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Today’s blacklisted American: Football scout fired for refusing to get vaccinated

Coming to your town in America soon!
Death camps are coming for the unclean unvaccinated.

They’re coming for you next: The Atlanta Falcons football team has fired one its scouts, Rodrik David, simply because he, like many others, had decided that it made more sense for him to not get vaccinated against COVID.

The owner of the company had issued a policy requiring all employees, both full- and part-time, to be vaccinated. David refused, for reasons that were his own.

As noted at this report, David was good at his job, and had been working for the Falcons for the past five years.

This is his fifth season with the Falcons and his second as an area scout. He joined the club as a scouting intern during training camp, prior to the 2015 season, and was hired as a scouting assistant in February of 2016. He was promoted to pro scout prior to the 2017 season.

David was a riser.

While the owners of the Falcons certainly have the right to decide who they should hire or fire, this policy — like all the similar policies being mandated now by businesses and governments worldwide to make the unvaccinated second class citizens — brings us all to the edge of a very terrible cliff. For the past sixty years the custom by law and tradition was that making some citizens second class for superficial reason was considered morally wrong. That is no longer true, which explains why I can write a column for months describing each day another example of someone being blacklisted because someone else doesn’t like the way they part their hair.

It is now considered proper and moral to do such things. The unvaccinated must be banned, even if that banning will make literally no difference on the rate of infection, as demonstrated clearly in Israel, which vaccinated everyone and discovered it did little to stop the spread of COVID.

Right now such banning is limited merely ostracizing the victim. Soon that will not be sufficient, since I can guarantee without any doubt that the Wuhan flu is not going away. Soon the demands will be to hound the unvaccinated from all society, not simply their jobs. And if that doesn’t suffice to stamp out COVID then we will simply have to exterminate them!

Of course, that won’t eliminate COVID either, but boy, it sure will make these do-gooders feel good. They will have taken an action, no matter how pointless, and that’s all that matters.

Worse, by making such shunning an acceptable part of society it will spread. Soon it will be considered reasonable to ostracize people for any number of foolish reasons. Discrimination because of religion, race, and ethnicity will return (and in fact has returned) in full force, oppressing all sorts of innocent people for the most superficial of reasons.

The new dark age has arrived, and too many people across the world sadly embraced it with open arms. We shall now get all that we deserve for that embrace.

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  • Mark

    On a popular NFL fan site, I write some occasional FanPosts that focus on the normal storylines of an NFL football fan. But this site considers any criticism of Regime Media approved propaganda regarding COVID as dangerous heresy and at times it heavily censors those commentators.. When a football story on that site does involve the ‘NFL COVID Protocols’ or a players stance on vaccine mandates, then in the comments there usually is trench warfare between fans who prefer authoritarian (as long as they got their bread and circuses), and those of us who were basically saying – “Hey hold on a minute – you are infringing on personal freedom, the government and public health officials have demonstrably been lying to us, and the data and ‘the Science’ being preached is corrupted. It’s just continual trench warfare and very few who have thrown their lot in with the authoritarians ever change their mind. But with the breakthrough cases of the vaccinated coaches and players now getting COVID, you can see the cracks in the confidence and stridency of their arguments. Here is just one of my comments on that site trying to get others to understand that our society has fallen down a deep and dark Alice in Wonderland Rabbit hole. “Today I am scrolling through the comments below, and now I think I know why some film critics believe that “Ground Hog Day” is the most accurate description of the underlying tensions of American society in the 21st century, just edging out “The Matrix”, and “The Hunger Games”.”
    There are some younger fans who get the references, and deep down know their world has been shaken like a bizzaro snow globe. On some days I have hope; on others not so much.

  • Mark:

    Thank you for attempting to make a difference in a general public forum. I say ‘general’, because there are likely many more NFL fans (and their views), than, say, space enthusiasts. Speaking of which, there are, like, 15 commenters on this forum. Come On, People! Jump in! You will find more tolerance and acceptance (if your argument is good) here, than on nearly any other forum.

  • Edward

    Mark wrote: “It’s just continual trench warfare and very few who have thrown their lot in with the authoritarians ever change their mind.

    They don’t change their minds because it is not their minds that have the viewpoint that authoritarianism is good. It is an emotional response to their fantasy that authoritarians have their best interests in mind when they make decisions. Some people want a strong, large, central government, because they feel that such a government will be there when all hell breaks loose and there is no food or electricity. We know that this is not the case, because we have seen what authoritarianism looks like in Venezuela, and even in the Soviet Union, which fell when it ran out of food. Authoritarianism always causes the problems that these people expect them to solve.

