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Today’s blacklisted American: Laura Loomer

They’re coming for you next: First, before I tell the sad situation that journalist and former candidate of Congress Laura Loomer faces, I want to note that this now daily feature has been renamed. For the past week I have called it “Today’s blacklisted conservative.” I have decided this is not accurate, as the people being repressed, squelched, destroyed, and silenced are routinely people whose opinions fall very much in the center of traditional American philosophy, in favor of freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution, and the equal treatment of all regardless of race, color, or creed.

I thought it more appropriate to note this fact, by pointing out that it is Americans who are being oppressed, not simply conservatives. And the people doing the oppression are so un-American it boggles the mind.

Today’s blacklisted American is Laura Loomer, who for many years was an aggressive investigative journalist willing to challenge corrupt politicians to their face. She ran for Congress in 2020, but unfortunately lost.

Earlier this week she announced on her website that she has discovered she has been placed on a “do-not-buy” list that now prevents her from buying a fire-arm anywhere. As she notes,

While I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally unfit by a judge, my name was placed in the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and I have been prohibited from ever owning or even touching a firearm.

She also notes in this same post that she has been banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Uber, and Lyft. Chase bank once attempted to shut down her bank accounts.

And during her campaign for Congress, she added that “Comcast blocked my congressional campaign from sending texts and emails to voters while they donated to my opponent.”

On top of this, she found herself hassled by the government thugs of the TSA when she returned to this country last week after spending the last month or so in El Salvador.

I was singled out with no explanation and subjected to a thorough search, I was not allowed to grab my own suitcases from baggage claim, and I was detained for several hours while different federal officials from Department of Homeland Security interrogated me about my Wikipedia page, which states that I am a right-wing extremist and was an official Republican nominee for Congress, endorsed by President Trump. DHS officers also asked me about the events that occurred on January 6th in Washington DC. Needless to say, I was not in the country at the time, and know nothing about the protest at the US capitol.

Welcome Laura Loomer to the new America, ruled by a Democratic Party and helped by quisling establishment Republicans, all of whom apparently hate and fear ordinary Americans — especially those ordinary Americans unafraid to express their dissent publicly — and are willing to abuse their power to oppress such Americans.

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  • Ian C.

    Terrible. This will be the reality for many. Cut off from social media and payment processors, experiencing travel restrictions, getting their websites kicked off, their Internet services terminated, smeared or non-personed in the media, removed from their job or see their business harmed, drowned in legal and bureaucratic process. And most people not affected won’t believe it or they’re intimidated and fear guilt by association and won’t help or speak up.

    Good job renaming it from “Conservative” to “American.” They’re going not only after those who oppose them but even those who just deviate a bit. Old commie stuff. Inherent to their totalitarian programming. It’s always about power and obedience.

    On a lighter note, I expect cases where “we” can laugh at least (and we should), that is when they eat their own. Bob, please occasionally cover cases where they go after their own. Perhaps it should have its own category. Those we can laugh about but not feel sorry for but help to kick them over the cliff. I enjoy those. Kicked out of the NYT or WaPo or the Guardian or some NGO or academia for wrongthink. Over some minor “trans issue” or “not being mean enough against Trump supporters” or whatever. Sometimes they crawl over to conservative outlets and tear up over their sad, sad story. They’re not welcome. For the time being, we need to be nasty toward them. They don’t deserve our love now that they’re excommunicated from the herd after they worked years against us and created the very hell they now cry about. For more than five years they terrorized us, ran smear campaigns against us, ganged-up against us, kicked us out, no vicious rumor or ill-spirit interpretation was too low not to throw it against us. “Unity,” mon derrière. We’re in the offensive now.

    Commies take no prisoners. Conservatives take no action. Time to change that.

  • wayne

    Michael Malice “Your Welcome”
    Episode #124 w/ Laura Loomer
    October 8, 2020

  • wayne

    related….filed under: whatever happened to Lauren Southern….

    Michael Malice “Your Welcome”
    Episode 138 w/Lauren Southern
    January 21, 2021

    (married, with children, living in Australia…)

  • I almost want to make a blacklist; just for the honor of it. (S)He stood here.

  • John

    The use of her wikipedia page as evidence is particularly egregious. It’s equal to saying, “The leftist mob said so”.

    Using NICS against political enemies is worse than egregious.

  • wayne

    I rather think….. we are ALL on the List, already.

