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Today’s blacklisted American: A man’s life destroyed because he visited the Capitol on January 6th

Twitter's idea of debate
Show trials: The Biden administration’s goal for pro-Trump protesters

Genocide is coming: Because the Biden Justice Department is determined to throw the book at him, the life of truck driver Robert Reeder has been thoroughly shattered, losing his job and friends and even alienating his family, simply because he decided to participate in the protests at the Capitol on January 6th and got caught up in the chaos that ensued.

All the evidence suggests that Reeder, along with almost all the protesters on January 6th, did nothing particularly violent. Their actions were spontaneous (as an FBI investigation has reluctantly admitted), and mostly peaceful. Moreover, Reeder’s behavior, along with his fellow pro-Trump protesters, pales in comparison to the violence and rioting committed routinely by leftist protests from Antifa and BLM, for which they are never charged or punished.

The Maryland resident decided to travel to Washington on the morning of January 6, a “spur of the moment” decision, according to his attorney.

After suffering the effects of tear gas and sting balls launched by police officers outside the building—a reality the news media still refuses to cover—Reeder went inside the building to look for water to rinse his eyes. From all accounts, he was allowed into the building. While inside, Reeder marveled at the beauty of the Capitol and urged others “do not destroy anything.” He asked police how he could get out of the building as the situation between law enforcement and protesters escalated.

Reeder took selfies and videos of his experience. “I’m leaving now . . . I got tear gassed at least four times inside the Capitol . . . I saw the lady they say got shot, I walked right past her in a pool of blood,” he said in one video. “And it’s just . . . completely crazy in there.” After he entered a second time—police were not allowing protesters to exit the grounds so Reeder was looking for a way out through the building—he said in another post that he was “gassed several times . . . and shot with pepper balls.”

Although Reeder has no criminal record and prosecutors admit he did not commit any violent crime on January 6, Biden’s Justice Department wants Reeder to go to jail for two months.

Because evidence submitted late in the court case suggested Reeder may have gotten into a short tussle with a policemen during the protest, the court has delayed his sentencing even as the Biden Justice department quickly demanded that his sentence be increased to six months.

I could have devoted practically every one of these daily columns since January and continuing on to December to just the January 6th pro-Trump protesters who are being persecuted by the Biden administration, including the many who have been held in jail for months without any charges being brought against them. Consider this column as representative of them all, of the hundreds whose lives are being crushed because they dared protest what they saw as a untrustworthy election result and desired to exercise their first amendment right to petition their government.

Furthermore, the double standard being applied to the protesters from January 6th when compared to the innumerable leftist protests for decades that have done far worse with no consequences at all leaves one with a sense of injustice and oppression that cannot be tolerated. It is very clear that the Biden Justice Department and the entire political swamp in Washington wants to tar and feather every Trump supporter, and will do whatever is necessary to punish them for daring to challenge that swamp’s rule.

Right now that corrupt and leftist political world is merely trying to put people in jail for a few months for publicly attending a protest of the election results. Soon they will up the stakes, and begin working to imprison everyone who challenges them, in any way at all.

Just give them time. The addiction to power is all encompassing, and requires ever increasing acts of violence and oppression to maintain it.

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  • Max

    “Just give them time. The addiction to power is all encompassing, and requires ever increasing acts of violence and oppression to maintain it.”

  • James Street

    Trump could say the word and 80 million supporters would rise up.

    So far his strategy is to tell us to work within the legal system while he gives speeches about how the 2020 election was stolen.

  • James, such an uprising, if it stepped beyond the legal system, would share a couple of characteristics with the launch of ICBMs..

    Just as once the keys are turned, once that step beyond is taken there is no back-tracking … and the potential for plunging the world (not just America) into a new Dark Age is significant.

    That is why – for now – the preferred approach is more akin to defusing a bomb … “first, do no harm”. There is still much capability to act at the state and local levels, to defuse this bomb and/or assure that the Tarkin Effect applies to the Feral, er, Federal government.