    These kinds of countries are run by people who think that they are doing well, because they see the big picture. However, they paint with such large strokes that they miss the details that are the individual citizens. Thus, We the People are harmed when our fearful leaders set mandates that run counter to our best interests.

    That is not what those living in fantasy worlds see. The do not see the destruction of Detroit, they only see the small part that is kept beautiful by the few remaining well-to-do. They do not see the weekend deaths in Chicago, they only feel that gun-bans necessarily result in safety, because if guns are illegal only the criminals would have guns. They don’t see that the government reaction to Wuhan flu makes it worse, because they feel that government is here to help and can do no wrong, even when the ailing are sent into nursing homes, when the authoritarians direct us to go to Chinatown, or when they tell us that wearing masks is just to show that we are in a pandemic but does not help. It is a feel-good fantasy world, and the bubble of unrealized — but felt — satisfaction cannot be popped with facts or reality. They feel satisfied with death, destruction, and counterproductively, even though the fact is that they are in reality worse off.

  • Mark

    Blair – I appreciate your supportive comment, as trench warfare can be exhausting.

    Edward – that is an accurate and succinct explanation of the current situation of our once great country. The only thing I would add is that the ‘other side’ in this trench warfare are thoroughly and continually controlled by media propaganda and other tools of thought manipulation. In a hundred years, if some future historian stumbles upon the remnants of the Behind the Black site, I hope he reads your comment, and spreads its truths to future generations.

  • Cotour


    New Yorker staff writer, Michael Specter asks, Dr. Fauci directly: “Why don’t we BLOW the system up?”. Referring to the manner in which reliable old technology vaccines can be replaced by the *NEW* mRNA “vaccine” technology. As we can plainly see, the “new” technology is not the panacea that these geniuses are promoting them to be.

    Why has Fauci and the rest of the permanent government bureaucracy agency heads ONLY pushed for the “vaccine” and have essentially banned ANY other kind of therapeutics related to treating Covid? (Except for Merk’s new $700 per treatment oral antiviral molnupiravir that is)

    Dr. Anthony Fauci: Author: 2012 technical paper: “Gain of function research is very dangerous, but its worth the risk”. 1 min 56 sec.

    Out of the mouths of those who have paid for and developed the actual gain of function viruses in Communist Chinese labs and apparently executed this immoral agenda. These are Nuremberg level crimes IMO.

    These people are executing Strategy Over Morality (S.O.M.) methods of justifying what is now clearly being revealed as a manufactured virus pandemic event, created in a laboratory as a result of gain of function research and released into to the environment in order to force people to be subject to this new paradigm in mRNA “Vaccine” technology and therapy.

    And of course there are many multiple billions of dollars involved in this now clearly fabricated and forced pandemic. And now we are talking about lobbyists and how they leverage the politically dependent in Washington D.C. on their cash “Donations” that allow them to be elected and reelected.

    Where do these people get their authority to perpetrate an immoral by any rational Pedestrian Realm persons judgement medical and political manipulation agenda at these levels like this? Strategy Over Morality (S.O.M.), UNDERSTAND IT.

    The Existential Exercise Of Power And The Foundation Of Abuse Of Power
    Copyright, J.G.L., 2011


    How civilizations, governments and wars and their leadership throughout history are founded, fought and at their existential human core operate.

    EXPLANATION: Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring and that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective.

    A model in which leadership or their empowered subordinates within government can subjectively justify to choose to formulate an interpretation of their core fiduciary responsibilities which becomes paramount over and above the public’s truth and morality model. Where plausible deniability can be claimed when “immoral” acts or modified “truth” strategies (lies) are employed or executed by leadership, their subordinates or by arms length leadership proxies.

    In this “conversation”, leadership in the empowered “Political Realm” or their empowered subordinates step “down” to the public’s level, the “Pedestrian Realm”, and presents information, agenda, policy or strategy in a tailored, palatable package the public can believe and comfortably accept. Leadership then steps back to their “higher” level, formulates and executes “necessary”, by their subjective standards, agenda, policy and strategy where the public’s interpretation of morality or truth is not relevant or becomes optional.

    CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and survival.


    PUBLIC OR “PEDESTRIAN REALM”: The individual citizens of any civilization, society, state or country.

    LEADERSHIP OR “POLITICAL REALM”: Any macro empowered individual or governing entity or their direct subordinates concerned with the formulation and implementation of laws, strategies and policies, both civil and military.

    LEADERSHIPS CORE PRIME DIRECTIVE: Above all else and at any cost the securing, promotion and survival of the society, culture, territory, treasure and power.


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