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Today’s blacklisted American: Father whose 16-year-old healthy son died right after getting COVID vaccine banned from social media

The new dark age of silencing: A father has been banned by GoFundMe and Twitter when he tried to raise money to make the public aware that the COVID vaccine carried its own risks, and might even have killed his healthy 16-year-old son, who died from an enlarged heart only days after getting the shot.

GoFundMe banned Ernest Ramirez for sharing “prohibited conduct” on the crowdfunding platform. His so-called unacceptable behavior was fundraising for his late son, Ernesto Jr., who died from the Pfizer vaccine on April 25.

The father used the page to explain how his only 16 year-old son was in good health, and regularly played baseball since he was 7 years-old. Advertising claimed the vaccine is safe for adolescents, and convinced him to book-in Ernesto Jr. for the jab on April 19. Five days later the teenager died from a dilated heart. “My son received the vaccine and he died a few days later, and the only explanation that was given to me was an enlarged heart,” Ramirez said according to Life Site News. “I love the hell out of my country but I do not trust my government anymore.”

Many people started donating to the grieving Texan. However, the father became outraged to learn GoFundMe had shut down the page and returned all proceeds back to donors. [emphasis mine]

The point is not that the various vaccines might be dangerous (that is not yet proved, though the evidence is beginning to strongly suggest they carry risks especially for young men). The point is that this poor man was blacklisted merely because he was saying things GoFundMe and Twitter did not like. Who gave them the final say on what we discuss about these vaccines? Where was it written that only their opinions are allowed?

If anything, the more discussion on this subject, the better. If the anecdotal evidence that suggests there are risks gets seen by enough people, the outcry might force some real research that will tell us for certain if those risks are real or not. Silencing the discussion only causes more distrust (as illustrated by the highlighted words above), and might even permit the use of unsafe drugs for longer than necessary.

Yet, silencing now is our leftist elitist class’s standard operating procedure, to the point of not allowing a grieving father to raise some important questions about the medicine that might have killed his son.

Our bankrupt “betters” cannot allow such questions. They are not interested in open debate. They only want everyone to kow-tow to their dictatorial demands, and will do whatever is necessary to silence dissent.

I say, do not shut up. Do not comply. Make them sweat. Make them scream. The left’s inability to debate rationally and with intelligence only leaves them open for defeat, if only people are willing to challenge them. And now is the time to challenge them. Later will be too late.

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  • BLSinSC

    The evidence has been piling up since that poor Nurse took the jab and VERY SHORTLY collapsed! Her supposed DEATH has not been confirmed nor denied! There have been more DEATHS from the jab in our MILITARY than from the disease! There’s no telling how many of our young men and women in uniform have been irreparably harmed by these “vaccines”! The Data coming form Israel should be enough to put an immediate halt to the pogrom! The DATA coming from AFRICA on the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN should be enough to make it readily available all over the world! There is something SICK going on and it’s NOT the “virus”!

  • Pat Myers

    Fact is, there is nothing new about this. For literally decades I have seen on every leftist site/blog/what have you if something is posted that the site operators don’t like, boom, the post is deleted and the poster is banned. Never fails.

    The irony here is that on any conservative site I’ve ever been on (and all this goes back, again, for decades), if a socialist shows up and spouts their usual bile, the post stays up and the poster retains his/her right to post (unless they put up something really egregious like a death threat or the like). To be sure, they will be told to nine decimal places by the other posters how wrong they are, but they are still allowed to speak unimpeded.

    Always made me wonder what the leftists are afraid of. Are their arguments so weak, their cases so flimsy, that the only way they can defend them is to erase anything they don’t like, regardless of the content of their opponent’s post?

  • Pat, the difference is that with few exceptions, Leftists have a fundamentalist mindset … that theirs is the One True Way in any area, and that the divide is not Left vs. Right, but Normal vs. The Evil Other who Must be Suppressed.

    They are, what they decry.

    Conservatives and libertarians know their own limitations, and are therefore more respectful of the opinions of others … even those nine-decimal-place rebuttals can be an expression of that respect, in that they are not simply an appeal to the intellectual and moral superiority of the person issuing the rebuttal as though they are God.

  • Pat Myers

    Jester, you will get no argument from me on that score. Well put.

  • Max

    Google, Facebook, Twitter and others are actively shadow banning / blacklisting all those who do not tow the line with the official excepted narrative, no matter how bad. And it is very bad!
    Here’s a website with heart breaking stories from the people who are actually experiencing the tragedies personally. I don’t cry easily but I feel for these poor people.
    There are examples of not only parents losing their children, but people dying on live TV, and people dying after receiving the shot and others stepping over their body to go get their shot…
    I’m speechless

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