    But there may come a time, where the only option left is to detonate in place or submit to totalitarian tyranny.

  • Jim Davis

    …including the many who have been held in jail for months without any charges being brought against them.

    Stop right there, Bob. Who has been held in jail for months without being charged?

  • wayne

    –>there are numerous people who were “detained” the day of and immediately thereafter, who have been held for literally 6-7 months, and in some cases in ‘solitary confinement.’

  • nesalpers

    IIRC, one of them was beaten by the prison guards to the point he needed to be hospitalized. Others are being periodically threatened to sign confessions and not being allowed to contact any legal representatives.

  • Jim Davis


    I’ll ask you what I asked Bob. Who? Who has been held for 6-7 months without being charged?

  • Joe

    The guy with the horns got 27 years in prison for telling everyone “This is a peaceful protest. No violence.”

  • wayne

    Glenn Beck and Mark Levin have both brought this up, and IIRC Beck spoke with a lawyer for some of those still detained. (Not everyone is being treated the same procedurally.)
    I don’t follow this, and it’s time-consuming to try to keep up., but if I have this in the ballpark, about 600+ people have been physically arrested since January 6th. (Including info-warrior Owen Shroyer, who had to turn himself in to federal authorities this past monday.)
    Of those 600+ something like’ 30 people have plead out to various sentences.
    –Not everyone however, is being treated the same procedurally, and apparently there are dozens-to-scores of individuals who have been held for time periods & in conditions, which should shock us all.

    I would defer to anyone who has more information, but it is true.

    We’re just quibbling degree & extent, the feds crossed numerous lines on this one.

  • Jim Davis

    Wayne, we’re not just quibbling. Bob has claimed that many have been held in jail for months without being charged. That is an incredible claim. If he can’t back that up he should withdraw it. He can’t expect to be taken seriously if he can’t back that up.

  • Edward

    I just love how there are no political prisoners if their names are not released to the public. If we cannot name them, then they do not exist.

    Or do they?

    What a scam that government can create just by being malevolent.

    With the political prisoners out of favor, who is there to defend them? Aren’t we supposed to have two political parties so that one keeps the other in check? If the Republicans fall in with the Democrats, then quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who cleans up after the custodians, or something like that)?

  • Jim Davis: See this article for example:

    Describes how more than 550 people have been arrested, with many still held without charges.

    See also this article:

    Or maybe this one:

    Or mabye this one:

    I could go on. This list is from a quick internet search, but doesn’t include all the articles available describing the many people who attended the January 6th DC protests being held with no charges, as yet. Others have already pointed some to you.

    Moreover, considering that I have posted a blacklist story every weekday now since January, documenting similar abuses of power, sometimes in the private sector, often by governments, why are you so doubtful about this? And do you have any outrage about it?

    Or is your goal simply to find a way to discredit me so that others will no longer believe anything else I report?

  • Jim Davis

    Bob, none of those sites claims people are being held without being charged. The first site you link says:

    Despite the lack of evidence against him, Hale has been behind bars since January. He is not charged with any violent crimes but the Justice Department repeatedly—and successfully—has sought his pre-trial detention.

    It doesn’t say he hasn’t been charged, just not for any violent crimes.

    The second site plainly states:

    As to those being held for being present at the Capitol on Jan. 6, many are being held in pretrial detention on charges ranging from knowingly entering or remaining in restricted grounds (trespassing) without authority to conspiracy, assault, and obstruction of an official proceeding.

    but goes on to say:

    Some haven’t been charged with anything.

    with no specifics. It is legal to hold someone for 24 hours without charging them. Is this what they’re referring to?

    I’ll ask again, who has been held for months without being charged? You’re making (or repeating) an incredible claim. You’re basically claiming that either courts are refusing to accepts writs of habeas corpus or the various law enforcement agencies are ignoring court orders to charge or release prisoners. This is no trivial thing, Bob.

