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Today’s blacklisted American: Doctor banned from seeing patients because he has natural immunity

UC's ban of Kheriaty
The University of California’s action against Kheriaty.
Click for full image.

The modern dark age: The University of California has placed Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on administrative leave, preventing him from seeing any patients, because Kheriaty has sued the college for its vaccine mandate that refuses to recognize the documented stronger and safer effects of natural immunity over the COVID vaccines.

I was being placed on “Investigatory Leave” for my failure to comply with the vaccine mandate. I was given no opportunity to contact my patients, students, residents, or colleagues and let them know I would disappear for a month. Rather than waiting for the court to make a ruling on my case, the University has taken action.

…[H]alf of my income from the University comes from clinical revenues generated from seeing my patients, supervising resident clinics, and engaging in weekend and holiday on-call duties. So while on leave my salary is significantly cut. Furthermore, my contract stipulates that I am not able to conduct any patient care outside the University: to see my current patients, or to recoup my losses by moonlighting as a physician elsewhere, would violate the terms of my contract.

Kheriaty, who has had the Wuhan flu (along with his entire family) and now had natural immunity, opposes mandating a vaccine for such individuals because the costs far outweigh the benefits. As he writes:

Among the most glaring failures of our response to Covid is the refusal to acknowledge natural immunity of Covid recovered patients in our mitigation strategies, herd immunity estimates, and vaccine rollout plans. The CDC estimated that as of May 2021, more than 120 million Americans (36%) had been infected with Covid. With the more recent Delta variant wave, many epidemiologists estimate number is now closer to half of all Americans. The good news is that these Americans have immunity that is more durable and longer lasting than the vaccinated.

Among the many findings establishing this fact (and described in detail in our legal documents), one recent study directly compared natural immunity to those fully vaccinated with the Pfizer shot in a large population-based sample: fully vaccinated individuals were 6 to 13 times more likely to get infected than previously infected unvaccinated individuals; the risk of developing symptomatic Covid was 27 times higher among the vaccinated compared to previously infected, and the risk of hospitalization was 8 times higher. These findings are not surprising, since infection with the virus allows our body to form an immune response to many antigens (parts) on the virus, whereas the vaccines expose us only to one antigen, the spike protein. Furthermore, there is now considerable evidence that Covid recovered individuals may be at higher risk of vaccine adverse effects compared to those not previously infected (as seen in studies here, here, and here, among others). [emphasis mine]

In other words, the data unequivocally shows that if you are vaccinated against COVID, you are 27 times more likely to get it again, compared to someone who had it and recovered. Furthermore, getting the vaccine carries a real risk of adverse effects.

Based on this data, Kheriaty concluded that the costs of the vaccine far outweigh its benefits, most especially for the previously infected who have natural immunity, and those individuals above all should not be required to get the vaccine.

In today’s dark age, however, citing good research and making reasonable dissenting arguments is not permitted. Kheriaty found he was forced to sue the university because it refused to consider his arguments, in the slightest. Instead, the university responded by quickly moving to ban him, with the long term goal of getting him fired, as indicated by the university’s order above. Apparently, in academia today it is considered “misconduct” to have a dissenting opinion. Such is a “serious violation” of the edicts of our lords and masters, and thus must be punished.

In the rational America I grew up in, UC would quickly face major financial penalties for these oppressive actions. Judges and juries would have laughed them out of the court, while awarding Kheriaty big awards.

America however is no longer run by rational people. Do not be surprised if Kheriaty loses, because he dared challenge the orders of the irrational fools who now rule us.

Note too the highlighted words above. This so-called “deadly” disease has infected between 120 to 180 million Americans, with 99.6% of them surviving. Of those who died, the average age was 78, with most having one to three other serious chronic illnesses.

Like the flu, COVID kills almost no one by itself. In almost every case, like the flu people die because they are old and already very ill, and the coronavirus merely administers the final blow.

