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Today’s blacklisted American: Cancelled by his bank for being pro-life, he started his own

Banks blacklisting conservatives
What too many banks want to do to conservatives.

Today’s story is similar to my blacklist story two days ago about former national security advisor Michael Flynn [See the bottom of this post for an update on the Flynn story!]

Just as Flynn was blackballed by Chase bank, evangelist and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic found himself frozen out by his own bank because of his Christian, political, and pro-life beliefs.

Vujicic said he began to speak out against the innocent killing of unborn babies in March 2019. Within 16 weeks of doing that, he revealed, “we had a grenade at our house, a false magazine article published against me, a lawsuit threat, a spying drone, and a bank kicked me out.”

…”I got kicked out of a bank with no warning. They froze my credit cards, froze my debit cards,” he said. “They gave me a letter to say that they did a review of me as a client and they don’t want anything to do with me.”

What makes this story different from the Flynn story is that Vujicic responded by starting a project to found his own bank.

We want to tell everyone, yeah, there’s a choice coming for you,” Vujicic said. “And not only will this be a for-profit bank, we are actually known as a for-giving bank. We will not fund abortion, but we’ll actually fund 50 percent net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned nonprofit organizations that are biblically aligned in doing the will of God according to our belief systems.” Vujicic said with this initiative, he is hoping to share a positive message about protecting the sanctity of life at all stages.

The bank is not yet operational, so I don’t know if it will ever really exist. Nonetheless, Vujicic’s action is the one of several that can be taken against the repressive left that is taking over our society and imposing its will by force and blacklisting. Create a viable alternative to their power structure.

Another option is to take them to court. Most of examples of blackballing by businesses that I have listed in my daily blacklisting column are likely illegal under many anti-discriminatory laws. If enough people make them pay in court they will back down.

There is a third option, but it appears that Vujicic’s Christianity prevents its use. He apparently has never named the bank that blacklisted him, which is a shame as it denies others that third option, to take their business elsewhere. His attitude is to try to take a positive step, rather than a negative one. Rather than destroy the old bank he wants to create a new one.

Right now unfortunately such idealism is no longer acceptable. To fight these brownshirts will require hitting them on all cylinders, in every way possible.

Chase Bank blackballs Mike Flynn

UPDATE on Chase Bank’s blacklisting of Michael Flynn: Chase Bank has now apologized for its letter shuttering Flynn’s credit card accounts, claiming “we made an error.”

As I said in my original post, hogwash. They made no error. Just look at the letter to the right that they sent to Flynn. This was intentional and deliberate.

They have only backtracked because they are feeling pain right now from customers screaming at them for this ugly action, and are trying to stem the damage. Too bad. All conservatives should still close their accounts at Chase, because I firmly believe they will do this again, to some one less famous than Flynn, as soon as the heat dies down.

For example, has Chase indicated in any way where the error came from? Who did it and why? Has anyone been disciplined for taking such an obvious political action against a conservative customer? Has the bank indicated publicly any corrective action it has taken to prevent this from happening in the future?

No, of course not. Like Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook, they don’t want to fix the cause of these “errors,” since the errors are not a bug but a feature. They support these actions, want them to happen again, and only back down when faced with severe pressure.

I say, don’t give them the chance to do it again. Find someplace else to take your business. Now!

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  • Kyle

    I would be down to open an account his bank if it ever comes into being.

    In regards to Chase Bank, their error was that they didn’t think their leftist beliefs would trigger such a backlash.

    My mortgage was sold to Chase Bank, unfortunately, earlier this year. I just want to let Chase Bank know that I too am an American Firster and a Conservative. So if they want to cancel that mortgage too, that would be great. -sarc

  • Kyle wrote ” I just want to let Chase Bank know that I too am an American Firster and a Conservative. So if they want to cancel that mortgage too, that would be great. ”

    Forgive me for saying so, but saying this here is simply virtue signaling. You need to, at a minimum, write them a letter directly. Let them know that you will never bring the business again unless they show a public determined effort to clean house so such a thing never happens again.

