold it up.

    My great great great grand children will ask,
    “Dad did we leave Earth because of global warming or because everyone was stupid?”
    “Well son, grandpa put the family on this space ship because stupid was getting contagious and he didn’t want us catching it.”

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