For everyone else, there is nothing to fear.

For this, the lives of people like Kheriaty — along with his patients! — are being destroyed.

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  • Skunk Bucket

    I had ChiCom-19 a little over a year ago. It was like a mild case of the flu and the major symptoms passed in a couple of days. Even in my late fifties, I wasn’t terribly worried that it would be the death of me. I figured after that that I’d need a vaccination for it about as much as I need a vaccination for Chicken Pox, which I had in ’65. Alas, my sister the nurse is adamant that my immunity isn’t enough and I need the one true protection – the WuFlu vaccine. She’s been told by the “authorities” that this is so, and will brook no appeal to reason or actual studies. If my employer is eventually forced to have their people vaccinated, things could get real interesting.

  • Cotour

    I was at dinner with an eternally confused Liberal Democrat friend and this immunity subject came up. We ate outside.

    He tells me that the vaccine creates better immunity than natural immunity.

    My response: After 4.5 billion years of our planets existence resulting in human immunity and you are trying to tell me that a man made vaccine that codes for one protein is superior to that?

    His authoritative answer: Yes. (He and his wife are all shot up, boosters and all. I just shook my head)

    The mRNA vaccine codes for 1 protein, the now famous “Spike” protein, related to the SARS COV2 virus.

    Your immune systems codes for 28 proteins on the SARS COV2 virus. And it is more than likely for life if the natural immunity from SARS COV1 is any indication. It has been tested for 17 years after the event and those who had it still have their robust natural immunity.

    Do the math, apply logic.

  • Alton

    Why do we have More people dead from Covid under Joe than under TrUmp? LGB started with three Vaccines approved and 20 million vaxxed — with 150 million Americans under NATURAL Immunity plus several known treatments that appear to be effective ???
    (Ten months versus Ten months).

  • James Street

    This is an article written by a Seattle man who came down with the Wuhan Flu along with his wife and the experience they had with the run around from the health care system and how they relied on their own preplanning and preparation. They intentionally chose natural immunity over vaccination for the benefits.

    How to Prepare for COVID (and How Not To)
    By Robert Jones

    From this article these are the supplies they bought in preparation to fight the Wuhan Flu (and where I bought them). Note that it takes over a month for some of the items bought online to arrive:

    Bought online from CVXpharmacy:
    • BinaxNOW COVID Antigen Self Test

    Bought online from the River Pharmacy (Canadian company) linked in the article:
    • Ivermectin pills for humans
    • Doxycycline

    Bought online from Amazon:
    • Ivermectin horse dewormer paste
    • Quercetin

    Bought at grocery store:
    • Aspirin
    • Zinc
    • Vitamins C and D

    Compare this to the “home kits” that cost less than $3 per person that were handed out to people in Uttar Pradesh, India to successfully wipe out an outbreak of the Wuhan Flu. Interesting similarity.

    What was in the home kits:
    • Tylenol
    • Vitamin C
    • Multivitamin
    • Zinc
    • Vitamin D3
    • Ivermectin 12 mg [10 tablets]
    • Doxycycline 100 mg [10 tablets]

    – I am not a doctor
    – This information is for entertainment purposes only
    – etc etc etc

  • Nabi

    So what’s his objection to the Vax? Maybe if he’d had the vax he and his whole family wouldn’t have caught Covid in the 1st place.

  • Nabi

    COTOUR isn’t being fair to his ‘friend’. Vaccines work and are a great boon. Some are a hit and miss: e.g. smart people take the flu vaccine every year because when the microbiologists get it right you save yourself from being sick–perhaps seriously–instead of catching it and belatedly achieving the natural immunity. A bonus is that when the preventative flu vax works you don’t catch it and pass it on to others. A similar equation is at work with Covid.

  • wayne

    James Street-
    Good stuff.

