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Today’s blacklisted American: Man demoted, essentially fired, for simply requesting religious exemption from COVID vaccination

They’re coming for you next: The superintendent of the Cartwright school district in Arizona, Dr. Lee-Ann Aguilar-Lawlor, immediately demoted William Bishop from his job as director for buildings and operations to that of a substitute teacher, essentially firing him from regular employment, because he had simply requested religious exemption from getting the COVID vaccination.

When he made his request the school district never even responded to it. Instead, they demoted him.

Bishop is being represented by First Liberty, the same legal firm defending the two Alaska Airline flight attendants fired for daring to ask questions. From their letter to Aguilar-Lawlor:

Cartwright’s actions are particularly indefensible because: (1) it already granted at least one nonreligious exemption from the mandate; (2) its demotion of Mr. Bishop will bring him into far more contact with students and other staff, thus contradicting the district’s presumed rationale for refusing to grant his accommodation request; (3) it chose not to impose its mandate on teachers, those most in contact with students and staff; (4) 21 percent of district employees remain unvaccinated; and (5) Mr. Bishop has natural immunity and his doctor advises against receiving the vaccine.

In other words, Bishop’s demotion was arbitrary and capricious, a clear case of blacklisting by Aguilar-Lawlor. She was punishing Bishop because he wasn’t meekly bowing to her will.

What really should happen is that Aguilar-Lawlor should be fired, because she has now demonstrated a bias and incompetence that makes her unqualified for her job. She clearly is bigoted against the religious, and is willing to take petty but very harmful action to hurt such people.

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Still asleep, and tragically, they refuse to wake up.

This unfortunately is almost certainly not what will happen. People like Aguilar-Lawlor are now in power, and they will do everything possible to maintain that position, including smashing their fist into the face of anyone who questions them.

Worst of all, they will get the enthusiastic support of too many people, all of whom are willing to treat others as scum because they live in fear of a virus with a survival rate exceeding 99%, even if you aren’t vaccinated against it! And their power will be further enhanced by the millions who have decided this isn’t their problem, and will simply look the other way. “Someone else will help that poor woman being raped.”

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  • Joe

    They should not have demoted him especially since he requested an exemption and has a doctor’s blessing on that exemption. This is overreach at its most blatant.

    The social contract (which in America is extremely broken) means that we have individual rights but also individual responsibility to the collective whole. For example, I believe who-heartedly in the right to own firearms but I also think that if you are going to exercise that right, you should be trained in the use and care of firearms. They don’t just give you a hammer and say ‘have at it’. That is a good way to get hurt.

    That said, I have lived through a few things. I have a smallpox scar because get the vaccine was the right thing to do. By the time I got it, the disease was nearly eradicated. I have been through a localized measles outbreak and everyone in the school got the vaccine as a precaution. My kids got the chicken pox vaccine when it was available (it came out after my oldest had contracted it). There are some things that are good to do for the sake of the general population.

    Perhaps this virus problem is overblown. The research is all over the board. At least we should protect the vulnerable groups (in this case the elderly and immunocompromised) and have the temerity to do what is best for all concerned. The other options are total anarchy or totalitarianism. There needs to be a balance.

  • Cotour


    This is a list of some basic items that IMO you might want to have in your home and ready to go should you contract Covid. Don’t wait to acquire them, have them. These items may make it easier for you if you do at some point contract Covid and you are able to stay home and weather the storm.

    (I am finding that about one third of the people who talk to me about this subject now reveal that they have already had Covid. And several of them, mostly over weight, are having difficulty clearing it and its effects from their systems. Interesting.)

    Covid in my experience is NOT the flu, although I have heard many accounts where the effects of having Covid were not that extreme. Possibly as a function of the particular strain involved? Or because they previously received one the the experimental mRNA vaccines being offered which appears to dial down Covid’s severity?

    My experience was a bit more extreme, keeping in mind that I took nothing other than water and food as I needed and days in bed. I am over 60 years old, I am in good health, I am not over weight and I do not have co morbidities that would contribute to having a negative end result. And because of those factors I have chosen to not take any vaccine.

    In addition I had a bit of a cough, not much, and I knew it was not going down into my lungs the potential of which I was very aware of.

