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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist journalist who called for blacklisting finds his work blacklisted by YouTube

They’re coming for you next: Jordan Chariton, a leftist journalist who had called for the widespread blacklisting of anyone who discussed the allegations of vote tampering and election fraud during the November 3rd election — many of which were quite creditable and deserve a hard investigation — has discovered that blacklisting is really bad, especially when he discovered YouTube blacklisting some his own work.

On January 6th Chariton had tweeted the following:

EVERY media outlet that pushed this INSANE election fraud conspiracy for clicks should be taken off the air. They’ve incited a Civil War.

Less than a month later YouTube endorsed his advice and took down one of his own videos that had featured footage of the protests at the Capitol Building on January 6th. As usual, YouTube’s reasoning was dishonest, claiming that footage violated its policies against “spam and deceptive practices.” Yet, as Chariton noted, that same footage was being aired and posted on YouTube by CNN and many other mainstream news outlets, with no negative consequences.

Chariton however deserves some credit. He openly admitted in a new tweet that his initial position had been wrong.

With time to reflect, & seeing Silicon Valley’s censorship onslaught, I regret this tweet made in [the] heat of moment. Whether certain cable/YouTube outlets mislead audiences w/ dishonest claims lacking real evidence, they shouldn’t be targeted.

Too bad it took some actual personal censorship for Chariton to come to his senses. Beforehand he was like the rest of the left, living in a fantasy world that imagined the censors and blacklisters and storm troopers would never come for them.

Hah! Just give it time. For these thugs what people actually say is really irrelevant. What they really care about is having the power to censor and blacklist. When they run out of conservatives they will then point their guns at the naive leftists like Chariton who had stupidly worked to give those thugs such power.

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  • Kevin R.

    “What they really care about is having the power to censor and blacklist.”

    Exactly. What they stand for politically isn’t any policy position. What the Left stands for politically is: “I tell everyone else what’s right and wrong, I tell everyone else what they can and can’t do, and everyone has to do what I say or else.”

    That’s the end-all and be-all of what they stand for politically.

  • Max

    Working 50 hours a week, who has time for social networking?
    I bought a new computer five years ago and turned it on twice just to download the pictures of my grandkids off my phone. I listen to the radio while working and carry a notebook where I write down topics, webpages to look up when I have time. I seldom watch TV.
    The black listing is accelerating, all platforms that carry Fox News (Tucker Carlson, Hannity), Newsmax, and others will soon fill the “mighty weight” of the cancel culture which is a euphemism for Marxist content revolution. (you can’t control the future, unless you first erase, then substitute the past) The book burning is just beginning…
    (I hear Tucker was real good last night as he has been for most of the week, today I have time to look him up)

    As the Z man said above;
    “In other words, the only medical opinions allowed free speech by YouTube and Google are those that agree with “local health authorities or the WHO”
    They claim the science is on their side while spouting science fiction… They make it up as they go, ignoring sound science when it gets in the way of their goals. Apparently, the new science only requires a “consensus of believers” to make it “feel” real.

    A good long article on the CDC. How It has crossed over into being a political organization, it’s function now is to cover up others mistakes, so the pharmaceuticals will not be held liable. In response they get a piece of the action…

    “The CDC is the largest purchaser and distributor of vaccines in the world, allocating over $5 BILLION in their budget (supplied by American taxpayers) each year to purchase and distribute vaccines from Big Pharma.
    Do you think this might be a conflict of interest?

    Secondly, the CDC owns over 56 patents on vaccines, and many of their scientists earn royalties from the sale of vaccines. (Source)”

    I found a great deal of interesting topics on this website that I was unaware of until today. Here’s another one that’s been a frequent subject on behind the black…
    There’s even a short clip there of Dr. Fauci verifying this, before politics changed his scientific mind.
    I was asked at work yesterday to put on a second mask, I folded the lower portion of my see-through cloth mask up over my nose and he said that was good enough. Then they offered me “two blue masks” that go over my ears… (Outside in a snowstorm, I prefer my ears to be covered) to which I took the box of masks and showed my foreman the big letters on the side of the box that says that “this mask will not prevent wearers from viruses”… He shrugged and said we are like robots, we just do what we’re told. Then he pointed at the parking lot cameras (where we’ve been meeting outdoors for the past year) and said don’t give “big woke corporate” a reason to single you out.