  • Kyle

    Although it was merely a joke, Bob is right.

    Whether I like it or not, and I do not, I am a customer of Chase Bank, I think I will write them a letter. Who knows they might just sell my mortgage to another company to get rid of somebody whos “relationship creates possible reputational risk to our company”.

  • Alton


    Interest rates are still near historical lows it might be time to save yourself money and stick it to Chase….. Look at refinancing… now……..

  • Kyle

    And the letter sent, below is a copy of it if anyone is interested. Ill update on if I receive a response.

    [Dear Chase Bank
    I have been a customer of Chase Bank ever since Chase Bank purchased my home mortgage Loan from the original title company. And while I am a customer of Chase Bank, I am also an American who cherishes all our freedoms and liberties. This includes the freedom of expression. That is why I am shocked and appalled to learn that Chase Bank would cancel the credit line of one of their customers, a family member of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Now if the reasoning for canceling the credit line was due to neglected payments or fraud, it would be one thing, but to cancel it solely based on perceived “reputation risk to the company” it absolutely inexcusable. I seriously doubt that whatever the reputation is of this member of the Flynn family, is so atrocious that it would sully the name of a billion-dollar company such as Chase Bank. The only logical conclusion is that this individual has ties to Mike Flynn who just so happens to be associated with a former US President and that was why the credit line was canceled.

    Simply put, this cannot stand. If Chase Bank is on board with this kind of behavior, then count me out. I will not support any Blacklists; it was wrong in the 1940s and 50s under McCarthy it is wrong now. I demand that this practice stops at Chase Bank as well. I wish to inform Chase Bank that I will not be opening any new accounts with them for the foreseeable future until this behavior ends permanently. I am uneased by the idea of making my mortgage payments to a company who has a history of canceling accounts of those who they disagree with politically or otherwise. Afterall doing business with Chase Bank when they pull these types of things pose a serious reputational risk for me and my family.

    God Bless America,

  • Edward

    Do I have this right? Chase made a careful consideration before making a mistake? If this is the case, I am glad that they are not handling any of my finances. What happens then when they perform their standard operating procedures without this special careful consideration?

    They certainly do have a reputation problem, and it certainly does stem from the account that they mistakenly closed, but the reputation problem is self-imposed by mishandling that account.

  • Kyle: Very nice.

    A suggestion for any future letter writers. Feel free to ask Chase the same questions I ask in this post:

    Has Chase indicated in any way where the error came from? Who did it and why? Has anyone been disciplined for taking such an obvious political action against a conservative customer? Has the bank indicated publicly any corrective action it has taken to prevent this from happening in the future?

    If they can’t respond reasonably to these questions in any reply, then their reply is pr garbage to be thrown in the dumpster.

  • Kyle

    Bob, good call, I will very much follow up with them if given the chance.

  • John

    Kyle and everyone with a chase account- they don’t care about the letter. If leftists are in control, they hate you, and every American ideal you stand for.

    Refinance your mortgage.

    Close your accounts.

  • wayne

    Chase and Citibank are the major issuer’s of credit cards and combined they control something like 150+ million accounts.

    Reference– starting one’s own bank.
    Good luck with that. You need a State Charter to start a bank, and if you want to perform interchange transactions with other Banks, you need a Federal Charter.
    “Banking” is one of THE most regulated and controlled business on the face of the earth.

    I’m pretty much an atheist/agnostic, but this comes to mind….

    “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the Name of the Beast or the Number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”
    Revelation 13:16–18

  • wayne

    The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
    S4: E43 (August 30, 2021)
    Dr. Robert Murphy, Mises Institute
    -A deep Dive Into Austrian Economic Theory

  • Jeff Wright

    Nick V might be a scammer with his new ‘bank’ I don’t trust anyone these days…and don’t know what to believe as we are all in ‘chapel perilous’

  • P.Mo

    I can’t imagine why a guy who was born with no arms or legs (tetra-amelia syndrome) would be pro-life. Its an absolute mystery to the left why he might think it was better he be born than not.

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