    These are just my opinions based on my experience and are not to be seen as medical advice. Do your due diligence and understand this Covid subject as well as the vaccine subject as best as you can before you make any decisions to take or not take any drug, supplement or therapy. Consult your doctor, I am not a doctor.

    1. OXYGEN: I would have liked to have had several cans of mountain climbers oxygen at the ready, which you can order on line. There were just a few times when I felt short of breath and having a simple supply of oxygen may have helped me to gain my breath back and raise my oxygen level. I can see where Covid can take someone out incrementally, and a depleted oxygen level is one of the ways. Meaning that you are unaware that your oxygen level is dropping and you could get yourself into a crisis situation and not realize it.

    Boost Oxygen Portable Oxygen. No prescription needed.

    2. A PRO BIOTIC: What I noticed during my ordeal was that I was not “Lethargic” like is reported by many. I was zapped of all energy and could barely move for at least 4 to 5 days. And that IMO is a function of when your body begins to fight an illness or a virus it evacuates your bowels attempting to rid your body of the contagion. (PS: If you think you are in full control of your body, believe me, you are not :)

    Your gut is where both your energy and your immune system emanates from. After the initial evacuation the flora in your gut must then be rebuilt and I suspect that if you helped it along with the addition of a pro biotic you might benefit.

    “If you take your pro biotic at least two hours before or after you take your anti biotic, you should gain the desired benefit from both.”

    I found later in the Covid cycle during which I lost 20 lbs, I was operational but I still had a foggy brain and although I was mobile my energy level was dialed way down. I was able to obtain a pro biotic after about 10 or so days in and the next day after taking it I noted that my energy was improved and my brain fog was clearer. This is anecdotal evidence of efficacy but was my experience.

    I wondered if I had taken a pro biotic sooner might it have had a positive effect on my energy level and might have accelerated my progress? After a bit more than 30 days I am 100% recovered.

    3. WATER / HYDRATION: I was not at all thirsty and I realized after checking the color of my urine that it was way too dark and at that point I forced myself to continuously drink water, problem solved. And I felt my kidney function might have been lessening because of it. Since then I have personally heard of several people who wound up in the hospital and they had to be put on dialysis! That observation while I was sick, and then finding out that kidney failure could be a part of Covid really got my attention. This is one of the expressions of Covid that I had not heard of in the media.

    4. Z-PAC? : A friend of mine shared his Covid experience with me. He is older, 70+. In 2020 he was not feeling well and he came to understand that he had Covid, he had all the symptoms. His daughter informed him she was taking him to the hospital if he was not feeling better by the next day. He happened to have two extra Z-pac’s on hand after previously having his hip replaced. He started the Z-pac the night before, and he felt much improved the next day. He finished the first Z-pac, waited two days and began the second one. He never had to go to the hospital and he fully recovered.

    This may be significant because the Z-pac is the only therapy that he took during his Covid experience. This again is anecdotal evidence of efficacy so take it for what it is and always consult your medical professional before taking any prescription medication.

    (Z-PAC / Azithromycin / A prescription medication, an anti biotic)

    “If you take your pro biotic at least two hours before or after you take your antibiotic, you should gain the desired benefit from both.”

    5. SUPPLEMENTS: Listed below from what I can gather are the basic supplements that someone might be wise to be habitually taking to optimize your immune systems function. An interesting fact, most people in the world it turns out are vitamin D deficient. In your investigations and due diligence you may find other supplements that you might want to add to this list or eliminate depending on your personal need.

    *Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 to facilitate the vitamin D3, zinc, vitamin C. The levels of each should be determined based on your due diligence and a medical opinion. Vitamin D3 must be taken for at least 5 to 7 days in order for it to be processed by the liver into a form that is beneficial for your immune system.

    Vitamin D3 supports and is essential for your immune system function and may reduce your chances of contracting Covid. And if you do contract Covid and have optimal levels of vitamin D in your system you may be less likely to have to be hospitalized. And you may be less likely if you happen to contract Covid and are hospitalized to be intubated and to succumb to Covid. You might want to ask for a test to determine where your vitamin D levels are at?

