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Today’s blacklisted American: Bi-racial make-up artist fired for singing a rap song as requested by black actor

They’re coming for you next: An experienced bi-racial make-up artist was immediately fired from a new Amazon television project for simply singing a rap song — with the black actress who had suggested it and had joined in — that happened to contain the evil N-word that must never be spoken.

Earlier this month, Page Six reported that the artist in question was canned from the “Untitled Tracy Oliver Project” — the new show from the “Girls Trip” creator dubbed the “Black Sex and the City” — for allegedly saying the N-word repeatedly in front of one of the show’s lead actresses, while singing along with a rap song. (We know both the name of the actress and the makeup artist, but we aren’t going to print them due to the sensitivity of the situation. The makeup artist is a veteran of many major TV shows and movies.)

Now Page Six is told that her peers are outraged that the artist was fired for using the word — especially, we’re told, because the makeup artist is biracial.

Her union has done nothing to help this artist, though it graciously decided not to pursue charges against her. How nice of them.

I also do not have much respect for the so-called outrage of the artist’s “peers.” They only care because of her race. If the artist had been white and done the same, inspired by the black artist, I don’t believe they’d care at all. In the modern leftist culture that these people are seeped in the only thing that matters is race. If you have the right minority race, you can do no wrong. If you don’t, your rights are forfeit, and instead you must bow like a slave to that culture.

This is also par for the course for Amazon, which is enthusiastically embracing blackballing for petty and political reasons, almost always against conservatives or anyone who criticizes their leftist racist identity politics.

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  • Alton

    Ok Brother!!! YIKKERS

  • pzatchok

    Just because they say your a minority and want your support doesn’t mean your the correct minority.

    They will toss you under the bus just as fast as they would a white male.

  • Kevin

    The best revenge is to help Amazon’s employees unionize. F Bezos.

  • Micha Elyi

    Now Page Six is told that her peers are outraged that the artist was fired for using the word — especially, we’re told, because the makeup artist is biracial.

    The one-drop rule that determines who is white and who is black returns!

    Truly Joe Biden is a Democrat President from a Dixie state!

  • Audrey Mackie

    So – that means that unless you belong to an approved race, you are NOT allowed to sing along with popular songs.

  • BLSinSC

    It’s HYPOCRITICAL and WRONG to allow ONE RACE to utter the N and not ALL! I’d prefer a LAW that makes the use of N a HATE CRIME FOR EVERYONE! If blacks are the only group exempt (not even half white/black get a pass) that’s illegal per our Constitution! This is just the LATEST INSANE LIBER INCIDENT – there will be MANY more before decent people put a stop to it!

  • Craig Austin

    Is there an equivalent to the “N ” word for Caucasians? A word that if uttered by a “person of color” will cause them to be immediately fired and disgraced. If not, why not? Is someone suggesting that lack of self control is a race based situation? Is someone suggesting that some people are more fragile and tend towards tribal justice?

  • Alton

    As an Exercise Let’s look for a N word for White s…..Note in the double oughts I found out that I am a ‘Wagon Burner’….. 1/125 Cherokee hiding in my WhiteNess!! Oh Good Grief (thanks – Charlie Brown!!!)

    European – Used as a N word for:

    Ang mo




    Coonass or coon-ass






    Gweilo, gwailo, kwai lo
    ……IE ghost – promoted by Maoists



    Hunky / Bohunk

    Mangia cake / cake

    Medigan / Amedigan








    Greaseball, Greaser




    Let us run these words through SJW’s posts and see who should be cancelled next!!!

    Ok, We can vote for your favorite!

    I like PeckerWood! But then I am a Southern Confederate………


  • Edward

    That was a good exercise. Thank you for doing that homework, but it seems to me that few of those words are used by whites (Whites). Thus they are not particularly good at being the equivalent of the N word for Whites. It isn’t the Whites using the ethnic slurs, these days at least.

    Micha Elyi has it right. There is still a rule that determines what race you belong to. Jim Crow laws are back, but they are no longer governmental laws but rules followed by and enforced by Democrats and other leftists.

  • pzatchok

    From what I can tell from the article is that the make-up artist is not black but a mix of other races.

    And quite frankly I hate the 1 percent rule that blacks are touting now. Its no different than the original racists who started it way back.

    I saw we switch to a 51% rule.
    You have to be 51% of any race to claim membership. If you can not claim 51% then your just “mixed”.
    Genetics (science) proves everything.
    Think about the long term ramifications of this simple logical change.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “And quite frankly I hate the 1 percent rule that blacks are touting now. Its no different than the original racists who started it way back.

    Interestingy, the Social Justice Warriors are bringing back many of the racist rules. Not only do we have things like the 1% rule, but now there is self segregation. Segregation is now being seen as a good thing. The Free Speech Movement at Berkeley was a successful effort to allow differing viewpoints, but with cancel culture, even Berkeley students are able to shut out alternative viewpoints.

    Even preventing people, or some people, from using a word is a similar form of violating the First Amendment.

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