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Today’s blacklisted American: Conservative students and pro-speech law firm slandered and threatened at University of Kansas

The University of Kansas Law School: Eager to blacklist

Today’s blacklisted American: When a chapter of the Federalist Society at the University of Kansas Law School scheduled an event featuring a speaker from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a pro-speech legal firm that has won many cases at the Supreme Court, the school’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee” falsely claimed ADF promoted “hate speech”, and two members of the school’s faculty then tried to get the chapter to cancel the event.

The story of what happened are outlined in detail by a justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, Caleb Stegall, in his resignation letter [pdf] in protest of the college’s unwillingness to defend the principle of free speech and open debate. As he wrote, first the law school administrator called a meeting with chapter’s board of students:

At that meeting associate dean Leah Terranova and professor Pam Keller pressured the students to cancel the event. The administration representatives warned the student leaders that they needed to consider and understand the impact the event could have on them. The administration mentioned that at least five law professors had written to object. The students were told that even though it was their right to host the speaker, they needed to be warned about the impact of their choices. The student leaders were told several times to consider what this would do to their reputation.

Let me translate: “That’s a great law degree you might someday have. Really would be a shame if something happened to it.”

When the students refused to be bullied and stood by their rights by not canceling the event, an email (available here) was then sent out to the entire law school by the college’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee”, slandering the students and the ADF. As Stegall wrote:

The email described the speaker — by his association with the ADF — as a practitioner of “hate speech.” … The email, by implication, accused the student leaders of the KU Law Federalist Society of facilitating hate speech. Worse, the email made it very clear that the principles of free and open dialogue are only acquiesced to as a legal obligation at KU Law — they are not celebrated, cherished, or valued.

It is very clear that the “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee” of the University of Kansas is not at all interested in diversity, inclusion, or belonging, only “equity,” which always translates into guaranteed racial favoritism to its favored minorities. The email offered no evidence for its accusations, assuming that the simple act of stating the slander was proof enough.

The students still refused to back down, and the event was held with no disturbances, though a queer activist group held a counter rally outside the building during the event, joined by many students. This student comment was typical of the opinions at that queer rally:

Joshua Sipp, editor-in-chief of the Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy and a second-year law student, said that the choice to host Lorence was an irresponsible decision. “To have that [group] hosted on campus, in our law school, it’s offensive to me and it’s offensive to a lot of people who are here in attendance today,” Sipp said.

This story is a fine example of Barack Obama’s most profound legacies, the legacy of hate. While the race card has always been misused and abused by the left, during Obama’s administration he normalized the tactic of calling the left’s opponents vile names (“bigots,” “fascists,” “haters,” “racists,” and “Nazis,” etc.) in any circumstance, without any proof at all.

Once the accusation is made, it is then routinely assumed to be true, and others then immediately rally to get the accused individual or group silenced, banned, blackballed, censored, or even physically attacked.

In the case of ADF, it doesn’t take more than ten seconds of research reviewing its own webpage to realize that it has nothing to do with promoting “hate speech.” Instead, it is a modern version of what the ACLU used to be, a non-profit law firm that defends individuals whose first amendment rights have been violated. That a college administrator, an associate dean, a professor, and the editor-in-chief of college’s Journal of Law and Public Policy can’t spend the time to do this easy research to find out the accusation is a lie and a slander tells us how incompetent, corrupt, and likely hate-filled the culture is at this college. No wonder Justice Stegall resigned.

Though the event took place, these narrow-minded blacklisters who run the University of Kansas have now put everyone on notice that future such conservative events will likely face even harsher protests. They have also made it clear to the members of the Federalist Chapter that their future at the University of Kansas will be difficult, ugly, and painful.

This university however is a state college, with its budget apparently approved annually by the state legislature. Before approving another budget, that legislature, which is controlled by a super-majority of Republicans in both houses, might want to ask the university some pointed questions about its stance of the first amendment and free speech.

It might also be worthwhile if the constituents of those legislators made some suggestions, loudly and often, as to what those pointed questions should be.