    Vitamin D and Its Potential Benefit for the COVID-19 Pandemic – PubMed (

    6. Good friends / family members: There needs to a brave soul, someone who can keep an eye on you and bring you anything that you may want or need, like food or hydration because you very well may not be able to provide much for yourself for several days if your case is severe. Someone needs to make sure that you are making progress and not staying stagnant. If you do not feel that you are making progress every day you may indeed need to see a doctor or go to the hospital to assist in your recovery.

    These are In My Opinion the basics that someone might want to have in their home and ready to go should they contract Covid to make it a bit easier if they intend to stay at home until recovered. And the long term outlook for this contagion as it becomes endemic? What is the apparent growing general medical realization regarding Covid?

    “Most everyone will probably at some point in the future get Covid, vaccine or no vaccine.”

    Natural infection vs vaccination: Which gives more protection? – Israel National News

    I hope this provides you with some helpful information. Be prepared.


    This may be the most informative lecture on the subject of Vitamin D.

    You get in the first 10 minutes or so the point about vitamin D.

    Everyone according to Dr. Horlick is apparently deficient in vitamin D, and as we have all discovered more recently it is essential for proper immune system operation and health in general on many levels as you will see if you watch the entire presentation.

    Fast moving and lots of information. 1 hr.

    And this presentation was done by Dr. Holick in 2016, well before Covid and where we all find ourselves today.

    Dr. Holick – The Vitamin D Solution (

  • Cotour: I am glad you are okay now and recovered well from the Wuhan virus. Your recovery, as well as your very common sense treatment approach, once again proves however that the Wuhan virus is simply another new variant of the flu, no matter the differences.

    It might be tougher to beat than a normal flu, but the body generally beats it. And the treatment to do so is really not unlike the same things you should do whenever you get one of these flu-like respiratory illnesses.

  • wayne

    I looked up Dr. Lee-Ann Aguilar-Lawlor– her PhD dissertation was on “Infusing Critical Thinking Into Curriculum.”
    Can someone go to the Arizona State University website and download her dissertation, I’ll bet it’s fascinating reading (he typed sarcastically…)

    –>Your absence has been noted(!), and I’m glad to hear you are doing ok, and on the correct side the grass!
    Had the chinese virus in April (2020)–knocked me down for 3 days, and I didn’t feel ‘normal’ for at least a week following.

  • wayne

    I’ll pop this in here…

    “Republicans Blocked From Voting In Newsom Recall –Told They Already Voted”
    Tim Pool (9-13-21)

  • wayne


    “Republican Voters Reporting Strange Poll Problems During Cal. Recall Vote”
    Direct Message | Rubin Report (9-13-21)

  • Cotour:

    Very glad to see you ‘up and about’ again. Your exposition on your COVID experience is illuminating, and has influenced my thinking on it. Your experience with The Virus sounds very similar to my experience with Hepatitis A (with pneumonia and the flu-du-jour thrown in; no charge).

    There is a telling headline in today’s WSJ (2109.13): “COVID Faces Complicated Path to Become a Routine Illness”
    And that’s where we need to be, although masking on public transit looks to be here to stay.

  • Jeff Wright

    Dumbth is all over:
    The Valparaiso Republicans-all clueless trust-fund babies-entered a nice little float for Indiana’ 4Oth Popcorn Parade…the float being two smoking towers for 9/II. We need a third party.

  • pzatchok

    I truly think the attitude of the left over this Covid thing is in a huge part an attack on Trump voters.

    Think about it.
    They think that ALL trump supporters are idiots who do not believe in science and the vaccine.
    So attacking people who are not vaccinated is just fun in their minds.
    They do not realize that statistically the black community trusts the government less and has a far lower vaccine rate that the white population.
    They also do not even know the science themselves. They are just trusting everything the news outlets they like tell them.

    This virus is acting just like the flu virus. Its mutating and changing about the same as the flu.
    The covid is NOT like polio, measles, small pox and the mumps. It will not be eradicated with a vaccine. it will change and come back every year just like the flu.

    Welcome to the new age of covid. the only real question now is just how will we handle it in the future. Will we go all hog, mask up and keep vaccines coming for the next 10 years or will we treat it like the flu?

    The fauch was wrong when he predicted Aids/Hiv would decimate the heterosexual population and he is just as wrong on Covid. But he does like being the guy in charge. The supreme one.

