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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist actor/rapper Icecube forced from Sony film rather than get a COVID shot

Ice Cube: now an unclean non-person
Ice Cube: now an unclean non-person
Original photo by Adam Bielawski

They’re coming for you next: Actor and rapper Icecube, who has throughout his career been linked to leftist and pro-black racial causes, has pulled out as one of the leads of a Sony film because he refuses to comply with the film company’s COVID shot mandate.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story,

Ice Cube has departed Sony’s upcoming comedy, Oh Hell No, in which he would’ve co-starred with Jack Black, after declining a request from producers to get vaccinated, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently this decision has cost him a $9 million check.

The first link above notes this important point about Ice Cube:

Ice Cube has not commented publicly on the COVID vaccination. But before blue-checks call him a “COVID denier” or something, remember that Ice Cube advocated strongly for masking during the height of the pandemic.

Remember, you must agree with those in power in all things, no matter how nonsensical or arbitrary or irrational. No dissent will be allowed. Nor do they care if you have agreed with them in most things. You will get the jab, whether you like it or not, because they say so!

Note too that I have decided to stop calling the various COVID shots “vaccines”. They are not. Vaccines have, until the Wuhan panic, traditionally been defined as a treatment that will “prevent” the disease by providing immunity. None of the COVID shots do this. They might provide some protection so that most who get it will no longer get as sick with this coronavirus, but they clearly do not prevent the disease, nor provide full immunity.

Instead, these COVID shots are more comparable to the flu shots that have been offered for decades, designed to lower the risks attributed to the virus. This is a good thing, but to call it a vaccine is to either devalue the meaning of the word, or to exaggerate the value of the COVID shots. I will no longer do either.

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  • Instead, these COVID shots are more comparable to the flu shots that have been offered for decades, designed to lower the risks attributed to the virus. This is a good thing, but to call it a vaccine is to either devalue the meaning of the word, or to exaggerate the value of the COVID shots.

    Robert, if the Powers That Be ever admit this, they will be forfeiting the illusion that they can actually control and conquer WuFlu – and the incentive for us to SUBMIT and OBEY their diktats, which sets the precedent for similar submission/obedience in other areas.

    That is why they bitterly cling to panic-demic. The truth will undercut their entire agenda.

  • Cotour

    I just received this from a prominent politician in NYC, this is a part of the communication (Thank God for Harry Potter):

    Dear, XXXXX,

    On October 21st, I tested positive for COVID-19. I am fully vaccinated and have followed the CDC’s safety precautions, but nonetheless experienced severe breakthrough symptoms such as fever, intense muscle and nerve pains, chills, cough, a migraine, a sore throat, and loss of taste and smell. A few days after testing positive, I received an injection of monoclonal antibodies.

    Throughout all of this I stayed at home, isolated myself from others, and managed to watch all the Harry Potter movies for the first time.

    I was feeling very sick for a few days, and still have a cough and fatigue. But after resting, I am starting to feel better.

    I urge everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and to speak to friends and family who are hesitant about the vaccine. The more members of our community get the shot, the less likely it is that individuals will develop symptomatic breakthrough infections like I have.

    And if you are vaccinated, you’re doing a great job, but please make sure to get a booster shot.


    Fully “VACCINATED”.

    I think its time that we start not calling this mRNA “Vaccine” a vaccine.

  • Cotour

    “Mask Theatrics at G20: Global Leaders Remove Masks After Posing for Cameras”

    What a bunch of posing, Globalist frauds!

    ITS COMING, some of it should arrive tomorrow or thereabouts.

  • Questioner


    Thanks for the link. Hideous! It’s all the result of World War II! There is no doubt about it. But what follows from this? Shouldn’t one have used the opportunity at that time to finally wipe communism from the surface of the earth? What do you think?

  • Cotour

    You will comply, Questioner.

    Its in their “politically correct” Leftist genes.

    They can not help themselves.

    The only solution? Overwhelming numbers at the polls, and of course: Lawyers, Courts and Money.

    For America anyway, I am not sure how things get rectified in the EU. What ever will go down I suspect it will start with the French, they will lead the way one way or another.

    People like this sicken me.

  • Questioner


    A question. What external power has been the greatest and most powerful threat to communism’s existence in the last century? A little hint: no, not America.

  • Cotour

    The ability for people within their borders to see what is going on in the outside world and the ability to communicate with each other.

    That is what threatens Communist China and it is a threat to all Communist like country’s.

  • wayne

    “{Brandon} Da Police”
    (repetitive adult language)

  • Questioner


    I found there this.

