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Today’s blacklisted American: New conservative organization at Illinois Tech blacklisted by students

The cancelled Bill of Rights

They’re coming for you next: When a conservative student at the Illinois Institute of Technology proposed starting a chapter of the national conservative organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) at the school, a slander campaign was immediately started by other students against both TPUSA and the student, forcing him to back down.

[After his proposal was put forth], classmates began to message his fraternity brothers, asking whether he was attempting to lead a “hate group” on campus. The conservative student said that this occurred on three separate occasions.

On January 27, the conservative student again presented to the student government — this time, to withdraw his proposal. The conservative student emphasized that he had no malicious intent in proposing a TPUSA chapter, but merely aimed to start a political discourse on campus. The conservative student apologized for proposing a TPUSA club and stated that he would consider forming a group under another national conservative organization.

Derek Rhea, the executive vice president of the Student Government Association commented that the “entire campus had been completely mobilized,” leading to a “huge movement on the opposing side” against the prospect of a TPUSA group at Illinois Tech. He applauded the conservative student for withdrawing his request to start a TPUSA chapter.

Senator Hannah-Lauren Moreno asked whether the conservative student was pressured into rescinding his request. The conservative student informed the student government that classmates began to wonder if he, his peers, and his fraternity brothers were “terrible people” for trying to start the club.

Following the January 27 student government meeting, the conservative student provided Campus Reform with screenshots, one of which appears to show a student rejoicing in an online message that “we managed to successfully cyber bully a student org to death.” [emphasis mine]

There is only one reason these partisan leftists (and that’s what they are) wanted to block a new TPUSA chapter. Unlike the moribund and largely uninteresting and dull Republican Party clubs, TPUSA has been very effective on campuses nationwide at countering leftwing hate and censorship while drawing to it large numbers of new students, teaching them that conservative values are about freedom and justice and equal treatment before the law, not the left’s slanderous lies of “white supremacy” and “hate.”

I highlighted the words of Rhea above because if he is telling the truth and a “huge movement” of students formed to blacklist this organization we are in very big trouble. This indicates that the next generation is truly all in with censorship and blacklisting, and will likely soon consider imprisoning anyone who disagrees as perfectly reasonable.

It is also possible that this guy is lying, and that the so-called “huge movement” was a handful of loudmouthed bullies, who have successfully learned how to use social media to intimidate everyone else. In this case Rhea is one of those bullies, and he is using his position as VP of the student government for that depraved purpose.

Either way, I guarantee that should this student return to propose a club linked to a different conservative organization, these same bullies will appear, making the same slanderous claims. They lie when they say they would accept other conservative organizations. They want them all banned, and play this game to make sure none ever appear.

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  • Phill O

    It has been said that if you are driving in your car alone and wearing a mask, there is no need to put on a Biden or Trudeau bumper sticker, we already know!

  • Gary M.

    The Illinois Institute of Technology should have their accreditation brought into question over this. This Institution is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which evaluates the quality of this bunch. Academic offerings, governance, administration and a whole host of community contributions are considered. They are due for review in 2026. I am not holding my breath.

  • Mitch S.

    There are heroic students who take a public stand like this conservative (and he’s still brave even after backing down). – they are vital.
    Also vital are the students who keep their politics quiet, become an example of a sober, fair-minded, decent human being, and quietly reveal to selected students the truth about that exciting secret – the US Constitution!

  • Mitch S.

    From today’s NY Time’s “Impeachment Briefing”:

    “Lawyers for Mr. Trump delivered a short defense, using just three of their allotted 16 hours.
    His lawyers claimed, contrary to facts, that Mr. Trump never glorified violence, and they falsely equated his conduct to Democrats’ use of combative rhetoric. ”

    …contrary to facts… they falsely… Take out those words and the rest is a report. But today news outlets can’t just report, they must support the agenda by adding opinion. In other words, propaganda.

    PS This is the way all the MSM reports these days. I read it, hear it on radio/TV, blogs etc. I suspect some of the reporters may not like the destruction of journalism, but are afraid of cancellation if they don’t comply.

  • Gary

    “I suspect some of the reporters may not like the destruction of journalism, but are afraid of cancellation if they don’t comply.”

    In time they will destroy each other. Each is only motivated by self interest.