  • wayne

    You’re definitely on to something…. as in, never let a crisis go to waste…

    “….he does like being the guy in charge. The supreme one.”

    Nine Inch Nails –
    “(Fauci) Head Like A Hole” (1989)

    God money’s not looking for the cure.
    God money’s not concerned with the sick among the pure.
    God money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
    God money’s not one to choose.
    Head like a hole.
    Black as your soul.
    I’d rather die than give you control.”

  • wayne

    Smashing Pumpkins –
    “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
    10/18/1997 – Shoreline Amphitheatre

  • Cotour

    Wayne, Blair, Zman:

    Could Covid and how it expresses itself in the human host be a result of how it was manipulated before it “escaped” (?) the Communist Chinese lab complements of Dr. Fauci and his penchant for experimentation with viruses?

    The flu has some general standard symptoms, and it does take out a segment of the population usually through pneumonia. But this thing is all over the place. I have heard of all kinds of people who have succumbed to it, and many others who you would think it would take out and they are fine.

    And if it does not like your particular biology / DNA make up it apparently stays with you for months, possibly years?

    Its similar to the flu, but IMO its the flu with some special enhanced capabilities and features. Thats what it looks like to me. Am I just reading into this contagion our current political situation? Possibly, but if it looks like and duck…… know the rest.

    And Wayne, you bring forward one of my points. Everyone who heard I was not well who I speak to now many of them tell me: “Oh yeah, I had it last year, it was not fun”. More and more.

    And I know you have some health issues but you ultimately blew it off. Which I am very happy about, BTB can not lose its video reference savant. ( I do not know how you do it :)

    Yes, Covid is “Like” the flu, but IMO It aint the flu. And I think that is the point, if someone were to use a host virus and modify it in an experimental setting and it escaped would it look exactly like Covid19? (Or was released purposefully?)

    IMO all potentials exist. Are all governments incompetent and blunt instruments? Oh yeah. But there can certainly be extensions to that incompetence to the point that incompetence becomes a strategy. And I give you Joe Biden as the strongest example.

    Rham Emanuel: “Never allow a crisis go to waste”.

    Truer words were never spoken as it relates to government and governance. Ultimately its always about the acquisition of and the retention of power and control.

  • Cotour: I think your assessment of COVID here is quite reasonable.

    Nonetheless, this is still a respiratory virus that more than 99% of the population survives. To have gone so completely insane with fear over this relatively harmless disease illustrates well the collapse of our civilization.

  • Cotour

    “Its similar to the flu, but IMO its the flu with some special enhanced capabilities and features. ”

    The most salient question to me remains: If this is indeed a manipulated and “enhanced” virus that has been introduced to the planet, where might it be going? Will it just peter out and find its comfortable balance some where in the human host population cycle? Or might it grow in power and efficacy in evading the efforts of science to combat it?

    When you screw with nature and introduce changes to something that in reality you really do not fully understand what are the potentials related to the unknowns?

    That is where my mind goes.

    As an example: If you listen to the PHD’s. as they talk about the “Vaccine” that has been engineered and fashioned to combat Covid you come to understand that even they really have no idea where their intent in controlling it will wind up. They have focused on the spike protein and use it to disrupt the viruses ability to infect. But then they inform you that this “Vaccine” is “Leaky”.

    (Note: The human immune system codes for 28 out of 29 proteins related to Covid19 providing a most robust and broad spectrum immunity. The vaccine codes for one protein, the spike protein. Engage logic and rational thought.)

    “Leaky”, which to me means that either there was not enough time to design and engineer the solution so that it was not “Leaky”, or even their best efforts on the subject will always result in a “Leaky” solution and the virus will eventually use this “Leaky” quality of the solution to learn how to evade it and become stronger. (?)

    As much as we know and understand the reality IMO is these biological manipulations are all for the most part ultimately experiments because the human body subject and the technology is just not well enough understood in its complexity.

    Q: What is more complex, the human immune system? Or the human brain function? You tell me.

    What is the long term end of the line potential of this planet wide human experiment in biology? Stay tuned for the answer. Hopefully it ends in a benign manner. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Cotour

    Is the Australian government going to have to start shooting its citizens in order to protect them against Covid?

