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Today’s blacklisted American: Book touting Judeo-Christian values blacklisted from libraries

Kirk Cameron, blacklisted

They’re coming for you next: Librarians across America — the same ones running drag queen storybook hours with little kids — are routinely blacklisting television actor Kirk Cameron from doing his own library event reading his own book, As You Grow, because it tries to teach children traditional Judeo-Christian values.

It is common for community libraries to run story-hour programs for kids and parents that correspond with the release of a new book. In recent years, libraries have come under fire for promoting drag queens and other LGBTQ+ centric story hours for young children. It now appears to be the case that those same libraries, which are largely funded by taxpayers, have decided there is no space in their programming lineups for more traditional and faith-based titles.

Cameron’s book, As You Grow, ‘teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control,’ according to the author.

You can buy Cameron’s book here.

The article at the link talked with a number of these libraries to find out why they would not let Cameron read from his book. All generally made it clear that they are hostile to diversity of thought, and are only interested in diversity of race or sexuality, therefore showing their own racist tendencies. I especially like the response from the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island:

‘We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align,’ the library employee added.

Rochambeau is also dedicated to pushing critical race theory and Black Lives Matter, including providing its patrons their own “White Privilege Checklist” [pdf].

I imagine Cameron was simply too white for Rochambeau.

Similarly, the San Diego public library rejected Cameron’s request, staying no one would attend. That same library system however aggressively pushes the queer agenda with many events, including many that are aimed specifically at children.

It is ironic the nonchalance in which these public libraries now discuss perverse sexual activities with children under twelve — with or without their parents’ permission — even as the movie business continues with its rating system that was expressly created to protect those same children from those same topics. Why is it right for public schools to expose kids to queer sex, but wrong for movies to do so?

It is of course wrong for both, but note how government facilities have made themselves immune from these rules so that they are free to indoctrinate the next generation in the worst and most perverse values imaginable. Worse, that same government is now moving to forbid anyone from challenging its actions, and even acting to silence opposing viewpoints. The blackballing of Cameron and his book is simply one more example.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Cotour



    Republicans in my opinion are to blame.

    The now clearly and unarguably ideologically Leftist, Globalist and “Progressive” Democrat party machine and not necessarily those individuals who identify as Democrats in America are in the process of strategically bleeding out America of its rational, objective Constitutional principles. And replacing it with their ideological subjective and perverted interpretation of the Constitution. If you can get away with it and there is no one to stop you, why stop?

    And what is their ultimate goal? Absolute political power and control. Why? It is in the nature of man (And woman, see: Nancy Pelosi) regarding the ruthless acquisition of and the retention of political power, PERIOD. Essentially using the Constitution against itself in order to bleed it out as it exists in order to then reinfuse it with their ideological model where they in theory will dominate and control in perpetuity. Makes perfect strategic sense in a political warfare context.

    And have no doubt about it, the Constitution structures political warfare. It is the only way.

    And why is it the Republicans that are to blame? Because they have certain weaknesses and proclivities which are identified and leveraged by the Democrat party machine to their advantage.

    The Democrat party operates with a hive like mind where all politically empowered workers reliably do as their centrally controlled monolithic party indicates or instructs. And that is why it is of little to no consequence who is the Democrat party president or vice president or who any member of the Congress or the Senate is. John Fetterman comes to mind, who is without doubt but a facade candidate, just a reliable party vote place holder.

    And the Republicans, what are their problems? Republicans conversely most all individually believe at some level that they possess the leadership qualities, the gravitas, the capacity, brain power and potential to be the president. And of course, those Republicans who are reliable allies of that same Democrat party I.E. RINO’s who can be relied on to derail and castrate their own party. Mitt Romney comes immediately to mind. These are two very different philosophies and ways of organizing and executing political warfare strategy. One in the end being more successful than the other.

    Because of this disparity in organization and focus the Republicans are their own worst enemy and by extension the enemy of the people they claim to represent and the Constitution that they say they are determined to preserve and honor.

    Democtrats lie because they truly believe the lie through indoctrination and ideology. And Republicans are too disorganized to competently counter what they know are lies. Not that the Democrat party has a lock on lies, they all lie. Everyone in politics is lying at some point in order to retain and acquire political power.

    And the only solution? Actual politically ruthless, rational but benevolent, compassionate true strong leadership on the part of the Republican party. Which until now is not detectable by me.