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  • Concerned

    Maybe that spam is roundabout good news that Bob’s readership is expanding?
    Kinda like when you go on a challenging hike through the forest you inevitably pick up some ticks along the way.
    Back on topic, how I so wish the Republicans who in theory should exercise the will of their constituents would use their power to reflect that will. Many of them are more interested in serving other masters.

  • Dave

    I recently saw someone cite SPLC as designating the ADF as a “hate group”. Would be funny if not for the seriousness of it. I also was under the mistaken belief that the SPLC had long ago debased themselves. I guess that condition was not lasting as they are back. Vampires do that too, if I understand correctly.

    What concerns me is that after all this time We the People still haven’t found the wooden stake(s) for some of these obtuse excesses. Chicken Little ain’t got nuthin’ on these people.

  • Alton

    SPLC lost many 100$ of thousands of dollars in Caribbean Numbered Accounts…..
    Nothing to see here …
    Just normal White People’s working……

    Keep donating ……now Y’@LL

  • GWB

    Sounds like a lawsuit is in order for slander. And possibly for extortion and for deprivation of civil rights under color of authority. That last one might have to wait until someone’s kicked out of the university or out of come classes.

  • Cotour



    Starbucks union starts three-day strike at 100 stores

    Guess who is going to be taking these Starbucks employees “Woke”, “Progressive” millennial places at their “Hard” work jobs? And you can include McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King etc, etc. in that list.

    You are young, you are black or Hispanic a minority, white also and you want to work and make money? You will not even be considered. The low end of the work environment is being purposely diluted and not strengthened. And you want a union? Good luck.

    What do you think these people who are escaping living in the dirt, in Socialist countries where they cannot live in peace and prosperity are going to do after they flood the Southern border? They came to America, invited by those very same Democrat party operatives who want to “Fundamentally change America” to work and improve their situation! And they are going to start at the bottom.

    And they will work cheap and will be happy. You? You suck! All you do is complain and cause trouble because you are entitled.

    What is at the bottom of the job market? BARISTA! Hamburger flipper, gardener, construction worker, electrician, plumber etc. on the books and off. (And they all voted for Joe. Idioto!)

    Keep an eye on this ongoing treason at the border. Your government both Democrats and RINO’s are purposefully selling you out and destroying your sovereignty and your country.

  • Jeff Wright

    Here in Alabama, the Vatican defrocked Frank Pavone for being pro-life.

    Time all that art and wealth go to Italy’s poor.

  • Cotour

    Related, because it is all related:


    What may happen?

    The government both local, city, state and Federal may in the near future make a desperate plea for those who live in their private homes who have extra room to take in a person or a family of the now massive numbers who have flooded over Americas Southern border.

    With the current existing shortage of affordable housing in America today these increased numbers of people now in the millions it may be necessary for this plea to be made by those leaders in government in order that these migrants, these seekers of equality have a safe, warm and nurturing home to live in.

    This plea for safe, clean, warm and nurturing accommodations by your government for these desperate immigrants may go out soon. And in the future, might there be mandatory requirements imposed by your government for those Americans who live with extra square footage in their private homes?

    You have two homes? A vacation home or a weekend getaway house? These extra homes owned by Americans may need to be appropriated by the government in order to solve this humanitarian crisis. No?

    What kind of people are we when we invite these immigrants into our country in the millions, and we cannot
    accommodate them in a proper, humane and equitable manner? Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive or Leftist, it does not matter at this point.

    Charles Schumer: 28 sec. We NEED this invasion by these immigrants apparently.

    How can we help? This inviting immigrants into our homes with extra room may be the minimum we can do. I am hopeful that our leaders in government do not feel the need to mandate these measures. But you never know, it may be necessary.

    How did things get to this point? No one knows, but still, we as Americans must solve this problem. What kind of American are you?

  • Cotour

    Now you understand who actually owns you.

    FBI Paid Twitter $3.4 Million in US Tax Dollars for Administration Costs Related to the Staff’s Time Spent Working with the FBI

    And what is going to be done about it?

    Nothing from where I sit.

    No one except maybe Trump has the stones to really deal with such things.

    But Trump IMO has served his purpose and is over in as far as being an empowered politician for the most part goes.

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