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Today’s blacklisted American: controversial Nick Fuentes

Banned by the Biden administration
Banned by the Biden administration

Blacklists are back and the Dems’ have got ’em: Routinely called a racist, bigot, white supremacist, and (of course) an alt-right conservative by the mainstream press, controversial Nick Fuentes’ track record is far from that straight-forward. Though it appears he has often taken some ugly positions and made some even more ugly statements, he apparently has never done anything illegal or outright bigoted.

No matter to the Biden administration and the TSA. They have blacklisted him, banning him from flying on any American airline.

Moreover, the federal government is not the only one blacklisting Fuentes because they don’t like his opinions. As Fuentes himself noted in a April 27th tweet:

Since attending President Trump’s rally on the Ellipse on January 6th I’ve been:

-Banned from AirBnB, Facebook, Instagram, DLive, and Coinbase
-Banned from every payment processor
-Had a bank account frozen
-Put on the no-fly list

And I haven’t even done anything wrong!

The most important line in his tweet is the last one. What he has said might be wrong-headed, bigoted, or stupid, but in a free country that defends its first amendment, he would be within his rights to say it, and would have broken no laws by doing so.

We no longer live in that long gone free nation. Now we live in a place that routinely uses power to squash radical positions, except when those opinions happen to be leftist radical positions. Those Marxist opinions are always blessed with immunity, no matter how bigoted or vile. In fact, if you dare to criticize the dominant Marxist and bigoted culture in any way at all, you are guaranteed to be called a bigot and are likely to be blacklisted, like Fuentes, for doing so.

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  • Cotour

    I have commented on Nick Fuentes before here on BTB, if I remember properly I think it was Andrew W or was it Lee S that was so enamored with him? I do not remember, not important.

    Nick Fuentes IS a young man who can say inflammatory things that could be easily classified as being bigoted and racist, possibly a white supremacist? (I am not an admirer or supporter of young Nick Fuentes, who I believe still lives in his mothers basement)

    And should an extremist like Mr. Fuentes be I.D. ‘d by the extremists in power at the moment in government and those Leftists in control of Social Media and the related / connected corporate entities be allowed to include him on one of their undesirable lists and essentially black list him and limit his free speech and his ability to operate within America? Who gave them that kind of power over individuals lives in America? (They apparently have taken it upon themselves to bestow that power on themselves, and no one is willing to reinstruct them otherwise)

    If inflammatory, bigoted and violent speech is the metric by which ones Right to free speech and being able to freely operate within America can or should be limited then most every and all those both in government and in Media, Social Media and corporate America need to be treated in the same manner and also be banned.

    This is a clear example of the abuse of power and it is a threat to the essence of what America was founded upon.

    These Leftist government operatives and Leftist Media and Social Media and corporate operatives for the Left who see themselves as the default moral conscience of the American people need to be dealt with severely in the courts with massive civil Rights law suits brought against them.

    That is the only thing that they will understand, that is their game.

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

  • Cotour

    “Climate Justice” includes everything, I don’t know if you knew that. And, “Climate is too white”. And “Police brutality” is just like toxic pollution which is also about “climate justice”.

    Just like “Infrastructure” to the Democrat party means everything they choose that it means. Bridges, roads and the grid? No, No, No, it means everything, its all connected.

    The Left just makes up this crap as they need to make it up, pulling it out of their rear ends.

    Lawyers and money, right up to the Supreme Court is the only answer.

    Silly and dangerous people, the result of “Higher” education? Or the result of indoctrination and being taught how to manipulate.

  • Col Beausabre

    Looks like AMTRAK has another customer

  • Just like “Infrastructure” to the Democrat party means everything they choose that it means.


    “Systemic racism” = refusal to submit to The Pedestaled Elites.
    “Climate denial” = refusal to submit to The Pedestaled Elites.
    “COVID denial” = refusal to submit to The Pedestaled Elites.
    “Homophobia” = refusal to submit to The Pedestaled Elites.
    “Greed” = refusal to submit to The Pedestaled Elites.

    The Pedestaled Elites – WHO DIED AND MADE THEM GODS?


    Lawyers and money, right up to the Supreme Court is the only answer.

    That is what will be needed to treat the symptoms. It will not eradicate the illness.

