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Today’s blacklisted American: Gun stores in Boston suburb banned

Browning Brothers gun shop, Ogden, Utah Territory, 1882. From left to right: Thomas Samuel Browning, George Emmett Browning, John Moses Browning, Matthew Sandefur Browning, Jonathan Edmund Browning, and Frank Rushton
Gun shops banned in Brookline, Massachusetts.

They’re coming for you next: The local government in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburban community outside of Boston, is attempting to impose new zoning regulations that would essentially ban gun stores.

Under the new zoning proposal submitted by town board members Petra Bignami, Janice Kahn, Alexandra Metral, and Sharon Schoffman, gun stores would only be allowed to operate by special permit. It also states buffer zones will be around residential properties, private and public K-12 schools, and childcare facilities, which would block firearm businesses from operating within a certain distance.

The proposal came after the City of Newton, one town over, approved new zoning rules for gun stores in June that restricted them to three locations. This action was in response to a new gun store attempting to open.

Since this very leftist community is routinely hostile to the second amendment and the right to bear arms, it would astonish me if any special permit would ever be approved. And even if one was, the buffer rules are likely so restrictive that there is probably no location in town where a gun store would be legal.

The illogic of gun control advocates always amazes me. These are also the same people who scream in horror whenever any Republican wins an election. “He’s a facist! Another Hitler! He’s going to have his enemies rounded up tomorrow!” Putting aside the fact that these slanderous cries of horror have always been proven absurd, their fear of Republican rule should in fact be a reason for them to encourage gun ownership and the second amendment. How else will they be able to defend themselves when those evil Republican storm-troopers arrive at their door?

Instead, they fervently want to disarm themselves, so that the only people who are allowed guns are government employees, the very same “fascists” these leftists supposedly fear. Essentially, their reasoning is this: “We must be disarmed so that only the fascists will have guns! Only in this way can we protect ourselves from gun violence!”

As idiotic and oppressive as this ban is, under our federalist Constitutional system, small towns like Brookline and Newton have the right to do this. I am simply pointing out their brainless reasoning.

I must also point out the consequence of this authoritarian foolishness. In the end, such bans are not simply bans against guns and gun stores. They are bans against anyone who dissents from the policies of these local governments. If you happen to disagree with them, you really do not want to live in their towns, because what these officials really want to do is disarm you. As government officials, they will still be amply armed, with a police force and security to back them up. Annoy them enough, and they will eventually set that power against you.

I also guarantee that if any of their fellow travelers outside of government is found violating their anti-gun laws, they will find a way to let them off easy, with little or no punishment. If you are conservative however and violate even the most minor of their edicts, they will throw the book at you.

Such is leftist justice. Freedom and power for me, not for thee.

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  • Cotour

    All they really accomplished is increasing the value of the existing stores.

    If those stores are grandfathered in they are theoretically golden.

  • Gary H

    In SF Bay Aeea they have used zoning, special sales tax and general harassment to get rid of gun stores. They have also used lead contamination to close a 50 year old outdoor ranges, while not allowing the range to hire professional lead abatement. SF is now floating a pilot program which pays criminals not to shoot people. Anyone know how people qualify for that program?

    Right now, the only solution is to move. Then work to keep freedom alive at the new address.

  • Col Beausabre

    Bob, You picked an iconic photo as John Moses Browning “The Edison of Firearms” was one of the greatest firearms engineers (self taught) of all time. He developed numerous civilian arms, but is best remembered for his machine guns. M1897 6mm (first production gas operated gun)/M1914 30 Caliber “Potato Digger”, M1917A1 30 Caliber Medium Machine Gun, AN-M2 30 Caliber Aircraft Machine Gun, M1919A4/A5/A6 30 Caliber Light Machine Guns, 50 Caliber M2 Antiaircraft, M2HB Heavy Ground, AN-M2 and AN-M3 Aircraft Machine Guns, M37 30 Caliber/7.62mm Tank Machine Gun, M1918A2 30 Caliber Browning Automatic Rifle. To the US military from 1917 to 1960, a machine gun was a Browning . In addition, he designed the legendary 45 Caliber M1911/M1911A! Pistol (standard US sidearm for three quarters of a century) and the 37mm M1 Antiaircraft Gun M1 of Worl War II, 7728 of which were produced. Browning’s aircraft gun was the “gun that saved Britain” as it was the armament (Browning 303 Mark II) of the RAF fighters in the Battle of Britain. He had a long and fruitful relationship with FN (Fabrique National de Armes de Guerre) of Belgium and when he died, his last design was perfected by his disciple Dieudonné Saive (himself a legendary designer) as the 9mm Browning M35 “High Power”, adopted by over fifty countries. “The Hi-Power remains one of the most influential pistols in the history of small arms” I’m a proud owner of one, blued, with walnut grips and target sights (I used to shoot competitively)