  • ann Nonomous

    As a grad of Ill Tech (class of ’71) I am ashamed of the school. They frequently ask me for donations… I will NEVER give any more money to that school.

    What happened to freedom of speech and association? Have they forgotten what a university is supposed to be?

    I was there when the Kent State shooting happened. At campuses all across the country there was discussion, protests, ate. At Tech… virtually nothing. A frat brother of mine quipped, ‘The trouble with this school is there’s too much apathy’. To which someone replied, ‘Who cares’. That summed up the attitude then.

    I’d rather have apathy than censorship :)

  • Dennis Jensen

    These adolescent leftist tools are not what i would call ‘bullies’. When i grew up, bullies abounded. But they were individuals, not groups, who loved to hurt and intimidate others in order for them to get some type of gratification out of their miserable lives. Todays left wingers are all cowards and wimps, drenched in entitlement. They would never dare to stand face to face with their opponent, unless they have 10 people behind them as back up. So they threaten their opponents when they greatly outnumber them, or by using the relative safety and anonymity provided by the internet. One thing that i am sure hasn’t changed though, is how to get them to leave you alone – one good punch in the face quickly awakens them to the fact that threatening you with their violence is a bad idea, and is not going to work. Then they leave you alone.

  • Gary

    Looks like the 14th amendment will be the final cancellation of Donald Trump. That is if Lindsey the Feckless Graham ever gets through calling witnesses.

  • Cotour


    I have not watched 1 minute of this ridiculous impeachment, not one minute. But I am watching it now after the mangers blew their case and have plainly lost and the vote would be to acquit. They desperately need a second bite at the apple.

    Grahams change of vote may well be to remain in some kind of control of the procedure in the future as it was discussed on PBS this morning.

    I however trust none of them on either side as you may well know, nor should anyone else. Both political party leaderships are heavily invested in assuring that Trump is unable to be a political opponent in the future.

    All they are accomplishing is further empowering Trump in what ever he chooses to do in the future. They do not realize what they are creating in their fear.

    Here, Leslie Nelson, plays, Nancy Pelosi (D). This is what they are accomplishing, and funny enough, it too is ORANGE!

  • Gary

    It looks like they won’t call witnesses after all. I’m guessing that the Republicans let it be known that they were going to call the Democratic Leadership who met as the rioting was going on and decided ahead of time they were going to pin this on Trump. I don’t think the Democrats want the conversation of that meeting out in public.

  • eddie willers

    As a grad of Ill Tech (class of ’71) I am ashamed of the school. They frequently ask me for donations… I will NEVER give any more money to that school.

    My school (West Georgia College, ’74…when and where Newt Gingrich taught) sent me a donation request after they happily informed me that our sports team was changing its name from Braves to Wolves. I shook my head and have torn up all correspondence since.

    If you ever want to know if the left has irretrievably won, watch the nickname of the Atlanta Braves. The name has the enthusiastic support of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Seminole Tribe. If THEY get pushed aside, all is lost.

  • Cotour

    Watching this performance in the Senate I am reminded why I chose to NOT watch it from the start.

    Democrats lose, period.

    No new “evidence”, no witnesses, no case.

    What a pile of ridiculous crap.

  • Gary

    Sens. Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, Toomey vote “guilty”

    You will get the same vote for the Fourteenth Amendment. I guess the question is will all Democrats be on board for that one.

  • Gary

    Wow..Mitch McRino really let Trump have it. The establishment will keep Trump out. There is the aristocracy and the deplorables. The establishment loves power above this country, or the people. The only positive in all of this is that we now know where everyone stands, except LG..he stands in both camps depending on the weather.

  • wayne

    They Fear Democracy
    Dave Smith
    Part Of The Problem #697

  • eddie willers

    Wow..Mitch McRino really let Trump have it. The establishment will keep Trump out.

    Sometimes, you’ve just got to cross the Rubicon.

  • Mitch S.