    I’m not a medical doctor either:
    –don’t mix the doxycycline (antibiotic) or Z-pack with the multi-vitamin or zinc, they interfere with the absorption/metabolism of antibiotics. (same with birth-control pills ladies; don’t mix your iron supplement with your BC pill.)
    –welcome to the War on Drugs: possession of prescription-only medication(s) is generally a misdemeanor in every State. Using the Post Office or interstate communications to facilitate your misdemeanor is considered a Felony.
    -The good news: if your package is seized at Customs, they’ll send you a letter, advise that the package will be destroyed unless you object, and put your name on a list. If you’re a repeat-offender, they’ll move your name toward the top of the list. Realistically, they can only actually inspect a small amount of incoming mail and they often hold up package’s for an inordinate time without actually opening them.
    -VISA, despite their protestations to the contrary, absolutely loves to process overseas credit-card charges for ‘grey-market’ pharmacies (and porn) but I’d buy a pre-paid debit card to be safer, and… just assume anything you spend will be lost.

  • Cotour


    The point / question was: Which immunity is better or more full spectrum and robust? Natural immunity which codes for 28 proteins on the virus? Or mRNA derived immunity which codes for one protein, the spike protein?

    AND, the long term effects of this brand new technology never before used on human beings ever before has not been tested to the degree that it is traditionally tested to, which is about 5 years plus. So that makes it experimental.

    My friend authoritatively stated that the mRNA “Vaccine” that is waning and needs to be shot into his arm 3 times over 18 months is a more thorough and robust immunity. And there may be another shot due in a few months? I do not agree with that assessment, especially when you figure in the potential unknown negative effects over time. Why is that a reasonable assessment? Because the real world data does not exist to reliably establish the vaccines are safe in the long term. That data can not exist at this time, it is incomplete.

    My friends vaccine status is fine with me, it was his choice. I have no problem with his choice, I respect it.

    And the flu vax that you site as being very effective is not an mRNA based vaccine, it is derived from a well understood and relatively safe “Old” technique of production. Why is that so? Because it was properly tested over time and established to be safe. There is scientific data to establish that. Two very different things and technologies.

  • Andi

    Small bit of pedantry: The article states “fully vaccinated individuals were 6 to 13 times more likely to get infected than previously infected unvaccinated individuals; the risk of developing symptomatic Covid was 27 times higher among the vaccinated compared to previously infected, and the risk of hospitalization was 8 times higher. ”

    As I read that, if you are vaccinated, then you are 6 to 13 times more likely to get infected, and 27 times more likely to become symptomatic.

    Still indicates that natural immunity is much more effective.

  • Mark

    Cotour – you may want to ask your liberal friends to watch the usually liberal NBC ‘Meet the Press’ from Oct 17th (clips are on YouTube).
    Much earlier today you predicted “In time those in the media who “Will not go there” will have to call out and say what is obvious.”

    When I read that I very much doubted it would happen anytime soon, but I saw a clip of yesterday’s Panel on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and there was an example of what you were talking about. Chuck Todd hosts that show and he is NBC’s political director.

    After Todd referenced ‘The Cook Political Report’ article ‘Comparing Biden’s Mandate to FDR’s and LBJ’s’, he discussed with panel guest John Podhoretz how Biden was trying to pass a sweeping agenda when he didn’t have a mandate from the American people.
    Chuck quoted from the article “If misreading a mandate is a sin in politics, pretending that you have one when you don’t is a mortal sin,”

    According to Podhoretz’s retelling, Biden was essentially tricked into believing delusions of grandeur that he could be a great American president. He and Todd actually had a little bit of a laugh at Biden’s expense as Podhoretz contrasted him to President Johnson:

    PODHORETZ: In March, Jon Meacham convened a bunch of historians at the White House who said to Biden, you can be FDR, you can be LBJ. Lyndon Baines Johnson won election in 1964 with a 155-seat majority in the House and 69 —

    TODD: Say that again.

