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Today’s blacklisted American: Bi-racial HS student punished for refusing to condemn his white half

The good black half of this student
One slide shown during the class, illustrating that according to
critical race theory, the student’s black half is pure goodness,
even as his white half is the devil incarnate.

They’re coming for you next: A Las Vegas high school student, born from the marriage of a white man and black woman, was given a failing grade because he would not label his white half as evil and racist.

William Clark received a failing grade in his Sociology of Change class after he refused to categorize and label his racial, religious and sexual identities, according to a press release from, which supports civil rights litigation in defense of students’ freedom of conscience in public education.

According to a lawsuit filed by his mother, Gabrielle Clark, in December 2020, William is described as having ‘green eyes and blondish hair’ and ‘generally regarded as white by his peers’. His mother is black and his deceased father was white, according to court documents.

During the class, William was reportedly asked to publicly reveal his race, gender, religious and sexual identities and “then attach derogatory labels to those identities. … Students were then asked to ‘undo and unlearn’ their ‘beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that stem from oppression,”‘ the statement says.

Now, according to his mother, Gabrielle, who sued his school Democracy Preparatory Academy at Agassi Campus in Las Vegas, they’re unsure if he’ll be able to graduate after being handed a failing grade.

…Others named in the lawsuit include, the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority, the civics teacher, several school administrators, the school’s board of directors and the school’s Manhattan-based charter management organization, Democracy Prep Public Schools.

At first, as I read this story I wondered how insane it was and how it must be at the very limit of stupidity. Then I blinked and woke up, knowing that things are almost certainly going to get even more insane and stupid, if people don’t start challenging at every opportunity these bullies and racist thugs.

Consider for example the class itself. It is designed expressly to foster a bigoted hatred of whites, merely because of their skin color. In the America that once existed a mere decade or so ago, any course material that advocated such hatred would have been thrown in the trash heap instantly, and its perpetrators immediately fired for their bigotry. Now, this material is endorsed by administrators and is being forced on everyone.

Then there is the particular circumstances of this story. The student himself proves the absurdity of race hatred. He belongs to neither race. His future will be determined entirely by what he does, if only we let him alone and let him do it. In a sane world his teachers would have looked at him and realized their demands upon him were garbage and dropped the subject. Instead, they brainlessly marched on, demanding he rip himself apart in an illogical display of madness.

Though I applaud the decision of the boy’s mother to sue the school, the teacher, and the organization that is bringing this crap into the classroom, we must note that she is only suing for her son. The rest of the student body, especially its white students, will continue to be harassed and slandered and subjected to this hate by these school officials.

The question once again must be asked: Where are the state’s legislators? Do they really support this? And where are the citizens of Nevada? Are they so cowed and timid that they are willing to let their kids be subjected to this evil?

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  • Chris

    The slide shown (“Therefore people of color CANNOT be racist”) is the MOST RACIST VIEW POSSIBLE. The capital letters are intended to shout!

    Whenever anyone tries to pass this crap off we need to SCREAM this truth back in their face.

  • Cotour

    Related: Gender dysphoria V a parents Rights to raise their minor child as they see fit.

    John Kennedy:

    In the “New” America “It Takes A Village”.

    The Left must destroy what is before they can build in its place what in their opinion should be. Chilling.

  • Chris

    On another view – the first step to a socialist/communist state is to tear everything down -everything – all government, social, and national norms. Then replace, in the vacuum, the new socialist/communist system. We see here the same type of tear down as countries such as China and the former USSR et. al.
    In these most recent cases race is the tool not class struggle..
    Thaddeus McCodder had a great John Batchelor interview (a column) on this plagiarism of the old failed communist states.


    JB Show episode

  • MadRocketSci

    An awful way to learn the lesson: Yes, the entire society you exist within can be total glass-eyed lunatics. It isn’t you, kid, it’s them. Hope he survives with his sanity intact. It’s a hell of a thing to have to orient yourself and build an identity within a world where people you are supposed to be able to depend on hate you and mean to harm you.

  • mrsizer

    MadRocketSci, only very, very lucky (privileged?) children believe that teachers fall into the “people you are supposed to be able to depend on” category. It’s much like trusting military chaplains; they have more responsibilities to the organization than they do to their “customers”.

    That said, this is horrific.

  • MadRocketSci

    And where are the citizens of Nevada? Are they so cowed and timid that they are willing to let their kids be subjected to this evil?

    They probably don’t have much choice. The orders, the orders, they are raining down from on high. Probably from the Federal level. The teachers follow the orders, or they lose their jobs. The school administrators follow the orders or they lose their jobs. The parents follow orders, or their kids don’t get into college and end up living under a bridge. No one is accountable to the parents, and everyone is accountable to the next rung in an infinite hierarchy. Everyone is in a false position, because no one is their own person anymore. They don’t own their own land, they don’t own their own livelihoods, and so they are at the mercy of the next rung in a chain of command.

    Even that judge is struggling hard to evade understanding what the school is doing to the child.