    The Democrat party machine right now has been and probably will continue to be successful to the extreme detriment of the country and the Constitution as they continue to bleed the country of its economy, its financial stability, its sovereignty, its military dominance, its justice system, its educational system, its election system, its family structure, its sanity and its leadership position in the world. All in order as per their political warfare strategy to dominate the political landscape in perpetuity. And they will not ever stop until someone stops them. That is the way of war, that is the reality. That is the only counterbalance.

    Keep bleeding America Democrats and RINO’s, but at some point, the bleeding must be stopped.

    More power to the now Leftist, radical, Globalist ideological Democrat party machine? If the Republican party does not figure out how to present their arguments and improve their palatability to the masses America as we know and understand it is going away. Failure in leadership is not an option.

    Future Democrat party presidential facade candidate?

  • Concerned

    Cotour: good analysis/rant/lament and accurate. Absolutely right that the RINOs must be purged if we’re to have any chance of arresting this theft of our liberty. John Adam’s predicted the cause of the dilemma we now find ourselves in:

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  • Concerned: Adams was of course correct. And yes, the nation is no longer made up of mostly moral people, which is why things are falling apart.

    To allow this queer sexual stuff to go on in schools is so sick and corrupt, words often fail me.

  • Cotour

    The Democrats teach hatred, violence, racism, reparations and that accomplishes the division they need, and that plainly is their strategy.

    Moral? Morality? No, its Strategy OVER Morality.

    There is no morality in politics, its all when push comes to shove about power and control. And if there is no one to stop you, no one to counter you then there is no reason to stop. And that is why we need the battle, the political warfare that the Constitution essentially structures.

    And by their own words: “By any means necessary”. And they mean it.

    Failure is not an option.

  • Cotour

    And to the Zmans point:

    “Rep. Katie Porter Says The Term ‘Pedophile’ Brands Someone A Criminal Because Of Their Sexual Orientation”

    Pedophilia is now not about protecting CHILDREN from perverts, trans, homo or hetero, now it has or is being redefined as a “Sexual orientation.”

    Well, how nice.

    These radical extremists, DEMOCRATS ALL, are dangerous, and they need to be dealt with using the “old” legal perspective that actually protects underage children from the great harm that they apparently want to be able to legally do to / with them.

    Words fail you because there are none!


  • Cotour


    “Pedophilia is now not about protecting CHILDREN from perverts, trans, homo or hetero, now it has or is being redefined as a “Sexual orientation.””

    Should have read: It is now not about protecting CHILDREN from perverts, trans, homo or hetero, now pedophilia has or is being redefined as a “Sexual orientation.”

    Ah, you know what I mean.

  • Cotour

    What kind of country or political party is willing to sacrifice their children’s innocence, their women’s sexual identities, their very foundation of decency and their founding concepts on the altar of the “Woke”, “Progressive” Marxist religion?


    All in the name of “Equality” and “Inclusion”?

    A bunch of sick, ideological and stupid very dangerous to all concerned crap. Pedophilia is now a “sexual orientation”. Who is running this operation? Caligula?

  • James Street

    I’m old enough to remember when it was a conspiracy theory to think that our ruling elite were a bunch of satanic pedophiles.

  • Cotour

    While all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon.

    And so, every politically empowered representative in America who supports pedophilia as a “Sexual orientation” or a “Lifestyle choice” and seeks to in some way shape or form legalize it or make excuses for it and make it acceptable is a Democrat.

  • Cotour

    (If true, I look forward to it.)

    Are you of the opinion that things can NOT get crazier?

    Jeffrey Epstein victim claims to have watched sex tapes of the pedophile with wealthy associates | Daily Mail Online

    Well, if this is true and it remains to be seen, my take was that Epstein was a master manipulator and ran some an international blackmail operation of some sort. And if there exists video that was recorded of the rich, powerful and famous elite in business and government that Epstein ran with it will turn the world even more on its head.

    Is this very good looking, busty alleged victim of Epstein going to release the video that she says she has? Or is she looking for some “$arrangement$” in order that she not release what she claims to have?

    All potentials exist, there is a big difference between allegations and settlements in or out of court and someone having the determination to release actual video or pictures into the Public Realm of those same elite power brokers engaging in acts that no one can excuse and will have great consequences. Could include just about any big-time player.

    Bill Clinton, remember him? : “It depends on what the definition of “IS” is.”

    The great conspiracy toilet of the world is overflowing, and it desperately needs to be flushed. And there are those attempting to pull that handle down and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. (See: Elon Musk and the cost of truth in America today, $44 billion dollars.)

    Once again, we wait.

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