    Silly and dangerous people, the result of “Higher” education? Or the result of indoctrination and being taught how to manipulate.

    That “higher” education, combined with living in the most prosperous place and time in human history, has brought forth …

    … a high-minded hubris among many who think they are “achievers”, simply they were able to fill out/manipulate a societal checklist of “achievement”, as opposed to actual achievement that overcomes actual challenges and is less likely to breed that high-minded hubris.

    … a lack of confidence among ordinary people, that leads them to defer in near-total trust to the “achievers” as the path of least resistance, because the latter are perceived to Know Better than the ordinary person … not realizing how their deference renders them vulnerable to the sins and shortcomings of the “achievers” … not realizing that the more they ask the “achievers” to do FOR them, the more power those high-minded myopes obtain to do TO them.

    It is not enough to repudiate the “achievers” and diminish their relevance in our public institutions – we have to restore confidence in the ordinary person, so that they stop trusting these myopes and take back both responsibility and authority for getting through life. That will diminish the influence of the faux “achievers” all across society to far less significant levels.

    But that will make a lot of ordinary people uncomfortable for a while … informing people that they have willingly accepted a false paradigm is not an easy message to deliver, but it is the message that must be internalized to avoid going right back into this misplaced trust.

  • Jeff Wright

    To Cotour.. climate is in fact much a part of white savior racism. Greens want to turn Africa into an ecological plantation. Progressivism doesn’t mean what it used to.
    I remember a C-SPAN program where Stephen Ambrose was talking to two ecologists..and he asked why America couldn’t feed the world. He asked that twice in fact…and failed to get a real answer. I found the non response chilling.
    Libertarians might rail at the Borlung type of FDR men of old…but their hearts were in the right place. Drain swamps…build dams and roads. REAL infrastructure…that Greens would dynamite right back into the ground. So they let China bend them over…so they can live.
    Dambesi Moyo-I think her name is-is the greatest enemy of Bill Gates. He wants to put his private money into Africa-but not like how Ambrose wanted to invest publically…so libertarians don’t care. She does however-as it is still interference.
    China and past exploiters at least left behind infrastructure they could use…TVA style. Greens will let them have food…but only if they stay in huts.
    Give a man a fish–then break his pole.
    No wonder they put down that green ‘Miss Ann’ Fosse.
    Moyo’s cry goes yet unheard:
    ‘If you really want to help Africa-
    This is how Fuentes needed to make his arguements. With a kind heart, you explain to anti-poverty advocates why the DNC under Greens-and Gates-are the real enemy of the poor.

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour: “I have commented on Nick Fuentes before here on BTB, if I remember properly I think it was Andrew W or was it Lee S that was so enamored with him? I do not remember, not important.”

    I’m fairly sure the first time Fuentes was drawn to my attention was a result of his confronting Ben Shapiro in December 2019, He appeared to me to be really not a nice guy, so I hope you’re recollection is incorrect, otherwise I might need counselling. .

  • GWB

    Now we live in a place that routinely uses power to squash radical positions
    Well, they were radical positions when they were proposed in 1776*. They weren’t really radical within our own borders for about 200 years. That they have become radical again shows the failure of the moral upbringing and education of our electorate. And, yes, that was deliberate.

    (* Rhetorical date. They were proposed before the DoI, and enacted [mostly] in the Constitution.)

  • Cotour

    What is going to happen in the 2022 midterm elections?

    This is what is going to happen nation wide:

    And the Democrat leadership which is overly confident and is at the same time desperate, unless they can somehow control the elections through out the country, which they are attempting to do, then the same will happen nation wide as has just happened in Texas.


    What remains to be seen is if and when the Republican leadership will actually take charge of things and get rid of this “Woke” / Leftist Democrat insanity that is being attempted to be enshrined in America.

    And if the Republican leadership has ANY degree of self respect and true ability to lead America (Which they have consistently proven that they do not) will remove Globalist president Xi’s best friend, Joe Biden from office through impeachment due to the coming evidence from the Arizona 2020 ballot audit and his dangerous to the country and our Constitution policies.


    I am a free-speech maximalist, so I will defend the right of an unrepetent bigot like Nick Fuentes to ride on a plane, or use social media platforms. But make no mistake, the guy’s views are absolutely repellent and odious.