    [a (groucho) marx-ism: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”]

  • Alton

    What was it? Five or seven times that the Great Lion of the Senate – Ted Kennedy was placed on the No Fly List…. Even with HIS PULL it took much effort to be delisted each time!
    He even had to travel several times on the train to Washington when Bureaucrats ‘Bless their Little Hearts’ refused to allow boarding on aircraft from his Home State of Boston YEA !?

  • “What was it? Five or seven times that the Great Lion of the Senate – Ted Kennedy was placed on the No Fly List…”
    I guess Lions can swim.

  • Lee Stevenson

    I HAD banned myself from commenting on political posts, but I can bite my tongue no longer!
    I have said for a long time that what you guys call “the left” is very different indeed to what we consider “left” here in Europe, and I have also consistently stated my belief in free speech. The situation you have over there right now is leaving us here in Europe slack jawed!
    I had plenty of problems with Trump as president, I consider your gun laws problematic, and I still believe that you need more European left wing (I.E. socialist rather than facist) influences in your political system. All that said, the de-platforming, blacklisting, and hunting down of people with dissenting views is genuinely disturbing. I never thought I would agree with the right wing majority of posters here on anything, but this closing down of free speech you guys have going on over there is disturbing. My inspiration to post here tonight is that I just heard an advertisement for the “black news network” during a (US) podcast…. I could genuinely not be further away from being rasist, but the first thought in my head was ” what if it was a “white news network???” , The second was ” I gotta ask my (black, European) mates what they think?!
    I will return with an answer to that question. Anyways, you guys have a hell of a problem to fix, any form of suppression of free speech needs hard justification, dangerous, extremist views I can take. Having a different political view, not so much. We worry about you guys over here…. Your an ocean away, and don’t like us much anyway, but we still care …. Sort your poop out guys! ( Preferably without guns or violence!)

  • Lee: You are wrong about one thing. I am sure I am speaking for many of the conservative Americans who comment here when I say we here like you, a lot. And this comment by you illustrates why.

    We definitely disagree on my points of political policy. However, when it comes to defending the rights of all, you are as conservative as I am. To paraphrase Voltaire, you might disagree with our opinions, but you’d defend to the death our right to have them.

    Too many leftists who come here to pick and complain and criticize are always conveniently absent when I post these stories of real oppression and hate and blacklisting by the political left. They’d rather believe it doesn’t exist, even as it is destroying the lives of many innocent people, merely because of their opinions.

    You don’t do that. I respect you all the more for that.

    And let me add that my list of blacklisted Americans is not going to be limited to only one side. We are becoming too intolerant, on both sides. The worst behavior right now might be on the left, but woe to us if we turn a blind eye to our own foibles.

  • Gary


    The US left of 30 years ago were more like you. I was one while attending Berkeley for eight years, starting with the free speech movement in the early 70s..I missed the sixties.. Discussion and making the argument were central to many interactions, but even in those days there were those that reverted to personal attacks. Even today, I remain socially more liberal and identify with libertarians on many, but not all issues.

    I continue to live close to Berkeley, but neither myself, wife, or children can openly discuss issues. There are personal reprisals for holding a differing view. My children struggle with this at their high school. My 16 yo daughter has even managed her first boyfriend and he lives in Texas.

    All that said, even in my area there are liberals more like you. I’m referring to individuals that are willing to discuss issues such as climate change, which has become a religion in California, but we are now in times like christianity pre reformation.

    To my point, many old fashion liberals are also afraid to speak up. This reinforces the impression that all on left are extreme. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my good friends is a Soviet born communist. He has even vacationed in North Korea
    He confided in me that he disagrees with Trump on many issues, but he can’t stand the left/establishment’s willingness to constantly misrepresent Trump and his supporters. He even told me that he gets more honest representation of Trump in the Russian press. The one thing that he likes about Trump is that he does what he says he will do and he will answer almost any question. He recognizes that Trumps opposition is an American aristocracy and he hates this more than anything. From what I understand, he mostly keeps these views to himself.

    Today, the traditional left and the right believe in free speech. We differ in that when I look through history, disarming citizens is central to tyranny. This is not so, when you have an enlightened monarch/leader, but history is tragically full of follow-on governments that were tyrannical. The Nazi’s confiscated weapons and many tyrannical governments throughout history. In fact much of the wording in our previous federal “assault weapons” ban were copied from the Nazi statutes.
    We are not about to fight our government through the use of firearms. Remember, Trump promoted peace in the Middle East. He was the first president in a long time that believed that the US should disengage from foreign wars and unlike previous presidents he did not start a new conflict. Many of us believe this to be most important. His China policy was as much a part of this as it was in the middle East, except here he was trying to avoid a future war.

