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Today’s blacklisted American: Chase Bank blacklists Pro-Trump Covfefe Coffee

Covfefe Coffee, blacklisted
Click image to buy their product.

They’re coming for you next: Chase Bank has suddenly decided that it can’t do business with the coffee company, Covfefe Coffee, apparently for the simple reason that the coffee company is unabashedly pro-Trump and supports the standard American values of freedom and liberty that made this nation the haven for the oppressed for more than two centuries.

Chase Bank has abruptly stopped a pro-Trump coffee company from using its payment processing service, WePay, and is currently preventing them from withdrawing any funds.

Covfefe Coffee, founded in 2018, brands itself as “Coffee For Deplorables By Deplorables.” The company, which says their goal is to “provide proud to Americans access to world-class coffee without having to fund your political and cultural opponents,” was informed via email on Wednesday that they would no longer be able to use their payment processing service because payments were “for one or more of the activities prohibited by” their terms of service. [emphasis mine]

Nor has this been all. Amazon suspended the company’s advertising on that platform in 2019 for using the phrase “Make America Great Again,” a phrase that Amazon thinks “incites hate.”

What this really tells us is that the people at Amazon and Chase Bank hate America, and want it to fail. Anyone who thinks different must be blacklisted and preventing from succeeding.

To understand how hateful Amazon and Chase are being, you need only read what Covfefe says on its own website:

Do you know what your consumer habits fund? Do you know how many coffee companies donate to Planned Parenthood? Does it make sense to get your coffee from large corporations who lobby against your values? Of course not, because you’re a VERY STABLE GENIUS that knows you need a MAGA coffee that doesn’t take a knee on taste or values.

At COVFEFE, we provide proud Americans access to world-class coffee without having to fund your political and cultural opponents. We stand by our world-class taste and customer support, however, we are more than just coffee just like how YOU are more than just a coffee drinker.

We understand that it is revolutionary to support the sitting US President, and in some cases dangerous to show support publicly. We want to end that. Not only do we provide world-class coffee backed by world-class values, but we are building a community of patriots who want to take our country back by winning the culture war.

In other words, if you buy their product you know that your money will not go to supporting political agendas you disagree with. O the horror! Such dissent — clearly raaacist — must not stand.

It is important for me to note that I am not endorsing Covfefe’s political position. I am celebrating their right to have it, and condemning the intolerant and fascist attitudes of the people at Chase and Amazon, who can’t bear the existence of any opinion they disagree with. To blacklist anyone for their opinions, no matter what it is, is simply evil. And that succinctly describes what Chase Bank and Amazon are doing here.

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  • David K

    We will have to see what happens next. Some other conservative outlets have not been banned yet and of course this site can still accept donations. Time will tell if everyone right of Lenin will eventually be banned, or if there is a limit. There are several people sitting on a lot of Bitcoin in case that eventually happens.

  • Skunk Bucket

    Damn, my primary credit card is a Chase Sapphire. So do I put my money where my conscience is and cut the thing up? With my luck, its replacement would come from a bank that ends up having the same political point of view as Chase.

  • David K wrote, “Time will tell if everyone right of Lenin will eventually be banned…”

    Wait for my blacklist post tomorrow. We do not have to wait long.

    And bitcoin won’t help any of us a bit. You think these oppressive governments and the corporations working in league with them will allow it to be a valid form of cash? Hah. Just try and using bitcoin in your grocery store.

  • Cotour


  • L3

    Is anyone aware of a credit card issuer that supports freedom? My Capitol One Cabelas Club card was cancelled without notice after being a member for twelve years. Two months prior I donated to Winred. Coincidence…?

  • Alton

    O’biden’$ Sec of the Treasury Yellen is comming for your bitcoin…….Oh Yes!

  • Alton

    Bank of America is totally againstst the 2nd Amendment as any search of their moves going back to the First Obama term will show.

    One way to find an institution is to check to whom they donate and support with
    funds from operations, that can open your eyes.

    The article below can serve as an introduction.
    When I find any really good options I will post them here…

  • wayne

    These ‘Banks,’ need to be reigned-in tremendously. But I think we all know that’s not happening any time soon, if ever.
    –did my [turbo]-taxes a few days ago (IRS starts accepting returns on the 12th) — you must declare on your 1040 if you dealt in Bitcoin or any other such ‘currency. No clue however, how they tax that.
    –don’t know what State you are in, but as to finding ‘friendly’ Banks— the problem is, even a local bank has to plug into the Federal Reserve system and they are regulated from DC.
    Michigan has legal-weed now– the Shoppes find it very difficult to process all their cash and most banks won’t touch it cuz’ weed is still illegal under Federal law.

