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Today’s blacklisted American: International food festival bans Israeli vendor for being Jewish

Coming to your town in America soon!
Ethnic round-ups: Coming to your town in America soon!

Persecution is now cool! An international food festival in Philadelphia decided to ban an Israeli food truck, Moshava Philadephia, in response of the many threats of physical violence it received if the Jewish vendor was allowed to attend.

The backlash to this bigoted decision was so immediate that the organizations putting together the food festival, called “Eat up the Borders” and “Sunflower Philly”, decided to cancel the entire event rather than back down and allow a Jew to sell food there.

The statement by Eat Up the Borders announcing the decision to ban the Jewish vendor is particularly vile in its intellectual dishonesty:

In order to best serve our guests, we decided to remove one of our vendors for Sunday’s event so that we could deliver an optimal experience to all.

This decision came from listening to the community we wish to love and serve.

We do stand by our initiative to give vendors from all nationalities a platform to showcase their talents and provide an awesome experience for all.

We will continue to strive to provide opportunity to learn from one another over a nice dish. We hope to see you on Sunday and join us as we continue to learn and grow. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted words say it all. Let me put it in plain unvarnished English: “We can’t have those evil Joooos present. If we do, we might offend the bigots among us, and we can’t have that!”

By the way, Moshava Philadephia is owned by an Israeli who has partnered with two Americans whose names suggest strongly that they are not Jewish.

The announcement cancelling the entire event, put out by Sunflower Philly, was equally vile:

At Sunflower Philly we truly in creating a positive and inclusive community space here in Philadelphia….Sunflower Philly is a non-profit organization created to bring our community together through art, music, and sustainability. We will continue to host events with people of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations who are aligned with our mission.

With love, The Sunflower Philly Team.

What lies. How can they be creating a “positive and inclusive community” for “people of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations” if they are so willing to ban one group because others hate them?

An official from Sunflower Philly, Melvin Powell, claimed that the reason the Israeli vendor was banned was because

…at past food truck events both Israeli and Palestinian food trucks were present. He said an agreement was made in the past that one truck couldn’t be present without the other.

This year, the Palestinian truck couldn’t attend, he said. “The fact that we couldn’t accurately represent both of them is the reason why we canceled the event today,” Powell said.

Oh, now I see how it works. This so-called “inclusive” organization has decided that it will give the Palestinians the right to veto the presence of any Israeli vendor. How loving!

The willingness of these two organizations to bow to bigots makes them no different than those bigots. It also is exactly the same behavior that allowed the Nazis to gain power in Germany in the 1930s.

Welcome to the new American utopia, where anti-Semitism, hate, and bigotry is celebrated as an example of love and inclusiveness!

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  • Jim Davis

    Bob, I think you are being unfair here. Eat Up the Borders can be fairly accused of cowardice by backing down from threats of violence but not antisemitism. Indeed, the Daily Mail article you link to makes that clear. Eat Up the Borders is caving in to antisemitic threats; they are not themselves antisemites. I see no reason to think that Moshava Philadephia would be unwelcome in the absence of those threats.

    Their handling of the threats was clumsy and wrong-headed but not vile.

  • Jim Davis: Bah. First, I used vile very specifically in referring to their weasel-worded dishonest statements rationalizing their cowardice and acquiescence to bigotry.

    Second, and far more important, look carefully at the picture at the top of the post. I bet some of those German soldiers did not consider themselves anti-semitic. They were just doing as they were told. As are Eat Up the Borders and Sunflower Philly: They were told that no Jews should be allowed, and they are following orders.

    I am tired of this splitting of hairs in the face of evil. This was blatant bigotry, done only because of the ancestry and religion of Moshava’s owner. And anyone who went along was complicit in that bigotry.

  • Alton

    Three ??? cheers……BOB

  • Alex Andrite

    I like bah. So much more respectful than rubbish.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Jim Davis: are you joking? Surely you are just being extremely ironic, and I’m just not smart enough to get it.


  • “Leave any bigotry in your quarters, there’s no room for it on the bridge.”

    James T(The Man) Kirk

    “Balance of Terror”

    15 December 1966

  • pzatchok

    Stand up to the bigots once and you will never have to again,

    Give in to them just once and you will forever give into them.

    Take away their power by not doing what they want just because of some threats.

  • Ian C.

    “He said an agreement was made in the past that one truck couldn’t be present without the other.”

    That’s a strange rule to begin with. Have they similar rules for the Ukrainian and Russian or the Azerbaijanian and Armenian trucks? Or is it, as usual, this single one conflict that receives all the “loving care and attention?”

  • Richard M

    I have to think that there were plenty of Germans even in the 1920’s who were not anti-Semitic per se, but who were spineless enough to bow to howling SA mobs or even just angry Der Sturmer op-eds to make their events and institutions Judenrein, just to buy themselves a bit of peace.