    So, like the left, the right means differing things to different people…sorry for typos..

  • Lee Stevenson

    Thanks for not just shooting me down in flames guys! ( Which I expected!), I try to keep a balanced viewpoint, indeed, I discussed today at work that not everything Trump did was bad… He was the first president for decades not to go to war..( Iranian strikes notwithstanding…), I have not heard much more about him trying to make insulin affordable, ( perhaps someone here knows ?), His stance on China, And his support for all things space related… The reply was ” as a space nut diabetic you would think that”!!…. What can I say? I just hope that JB can bring some balance to the force over there. The mainstream democratic party in the US is still much further right than our mainstream left, and I’m coming to understand that that is how most Americans like it… But the rise of this “cancel culture” is worrying to watch. I wish I could offer anything in the way of a solution, but I see non. I hope ( as I have also said before) that the pendulum swings back, and quickly! Making this snowflake, censoring, and indeed discriminatory movement you have at the moment irrelevant. JB seems like a decent man, who loves his country, he’s not the extreme ( for you ) leftist that Bernie is, and come your next election, of course I will be cheering for the democrats, but hopefully in a more balanced and peaceful environment. This pinko commie socialist wishes you guys all the best of luck!

  • Lee Stevenson

    Just to add… And I hope it’s a worldwide thing, ( and as I’ve mentioned before..), my Son, who is 15, and all of his large social circle have no problems with making friendly fun of each other. He is called an albino ( he has my complection :-) , he calls his girlfriend a Greeky ( she is half Greek ), etc, etc…. And no-one gets triggered, no one gets butt hurt, everyone has a laugh and goes about their day. These guys and girls are voters in the next elections, and have a deep dislike for snowflake censoring and a deep respect for freedom of speech. This “boots on the ground” report is a bright light in this time of darkness.

  • Edward

    Lee Stevenson,
    You wrote: “Thanks for not just shooting me down in flames guys!

    You didn’t say anything that should be shot down.

    And no-one gets triggered, no one gets butt hurt, everyone has a laugh and goes about their day.

    That is another difference between the left in Europe and the modern left in the U.S. The American left has lost all sense of proportion and all sense of humor, and now uses language as a weapon. I moved into Barrington Hall, when I first moved to Berkeley, and the liberals there were proud that they were only intolerant of intolerance. As it turned out, anyone or any idea that they didn’t agree with was intolerance by definition. Berkeley in the early 1980s was like America under Obama. America today is unrecognizable. It is now similar to places that all Americans had been against, when I was young, places that actively suppress(ed) opposition to the reigning regime.

    It is and was clear that the U.S. national government took sides in politics, ten years ago, and many state and local governments have since followed. This is how we know (not just suspect) that the November election was stolen, and why no court would take any case regarding that theft. Americans were raised to believe that the courts were there to assure us our rights, but we have forgotten that the courts are part of the government, which has taken the Democratic Party’s side. But then, why would a government entity not side with the party that favors bigger government and greater governmental control?

    The U.S. Constitution worked well, as long as Americans were willing to follow it. Now that they aren’t, it is not working so well. Lee, for the next time that you visit Virginia:

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • LocalFluff

    Amazingly insightful, a Swedish analyst and commentator in free media (hence since long himself blacklisted by all TV, radio, newspapers and even public talks) early this week predicted that the extreme left too will be banned from social media. And now it is happening!

    Their violent protests against Biden was not tolerated by the CCP now running the US government. Btw, Swedish government media called Antifa “right wing” as they reported about the riots! 1984 was halfway between the year authored 1948 and 2020.

  • Mitch S.

    Yesterday I bought two “My Pillow” pillows (on the company website).
    Don’t totally agree with Lindel (founder/CEO) but he’s another one who has been targeted along with his company.
    (PS if you do order, do a search for coupons – you can save 50%)

    BTW I noticed one of the Pravda networks (CCCPNN) had a story about Goya’s CEO jokingly naming AOC “Employee of the Year” for helping boost sales by trying to boycott the company. CCN said “Goya did not respond to a request for sales figures” – or maybe they did and CNN would rather not report them. Couple of months ago I spoke to a friend who works for Goya and he told me sure the “boycott” affected sales, sales skyrocketed! They were scrambling to meet demand. (My wife mentioned even her ex-Soviet co-workers in Brooklyn were stocking up (immigrants from communist countries are some of the staunchest conservatives).