    PODHORETZ: 155 seat majority and 69—

    TODD: Is that more than five?

    PODHORETZ: And 69 Democratic senators. And in 1965 they passed 70 major pieces of legislation. If you go to the Johnson library, there are 70 pens lined up. That’s the great society.

    “Joe Biden has a majority of — nobody even knows? Is it three, is it five, is it four in the House,” Podhoretz quipped. “And a 50/50 Senate. Only a 50/50 Senate because of bizarre machinations by Trump in November and December that depressed the Republican vote.”

    Very interesting to see this conversation on the mainstream ‘Meet the Press’.

  • Nabi: You miss the point entirely. Look at the headline. The point is that he is being coerced, forced, required to get the vaccine, against his will.

    Your arguments in favor of the vaccine might be right, but no one should have the right to force your arguments on anyone else.

    When taking the vaccine is a choice, then we can discuss its merits. Right now we have greater concerns, relating to freedom, slavery, and oppression.

  • And I thought we were going to ‘Follow The Science”.

    Well, if that is so, why am I seeing polls on how people ‘feel’ about vaccinations? That’s not science. In fact, nothing about Government response to COVID-19 the past year makes much sense; because by this time last year, we had a reasonable assessment of the disease.

    To call something ‘deadly’, is to imply that a normal, healthy, individual will likely die from the event. High-speed car crashes, untreated tetanus, surfing a tsunami, like that. Now, we are being told that no matter what we do (vax! wear a mask!), we are in mortal danger. I call BS. And it looks like more people are realizing the same. If you live in a society where you must inject an experimental drug just to live life: work, travel, attend public events; you do not live in a free society. That’s a fact, Jack.

    2021 America is neither free, nor brave. Remember, dissent is patriotic.

  • Max

    Zimmerman writes;

    “America however is no longer run by rational people. Do not be surprised if Kheriaty loses, because he dared challenge the orders of the irrational fools who now rule us.”

    It’s never safe to point out that the emperor has no clothes, the entire kingdom could collapse if the truth gets out.
    The truth must be hidden, blacklisted and D platformed to maintain the illusion so the people don’t lose faith. Believe in the supremacy of the government has the ultimate authority must be maintained. Or it will fall, and all that power to decide who lives and dies will be lost.
    It is said that democracies fail because sooner or later those in power will realize they can vote themselves money directly from the treasury with 50% of the vote. We see this happening before our eyes taking trillions from the treasury with no apparent rhyme or reason. 10 new billionaires since the pandemic started, politicians are getting kickbacks, making them so rich, they feel like demigods. Joe Biden hasn’t had a cabinet meeting or a news conference since July… Always on vacation and Obama is seen in the White House often.
    Rumor this morning is once this bill passes, Pelosi will step down and not run for reelection. Leaving the rest of the Democrats swinging in the wind because they will not get reelected on their record. But that’s OK, they’ll all be rich and never have to work again. Legislation will be by executive order, and the house and senate will just be a gilded cage.

    Meanwhile, they’re doubling down on advertisements for getting vaccinated… Time is growing short and people are dying in mass. Peoples immune system’s are being destroyed (probably by the spike protein) similar to what the aids virus does.

    The only reason to defying logic with the full force of government is to promote something that hasn’t been tried to this extent, on the mass population since the Nazis. Voluntary extermination!
    This is a worldwide eugenics program to save the earth, and all its resources, from the virus that Bill Gates and others have determined that “Homo sapiens” actually are… the herd, they believe, needs to be thinned.
    They are wrong, but they are also mad. (People with God complexes have no ethics. What good is it? to have all this money and not be able to do whatever you want?) might makes right, demigods bow to no one.
    By US law, there are no repercussions or responsibility for people who voluntarily die after receiving the shot. So it is written… Their conscience is clear. Thank you for volunteering to save the planet.