    There are times when a politician who seemed like he might be ok, exposes himself as the true (insert forbidden expletives here) we feared he might be.
    Classic example was Ted Cruz accepting Trump’s invite to speak at the 2016 RNC than essentially throwing his support to Hillary
    (“vote my conscience” = not voting for Trump = helping Hillary win).
    Here McConnell could have expressed displeasure with Trump’s presidency while standing up for the rule of law but he chose to stomp on the law.
    Doesn’t take a legal genius to see there was never a case for incitement. As Trump’s lawyer pointed out, the Dems had to edit/fabricate “evidence” to make it seem like there might be a case. A Soviet kangaroo court would have told the prosecutors to do a better job!
    But in his desperation to suck up to the new power structure, McConnell happily tosses legal procedure, precedent and ethics.
    Not that it helps him – he’s already been attacked as being responsible for Trump’s acquittal by delaying the impeachment until after Jan 20 (since McConnell said he only voted to acquit because Trump was no longer president.)

    Even Snopes acknowledges the Dem’s deceptive tactics:

    So Mitch, look at the list of “evidence of incitement” Snopes lists, such as “We will not let them silence your voices”, “We have come to demand Congress do the right thing” etc. Do you now accept this as the new standard? Will you call for prosecution of those who utter such statements before a violent outbreak? Will you censure anyone who utters such language?

  • You will get the same vote for the Fourteenth Amendment.

    Section 3 of this Amendment does not delegate to the Senate, or Congress, the authority to adjudicate what constitutes a violation of that Section.

    That makes it a matter for the courts, where the burden of proof exceeds the maximum height a kangaroo can jump.

    And it opens the door for its application to every Democrat who cheered rioters who attacked government personnel/property … every Democrat who helped in bailing out said rioters … to every Democrat who KNEELED in solidarity with those leading the unrest.

    They DON’T want to go there, for the same reason they waved off the witnesses and went right to the acquittal vote.

    Cotour’s right … All they are accomplishing is further empowering Trump in what ever he chooses to do in the future. They do not realize what they are creating in their fear.

    That fear is what is keeping the speed bump of 5000 National Guardsmen in DC, and the fences up. That fear will contribute to the continuation of COVID kabuki. Because they know that Trump can sit back and, at times/places/manners of his choosing, continue to expose them as the arrogant, corrupt busybodies that they are – no matter how much more they can legally do to him. And if they go beyond the legal, they know they are courting a hot civil war by doing so.

    They are afraid that their Utopian dreams will never be realized, as people realize just how devoid of wisdom and integrity they are. by just heeding Trump’s take on things And rightly so, for if they were honest the only words coming out of their mouths would be that quote from Animal House regarding the error of trusting one’s frat brothers (I won’t repeat it here, due to the prohibitions on vulgar language).

    Because it is that innocent trust in the elite – and short-selling our own common sense and judgment in favor of deference to them – that has unplugged most of our distributed intellect from the problem-solving processes, has let the elite paint us into corners, and has this nation headed away from prosperity, security and peace.

  • Gary

    Unfortunately, at the end of the 14th we have this:

    “The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”

  • Cotour

    And at that point the Congress must assess the risk of overreaching and the consequences that may well come with them visited upon them by the electorate.

    In the end this must always be the Congresses fear. Fear is good.

    Its when the Congress has no fear of the people that we are all in peril.

    Everyone always forgets all of the components of the equation. We see the exercise of power but forget that an informed and active and vengeful electorate is the most powerful element in the equation. Actions come with consequences.

    Trust in the Founders, they knew best.

    Remember, fear is good, use it wisely.

  • Cotour: What you can’t seem to come to grips with is that the thugs in Congress no longer have any fear. They know that either they can fix any election to their benefit, or that the electorate is entirely on their side. Personally I think it is mostly the latter.

    Thus, to use your words, “We are all in peril.”

  • Cotour

    I have come to grips with it, I laid it out and stated it.

    This is the dynamics of our system, the dynamics that the Founders understood and attempted to counter balance with all of the checks and double checks they formulated.

    What will be? I am not certain, but that is the truth. Please do not confuse my identifying what is with a pie in the sky attitude.

    The people MUST instill fear in their legislators.

    And do you know who instills the greatest fear in both party leaderships at this point in time? (Hint, he has blond hair and he is a two time impeachment victim, and he is the most powerful and influential politician on the planet right now :)

    Has it gone too far? Have the Founders finally been out foxed? I do not know, but thems is the facts. (Don’t shoot the messenger)

  • Gary

    I think that the main element here is that we are in an information war and the left has almost all the tools and this is the main reason they have no need of the truth and do not fear the electorate. Through their overlords, they have control of what the electorate thinks. This is only possible because they have spent decades controlling public education and now control all avenues of information. Almost all…and if we are not resolute in our response, they will control all information.

