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Today’s blacklisted American: Ivy league professor to fail two students for not wearing masks

Monger email asking students to snitch on others
Click for original screen capture.

Persecution is now cool! Bruce Monger, the director of undergraduate studies for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University, has told his students in an email that he is failing two of them, not for bad classwork or poor test grades, but because they did not wear their masks properly in class.

His email was a request to all his students to help him identify these two students, or to put it more honestly, to snitch on them.

To the right is a screen capture of that email, cropped, reduced, and enhanced to post here.

Interestingly, Monger’s threat does not follow university policy, and is likely one that in a just world would get him in trouble, not the students.

Cornell University was one of the first colleges in the nation to implement a vaccine requirement for all students who return to on-campus living and learning. Students are still required to wear masks indoors “at all times,” unless in “private, non-shared spaces” or when eating.

Failing students who do not comply with the mask requirements is not a university policy, according to the Office of Dean’s guide. Faculty are encouraged to stop class and remind students to wear their masks or refer them to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. [emphasis mine]

Not only is Monger 100% wrong for threatening to fail these two students, one student was actually following the school’s idiotic policy precisely, since he was eating at the time — as Monger himself notes in the email — and thus was allowed to remove his mask.

Monger’s behavior here has nothing to do with promoting safe COVID practices or to prevent students from getting sick. Everyone (except college professors and administrators) knows now that COVID does not serious threaten college age students, and that masks have been found to be utterly worthless as a form of protection (which is why they have now been largely abandoned across most of the country).

No, Monger’s goal here was to simply be a petty dictator and a bully, to show these lowly students who is boss. He demands that you to wear a muzzle, and you better do it or else he will punish you severely.

The saddest part of this story is that college professors and universities are supposed to be teaching tolerance, not just of other people but of ideas. You can’t be a truly civilized intellectual if you can’t tolerate different opinions, or debate honestly.

Instead, Cornell and Monger are now propagandists, demanding conformity and blind obedience. For what these students are likely paying for this Ivy league degree, I would say they are not getting their money’s worth. If anything, they are throwing it down the drain, and will graduate having been educated in all the wrong things.

Genesis cover

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