    Meanwhile China has other plans and are in position to make those plans come true. Here is an updated list on everyone who is exempt from vaccinations. (Although The US post office was left off the list, the strong union refused, and threatened a strike during election when the majority of ballots are in the mail, if the government didn’t back down)
    (The Judiciary branch of government, and Newsom is adding unions in California to that list)
    “8 million Chinese students in this country [USA].
    How many of them are PLA, CCP? 85 to 90% I can tell you that”
    (This is worrisome to have 8 million Chinese army in position and ready to go when china needs them)

    Some countries are getting wise to the ruse and it’s backing out.

    Other websites are predicting a bad bad future. 70% of the population will be gone?

    Also reflected in UN population forecasts that the future will be drastically different than the past.
    ( I tried to find a more recent projection that showed Deaths outnumber births in the near future, no longer available on the UN website?)

    I wonder what the United Nations is doing now that they own the largest naval base in the world in Northrop Virginia?
    They have a lot of vehicles at a local airport in Salt Lake City, and their helicopters are seen quite often. Somethings afoot.

    If you really wanna go off the deep end, there’s many sites dedicated to the voices that are being snuffed out.
    Here’s one of them,

    As a humorous sidenote, my little brother just sent me a picture of a magnet stuck to his arm… He says he doesn’t want to live much longer anyway, got the shot so he can fly, and go on vacation in Mexico.

    We just hired 30 more people to replace those who have died, or Can no longer work due to long-term illness.
    It is strange to say that after 30 years, I hardly know anybody I work with anymore. I’ve never seen this large of a turnover rate. Nor have I ever seen so many people with funeral leave.
    I just had my 29th Covid test, and the people doing the testing admit that it’s mostly the vaccinated that are being withheld from work… Quite a few excepting the $500 bonus then getting sick right after their vaccination. Everyone has their price… I was as I was leaving the manager blurted out “let’s go Braden!”

  • Mark

    I commend Dan Bongino who took a stand on the radio today against Vaccine mandates.
    Dan gave an ultimatum to Cumulus Radio over their new corporate directed vaccine mandate:
    “You can have me or you can have the mandate. But you can’t have both of us.” So Bongino is willing to give up his radio show on Cumulus stations.
    We all need to take a stand against the mandates.

  • Max

    Blair Ivey said;

    “And I thought we were going to ‘Follow The Science”.”

    An example of what it means to follow the science… a few days ago.

    “According to CNBC, an advisory panel to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today unanimously voted to recommend J&J’s single-dose COVID vaccine to the more than 15 million Americans who have already received the first dose.”

    ““The data itself is not strong, but it is certainly going in the direction that is supportable of this vote,” said Dr. Patrick Moore of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Moore said he voted in favor of Moderna boosters based largely on a “gut feeling rather than truly serious data.”

    Moderna shares were up nearly 3% at $330.71 after the vote.”

    800,000 adverse reactions to the shot. More than Covid deaths….

  • Questioner


    Based on the knowledge that we have to treat the left as it treats us, i.e. not touch the left with kid gloves, I ask you the following important question:

    Wasn’t it perhaps a grave mistake on the part of Trump that he failed to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the Covid-19 matter to deal a massive blow to the political left?

    He could have used the Covid-19 matter as a (pretext) reason to extremely severely limit the political possibilities of the left, in that Congress could no longer meet due to the risk of contagion and Trump could only have governed by ordinances or decrees?

  • Cotour


    The conversation you heard is encouraging. Actual facts about what in reality establishes a mandate of some consequence in politics, a massive majority is very important to recognize. Joe Biden is not and could never be anyone of consequence outside of his ring of criminal political extortionists lead by his son Hunter who sold and continues to sell his political office for profit.

    Remember: “10 percent for the Big Guy”. That is the only context that Joe Biden had that kind of gravitas. Joe Biden is a Bovine Effluent man. And no one in the main stream media is able to see any of it?