    The will simultaneously dismantle both the first and second amendments. They are just getting started.

  • James Street

    Boss says our movement has only just begun:

    Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

  • Cotour

    1. I agree with the boss.

    (If you understand how Trumps brain works you have a great confidence at this opportune time. If you do not understand how his brain works then you are hand wringing and worrying. Trump strategically understands exactly where he finds himself, and like I stated, he is the most powerful and influential politician not in office on the planet at this moment in time. Trump is right now in the process of taking over the majority of the Republican party. Do you think he is going to retire and just let it all go? I think not.

    How do you think the first primary contender that opposed Trump feels right about now? As Rush would say, “Don’t doubt me” :)

    If you listened to McConnells speech the other day he overtly threatened Trump in an attempt to control his growing power, he threatened him with criminal charges in D.C.. Which will never happen because once again the first people to be called in any prosecution will be 1. Nancy Pelosi, 2, Mitch McConnell and 3rd will be mayor Muriel Bowser. And all three well knew of the security threat, had all of the authority, and DID NOTHING!

    As a matter of fact in a formal letter mayor Bowser rejected additional Federal security for the rally, when she asked for it during other MAGA rallies. Sometimes, nothing is something. There are no coincidences, especially in politics.

    What leverage will they attempt to lord over Trump to control him? I am not certain but by what their past record is related to Trump I would say they are in a world of hurt and will remain there. Trump is the future, for the MAGA movement anyway. I said it several years ago when this all started and I say it again, its his destiny.

    2. The American people are watching it all and a good percentage of them are not having it. You know the forced reality lies, the forced narrative, the anti Constitutional un American attitude. All the Democrats and the RINO’s can do at this point is to overreach. And they are not disappointing.

    Do you know who our best allies are right now? The likes of AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Swallowell etc, etc. All weak Liberal / Leftist / Socialist hysterical hand and white flag wavers.

  • Cotour

    AND, wait until the fraud in the election begins to be proven in the several courts and other places that that will occur.

    Biden plainly was installed as the president, and so he is president. Why do you think they are so desperate for the president to say that Biden won fair and square? The king has no clothes.

    What will they do when the unarguable evidence is rolled out? What a political pickle to find yourself. And you can pretty much predict what will be going down during a Biden administration. And everyone is watching.

    Trump was the most accessible and press interactive president in American history. And Biden? Biden must hide from the press and everyone else for that matter. If he does not then he will be revealed without doubt.

    Oh its going to be some interesting years to come, think of all of the material.

  • Mitch S.

    “If you understand how Trumps brain works you have a great confidence at this opportune time. ”

    Hmm, I will admit Trump exceeded my expectations as president but Trump is still the same guy he’s been for 50 years (in the public eye).
    It’s all about “The Donald”.
    As President he used his business skills and common sence to better deal with China, Iran, Europe etc . And his citadel of an ego allowed him to withstand the withering attacks from the swamp.
    That ego is still Trump’s primary drive, I don’t think he has great concern about upholding American principles unless he’s getting the credit. And I have doubts he’s willing to hunker down in the trenches for years, taking serious casualties.
    The past 4 years he was The President, lived in the White House, had access to the “bully pulpit” and some of the legal shielding a president gets.

    Now he’s on his own with multiple enemies, including many Republicans, looking to blow him up.
    And he is vulnerable. His business empire is seriously weakened, he can’t go to banks (here or overseas – especially not to China or Russia) for financing and he has bunch of DAs and AGs circling around looking to pick him to pieces with criminal and civil actions.
    Will he really risk his life of luxury? Or will he be pressured into cutting a deal.
    I don’t think he’s the general that will winter in Valley Forge, we have to be prepared to carry on without him.
    And if I’m wrong and he rises to the occasion? I’ll be thrilled. But look at his performance post election – it was clear he could not successfully challenge the election before Jan 6. Even Stalin understood you sometimes have to give up ground to win the war, but Trump was incapable.

  • Gary … thank you for pointing out that clause, “The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”

    The key word is “by appropriate legislation” – like any other law that sanctions behavior, subject to judicial due-process and appeal to the point of being declared unconstitutional if justified.

