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Today’s blacklist victim: Distinguished scientist and long-time journal editor forced to resign due to threats

Jose Domingo, blacklisted scientist
Dr. José Luis Domingo, blacklisted scientist

The modern dark age: Dr. José Luis Domingo, an often cited expert on toxicology and editor for the last seven years of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, has been forced to resign his position because of threats and slanders directed at him after he approved the publication of a peer-review paper that documented the potential harmful effects of the mRNA COVID shots.

About a month after the paper was published, Domingo said, he began receiving angry emails and messages. These included insults, calls to resign, demands to retract the paper, and even threats. One email asked him how he could sleep at night, knowing that the scientific paper that he had allowed to be published would lead to the death of millions of people.

The angry messages, he said, were filled with ad hominem attacks against him and against the paper’s co-authors, but did not specify their scientific objections to the contents of the paper.

…Since then, pro-vaccine factions have increased their personal campaign against him, going so far as to adding false information to the Wikipedia entry about him, as well as attacking the Wikipedia page of the journal itself. Both, he said, were negatively modified by pro-vaccination activists. Indeed, an Oct. 4 version of his page, accessed via internet archive, included a subheading entitled “Antivaccine controversy” that accused Domingo of “spreading disinformation during the pandemic.” That paragraph has since been removed.

Domingo even offered — in a gesture of open-mindedness and good will — to publish one of the more-detailed attack messages, if the writers would agree to peer review. They did agree, and then discovered that with peer-review you need to have some facts to back up your accusations. They did not, and their paper was rejected.

No matter. These individuals then found another journal, Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, to publish their attack essay, demanding once again that Domingo retract the paper while once again accusing him of causing the death of millions by its publication:

In their abstract, the scientists insist that “The need for more scientific integrity is at the heart of our advocacy.” They describe the Seneff et. al. paper as “deadly disinformation.” The authors of the rebuttal contend that they have made a “militant choice” to demand retraction because the issue is “not a scientific controversy, but a matter of public health.” They further state that fighting against scientific disinformation “may be risky, too slow and insufficient.”

They end their militant call for retraction with a quote from Joseph Biden, president of the United States, that “the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated; and they’re killing people” (which they emphasize by placing in italics [here in bold]) and say that this quote “applies especially to the people who encourage the unvaccinated’s beliefs.”

No citation accompanies the contention that there is currently a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That statement is not scientific. It cannot be cited because it is not true. Most of the recent research shows that the vaccines do not stop the transmission of COVID-19 and that the majority of deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are in those who have been vaccinated.

If you read the original paper that Domingo published, and compare it with this attack piece, you will see immediately the difference. The first is detailed, fact-based, and thoughtful. It raises questions, and questions assumptions, as any good scientific paper should do.

The second however is entirely political in nature, in a so-called scientific journal. It cites no data to counter the first paper, merely claims that it is wrong, and that no one agrees with it. Or to put their position more clearly, “The jab is supposed to work! We don’t care what the data says!”

In the end, Domingo decided he could no longer remain as editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology and resigned. Apparently he was being pressured by the journal’s publisher, possibly to bow down to his attackers and retract the paper. He would not do this. Furthermore, it appears the campaign of slanders against him was threatening his own scientific work.

Thus, the mob and the bullies win, and the unwavering search for truth, the most fundamental principle of all science, gets crushed once again.

The greatest irony of this entire story is that Domingo himself has been jabbed three different times, and still came down with COVID. Without any effort on his part, his own medical history proves how bogus the claims of his attackers are.

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  • Cotour

    I have a similar situation where I live, not related to the “Vaccine” but related to anyone who the “Progressives” find to be unacceptable and confrontational with their ideology. And I am assuming that both entities are related.

    What do they do? How do they try to intimidate and aggravate their enemies?

    They call the NYC Building Department and lodge complaint after complaint against them.

    They have done this many, many times to the point I would think that there would be an investigation initiated to identify these people and charge them with the misuse of a government agency or some similar charge and fine or arrest them.

    The inspectors are just doing their job, but their superiors need to do something about it.

    But then again, we are talking about the City Of New York.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Meanwhile.. editors at the Atlantic are saying we should all just forgive each other for the COVID animosity.

  • sippin: Yup, it has been quite amusing reading the many commentators at many other conservative websites, responding to this quite childish and intellectually dishonest request that we simply forget being treated like scum by these leftists.

    The general response has been most clear. No, no, hell no.

  • George C

    If I had not studied the French revolution and had not read so much Solzhenitzen then I would have guessed that these provax activists were a false flag designed to make that position look as bad as it can be. But no, they are just true believers and addicts of the two minute hate. Hey I got a DNA Vax as soon as I could, knowing from reading the EUA applications that no claims about anything other than reduced hospitalization was being made. Next time we better have live virus challenge studies if we want something fast. Get the true provax people to be in the double blind study if they think they are saving millions of lives.

  • wayne

    “Unreality 🖖 ”
    Akira The Don x Star Trek
    (April, 2022)

  • John

    Those people stoop to new lows everyday.

    No atlantic, you and yours must be held accountable for all that you did, and all that you want to do.

  • Edward

    It looks like Lysenkoism:

    In time, the term has come to be identified as any deliberate distortion of scientific facts or theories for purposes that are deemed politically, religiously or socially desirable.

    The pseudo scientists who cannot find data to support their true beliefs are following “The Science,” not science itself. The Science is a political belief that need not have basis in fact or data but only a basis in belief. It is why the dark ages were dark; science had not been well established (Aristotle believed that we could mentally derive all knowledge without test or experimentation, because we humans are so smart). It is why we are entering a modern dark age. Fact, data, and reality do not matter. All that matters is what we want to be true.

    Not “We the People” we, but the government’s royal “We.” We the government knows what is best for all. You peons are not mature/smart/wise enough to make your own decisions. You must obey We the Government. It is for your own good, otherwise millions will die. If you do not obey, We will shun/imprison/execute you — for the greater good.

    How many have died, how many tragedies have there been, and how many holocausts have happened in the name of the greater good?

    More than a year ago, the pro-faux-vaccine crowd had to admit that it did not prevent infection or transmission of the Wuhan flu but only reduced the number of hospitalizations. I don’t recall any data to back up this “fact,” either. It may not even prevent deaths, as the disease may have already killed off a majority of those most vulnerable, making it seem as though a reduction in the number of deaths (which did not happen last flu season in a significant way) is a result of the faux vaccine.

    The True Believers have a problem. They believe “experts” who have conflicts of interest. We skeptics (the backbone of science and the bane of The Science) have seen significant evidence that the “cure” can be worse than the disease for several demographics and, for all demographics, has been shown to exacerbate the disease over time.

    The True Believers demand that the pandemic is not over, despite what the president said:

    It can’t be that bad if most people now say “I think I might have it. But it can wait ’till Monday.”

  • Cotour

    Dr. Campbell: https: //

    UK non-Covid deaths up X’s 4?

    300 or so expected deaths, 1300 plus deaths being recorded due to heart arrythmia / cardiovascular related?

    And no one knows why.

    (Might it be related the largest forced human biological / experimental mRNA / mandated injection program?)

  • Jeff Wright

    All very sad

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