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Today’s blacklisted American: NJ cop fired for calling Black Lives Matter rioters “terrorists”

Banned by New Jersey
Doesn’t exist in Hopewell Township, NJ.

Blacklists are back and the Dems’ have got ’em: A New Jersey policewoman, Sara Erwin, has been fired by her local township, Hopewell Township, because she strongly criticized the violent and Marxist organization Black Lives Matter, noting that the riots they had instigated last year after the death of George Floyd made them “terrorists.”

For expressing support for Erwin’s comments, Hopewell township also demoted and suspended another female cop, Mandy Grey, as well as punished five other of its employees for expressing support for Erwin’s post.

Six township employees, including five members of the police department, were put on leave for appearing to support Erwin’s post, The Trentonian reported in June.

Hopewell Township Police Chief Lance Maloney, who has since retired, declined to identify the employees at the time, but a source identified them as Grey, Detective Mark Panzano, Officers Erwin and John Ferner, dispatcher Gregory Peck and public works truck driver Steve Harbat, the newspaper reported.

Their crime? This is what Erwin had written that they had endorsed:

While writing under the username Sara Elizabeth on Facebook, Erwin said her children were crying for her not to go to work on June 8 — two weeks after George Floyd’s police-custody death in Minneapolis sparked heated protests nationwide. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way I did last night,” Erwin’s post read. “And then I watched people I know and others I care about going into harms way. I love police family like my own.”

Erwin then asked others to “think” before sharing posts on the social media platform. “I’ve seen so many black lives matter hashtags in these posts,” the post continued. “Just to let you know – they are terrorists. They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die.”

This was apparently done on her private account, and during her own time using a pseudonym. But then, the first amendment no longer exists in Hopewell Township. She and the other six individuals all committed the terrible crime of speaking the truth about the riots and looting last year, many of which were organized under the banner of the Black Lives Matter organization. Stating these facts can no longer be allowed.

The police officers, both of whom had been working on the force in Hopewell for more than 20 years, are suing the Township.

You, the general public, might also want to contact the township’s mayor (Julie Blake), the deputy mayor (Courtney Peters-Manning), and the three members of governing committee (Kevin Kuchinski, Kristin McLaughlin, and Michael Ruger), and tell them what you think of their Stalinist tactics. You can find their contact information here.

While I hope the police officers win big in court, I think it more important that the voters throw all five of these petty dictators out of office come election time. Blake is up for re-election this year, while the others face re-election either in ’22 or ’23. This is New Jersey, however, so I suspect most of the township’s population is cheering this blackballing. Freedom of speech must not be allowed in that Democratic Party-controlled fascist state. Somebody might learn something!

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  • Phill O

    Get this, Canada’s lockdown very stick, among the worst in the world. Bot totally true as Australia and the Philippians are worse as are a number of countries.

    However Trudeau makes Biden look good. We are trying to find a way to immigrate to the USA without going through the Mexican cartels.

  • wayne

    Just play this backwards, and make a run for the border…

    “Crossing the Sault Ste Marie International Bridge into Canada”
    TheHighWayMan 2012

  • To paraphrase: “Eventually, you run out of other people’s ability.” Just ask any Communist/Socialist country.

  • James Street

    In Seattle last Saturday, May Day, while BLM / Antifa celebrated all things godless commie one of the things they did while rioting, looting and attacking people was assault a small child. The suspect(s) melted into the crowd and couldn’t be identified so the police announced there would be no arrests.

    In reality what the Seattle police do is protect the thugs who are the enforcement arm of the Democrat controlled government. Less than 100 BLM / Antifa thugs were able to terrorize and shut down the city last Saturday.

  • Phill O

    James Street

    “In reality what the Seattle police do is protect the thugs who are the enforcement arm of the Democrat controlled government. Less than 100 BLM / Antifa thugs were able to terrorize and shut down the city last Saturday.”

    Unfortunately true!

    They get away with it because they wear masks. But just let any anti-masker how quick the police are to arrest—-

  • Cotour


    The danger of technology and specifically designed computer algorithm’s that focus on the darkest most selfish persuasions of humanity, implemented by Mega Social Media corporations and the oligarchs that control them and no longer see themselves as American allied is quite apparent. 6 min.

    And they are all self professed Left leaning and Socialist minded at the minimum and seek to re imagine America specifically in a manner that we all know is naive, idealistic, childish and dangerous to everyone’s individual freedoms and Rights. (I of course am assuming that you understand the difference here.)

    And in their re imagined America these corporate selective manipulators are attempting to control your freedom of speech and what is allowed and they are without doubt in control of the political discussion. This should be unacceptable to all and every rational thinking American, political party affiliation aside.

    Are you a rational thinking American? Or are you a selfish child minded manipulator, happy to allow and be a part of this abuse of power because you believe it is right and good and it empowers your thinking? (I will assume that to be a rhetorical question.)

    What is the nature of man in regards to power? It will be abused, and it will be abused in the subjective self interests of those who wield it. Social Media and what is behind it controlling it is not “Normal” related to the human mind.

    Aldus Huxley’s warning, “We must not be caught by surprise by our own advancing technology” is a clear and rational warning, it is here, and it must be recognized and dealt with by the Congress that now is politically controlled and influenced by those same masters of the technology that he warned all about.

    But it must be dealt with all the same.

  • Congress that now is politically controlled and influenced by those same masters of the technology that he warned all about.

    Influenced, yes …. but not actually controlled, except in the event of putting themselves in an extortable position.

    Our government officials still have the monopoly on coercive force. They can turn on corporate abusers, and act to discourage and diminish cancel culture – certainly within government entities, as in this case – but choose not to do so because it benefits them to let it continue.

    Though they now outsource much of the enforcement of that paradigm, along with other directives, to the private sector … using their regulatory and licensing authorities to goad businesses into imposing mandates upon their customers. Gives the Powers That Be plausible deniability.

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