    He advocates violence against those he disagrees with: “Time to kill the globalists… I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged”

    He is a holocaust denier, or at minimum a holocaust minimizer: “”the two hundred to three hundred-thousand Jews that he killed during the Holocaust” (its pretty much historically proven that 5.6-6 million jews died in the holocaust.

    He is a racist: Asked “Would you say that me having sex with my dog is the same thing as me having sex with a black man?” Fuentes answered “No, but they’re both, they would both be degenerate.”

    He said this about Jim Crow and Segregation: “Even if it was bad, who cares? Who cares? It’s better. It’s better in general. We all agree it was better for them, it’s better for us, it’s better in general.”

    He called Matt Walsh a ““Shabbos goy race traitor” for working for Ben Shapiro (you may not like Shapiro, that’s fine, I have my disagreements with him as well, but the very idea of “race traitors” is racism at work).

    Then he followed it up with: ““‘This white racist scumbag [Walsh] should get the, he should be hanged in public and we should be brutal about it!’ Yeah, OK, keep typing on, faggot. Faggot pussy. Race traitor. You work for Jews, you know.”

    He is a terrible human being. I will defend his right to say his repellent ideas, but I will not defend him, because he’s an [deleted].

  • Can you provide sources for each accusation? In today’s world of hatred, such claims are often outright lies and slanders. To make me believe each one, I’d like a source. And it would also help to have the full context of each quote.

    I am not asking this to defend Fuentes. I am asking so that we have our facts correct. The lies I have seen stated routinely against ordinary Americans (and Trump) for the past five years make me routinely suspicious when I see these kind of accusations against any one who expresses any conservative ideas.

    And if these accusations are true, giving us the source and context will only firm up what you say.

  • Cotour

    If this continues we certainly are boomed.

    America the comedy, and no, this is not an SNL skit.

  • wayne

    Heard about those bizzaro-world CIA recruiting adverts, but hadn’t seen one.
    Just what we need, recruiting [multiple expletives deleted].

    I would put forth the proposition; all these ‘people’ will eventually need to be [expletive deleted], with extreme prejudice. (as they say in the spy-biz)

    “Mission: Impossible” every mission intro (1966-1973)

    (mission #6, if I’m counting correctly: “unfix the election so the result will honestly reflect the vote of the people.”)

  • wayne

    Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism,
    -> Part 6: Anarcho-Capitalism
    Nigel Ashford
    Learn Liberty 2012


    Sure, I have the receipts:

    The first comment about hanging people from CNN was on RSBN’s “America First: with Nick Fuentes”, april 19, 2017.

    RSBN apologized for it:

    RSBN has removed the episode from youtube, but there are copies around. MMFA has one for example, but I’m not linking to that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    You can watch his holocaust minimalization here:

    Here he is comparing inter-racial relationships to bestiality:

    Here is the comment about Jim Crow. The comment is right around the 3 minute mark:

    Here he is calling Matt Walsh a “race traitor” and said he should be hanged. The worst parts are around the 2:12 point:

    I appreciate the request for evidence, and it is 100% understandable. But we should know who and what we’re defending. Like I said before, I’ll defend his right to say terrible, abhorrent, bigoted things, including his right to fly, but I won’t defend him, because he’s the worst kind of [deleted].

  • I have deleted the obscenity from your comment. It wasn’t the worst that one could use, and almost passed muster, but by ending with it you damaged your own credibility. It not only was uncouth, it bordered on insult and made you look as bad as Fuentes.

    You are warned. As the rules clearly state, I do not allow such things here. Act civilized. Wasn’t that your whole point in criticizing Fuentes?


    It was actually my first time commenting here, I didn’t correctly check the rules my bad. I guess this is a good time to point out that I used the same phrase in my first post if you’d be so kind of edit it as well. Its your house, I don’t want my muddy boots on your couch.

  • Your first comment is edited, as you request. I missed it the first time because I was more focused on getting you to source your quotes.

    Adults act respectively to each other. Your criticism of Fuentes has as much to do with his unwillingness to treat others with respect as it does with his positions. Strong language is sometimes required, but it should not be designed to attack the person instead of their opinions. This appears to be something Fuentes does far too much.

    Therefore, the last thing you should do then is to act just like him.

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