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Today’s blacklisted American: Mob tries to blacklist actress for shaking Trump’s hand

Addison Rae must be banned for shaking Trump's hand
Stone her! She shook Trump’s hand!

Persecution is now cool! Addison Rae, an actress who IMDB calls TikTok’s second most popular and highest earning performer, was attacked by a mob on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter for daring to shake hands with Donald Trump at a Las Vegas boxing event on July 11th.

As shown on a video at the link, “the two shook hands and she mentioned that she just “had to say hi” and that it was “so nice to meet you.”

How dare she?! The mob effort grew so loud that a Buzzfeed “news” reporter wrote a story expressly focused on determining if Rae was a Trump supporter, with the reporter stating:

[C]onsidering Rae has ignored questions about whether or not she is a Trump supporter, I decided to test her digital footprint and see for myself. So, I scrolled through all of her likes in 2016, when the Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump election reached its peak, to see just how many of these accidental Twitter bugs I could find.

The reporter, Alexa Lisitza, discovered a variety of tweets in 2016 that suggested Rae actually might have had an open mind about Trump, and was not all-hate all-the-time, and might even have decided to vote for him. As the reporter concluded, “That’s it for 2016. Who knows what lies in the years spanning throughout the election, but do with this information what you will.” The implication of course is that Rae should be blacklisted for this blasphemy.

Nor was this Buzzfeed article unique. A quick search of social media finds numerous posts on YouTube and Twitter clearly outraged at the possibility that Rae might actually agree with Trump, on anything. For all, the tone is the same: If true this is unconscionable and must be met with protests and her removal from TikTok.

Fortunately, Rae has not been cancelled, but the mob still exists, and it apparently is out for blood.

I personally had never even heard of Rae beforehand. No matter. She is a free American, and thus should have the right to express her opinions freely. At a minimum she should have the right to simply say hello to someone like Trump and shake his hand, without fear of retribution.

No more. This is where we are today. Dare do anything the leftist mob dislikes, no matter how benign, and you will be attacked, vilified, hated, and targeted for destruction.

The question remains: Will free Americans have the courage to stand up to this mob? The mob really has no power, if you ignore it. It is made up of bullies, and bowing to bullies never works.

Rae herself has discovered this, as in April she tried the apology route when she was attacked for performing some dance numbers on television and not crediting the choreographers who created the dances.

The outrage then was not because she had failed to credit them, but because they were black, and were not given due honor since in today’s bigoted culture blacks must be honored at all times, above all. Remember, you are racist if you claim all lives matter, not just black lives.

Rae apologized, in the hope that this act of contrition would get the attack dogs off her back.

Hah! It has only whetted their appetite, leading to this more recent spate of attacks. No apology will work, because the goal of these thugs is to end her career, not foster good will and just behavior And the only way she can save it is to stop running in fear, and instead to laugh at them loudly and tell them they are wrong and intolerant. They might make a stink, but if she is courageous, honest, and on the side of freedom and open dialogue she will win out, in the end.

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  • Chris Lopes

    Burn the witch!

  • Andi

    Small edit in last paragraph: “whetted their appetite”

  • Andi: Fixed. Thank you as always.

  • A. Nonymous

    Remember when cyber-bullying was illegal?

  • Col Beausabre

    “Remember when cyber-bullying was illegal?”

    That was when the “victims” were liberals

  • The most profound statement is the above article is: “The mob really has NO power if you ignore it.”
    Who ARE these people? Do they get paid for their insanity and, if so, by who? My middle finger to them all.

  • “Rae apologized, in the hope that this act of contrition would get the attack dogs off her back”

    No, no, no! You *never* apologies to bullies! My Goodness! This is Playground Dynamics 202 (101: Getting Hiney Kicked).

    But, wait. Basic human interaction hasn’t been allowed to happen on playgrounds for decades. How could she know better?

    Reality bites, especially when you haven’t been prepared.

  • @J Paul:

    You are on to something. Twice in the last month, I have looked folks dead in the eye, and asked: “What are you talking about?” I thought we were talking about some business, then this ‘woke’ stuff comes up. Seriously? No idea what you’re talking about. Let’s get back to the subject.

  • I keep thinking we’ve reached Peak Stupid and I keep being wrong. The curve MUST be flattening if people are being attacked for shaking hands and saying “hi”. Right?

  • Col Beausabre

    markedup2 You don’t understand. Trump, his family, his associates and those who worked for him are no longer are no longer deplorables, they have become untouchables

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