    As far as limiting the number of commercial establishments of a given type within a municipality, there is ample precedent. As an example, my state limits the number of liquor licenses a town can have by population. Right now, there is a law suit going on my home town, as we are authorized five licenses but three are owned by one person, who refuses to open more than one bar. The plaintiffs claim this is restraint of trade and are trying to get the courts to rule that you have to act upon your licenses within a reasonable time or forfeit them as that frustrates the purpose of the licence (what if a teetotaller bought up all five, then shut down the bars?) which is to provide a way for a citizen to get a legal drink.

  • Col Beausabre: My choice of photo was no accident.

  • Mark

    In some alternative universe, the city of Brookline is physically located next to Kennesaw, Ga.
    Kennesaw is the city known nationally for its mandatory gun-possession ordinance requiring all households in Kennesaw to have a gun. In this alternative universe, at some point some intrepid young reporter discovers and reports that all the home burglaries are in Brookline, and there are none in Kennesaw. When confused citizens demand answers , the Brookline Mayor boldly states: “We all know those people in Kennesaw are not vaccinated against the COVID TAU Variant, and so the criminals are afraid to go there. C’MON Man, have some compassion for those burglars.”
    The citizenry of Brookline accepts the mayoral pronouncement because of course it is based on The Science.

  • commodude

    Newton and Brookline also have no homeless problems to deal with. The hypocrites make sure the police in town chase them over the river every night into Watertown.

    It still amazes me that this area was the cradle of liberty. It has turned into the cradle of tyranny.

  • wayne

    Eric Clapton –
    “This Has Gotta Stop”

    “It’s gone far enough.
    If you wanna claim my soul,
    You’ll have to come and break down this door…”

  • Nitecat

    Kudos to the guy named Mark , He was hilarious , and right on the mark. ( See what I did there ? ) Many States and cities are passing laws stating that rules and regulations and local zoning laws that infringe on Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights will not supersede Sate Constitution protection of Rights , or the U.S. Constitution. I’m sure most people even a few decades ago would find such laws unnecessary and superfluous . We need more good people to run for lower level office to replace the whackos put in by the likes of Soros and ex – mayor Bloomberg.

  • Alton

    Chicago just lost it’s last gun store. In the city, first you must have an Illinois firearm permit, then qualify ONLY at a gun range inside the city limits, to possess a gun in your home. If you can get a concealed carry permit, you must pass a certification course using live rounds at a range inside city limits.
    Now all gun stores and ranges now are defunct. Only the (closed to the Public) Police range still operates.
    Every weekend twenty to one hundred persons are shot on the streets…….Really Effective!

    In 1995, Florida passed the first modern CCW law to the media and opponents screaming bloody murder. OfCourse, it would be High Noon in Dodge City everyday in the Orange State. Never was and Never has been Since……
    Slowly, we now have 39 States that have shall issue Status, and a USSC case that says states must issue permits (Illinois, NY, and Cali are fighting with new laws to control guns, but they are not fairing well, tho it still takes three years and three million to knock each one down.).
    The Constitutional Carry movement has now passed laws in 22 states and growing, where like Connecticut you do not need a permit to carry concealed if you do not have a felony conviction on your record.
    But in each legislative battle it’s always said by the Media and Progressives that Blood will be flowing daily in the street if passed.. . . 52 times they have been proved WRONG!

    In Space ? we of Earth just set a new record with Inspiration 4….14:persons in orbit at one Time !!!

  • Questioner

    “Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave Story, What happened today, September, 2021”

    In the linked video you can see the dark side of the “American Dream” (of liberalism/freedom/liberty or short Americanism). The American core ideology (= liberalism of any kind – whether right or left liberalism) is dead.

    For example, liberalism cannot replace the traditional social and societal ties, norms, orders and institutions that it destroyed, as this linked example shows. Also much increased governmental / police power, a side effect of liberalism, does not help.

