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Today’s blacklisted American: Court clerk fired despite having valid health and religious reasons to refuse jab

Judge Claire Bradley, petty tyrant

They’re coming for you next: Today’s blacklist story is only one of tens of thousands, but it illustrates starkly the cruel and vindictive intolerance of the petty dictators who now run American society. It doesn’t matter if the jab doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter if you have valid health reasons for avoiding it. It doesn’t matter that you have religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you offer to be tested frequently to prove you aren’t sick. It doesn’t even matter that no mandate has been imposed by the local government.

The boss demands you to get jabbed, and if you dare to refuse, the boss will fire you.

Less than three years from retirement, Kitsap County court clerk Tammy Duryea was terminated in 2021 from her job because she did not wish to get the COVID shots for both health and religious reasons.

She has now sued, but her chances of victory are quite slim, especially since it was the court judges, led by Judge Claire Bradley, the presiding judge of the District Court, who imposed the shot mandate.

Though Kitsap County does not have a policy requiring all employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, judges in the county’s courts mandated vaccines for employees. That includes District Court — including judges, support staff and clerks — and Superior Court judges and administrative employees. Superior Court clerks, who do not have a mandate, answer to the elected clerk and are considered a separate branch of government from the courts.

The vaccine mandate for court workers gave employees until Nov. 1 [2021] to be fully vaccinated or obtain an exemption. If an employee did not meet the requirements by that date they could be fired for non-disciplinary reasons. Frequent testing was not offered as an alternative, Duryea said.

What makes Duryea’s firing even more egregious was the unwillingness of the court to accommodate her in any way — even though the court clearly allowed exemptions. Not only did she have religious reasons — which alone should have been sufficient — she had medical reasons for fearing the jab, since she had previously had a severe reaction to a flu shot.

“This is one of the few cases I’ve seen where a doctor wrote to the county saying, ‘I don’t want her to get vaccinated,’” [her attorney Chalmers Johnson] said. “They just said, ‘We don’t believe your doctor.’ They didn’t come back with their own doctor.”

Furthermore, when Duryea was fired in 2021, evidence was already building that the shots were ineffective in preventing infection from COVID. There was no reason to mandate the jab, because the jab was essentially ineffective.

None of this mattered to the court, however. Duryea was fired, without slightest misgivings.

As I said, Duryea’s case is only one in tens of thousands, but it is this fact that makes it even more heart-breaking and tragic. Like all those others, her life has been damaged badly, not from COVID but from the intolerant and ignorant actions of power-hungry government officials who do not care for others in the slightest.

America is no longer the land of the free, home of the brave. Instead, it is now run by petty tyrants who enjoy squashing others like bugs. And they succeed, because most everyone else cowers in fear, obeying their foolish demands willingly.

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  • Max

    So sad. Such irrational behavior.

    And it’s just not in America. A forgotten Germany memory of the Nuremberg trials with a vowed “never again”, the courts have ruled against a Holocaust survivor to force her to take double vaccine against her will, will be institutionalized for refusing to take the shot… if they can find her, friends are hiding her.

    The female leader of New Zealand stepped down from office yesterday due to death lawsuits from her decisions as Prime Minister.

    The BBC Broadcast house in England is plastered with pictures on the windows of dead ones that the government refuses to recognize the pandemic of the vaccinated.

  • NoRetreat

    Simple, drag the judge out and lock her in the stocks for a day in the town square. Surround her with Purebloods until she resigns.

  • Thomas B. Nast

    Duryea’s chances of success may be “quite slim,” but not because her suit must be heard in Kitsap County. In Washington State, if one is suing a county, the suit may be filed in any adjacent county. Federal court is also available.

  • Cotour


    “Dr. Naomi Wolf on COVID Vaccine: “A Bioweapon – Manufactured in Concert with the CCP – In a Slow Way to Debilitate If Not Kill Off the Population of North America and Western Europe”

    Dr Naomi Wolf: BioWeapon Critical Documents Proof (

    Why at this point in time would ANYONE, any rational person continue to accept the injection of this mRNA drug into their body? Into their children’s bodies?

    And the government and Pfizer continues to promote and $ell it.

    Based on the growing evidence that is piling up?

    Experiment on yourself much?

    Remember to get your booster!

  • Cotour

    PS: Q: Why did the FAA lower cardiac standards for pilots in 2022????

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