    “Aussies have had enough. The people in Australia are now ignoring ‘health’ orders at Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach and going about their lives.”–~D

  • Andi

    wayne, re Lee-Ann Aguilar-Lawlor, all I could find was a dissertation by a “Leonor Aguilar Lawlor”. But the school, date, and topic seem to be correct.

    it’s 135 pages and might be a little thick reading…

  • Andi: The usefulness of this dissertation rests entirely on how the authors’ define the term “critical thinking”, as referenced repeatedly in the abstract. If they apply the traditional western definition (that is: maintaining a skeptical questioning outlook), then this paper might have some value.

    If instead they carefully redefined the term, and hid that fact within the materials provided to teachers, then this paper is a disaster. To find out, one would have read the entire dissertation, as well as all the materials provided.

    I don’t have time right now, but would welcome it if some of my readers gave it a shot. Quotes from the material that illustrate what they have done, pro or con, would be of course very informative.

  • wayne

    thanks for doing that leg-work.

    Not being a virologist, and increasingly forgetting everything I did learn about biology– for my money– it’s an engineered bio-weapon that preferentially kills old people. Whether the chinese communists fully understood what they were doing (and had control of it) is a different debate, but I’m convinced it was intentionally designed. (and our our dime)

    My anecdotal experience– on a Sunday, I coughed and immediately thought to myself, “caught a cold.” Immediately dosed up on vitamin C as I normally do for ‘colds.’ (4 grams per 24 hours. I normally take 2 grams a day.)
    By Monday afternoon- totally knocked down; tired, lethargic, parked myself on the couch and basically slept on & off for 48-72 hours. Appetite was gone but I forced myself to eat and drank a lot of water.
    In retrospect, at no time did I feel compelled to seek immediate medical care. My Dr. would have called in an Rx for “Tamiflu” [oseltamivir] anti-viral for influenza A & B, and without requiring an in-person visit, but I felt no desire to make the call. (I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘the flu” per-se, if I did it was mild and/or I fought it off quite well, and/or it was overlaid onto a regular ‘cold.’ So I can’t really make a comparison between flu and communist-virus.)
    It was essentially over by Friday, but I felt “off” for at least a week following, and with a noticeable decrease in lung capacity (which lasted well into last Fall)

    Ref audio-visual materal…
    –There is a video clip (or Song) for practically everything, but not all clips are available to reference.

    “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

    (something like that…)

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe –
    “So to Speak to Socialists, 1,048,576 Times”

  • pzatchok

    I do believe this covid has been lab manipulated.

    Supposedly this covid has three mutations different from the original wild strain. They can not find in the wild a covid with just one of those mutations. Let alone two or even three

    How did it get three mutations that made it perfect for infecting humans without leaving evidence out in nature?

  • Cotour

    To my point regarding Fauci and his what looks like culpability in working with the Communist Chinese lab in Wuhan and the possible further mutation of this virus beyond where it would naturally go:

    “Fauci warns of possible ‘monster’ variant of COVID if pandemic isn’t stamped out with vaccinations”

    WHY, is anyone still listening to this man!? He has contradicted himself a dozen or more times and has failed to basic questions regarding the virus, its origin, and how to properly deal with it in a rational manner.

    The virus HAS TO BE stamped out with only vaccines or it will turn into a “MONSTER”! EVERYONE must take the shot!

    What exactly do you know about this virus, basically a flu virus, that makes you make such an extreme statement like that “Dr”. Fauci!!!!!!?????? Its coming.

  • Cotour

    “Dr”. Fauci knew and recognized that Hydroxy chloroquine was effective against Covid in Feb of 2020 in this letter he was cc’d that went to the vice president, Mike Pence.

    Read pages 153 and 154.

    P 154: “Hydroxychloroquine has very potent activity against Covid and pneumonia.”

    Read the entire page, very interesting. Just supports the thinking that “Dr” Fauci must go!

  • Questioner


    Dr. Deneen makes here some very interesting statements about Trump’s new political approach that made him successful in the 2016 election campaign. Listen to it (about minute 16 and after).

    “Does Conservatism Have a Future in the United States?” w/ Patrick Deneen

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