  • Alex Andrite

    Hey !
    Support the folks. Purchase their products.


  • Jim Murray

    Take action. Contact Chase in whatever manner you find comfortable.

  • Jarrella

    I bought a mug and two pounds of coffee from their site because I wanted to support them for their boldness of position. I saw their advertisement in The Epoc Times and thought it was so funny! The coffee is good and my husband and I get a laugh out of the mug every time I use it. I hate to see this. Are there conservative banks at all these days? This is thought policing and it’s a terrifying trend.

  • Cotour


    1. “Biden’s CIA pick, William Burns, leads a think tank with close ties to China”

    2. WHO team: Coronavirus unlikely to have leaked from China lab ( (The WHO just doing their masters bidding.)

    3. “Canceling Keystone XL pipeline is a gift to China and Russia”

    4. “China’s top foreign policy adviser is urging closer ties with the US under the Biden administration, while saying Washington must “effectively respect China’s position and concerns on the Taiwan issue.”.

    5. “Biden terminates order that kept China out of Americas power grid”.

    6. “Harvard leads U.S. universities with $1 Billion dollars from China”.

    7. Hunter Biden still winding down his 10% interest in the $1.5 billion dollar Communist Chinese Hunter Biden hedge fund investment.

    Are you beginning to understand what you elected in Joe Biden, (D), America? And the word “elected” should actually more correctly be replaced with the word, “Installed”.

    In time all will be revealed, the only question that remains? Will it be too late for American Democracy and what it has apparently morphed into via the Democrats and their now out of control un and anti Constitutional power grab? By any means necessary, and they mean, by any means necessary.

  • Cotour: Without links to your sources, you are blowing in the wind. No one will listen, at all?

  • Cotour

    Anyone interested in following up can copy each item and paste it on a page and the associated story / article will be able to be seen. In the interest of time I did not include all of them to save you from having to review them all.

    But I did include the one article from the NY Post about the WHO and their IMO covering for their Communist Chinese masters and the reasonable conclusion that the virus indeed did come out of the Wu Han lab, more than likely as a result of human error (?). But it did not post as usual.

  • wayne

    The Effects of Nuclear Weapons: Overpressure
    “As a general guide, city areas are completely destroyed by overpressures of 5 psi, with heavy damage extending out at least to the 3 psi contour…”

  • Cotour: I don’t have to review links, I merely have to approve the post because it has more than one link. This filter is there because spam is often plastered with lots of urls.

  • Phill O

    I am waiting for Black Rifle Coffee to be Blacklisted.

    I like their dark roast.

  • wjamyers

    I’m working on ridding myself of Chase, Amazon and Bank Of America.

  • pzatchok

    They are still serving and advertising black rifle coffee at work.

  • Carl T Smith

    Open Forum? How Quaint? How Different! Where do you FIND the Truth? In my 83 years it used to be newspapers with BOTH sides of any question asked and answered and we Peons were left to make up our own stupid minds. Then Radio was coming of age and TV was on from 5-6 PM till 10-11 PM and ALWAYS started with a Test Pattern and ended with the National Anthem. Flag Burners would have been executed on the spot by 1000 WWII Vets. The news was mostly ” the News!” Opinion shows were for after 10 PM, often referred to as Comedy shows. Then the Trickle Down Education that started in early 1900 in the Humanities started to INFECT the OPINION MAKERS. Today they are known as Legacy Media and Cable news outlets. The sides started being drawn for eyeballs and then the Saviour arrived in the name of Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet and the OLIGARCHS decided THEY were the arbiters of TRUTH. Now thru Censorship and Omissions, the proletariat would do as they were told, Say what was Politically Correct, and THINK as REQUIRED or Re-Education camps was staring you in the face. The Worst FEARS of our Founders has arrived. Ever growing populations in a shrinking area and GROUP THINK or be ostracized from the elite circle. I would be interested in the views of others as to why the Contents of the 1st A. to the Constitution contains so many FREEDOMS? Why was it Necessary to have a 2nd A.?

  • pzatchok

    I have found that each subsequent amendment was protected by the next one.

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