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Today’s blacklisted American: Biden’s Labor Board attempts to silence conservative news outlet for making bad Twitter joke

Ben Domenech and The Federalist, blacklisted
Ben Domenech and The Federalist, censored by the federal government’s
National Labor Relations Board

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is attempting to silence the conservative news site The Federalist for “unfair labor practice” because its publisher Ben Domenech sent out a bad Twitter joke in 2019 about unions, and two lawyers who had nothing to do with the company complained to the NLRB.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ordered Ben Domenech—publisher of the conservative website The Federalist…—to take down a June 2019 tweet in which he joked about sending employees who wanted to unionize to work in “the salt mines.” Domenech has refused, and the case is now making its way through the courts.

Domenech’s tweet came in response to news that employees of Vox Media Inc. walked off the job in support of unionization. No one at The Federalist had publicly expressed any interest in unionizing, and two of the website’s six employees filed affidavits attesting that they viewed the tweet as a joke. As far as I know, Domenech doesn’t own any salt mines.

The complainants, leftist lawyers Matt Bruenig (a former NLRB attorney) and Joel Fleming, have never worked for or been personally harmed by the Federalist and were clearly acting to silence their political opponents by taking advantage of NLRB’s overly broad regulations, which allow total strangers to file complaints against businesses they don’t like. The NLRB then moves to harass those businesses.

Domenech explains what happened in an article for The Wall Street Journal: “The NLRB proceeded to invade our publication, heedless of the freedom of the press. Members of my staff were subpoenaed to testify in New York, where none of them lived and we had no office. The NLRB attempted to subpoena all emails and communications between staff members going back years—including about editorial decisions, hiring decisions, and confidential sources during our coverage of the Russia-collusion hoax.

The NLRB has since ruled against The Federalist. Domenech’s defense then taken up by the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), a nonprofit dedicated to legally fighting attacks on civil liberties by the administrative state, which then proposed a settlement agreement, where all charges would be dropped if Domenech would simply delete his tweet.

He refused, sending the case into the courts where it has now been argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals. As Domenech said in explaining this decision to fight:

The NLRB erroneously interpreted its own governing statute to mean anyone can press unsubstantiated charges to silence a company’s opposing beliefs. NLRB has no authority to prosecute particular viewpoints and label them as a violation of the law. Individuals have the right to speak freely and satirically to express their opinions under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And yes, even government agencies have to abide by that … It’s understandable that those who can’t afford to fight often bend the knee, but in that America, bureaucrats—and the trolls who weaponize them to silence speech they don’t like—will keep on rolling until someone stands up and says ‘no.’

If you want to get the full picture, from Domenech’s own mouth, watch the embedded video below, produced by the NCLA. That non-profit, like the non-profit legal firm the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), is picking up the slack left by the ACLU, which has gone from defending free speech to promoting the partisan Democratic Party agenda, often with the intent of c however free speech.

Meanwhile, I think Americans should take a close look at the politics of the two lawyers who instigated this attack on free speech. Matt Bruenig’s socialist agenda is very obvious if you read his website. He is a proud Marxist, eager to advocate the socialization of American industry under government control. Joel Fleming meanwhile filed and lost a similar complaint to the labor board against Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire, another conservative news outlet. It appears he is also quite left wing, and not afraid to use his legal diploma to silence the speech of those he disagrees with.

This is the left today, a monolith of tyrants and jack-booted thugs. If you are still a registered Democrat and still vote for such people, then you are a tyrant and jack-booted thug as well. Doesn’t that make you feel proud?

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  • Cotour


    (copy and share with a friend)

    There is an “enlightened” element on the Left (D) that chooses to infantilize and make excuses for some people in America and in doing so further creates division.

    “Enlightened”, Liberal woke intellectual analysis: 1 min.

    She myopically through her indoctrination (D) chooses to see the entire incident through her woke, politically correct infantilizing lens of division and makes the incident a racial thing when it is clearly not. Its an adult behavior thing.

    The famous man initially laughed at the joke at his wife’s expense and when he saw she was not amused rushed the stage and violently slapped the comedian. Which has its own IMO much deeper psychological implications over and above a joke at a famous man’s wife’s expense.

    Who is at fault here in the real world? Will Smith, 110%. Will Smith has done a great, very public disservice to everyone in the country and has reinforced the thinking and stereotype (D) that there are two standards of behavior in America. Yes, a great disservice to all Americans.

    The extreme “enlightened”, woke Left (D) has a broken view and agenda and necessarily promotes through their indoctrination (D) division, racism, chaos, hate and these two standards of behavior because that is all they have to keep things politically divided and therein lies their political power and control. What do you think?–~D

  • Cotour


    These people are broken, dazed and confused.

  • BLSinSC

    All the socialists and communists want Government to take over industries so let’s elect PRESIDENT TRUMP and VP DeSantis and then do a TRIAL RUN of socialist takeovers!! We’ll start with all the leftist organizations and remove current OWNERS and management and install adherents to SOUND business practices and CONSTITUTIONAL Rights!! After the four years of TRUMP/DeSantis and then eight years of DeSantis/Hawley and the eight years of Hawley/?? we’ll know if socialistic takeovers of leftist operations is a success!

  • sippin_bourbon

    Twitter may be about to get real interesting, now that Musk owns the largest share holder percentage.
    I would bet he is other shareholders to get a feel for pushing change.

    It will be nice to have a Free Speech absolutist influencing Big Tech.

    On the flip side, I noticed WaPo is trying to mea culpa it’s way out of the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal.

    They have 6 months till the NOV elections, and they desperately need to try to re-establish credibility if they have any hope of telling us who to vote for,

    So much can happen in 6 months.

  • wayne


    The Musk thing’ is very interesting. I would hope this gets him a seat on the Board.

    If the interweb is to be believed, the previous top 5 shareholders of Twitter were:

    Vanguard :- 70,255,589
    Morgan Stanley :- 48,007,691
    Blackrock. :- 47,379,873
    Clearbridge :- 26,840,485
    State Street :- 25,270,34

  • Cotour


    Houston, we have a problem! We have a fundamental problem.

    MSNBC host Tiffany Cross says white people don’t understand Will Smith slap (

    “An MSNBC host over the weekend said white Americans should “sit this out” as controversy persists around Will Smith slapping stand-up comic Chris Rock during the Academy Awards last week.”

    “Harriot claimed the Smith-Rock incident was an example of “how black people relate to each other” in a way that white people do not understand, “even though it happened to everybody [watching the ceremony].”

    ““Some people use their words, some people use their hands. It is what it is. In the black community, we understand that,” Brown said.” (Disgraceful!)

    “If we went to a white person’s home and it was their family dinner, we were sitting at the table, and the mother hauled off and slapped the father and everybody at the table has an opinion,”. (Your not at someone’s home)

    Tiffany Cross has made a childish and terrible analogy and is incorrect. There is but one standard of behavior for all in the context of being in public like the Will Smith and Chris Rock situation. And anyone who proposes that there are two sets of standards of behavior for Black America and White America is doing a great disservice to all concerned. This perspective is fundamentally incorrect.–~D

  • wayne

    Led Zeppelin
    “Dazed &Confused”
    (London, 1969)

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