    Such as if that legislation is practically a Bill of Attainder, targeted against an individual, and/or ex-post-facto. A lot of legal land mines Trump’s opponents will be tap-dancing around.

  • Cotour

    Simply, this is what is going on in America today:

    Regarding Liz Cheny in Wyoming, and this will translate into the rest of the majority of the country:

    “91% of Republican voters in Wyoming would vote for President Trump again today.
    Only 13% of Wyoming Republicans would vote for Liz Cheney today.”

    This what what the politically empowered in the Congress and the Senate fear outside of their empowered “Special” political Kingdoms…………………….THE PEOPLE !

    The politically empowered uni party in Washington D.C. and around the country and their fortunes and futures are about to change in a drastic manner, and former president Trump will be at the foundation of that change.

    And they are powerless to do much of anything about it other than further creating fraudulent evidence and lies and anything else they can come up to in order to further acquire and retain power, and destroy the greatest threat to it all, D.J. Trump. MAGA

  • Cotour

    And here we have two women, one a Liberal Democrat and the other a Republican RINO that are out to lunch in how they have interpreted Trump and the future of the Republican party and the country. ( I ask the question: Do they really believe what they say they believe? Or are they just mouthing what they need to mouth to massage their delusion?)

    1. Amy Klobuchar:

    Klobuchar thinks, “Trump is done”.

    2. Nicky Hailey: Haley her move, trashes Trump, “We should have never followed him”, to become the Republican presidential nominee and the president in 2024. And that, just like Ted Cruz becoming president (And I like Ted Cruz) WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

    Two wishful and totally delusional female American political players. And Klobuchar I am sure she also is a major contender for the position. And that too will never happen.

    This is what the core every day American Republican will be doing in the coming months an years:

    Republican Precinct Committeeman.

    The Precinct Project’s Blog | Want to really “do something?” Take back the Republican Party precinct by precinct from the ground up. (

    Trump will take over the majority of the Republican party, that is what is underway. And these positions are part of getting it done within the system. And the Democrats have NO ONE in their bull pen that has the gravitas to fill the position of the president. Maybe Mittens Romney will do what he should have done long ago and change his affiliation to Democrat and run. And we all know how that will end, AGAIN.

    And neither of the women listed above have the stuff to be president, and that being said, look who we have installed as the vice president right now! Kamala Harris is thee least qualified person / woman to be where she finds herself. A total tool and empty pants suit, a Leftist facilitator at the least. Totally and absolutely unqualified and THAT should scare the hell out of everyone, right after you realize that Joe Biden is the installed president.

  • Gary

    Trump needs some backup. He uses all the oxygen and should something take him away from running again, you are left with a mess.

  • Cotour

    And that is Trumps strength, his super power, he sucks up all of the oxygen. Everything that you see as a weakness is in actuality a strength.

    There are many other Republicans that will serve to dominate, and as you may or may not know, Allan West is my #1 choice for Trump to ally with and or support as the next presidential candidate. Trump IMO does not have to run for anything, he just has to be there and drive the bus.

    And Trump has set the model for success, he has demonstrated exactly what the mass of the Republican party responds to and fully supports, the non politician politician who keeps it simple and has a foundation mantra: “AMERICA FIRST”.

    And THAT is the the secret to Trumps success in politics, along with never, ever giving up on a clearly identified goal that benefits America. And not many people fully understand what , “Never giving up” actually means. It literally means NEVER GIVING UP.

    That is the key to Trumps success, learn it and follow it and ANYONE can be successful in politics and just about anything else you might try in life.

  • Mitch S.

    “And that is Trumps strength, his super power, he sucks up all of the oxygen. Everything that you see as a weakness is in actuality a strength.”

    That would make him an “oxygen destroyer” capable of killing Godzilla:

  • Cotour

    Again, supporting my contention about what Trump will be doing in the future in politics: Take over the majority of the Republican party.

    D.J. Trump calling out Mitch McConnell:

    “Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.”

    The line is drawn and the political warfare within the Republican party will now be ruthless, uncouched and definite, there will no longer any pulled punches and the status quo in politics will be thrown out the window as Trump populates the party with actual patriots.

    What a concept!

  • Edward

    Mitch S.,
    The Deep State as Godzilla. Now that is imagery. The monster wading through America, destroying all in it path. It seems that an Oxygen Destroyer is just what we need.

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