    Here’s a link:
    And a link to the Pravda article gloating over the boycott back in July:

  • Lee Stevenson wrote: “Making this snowflake, censoring, and indeed discriminatory movement you have at the moment irrelevant. ”

    It already is irrelevant; the practitioners just don’t know it yet. To pick up on another idea mentioned, I believe by Edward, the intrusion of academic navel-gazing into practical reality is failing badly. There’s some real-deal stuff people have to cope with, and going off on some fantasy exploration is a lot less appealing when, on a Governor’s whim, your job might not be around tomorrow.

    Edward wrote: “The U.S. Constitution worked well, as long as Americans were willing to follow it. Now that they aren’t, it is not working so well.

    Ever notice how the people complaining about a ‘broken’ system, are the ones who broke it? I’ve noted that politicians in general, but Progressive ones in very particular, muff up an institution , then offer self-advantageous ‘solutions’ to problems they created.

    To the extent that Americans won’t honor their Founding Documents, I can only think it’s because they stand in the way of Free Stuff.

  • Gary

    “To the extent that Americans won’t honor their Founding Documents, I can only think it’s because they stand in the way of Free Stuff.”

    Absolutely true, but perhaps more nuanced by the middle and upper classes. It always amazed me that wealthy business people support the Democratic party, but many of them do. So, now they have a $15 an hour minimum wage and inexpensive labor coming over the border. Since they prefer a top down structure in business, maybe they also prefer the all powerful centralized government. There is a tendency for Democrats to more highly tax and regulate business, but carve out exceptions for the big money interest, such as years of lower taxes for Boeing and reduced regulation for social media and Google.
    Since the Democrats control information pathways, they have somehow been able to convince the middle class that it’s the other guy that’s getting taxed.
    The more traditional minded 70 million voters need long-term stable information platforms. I really think, this will be Trump’s next move.

  • wayne

    The Men Who Build America Opening Theme
    “Save My Soul” Blues Saraceno

  • Edward

    Blair K Ivey noted: “that politicians in general, but Progressive ones in very particular, muff up an institution , then offer self-advantageous ‘solutions’ to problems they created.

    This is an effective strategy. Have a solution to a problem (e.g. large government as a solution to too much freedom among the populace), create and complain about a problem that needs that solution (e.g. a failure of government, obviously requiring more government to stop that failure), and declare yourself a hero for solving the problem, whether or not it has been solved.

    Gary wrote: “It always amazed me that wealthy business people support the Democratic party, but many of them do.

    They are made to feel guilty for their success.

    As Obama once phrased it, many people work hard and many people are smart. Obama could not understand why some people work thirteen hour days and weekends to build their own companies while others — hard workers, working from nine AM to five PM five days a week — do not. Obama thought that the difference was government supplying school teachers and roads, but government supplied those to the ones who did not build their own businesses, too. You just aren’t smart enough or work hard enough to build your own business, so you definitely do not deserve the rewards for your success and for hiring so many others, giving them good livelihoods. (1 minute, Obama: You didn’t build that)

    Since everyone is equal in capabilities, there must have been some underhanded chicanery going on by the successful ones, and so the successful must be made to feel guilty for their evil ways, and something must be done for restitution to those who didn’t build that.

    Maybe blacklisting them will do the trick.

  • Dean Hurt

    I never dreamed I’d be living in the United Soviet States of Amerika! The Liberal Democrats, after 4 years of seething hatred for Donald Trump and practical political irrelevance, have burst back into our lives in a fiendish way an with vengeance. Now they are bent on punishing us foolish Citizens that dare to vote for the interloper. They were rendered virtually powerless in the Trump years because he was not interested in treating them as the ultimate “power brokers” they saw themselves as. Now that O’Biden has the White House, they are ogasmic and are over-reaching by foisting their pent up Utopian policies onto the American people because we can’t go unpunished for thinking for ourselves in 2016. They are now happily squelching free speech, and openly and vocally planning on robbing us of our 2nd Amendment rights to protect our free speech and other rights. My hope is that they will be so giddy with power that they will sweep themselves out of office in 2022!

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