    “The American Dream”

  • wayne

    the odysee server is very slow for me today.
    The whole thing is (also) on YT —

    Bret and Heather 101st DarkHorse Podcast Livestream
    October 23, 2021

    ref the vid you posted–
    I would put forth the proposition; The “American Dream” existed here in America long before statist elements began to impose their ‘progressive’ utopia upon us all, and turn it in to a nightmare.
    Fractional reserve banking–that’s a European import and was essentially imposed upon us about 100 years ago.
    Concurrently, any number of firewalls built into our Constitution, had to be breached in order to impose their craziness, ala taxation without regard to enumeration, the direct election of US senators, etc., etc. Very little of our current government structure, is anything close to OEM specifications, which I would argue is partially why nothing ‘works’ anymore.
    FDR defaulted on the US debt, when he ordered the confiscation of all privately held gold, and revalued the dollar from 1/20th of an ounce of gold, to 1/35th of an ounce of gold. (that’s quite a haircut). From then on it was off to the races as far as pyramiding our phony baloney money. Then Nixon just closed the gold-window, so he could pay for LBJ’s ‘great-less society,’ and the Vietnam war (and the space race). (Tangentially–we ‘lost’ that war, ‘cuz our so called leaders had no intention of winning it. If anyone thinks we couldn’t have turned 100% of north vietnam into ASH, they are mistaken. There was a distinct lack of will to make them all go away, all the way.)

  • Cotour

    Just came back from voting, I look forward to the Slewa administration in NYC.

    After I slipped the ballot into the electronic vote scanner I turned to walk away and say to the three ladies standing there who help voters.

    “You know, I really do not trust these machines at all”.

    They all in unison agreed with me. Thats not good.

    And I saw this headline in the NY Daily News: “Man, 21, shot in head on Bronx street dies two days later, leaving mourning family looking for answers”

    You want answers black family members? Look no further than these two Jack holes. One a stone cold Sandinesta who “Has a lot to offer”. And the other a disgraced and soon to be arrested and indicted for sexual assault Liberal pandering Democrat party prince.:

    Sometimes the answers we look for in life are right in front of our eyes.

  • Cotour

    Yahoo leads the way? (Its all related)

    The political and tech sea change begins? At some point the choices must be made.

    Whether its who you vote for, or which media you use, choose the dark or the light.

    And America MUST lead this choice.

  • Cotour … and yet, Yahoo will never admit that Trump was right regarding China.

  • Cotour


    How ever we get there.

  • wayne

    Let’s Go Sliwa!

    Can you explain a little bit more about the voting system you have?
    I just went to vote for our little town Mayor & Council members, the only thing on the ballot. (thank god, my property taxes went up 20% last year, like… ‘what the brandon is that all about?!)
    –I have to show an ID, which is scanned electronically, and I have to be on the voting roll list. If everything is cool, my name is marked off physically & electronically and I’m given a ballot which will be optically scanned. The only thing connected on-line is the ID verification, the scantron machines are stand alone and contain paper ballots and aggregated totals. Those machines then go to City hall at the end of the day and the results are aggregated and the paper ballots archived. (absentee ballots are entirely different)

  • Cotour

    Sure, Wayne:

    * I walked in and was greeted by a nice lady who was handing out masks if you did not have one. I had one.

    * I went to the table that had my address / info in order to verify with my signature.

    * I was NOT asked for ID but my name and address was looked up and I had to sign an apple Ipad with the free pen which had a rubber tip to do so. I assume the signature was compared. (I know everyone at the tables, and they know who I am)

    * I was given a folder with a paper ballot inside. I was also asked if I would like an “I Voted” sticker, which I declined.

    * I took the folder and ballot over to the station with a guard and writing surface.

    * After “Properly” filling out the ballot I took it over to the scanning machine and scanned it, spoke to the ladies, walked out of the school and went and got myself a double scrambled eggs with ham on a roll and a large coffee.

    That is our system here in NYC. Its relatively simple, I had no line to wait on, but I have never trusted that electronic scanning machine from the first time it was first used.

  • wayne

    –are your scan-machines connected to the internet?

  • Cotour

    Who knows?

    Its not even if the machines are connected to the internet, although that should never be.

    Its who is in charge and controls the tabulation and interpretation of the information derived from the machines that concerns me.

    IMO there are a dozen ways to cheat using these systems, and if there is an opportunity to cheat there will be cheating. Especially in NYS and NYC or primarily ANY Democrat controlled city or state.

  • Edward

    wayne wrote: “(Tangentially–we ‘lost’ that war, ‘cuz our so called leaders had no intention of winning it. …)

    Actually, it was the peace that we lost. It was after the Democrats in Congress defunded the soldiers in Vietnam (unlike post WWII or the Koreans War) and it was after we packed up and went home that the North re-invaded the South. The result was the same as losing the war.

  • sippin_bourbon


    Your comment about Vietnam is on point. Afghanistan too.

    US political and military leaders need to stop using Clausewitz definition of war (extension of politics by other means). There are certain political outcomes that cannot be achieved by military action. Nation building comes to mind.
    The purpose of a military is to kill people and break things, as Limbaugh used to quote.

    Instead, the definition of War as a “Test of Wills” first and foremost would help them keep the goals realistic and the focus on winning.

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