    I have no doubt you can produce links to various sites that make the same claim. But without any specifics why should I take them any more seriously? Think about it for a moment, Bob. If there were people being held for months without being charged, wouldn’t one of them be a far better example of a blacklisted American than Robert Reeder? Reeder has been charged and is not being held. Why use him as an example? Why not someone who has languished in jail for months without being charged? I’m guessing the reason is that you couldn’t find an example.

    Or is your goal simply to find a way to discredit me so that others will no longer believe anything else I report?

    Bob, there is nothing personal in this. Making or repeating wild claims like people are being held for months without being charged discredits you far more than anything I could do or say. It’s one thing to claim that prosecutors are overreaching and overzealous in going after the protestors. That’s an opinion. It’s quite another to claim that people are being held for months without being charged. You have to be able to back that up if credibility is at all important to you.

  • Jim Davis: You did not look at the other links. You should do a internet search yourself. You will find ample evidence that a large number of arrested individuals from January 6th have been held in jail, without charges or any scheduled court dates, for many months. Some have been held in solitary confinement.

    And what if the number is only one person? O, then I guess it is all right, eh?

    I recognize your point about being careful and accurate. In this I try. I also however am becoming increasingly intolerant of those who nit and pick, but don’t seem to care one iota that the vast weight of evidence is on my side, that clear abuses of power are going on, that our present government and its bureaucracy is very corrupt and dishonest, and that this corruption and dishonesty is being led by the Democratic Party, with many quislings in the Republican Party.

    Those are the facts that really matter. That more people aren’t insanely outraged about it and instead focus their energies elsewhere is beyond frustrating.

  • Max

    Jim Davis, have you been sequestered in a experimental Mock Mars capsule/ habitat and was just recently released/ returned to earth?

    I’m driving down a dirt road in the mountains and found this on a DuckDuckGo search on my ancient phone on first try…

    “The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

    Though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, the FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump, according to the sources, who have been either directly involved in or briefed regularly on the wide-ranging investigations.”

    One of dozens of articles.

    A list of people with weapons, or had objects used against White House police, and the circumstances surrounding the charges.

    The Capital was evacuated, not because of the mob outside, but because of pipe bombs found nearby.
    “A public search of the charging documents for the 579 people charged over Jan. 6 activities at the U.S. Capitol building show exactly zero charges for “insurrection.” Furthermore, it does not show charges for “treason” or “rebellion.””
    “Furthermore, the purported “far right” group has allied itself with the “far left” group Black Lives Matter. We also know that there were some Antifa supporters in the mob, such as John Earle Sullivan, the filmer of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter”
    Meanwhile the only person to use a weapon to kill an unarmed women veteran is justified!

    John Sullivan was arrested as an accessory to an attempted murder in Provo Utah, when the “peaceful protest” began breaking windows in cars and one of the vehicles tried to escape, leading to Sullivan’s partner shooting the driver through the windshield.
    (The driver left and drove himself to the hospital)
    Although he’s been involved with other violent crimes he was not on the “do not fly list” and someone (George Soros organization?) paid for his trip to Washington DC to start trouble. He was paid by two networks for his film of the killing of Ashley Babbitt after he broke the windows and encouraged her to climb through. He was questioned, but not arrested. Even though the video evidence shows him as an instigator including yelling “he had a knife” just before Ashley was shot. He was paid $35,000, but 90,000 was later confiscated. Here’s an article.
    “cost of replacing a window. Sullivan’s own video strongly implies he broke that window. But he hasn’t been charged with it yet. That’s important, because he could be — and if he is, it could trigger terrorism enhancements.”

    There is evidence that the FBI was involved instigating the breaking of outer congressional windows and violence at the capital, many of the suspects are classified. They will remain masked.
    Just as they were involved in the Michigan kidnapping, false flag event, and a man arrested for making a bomb claimed the FBI did it for him this week…

  • Jim Davis

    Bob, you made a very specific claim. You claimed that many people have been held in jail for months with any charges being filed. That is a frankly incredible claim. I don’t think it’s picking nits to insist you actually name one of them. Claiming that there are clear abuses of power is not the same thing as claiming people have been held for months without being charged. Try to see this from my point of view. If someone claimed that many of the 1/6 protestors have been murdered by law enforcement and buried in a mass, unmarked grave would you accept that without question? Wouldn’t you demand at least a name of one of those supposedly murdered so you could look further into the matter before repeating it on your blog?