    Personal virtues of self-control and leadership have been replaced in liberalism by consumerism, greed, insatiability, and limitless desires. Liberalism has made people dislocated and boundless.

  • Gary H


    I can’t make any sense of your post. I haven’t a clue as to what right liberalism is and you seem to be fond of sweeping generalizations and your connect the dots seems to be ideologic. Anyway..confusing to me.

    I wonder how much US money has been used to cleanup the rest of the world and to support the poor? I guess it was an extension of US greed.

    Personally, I would like the US out of NATO and to stop trying to nation build and tend to internal issues.

    Take a closer look at the US homeless problem and you might find a common theme that might challeng cyour ideology.

  • Alex Andrite

    oh oh …… Fishing Tackle may be next to be banned.
    Stock up now !

    Perhaps also look into “live bait” stock options ?

    Fish On !!

  • Cotour

    Who would have thunk it?

    “Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wins Reelection, But Not Majority”

  • Questioner

    Gary H:

    I understand that you cannot (yet) assign the term legal liberalism. This is partly because America has a somewhat shifted different political coordinate system compared to Europe. In the US system, people are used to calling someone liberal who is a left-wing liberal in Europe. What you call conservative are right-wing liberals, whose representatives are known in Europe as classic liberals or economic liberals (or neoliberals). In America there are hardly any real conservatives whose most famous representative might be Pat Buchanan. America’s wide spread core political ideology is liberalism in its various forms.

    Back to the distinction between right and left liberalism. You have to go back a step or a few centuries, to the emergence of liberalism itself, in order to understand the connection between the two forms. But let’ we speak Dr. Patrick Deneen himself (a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame), who opened my eyes to those things. Please take the time to listen to the video. He explains the term liberalism right at the beginning at minute 2. and following.

    Franciscan University Presents: Why Liberalism Failed

  • Questioner

    Gary H:

    Correction: please replace “legal liberalism” by “right-wing” liberalism

  • Mike a

    The terrible actions of one deranged mamas boy in Newtown has done so much damage that locals have adopted a completely illogical stance.
    While I have sympathy and feel awful for the people that lost children or loved ones in that town, they have knowingly gone down this path of absurdity.

    They tried suing Remington in court full well knowing they would be on the hook for the defense’s court costs. And did it anyway. They lost that lawsuit, and owed Remington a huge bag of money. I think that is a perfect example of the insanity that drives their narrative.

    One tragedy of Newtown is that only one person and his mother bear ANY responsibility at all.

    If you ask any person able to think without extreme emotion they’ll quickly figure out that limiting the number of guns legally sold in your town does absolutely nothing in regards to violent crime done in the past or the future.

    I would add to this I don’t see it as a liberal vs conservative thing, it’s simply the pain that these people feel, clouding their judgement.

    Conservatives are just as capable of losing rational thinking by using their heart and not their intelligence.
    Ie, killing an abortion doctor because abortion is murder. Tons of logic in that example.

  • wayne


    “Justin Trudeau and the Election that Should Have Never Been”
    Rex Murphy | Jordan B Peterson Podcast S4: E45 (9-14-21)

    $400 Billion deficit
    $1.3 Trillion Debt

  • Questioner

    Swan song for political liberalism (of all kinds):

    Liberalism is an expression of a society that no longer wants to be a community. It promotes pseudo-individualism, masquerading and lack of ties.

    The political idea of ​​liberalism consists in making targeted use of the instinctual temptations of the human being, to control the deficient human being via its deficiencies, to divide it, to dislocate it and to deliver it to the arbitrariness of the consumer system. Liberalism’s concept of freedom is without limits.

    The liberalist simulation of freedom has produced a type of person whose main characteristic seems to be that he has comfortably set himself up in his flat functional and fun world, surrounded by external tinsel.

    Liberalism has created people off the shelf – optimized for their usefulness – who no longer risk anything and are no longer willing to sacrifice anything, someone who revolves around their own axis of trivial desires year in and year out. Anyone who tries to escape this banality and the oblivion of fate, in which these soulless contemporaries eke out their existence, quickly becomes a suspicious subject under the existing rule of the doctrine of liberalism and must be careful.

    The description of the final stage of liberalism can be found in the novel “Brave New World”.

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