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Today’s blacklisted American: Emmett Till opera canceled because lyrics were written by a white

Emmett Till, censored by anti-white bigots
Emmett Till, a black murder victim banned again for associating
with whites.

The new dark age of silencing: More than 12,000 students at the City University of New York (CUNY) have signed a petition to have an opera about the lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till cancelled because its lyricist, Clare Coss, happens to be white.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice student Mya Bishop created the petition in an attempt to halt the continuation of ‘Emmett Till, A New American Opera’ at the school’s Gerald W. Lynch Theatre. In the petition’s description, she wrote that the show is all about playwright Clare Coss’ ‘white guilt’ rather than the appalling killing of Till, 14, for allegedly flirting with a white woman.

This petition is unmitigated bigotry, trying to get the opera cancelled simply because Coss is white. What makes it even more indicative of our new dark age of ignorance is that the composer, Mary Watkins, is black. As she notes:

‘It is very disturbing that people are condemning this piece without having seen or heard it,’ she wrote. Referring to the students signing the petition, she said: ‘They have jumped on the fact that the playwright is white and assumed all kinds of things about the content of the show. Even though there are many artists of color involved in this project, the critics are assuming that we have had no impact on the final shape of the piece and that the playwright has somehow forced all of us to tell her story.’

‘It is an insult to me as a Black woman and to the company members who are African-American,’ she added.

No matter. Whites are evil, according to Mya Bishop and the 12,000 students who signed her petition, and must be prevented from participating in any part of our culture or society. They must go to the back of the bus, and stay silent as thugs beat them up and lynch them.

In fact, in a sense this attack against Clare Coss is identical to the lynching of Emmett Till. He dared to flirt with a white woman, and so the bigoted Democrats who ran the South at that time had to lynch him. Coss has dared to work with a black woman on a work of art about the unjust murder of a black child. How dare she associate with blacks! The bigoted leftists who run our universities today must blackball her. Who cares if this blacklisting also damages the work of a black woman. Race and power is all! If you won’t join our campaign of hate than you must be an enemy and punished as well.

Even more disgusting, this petition is in itself another lynching of Emmett Till. Because the lyrics of an opera that tells his story happens to be written by a white, his story must not be told. He is once again flirting with a white woman, and that cannot be tolerated!

Finally, that 12,000 college students signed this petition — without seeing the opera — signals to all the bankrupt state of modern western intellectual culture. Modern intellectuals are not only close-minded, they are willfully ignorant, proud that they know nothing about this opera except the wild bigoted accusations of Mya Bishop.

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  • Skunk Bucket

    Wait until Ms. Bishop finds out that the person for whom her college is named wasn’t just a White man, but an author of the Federalist Papers and a Founding Father of this, the most racist of all possible nations. (/sarc)

  • Col Beausabre

    What makes it even more indicative of our new dark age of ignorance is that the composer, Mary Watkins, is black.

    She’s an Oreo and SHOULD be cancelled

  • sky masterson

    Racism is alive and well in America today, racism against Whites.

  • Larry Folds

    Emmett Till committed suicide but they want to blame it on some white people who just happened to be near by.

  • Cam

    Blacks are Lying Racist Murdering Beggars with the lowest IQ on average in the world . They hate themselves because they can see all the Black countries are failures , so they can;t blame themselves , so hate and BLAME EVERYONE ELSE .

  • elphupphy

    Once again our liberal brethren show their bigoted, racist way of thinking. According to the article, the lyricist was a white, working with many people of color on this project to publicize the lynching of a black man. Instead of helping to publicize this crime, the liberal snowflakes of NY decide to try to get the play cancelled. These people, the signees of this cancellation request, are simple-minded bigots who care only about the black point of view and in following the BLM line of thought. They will be sadly awoken when they try to get a job in hte real world with that racist kind of thinking. Will they work forr a white manager, or must they have a black? Try to dictate your racist, bigoted, close-minded frame of mind to many in the business world and you will be humping burgers the rest of your racist, bigoted life.

  • James Street

    Truth is like opera.

    And most people hate opera.

  • SlothB77

    The mob is self-devouring.

  • D3F1ANT

    This Leftist stupidity is preposterous beyond words. They only wanted to perform a play about Till to virtue signal and sow divisiveness anyway.

  • The Founding Fathers were my favorite White Supremacists!

  • BLSinSC

    OK, so we’ve reached the point where NO WHITE PERSON should DO ANYTHING that INVOLVES a BLACK PERSON! We need to STOP RACIST WHITE PEOPLE! So next time a BLACK person enters a store OWNED BY A WHITE PERSON – just say “NO” this is a WHITE OWNED STORE and it would be RACIST for WHITE PERSON to PROFIT to sell you something! Can you imagine a world like that?? That’s what these libers want, but then it’s ok for “unauthorized shopping” !! It’s just PLAIN STUPID!! Not just the REACTION due to the WHITE woman involved, but who would even WANT to be subjected to an OPERA about a BLACK CHILD being lynched?? That’s just SICK!! Friggin libers and race mongers all need to be removed from civil society and confined in a small geographic area where the like minded can cannibalize each other! I suggest Portland, Seattle, SF, or Washington DC. I exclude Chicago/Baltimore/Detroit because of the obvious careless distribution of violence!

  • Col Beausabre

    ” Try to dictate your racist, bigoted, close-minded frame of mind to many in the business world and you will be humping burgers the rest of your racist, bigoted life.”

    Unfortunately, given what we are seeing in the business world today, American business will agree to such demands in the name of the great god DIVERSITY

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