    Jailing people for months without charging them goes far beyond the usual abuses of power that law enforcement agencies are prone to. It doesn’t even make sense. What could they possibly hope to gain by such outrageous actions? What could possibly be the desired outcome? Do they plan to hold them forever?

    Bob, I don’t think you appreciate how claims of this sort can undermine everything else you write.

  • What could they possibly hope to gain by such outrageous actions? What could possibly be the desired outcome? Do they plan to hold them forever?

    It is quite plausible that they think they can scare dissenters into submission … and those who trust them, into trusting them more after “vigorously dealing with the threat” so they don’t have to actually pay attention to what is going on.

    And they think that their social-technocratic Utopian ends, justify the means.

    There is enough blind trust in officials in this nation, particularly when they come from one’s faction, to pull that off. Look at how many thought the compromises in the electoral process didn’t open the door to rampant fraud.

    This is cancel culture, taken to the next level.

  • And, holding people for months on trespassing charges, pressuring them to cop plea deals, is far out of proportion, even if they are informed of the charges.

    Especially when we see the VP, before the “election” working to raise money to bail out Antifa and BLM rowdies.

  • wayne

    Here’s the bottom line–
    Our ruler’s don’t fool around.
    They perceive(d) a challenge to their authority and are now proceeding to crush all opposition, by any means necessary.

    Dave Smith On: Big Government

  • Jim Davis: Considering the amount of examples I have endlessly documented of leftist abuse in the government as well as the business, entertainment, and academic communities, I find it strange you are so skeptical of my statement, especially when I and others provide you ample evidence, and encourage to you look for yourself.

    I don’t write such things nonchalantly. I write them when I have seen evidence of it.

    But then, this story from this essay comes to mind again:

    In my last visit to Israel in 2018, my brother and sister-in-law took me sight-seeing to the northern parts of Israel near the Sea of Galilee. On our first night, we stayed at the home of one of their older friends, a man in his seventies.

    That night we sat around their kitchen table so that they could catch up on family matters. At one point in the conversation our host reminisced about an older woman, now gone, who he had known in his childhood in the 1950s who had lived in Germany before and during World War II and had survived a concentration camp.

    To paraphrase the story he told us, what this woman always remembered most starkly about that time, especially in the 1930s, was how difficult it was to get German friends who were not Jewish to believe the horrors she and other Jews were going through. To her, their calm nonchalant dismissal of the Nazi bigotry and oppression of Jews — too unbelievable to take seriously — was what had horrified her the most. Even twenty years later, it was this dismissal that appalled her the most, despite her time in a concentration camp and the death she had seen around her.

    And as I noted in that same essay, this has been my experience today. People like you refuse to believe such evil things are happening, and look for excuses to deny them. Even as the storm-troopers gather in force and their demands become more and more appalling, such things can’t be happening!

    But they are.

  • Edward

    I just love it!

    Jim Davis wrote: “with no specifics. … I’ll ask again, who has been held for months without being charged?

    Proving my point. If the government becomes malicious and does not get specific, there there are gullible leftists who will believe the very government that they refuse to believe has become malicious. Why so gullible? Because leftists believe in big government, thinking that governments are for the people even when they consider themselves above the people.

    It is legal to hold someone for 24 hours without charging them.

    Proving Robert’s point.

    Yet Jim continues on and on as though he does not understand what he has read. It Jim obtuse or a troll? Would Jim have defended these same government actions had they occurred fifteen years ago? This is not the nation that we grew up in.

    Bob, there is nothing personal in this.

    Explaining why Jim concentrates on Robert rather than include the others who have pointed out the situation of these political prisoners.

    Why would Jim go to such great lengths to defend our newly tyrannical government?