    Why can Joe Biden not just be himself and lead the country as such? (Because he is not a leader, he is a BS man) And why he could never aspire to be a “Roosevelt” or a “Johnson”? Whether you agreed with them or not, those were men of consequence and gravitas. Joe Biden’s self delusion was / is a function of his own hubris and massive self important ego and the needs of those Leftist political operatives that surrounded him who desperately needed a political vehicle for their Leftist anti and un American agendas.

    Joe Biden is a self delusional fool and a tool, and he thinks he is a man of consequence. He is not and he never was. I always saw him as a bloviating jackass. A typical run of the mill politician in other words.

    What I need from someone in the talking head media universe is this: “Looks like Joe Biden has been working with the extreme Leftists in our country and their focus has been to destroy our country and render our Constitution irrelevant. None of this was a mistake or incompetence, they meant it all”. (How likely is that to happen)

    Joe Biden, whether he is aware of it or not, IS A POLITICAL TOOL AND TRAITOR TO HIS COUNTRY! IMO anyway.

  • Cotour


    I think Trump, in 20/ 20 hind sight could have handled the Communist Chinese Covid curve ball better. Although his people detected, calculated and informed him of the potentials that Covid presented and he took some extreme measures. But this was all an unknown to a great degree and I believe he saw it all as a political weapon (Which it was) to take him and his booming economy and popularity out of contention for reelection.

    You have to admit that if Covid did not so conveniently show up in such a timely manner there was nothing, not even if the Democrats counted all the ballots in the country with no one watching where he would not have won reelection. It was a stone cold lock.

    Could he have done better? Sure, but it is what it is. I always saw Trump as in a constant learn curve in the swamp and he was constantly thrown curve balls and confrontations which was all political warfare strategy of confusion and chaos. Trump was inundated with this method of distraction and control.

    I suspect that if he is reelected he will be far, far ahead of his enemies and will be smart enough to fire most everyone in government that surrounds him. An he might just throw a good dose of declaring Marshall law into the mix to start off his next administration and a bunch of free trips to Guantonimo for most of them. (Wayne would love that :)

    And who ever is the next Conservative America First Republican president after the midterm elections will control both Congress and the Senate so all of what I just proposed is more a potential reality.

  • wayne


    “…..{Trump} could have used the Covid-19 matter as a (pretext) reason to extremely severely limit the political possibilities of the left, in that Congress could no longer meet due to the risk of contagion and Trump could only have governed by ordinances or decrees?”

    Sounds like an Enabling Act in Nazi Germany

    I would put forth the proposition that is exactly what the Biden adm intends to do, and it is what numerous petty little dictator Governor’s have been doing, since day one.

    We have something called Federalism here, and that doesn’t include the Federal Government dictating from the top down. The separate & sovereign States of the Union, created the Federal government, not the other way around…..

    Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003)
    the enabling act scene

  • Questioner


    Trump would of course only have done it for a limited time, in order to put an end to all efforts that are undermining America (a situation that you can now experience). Therefore, the short formula “resurrection of the good” would be more appropriate, because the left are the evil enemy, which feels themselves entitled to all means to fight the conservatives. Why shouldn’t the right (real conservatives + classical liberals + libertarians) use the same methods as the left or communists?

    See it this way: The age of “normal” politics is over, i.e. the rift between the main political opponents is so big in principle matters that politics, seen as a means of compromise, is no longer possible. There is only enmity, with the respective desire to silence the other side.

  • Questioner wrote, “Trump would of course only have done it for a limited time…”

    Yup. Just two weeks to flatten the curve!

  • Cotour

    This is as close as a politician has come to properly calling out what the Democrats propose, treason against the country and the people:

    John Kennedy on the proposed reporting of every transaction by every American over $600 dollars. And I believe they also propose the hiring of, brace yourself…………………87,000 new IRS agents!

    In order for the government to exercise “PROPER” control over the people they must be able to accuse them of some degree of criminal activity so they all live in a constant state of fear of the inevitable audit.

