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Today’s blacklisted American: FBI drops trumped up charges that caused January 6th protester to commit suicide

Matthew Perna, dead because he expressed his opinion
Matthew Perna, now dead because he simply expressed an opinion

They’re coming for you next: After demanding that conservative protester Matthew Perna be sentenced to many years of imprisonment for daring to peaceably walk through the Capitol building for less than ten minutes on January 6, 2020 — demands that caused Perna to commit suicide — the FBI has now quietly dropped those trumped up charges, without comment.

Perna was looking at 51 months in federal prison for entering the Capitol for five to ten minutes, snapping selfies, and chanting “USA” in an apparently seditious way. He also tapped a window with a pole but didn’t break it or anything else. He didn’t hit a cop.

The FBI magnanimously decided to drop their charges against Perna on Wednesday.

The article at the link notes that, in comparison, a man in Florida was sentenced to only nine months in prison for killing an elderly man when he punched him for saying “the N-word.” The article also notes the Project Veritas bombshell this week where New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg admitted that the claim by his newspaper and the Democrats that the January 6th protests were “an insurrection” and violent is an outright lie, even though that was exactly how he reported it in his Times articles. In addition, the FBI itself has admitted the protests were not an organized insurrection.

Thus, the FBI and Rosenberg have essentially admitted that they have been persecuting Perna and other January 6th protesters based on a lie. And that lie destroyed Matthew Perna. It killed him.

I wonder how many other January 6th protesters, guilty of doing nothing more than expressing their opinions freely under the First Amendment, will end up dead or ruined because of federal persecution. I expect quite a number before this ugly travesty of justice runs its course.

I also wonder if most Americans are paying attention. Does anyone really care that our government now prosecutes people for freely expressing dissent? Some do, but my impression is that those who care about freedom and the first amendment are now a minority. Most Americans shrug and say nothing, desiring instead to go along to get along. Who cares if Matthew Perna killed himself because the Biden administration went after him with fake charges? It isn’t my concern.

And so freedom dies, one suicide at a time.

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  • Jim Schmidt

    We get the government we deserve or something like that.

  • Col Beausabre

    Nine months for murder. If the colors had been reversed, there would literally been rioting in the streets

  • Evan S.

    No, after an accused dies, the government drops charges against them.

    Remember Aaron Hernandez? He had appealed his conviction and committed suicide in prison. As his conviction was under appeal, Mass. dropped the charges afterwards.

  • Col Beausabre

    JAYZUS – Kill someone and get house arrest. We’re doomed, DOOMED !!

  • thesgm

    We are all NATO v Russia. None of us want to be the very next even though we know we are the next in general.

    Our morals are burdened by comfortable lifestyles, plentiful food, clean water, entertainment everywhere. Like the police in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France etc. when they are instructed to crack skulls over mask mandates…for many I assume, their morals more closely align with providing for their families than with not cracking a skull.

    Morals get burdened when faced with tough choices; family vs personal conviction is a tough one.

  • Cotour


    “Democrats bet big on the January 6th hearings and things aren’t working out as planned. The ratings for the hearings are terrible even though they’re airing them at prime time, and most Americans seem to have just moved on.”

    Who is “Gingergun”? (And who is Ray Epps?) And why have neither of them been arrested? The obvious answer if someone looks objectively at the situation is that they were working the “Insurrection” (Riot) in order to instigate and direct its progress as agents of one of the governments 3 letter agencies in order to damage Trump and the MAGA movement to a degree that he and they could never run for office or reacquire political power again. That is plain to me, and I think that has been a massive failure.

    Politics and the political warfare within which it is fought in America comes in many forms. Read about the fundamentals of power and how these kinds of events become justified and realized: Strategy Over Morality.

    “Luke Robinson, AKA #GingerGun, Was Only Protester Filmed with a Gun on Jan. 6, The FBI Later Removed Him from their Most Wanted List — Was Also Accused of Wearing an Earpiece”

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