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • Edward

    I just love that no matter how much evidence is presented, leftists declare that it is not enough. Indeed, if the world stops warming, then they change the crisis to climate change, and then change the data in order to show that the world has kept warming after all. No amount of fact or reality can move a leftist into admitting that his opinion or what he felt should be true has turned out to be false. Feelings trump reality. Always. If they feel that they should be a boy, then that is what they are, and science backs them up — at least their version of what science should be backs them up.

    So if a leftists feels that the government would never take the left’s side but would always be “fair” (whatever the leftist thinks fair to be), and no amount of demonstration of the unfairness of government will sway him.

    ‘After all,’ the leftist thinks, ‘how can government be wrong when it agrees with me? How can government be wrong when it knows so much better than me? How can government be tyrannical when it is willing to pass out free stuff? We need more of that kind of government!’

  • Max

    Jim Davis asked;

    “…including the many who have been held in jail for months without any charges being brought against them.

    Stop right there, Bob. Who has been held in jail for months without being charged?”
    A complete list of everyone they’ve identified and charged, including their status, what they’ve been charged with, where they’re being held, or where they’re being monitored on their own reconnaissance.
    I can’t take the time, while I’m driving again, to look up the new charges that Bidens justice department is charging prominent individuals with, that’s in the news today. Other groups like the proud boys was mentioned so it appears they are building a manufacturered case to impeach Trump again.

    With the bombing in Afghanistan today, 12 servicemen dead, 16 seriously wounded, and 60 civilians dead so far including Americans, I can’t believe Biden presidency can make it through this.

    He, and his cabinet handlers knew what was happening and was not competent enough to recognize it? to stop it? Or Already made agreements with the Chinese and others who own him to leave billions in materials behind to strengthen our enemies, because he would rather do something traitorous that have the material they have on him, his son, and all the other Democrats who have Chinese spies working for them come to light…

    It would ruin all their plans for USA’s surrender to sustainable development technocrats world domination! (we must be punished for all our good deeds, all of our accomplishments, and especially for our success, and lifting the human condition worldwide… This is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated! 18th century, zero carbon footprint is in our future )

  • Edward

    The farther away from reality the left gets, the more often that thing fail to go their way. The resulting frustration seems to make them go farther off the path of reality and farther into their delusional state of feeling that things should be the way that they want them to be, not the way that they are.

    As a result, rather than assure that they work problems in a way to assure success, they work problems in a completely different way. This can result in pulling out of Afghanistan in a disastrous Charlie Foxtrot that leaves thousands of American civilians stranded behind enemy lines, hands billions of dollars of weapons and munitions to the enemy, cedes an entire nation to the enemy, and gets soldiers and others killed in renewed terrorist bombings and plots.

    Being woke is not what it used to be. In the past, we would wake up and smell the coffee. These days we are told to be woke and smell the stuff that the left left when they missed the toilet — missed because they felt that the toilet should be more conveniently located, such as in the dining room.

  • Cotour


    Actual sedition committed by Hillary Clinton, Ma Barker as I refer to her, and her agents against D.J. Trump and the American people.

    Sedition: Def: Incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.

    Bill Barr, former U.S. attorney general and author of the new book, “One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General,” says that the Russian collusion allegations leveled against former President Donald Trump by Democrats were a “seditious” attempt to undermine his presidency and a “grave injustice.”

    (Note: Insurrection: Def as per Merium Webster today: “An act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

    And I want you to also note, previous to the January 6th, 2021, riot in Washington DC, which included no firearms at all or any organized MAGA operatives of any consequence (Other than the Federal governments agent provocateurs that apparently set the entire riot / invasion of the Capital building off that is) the definition in the Merium Webster online dictionary as I remember stated that an insurrection was defined as being the result of the participants being *Armed*. But that has now been scrubbed. Just more “Politically Correct” political warfare word games to suit the purposes of the political players in Washington DC I.E. the extreme Left anti and un American Left that is (D).

    Bill Barr, Former Attorney General under president Trump: Deputy Dog:–~D

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