  • Mike h

    How disgusting the city of Philadelphia has become . As Americans what is done to one of us is done to all of us .
    Philadelphia now ranks as a tribute to racist hatred and cowardice . Far better for the city to cancel and forbid this evil celebration than allow racist hatred to be promoted .

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    (Run Silent, Run Deep, In Space…)

    Star Trek Original Series
    “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

  • Alton

    Richard M
    Yes there were German-Americans during the 20s & 30s who did not join the German-American Bund because President Wilson imprisoned without trial over 20,000 during WW1. Then after Pearl Harbor, FDR imprisoned not only 140,000 Japanese-Americans but 30,000 German-Americans and 15,900 Italian-Americans. But WE have Rights!
    Well the USSC waited well into the Mid20s to rule that it was within the President’s Powers during time of War! FDR? The USSC waited nearly a decade to approve his actions.
    It could not happen today? Well declaring WAR, has become the passe` to the way of thinking of Congress……….Emergency and use of Force Declarations are now the means of choice – the 911 Act is running now, also at least thirty other emergency declarations are in Force. Any of these can be used to extend Presidential Powers to the Wilson-FDR level.

  • Vetmike

    The best way to defeat a bully is to back down and hand over your lunch money.
    The level of cowardice shown here is abysmal.
    Why do I need to disable my VPN (Express VPN) to post.

  • Vetmike: Good question. I will ask my web guy about this.

  • Richard M

    Hello Alton,

    I’m not quite sure I understand the point you’re trying to make.

  • Jim Davis. Defending the indefensible has reached a new plateau; even in this age of Biden voters refusing to admit they were wrong.

  • Alton

    Richard M –

    In 1930s Germany, we had the concept of Good Germans, (ie stay quiet or our Great Concentration camp system can be used for YOU). The Middle Classes in Germany played good citizens and went along with the government and the persons who controlled it. Over 18,400,000 were murdered in the Concentration Camps. They included gunowners, Christians, political opponents, qypies and other unwanted and needed:
    including 6,000,000 Jews.
    Question with our own history, how far are we from the Wokists using the same systems on the People, history has it’s path…….

  • Vetmike: My web guy did some tests. Here is what he learned:

    Used a VPN to Chicago and made a comment to the Apollo article. Worked.

    Used a VPN to connect to MALTA and made a comment to the apollo article. Worked

    Since I haven’t come across this before and your site has been up a long time, and I am sure many people have used VPN’s to post to your site, I can only presume the issue is on that guests’ end.

    I wish I could provide you more info.

  • John

    I’ve been getting a lot of VPN hate across the internet lately, but no issues here.

  • @Wayne:

    The idea has been floated that ‘Balance of Terror’ is a frame-by -frame remake of ‘The Enemy Below’ (1957 dir: Dick Powell 20th Century Fox). I have this movie, and, yeah, it is. Still one of ST:TOG’s best episodes, and stands up well.

  • pzatchok

    Look up German pilots of WWI.

    Several members were Jews and flew with distinction and honor for Germany.

    Some even served with Herman Goering

    Its rumored that Manfred von Richthofen even dated one of his fellow Jewish pilots sister.

    It took just a short 10 years to go from hero to enemy.

  • wayne

    I thought it was Run Silent Run Deep, but you are correct!.

  • Jeff Wright

    If they can ban a food truck…a storefront is next. As for the following orders defense-that all depends. Imagine I give you an order to shot a man about to walk into a building, and you refuse. Two seconds after he enters-he triggers a suicide vest. You thought you were being moral…but it was your failure to follow orders that caused a death. As your commanding officer…I just got information and no time to explain. That’s on you. However, if I said a man was a suicide bomber-and you shot him-but he was an innocent that I wanted murdered-that’s on me..and you shouldn’t be charged. You followed orders on good faith. That is a defense.

  • Dean Hurt

    I can only share my head with shame when I read some of these comments that inexplicably make excuses for the decisions of the main players of this Philadelphian foodie flop. True…they may NOT be antisemitic, but their caving to the grossly bigoted and Jew-hating Leftist thugs that protested an threatened them because of a Jewish food truck’s presence without a Palestinian food truck getting equal time, shouts ANTI-SEMITISM!!! . America is quickly coming a point when everyday citizens will be forced to stand up and stand firm in the face of Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/Communist Democrat aggression. Americans have learned absolutely NOTHING from the lessons of WW2 and Naziism of the 1930’s and 40′. Seeing as how the Democrat Party is morphing into something unrecognizable as American, I fear of the future of our nation. If nothing else the “peaceful” protests by ANITFA and BLM has shown us that criminals causing murder and mayhem will get their way. NO!! “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”– Edmund Burke

  • Jeff Wright wrote, well, a lot in a little. Nice explanation, sir.

  • Edward

    Dean Hurt wrote: “America is quickly coming a point when everyday citizens will be forced to stand up and stand firm in the face of Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/Communist Democrat aggression.

    Isn’t that point already here, with all this Democrat aggressive cancel culture harming the very essence of America? Isn’t Robert pointing out these blacklisting so that we will take action to stop them?

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