    The article I was looking for…
    Health officials halted all further mRNA shots as a result.

    Then I found paydirt, one of the best articles I’ve ever read about the new vaccine (that is not a vaccine…) Only called that to avoid prosecution for all the deaths from experimenting on the public. (They didn’t want a reoccurrence of the experimentation snafu they did on the first gulf war veterans were 20,000 died over 20 years from the vaccination)(look up, “gulf war syndrome”)
    If you had the genetic therapy, this will inform you about what will cause your death.

    If you have a way to save articles, this one would be one of them.

    If you were told that you have to have the vaccination, here’s an article outlining the law where an unapproved vaccination cannot be enforced.

    Then there were other articles I found there…

    This is enough, too much bad news can be very depressing. They just posted an article of all the crops in Texas that froze…
    The food supply is in serious trouble, learn from the most resource independent state in the union and how easily they were brought to their knees. Do whatever you can to be prepared. (have you noticed how the Biden administration focuses on Ted Cruz rather than the suffering of millions in Texas? The very opposite that would happen to President Trump)

    What do you need, that you cannot do without? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The dark age has arrived.

  • Max

    Whoops, I just posted an article here meant for yesterday’s blacklisted. If it seems random and out of place, that is why.

  • B-town fan

    Jordan Chariton, what a fool, a guess he can get credit for coming to his senses, but still what a fool.

  • Chris

    A book I read by local Grove City College professor Paul Kengor is entitled “Dupes”.
    It is a summation of his knowledge of the Soviet “invasion” into the United States and the rest of the world. Is based upon his study and expertise, and his personal trek to Russia to personally review the records of the “Soviet Creature” (a favorite Batchelorism); opened after the fall of the USSR. Prof Kengor retells the stories of how American after American through the years since the Russian Revolution fall for the various USSR ploys as well as how some resist and find the truth (Kengor is a Reagan biographer as well).. All Soviet efforts are to entice the politicians and the populace into joining the communist cause. In the end (spoiler alert – NOT!), those who “succeed” in turning their societies and countries toward the communist cause are often the first to be put down or executed.

  • “A Republican is a Democrat who’s been mugged.”

    “They’ve incited a Civil War.”

    No, home slice, you did.

  • Ian C.


    “The black listing is accelerating, all platforms that carry Fox News (Tucker Carlson, Hannity), Newsmax, and others will soon fill the “mighty weight” of the cancel culture”


    “Two Democratic lawmakers sent letters Monday to a dozen cable, satellite and video streaming companies, including Amazon and Hulu, urging them to drop right-leaning news networks they claim pushed ‘misinformation’ in the 2020 election.
    Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerny, both of whom represent California and sit on the Energy and Commerce Committee, claim it’s the responsibility of these companies to address media outlets ‘disseminating misinformation to millions’ through their airwaves. In the letters, Eshoo and McNerny accuse the right-leaning outlets Fox News, One America News Network (OANN) and Newsmax of serving as ‘misinformation rumor mills and conspiracy theory hotbeds that produce content that leads to real harm.'”

  • pzatchok

    I hope they get everything they wish for. Then some.

    McCarthy is dancing in his grave. Soon he may just crawl right out and join the lefties.

  • LocalFluff

    Last Summer, Agadmator’s chess channel on Youtube was whut down. Google’s AI didn’t like discussions using common chess terms like black versus white, attacks and threats.

  • “When I am Weaker Thn You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.”

    -Frank Herbert, Children of Dune (Dune Chronicles #3)

  • Tim Gannon

    Useful Idiot

  • A. C.

    Someone tell Chariton:
    “SMILE, and LIKE it. THIS is what YOU VOTED for.”

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