    And once again they reveal themselves as having the attitude of the political class has an ownership of the populous.

  • Questioner


    Left thinking seems full of contradictions and curiosities. Take the atheist humanists, for example. These are allegedly – like all leftists – particularly concerned about the dignity and life of people (that’s why they call themselves humanists – a well-known example of this kind of people is Richard Dawkin).

    But why this humanistic morality and exaggeration of man, if the humanists do not believe in the existence of a soul or God? Why do they value human life so highly that they know no value for which they would sacrifice life if there was only matter? Why do the left humanists consider a bunch of soulless atoms and molecules – which from their point of view are humans – to be so valuable and special? Isn’t that extremely strange and contradicting?

  • sippin_bourbon


    It makes sense. The only real power the congress has in Article one is the power to Tax.
    So legally, anything done through tax law is the easiest to defend.

    And through a tax law that is complex (to a ridiculous level), it has always been a means to exert control.

    Just look at Obamacare. Call it a Tax! SCOTUS says okay! (the fact that a fine and a tax are not the same, and that some major twisting of language has to be done to make it so, is irrelevant here). This example is what the left needed. I think Hillary, if elected, would have pursued this angle. Hence it is coming a few years late.

    The IRS, complex tax law that the average citizen cannot make sense of, and new and expanded enforcement, all adds up to new levels of control.

  • Cotour


    I call things like “Humanism”, or “Social Justice” Intellectualized. Its the difference between first understanding and accepting that we are all a function of our DNA and biology. After that point you can then understand our many different cultures and societies that have existed on this planet.

    But an intellectualized interpretation of human existence makes a differentiation between the two realities, and human beings tend to no longer believe they are a part of the first, and only exist in the second. Existence has been intellectualized.

    For instance the other day I was having a conversation with an older man when I told him that I take three things serious in life: 1. Politics, 2. Business and 3rd, Food. He laughed hysterically when I said politics. Then we went into the Constitution and he immediately uses the term “Social Justice”. And that is the perfect example of an intellectualized leftist term that has nothing to do with either society or justice.

    The Leftist Intellectualizer must redefine or create entire new terms to suit their purposes in order to break the existing paradigm. Our law and our justice system are based in logic and being objective. “Social Justice” is about a subjective interpretation of what someone thinks should be from their subjective point of view (ANTIFA, BLM, The Democrat Party Machine, CRT, your 5 year old grandson etc). It is incorrect and wrong but people have had the term drilled into their heads and they do not know the difference and it becomes the accepted term to use in a conversation about justice.

    He actually stopped laughing and listened, and I think he better understood.

    These are all examples of psychological manipulations that those in politics attempt to successfully use in order to serve their purposes in order to acquire or retain political power. Its all a psyops in the eternal political warfare that the Constitution structures.

  • Cotour


    85,000 new IRS agents added to the existing number of IRS agents, all accountants that need to justify their existence will have about 3000 individual “Clients” to choose from to justify their existence.

    This is one of the agendas that MUST be removed from the Democrat wish list.

    And we all know that there is no need to be concerned about how aggressive the IRS might become in order to pay for their new employees. Do you remember the name, Lois Learner? Be afraid.

  • Jack Kemp

    The document says that he can’t be on UC property, but is expected to complete his clinical work. MORONS.

  • Cotour

    Funny story time:

    An over weight customer comes in and I am not wearing a mask, and he is wearing a mask fully on his fat chin.

    He says to me as he stands in front of me: “God I hate wearing this damn mask!”.

    I say as he is making his purchase: “But, Joe, your wearing the mask on your chin. What are you keeping your chin warm?”.

    He then puts the mask up over his nose for a minute and takes a couple of breaths, and then just pulls it down, the sweat droplets fully formed on his upper lip. Oh forget it.

    I just laughed at him :)

    People bees nuts.

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