  • Cotour

    Related: A list of the country’s around the world that require voter I.D.×479.jpg

    And America as far as the Democrat party leadership and the Leftists that run them now?

    This is an outrage! This requirement for a voter to show an I.D. when they register or vote must end!

    This is just how in your face and how much of a naked power grab move the Democrats are now involved in. And they will at all costs, including the taking down of America, fulfill their goal.

  • Cotour


  • David K

    During this whole pandemic thing, everyone has been ending conversations with “stay safe”. I always say “stay sane”. The latter seems sorely lacking today, pandemic or not.

  • Brian

    This William Clark story should be turned into a movie and told from the perspective of this article/their story and shown to the public I think it would shock and open a lot of peoples eyes.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual”
    (excerpted from News Years Letter to the World 2016)

  • James Street

    One citizen fighter for the people in Washington state is named Tim Eyman. Eyman uses the initiative process, collecting signatures to add initiatives to ballots, to try and reign in government size and spending.

    Today Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is demanding $2.8 million in legal fees from Eyman on top of the $2.6 million fine a judge already imposed for taking on the state.

    Controlling the judicial, legislative and executive branches as well as law enforcement and the media, the Democrats’ methods of terrorizing and destroying people is unlimited.

    Washington AG Bob Ferguson wants an additional $2.8 million in legal fees from Tim Eyman

  • Edward_2

    Former President Obama is Bi-Racial too – (Black Father, White Mother).

    Ask the “teacher” whether Obama is Racist too.

  • Edward_2

    Students should record, video and audio, classes.

    Teachers who pressure students with regressive dogma have NO PLACE in a classroom.

  • The Left must destroy what is before they can build in its place what in their opinion should be.

    The Thanos Method of immanentizing the eschaton.

  • pawn

    Here is an extraordinarily well researched and low-bias piece covering this story written by someone who actually is a journalist:

    I would strongly encourage everyone to read this to experience what I found was a sad contrast to the garbage that passes for journalism today. The facts, in depth as far as I can tell. Pretty interesting stuff.

    I read another of the author’s pieces and have to say I’m a bit of a fan (blushes).

  • Ignatz

    The Nevada Current piece instanced above is by an SJW who uncritically accepts the Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of their cultural opponents/target groups as “hate groups.”

    Don’t bother to read; you won’t get those five minutes back.

  • Andrew M. Winter


    Given that BLM founders brag about being Marxists, try this on for size. Chairman Mao once said. “Power flows from the barrel of a GUN”. Therefore since guns are LEGAL in the U.S. NO citizen is denied power. All cititzens and many many NON citizens have access to the ultimate power of violence. So, if this definition is true, EVERYONE in America is racist because EVERYONE has their prejudices and EVERYONE has access to POWER!


  • Cotour

    An observation:

    This is the Democrats problem solver:

    (Don’t tell anyone, but no one really believes he won the presidency or that he is actually the president in anything other than just symbolically)

  • Edward

    Apparently, the era of schools emphasizing self esteem is over, at least for any student who can somehow be associated with the white race.

    In addition, the school judges William not by his character but by the color of his skin. It is half a century later, and we still have not realized Martin Luther King’s most famous dream.

    Robert wrote: “Consider for example the class itself. It is designed expressly to foster a bigoted hatred of whites, merely because of their skin color. In the America that once existed a mere decade or so ago, any course material that advocated such hatred would have been thrown in the trash heap instantly, and its perpetrators immediately fired for their bigotry. Now, this material is endorsed by administrators and is being forced on everyone.

    Considering that Obama declared this as the official position of the U.S. government, it seems to be the new normal. When I am asked to check my privileges, I include the following:

    It is my privilege to:

    – Be declared a racist by President Obama, due not by my opinions, words, or actions but solely to the genes that control the color of my skin.
    – Be the last chosen for a job.
    – Be the last chosen for college.
    – Be last choice for class admissions:
    – Be told to check my privilege.
    – Belong to the designated oppressor group.
    – Be declared a member of the top oppressor group.
    – Be a member of the only race that social justice warriors declared can possibly be racist
    – Be banned from Washington state’s Evergreen State College campus once a year, due to my skin color.
    – Have a life that does not matter. Only Black Lives Matter, and anyone saying that all lives matter gets shouted down.
    – Be fired just for being white.
    – Be responsible for other countries’s colonialism.
    – Be blamed for all the world’s ills.
    – Be called all kinds of words, yet be disallowed from using a word that others may use freely in discourse, song, and entertainment. I cannot even use the word to tell you what it is!
    – Be denied the opportunity to speak if not enough minorities are willing to speak:
    – Be considered a slave owner despite no one in my family ancestry ever having owned any slaves.
    – Be denied opportunities for grants:
    – Be the butt of jokes but may not specify others as the butts of my jokes.
    – Be the bad guy on TV and be the stupid one in advertisements, the one so stupid that he has to be told what is the right product to use.
    – Be accused of cultural appropriation — accused by people who freely appropriate my culture. (5 minutes)

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