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Today’s blacklisted American: Non-profit blackballs student for daring to defend free speech

The cancelled Bill of Rights

They’re coming for you next: A Florida environmental non-profit canceled a student’s community service event because she had dared to write an article defending free speech and her decision to vote against the impeachment of a student senator simply because he had asked a valid question about a proposed bill allocating funds to a black student organization..

The student, Karoline Tyrrel, is also a student senator at Florida Gulf Coast University. Apparently she was one of only two senators to vote against impeaching that other senator for asking his question. As she wrote in her article,

“During the discussion, a respected senator stood up and asked a question. He’s known for asking tasking questions, which I greatly appreciate, as we are supposed to question bills, appointments, and more. The senator expressed his concerns of the bill description. He found terms such as “black excellence” to imply black superiority, and suggested a possible rephrasing of this one line, saying he believes that all races should be treated and held to the same level of excellence,” she summarized.

…The following week had talks of impeachment and removing him from his role because of his “racist” and “disgusting” comments,” Tyrrel added.

As a result, the student senator was one of two people who voted against impeaching the individual who asked the question, noting “many senators who I know ethically sided with the senator expressed their feelings to me, but when it came time to vote, all but one other person and myself voted to save their image.” [emphasis mine]

The non-profit then wrote her to cancel her volunteer event, stating that her article and vote “provoked diverseness.” The non-profit’s statement was intellectually dishonest to the extreme, in that in one sentence they claim they support diversity and inclusion, even as they in the very next sentence reject diversity and inclusion by blackballing her.

Meanwhile, the highlighted words in the quote above illustrate the main problem. I suspect a majority of the students were horrified by this call for impeachment, but most were too cowardly to stand up to the bullies and vote against it. Instead, they bowed their heads and violated their personal ethics so as to avoid causing trouble for themselves.

This cowardice is probably the biggest reason the blacklisting attempts by the left across America are working. People are afraid, and are also too timid to stand up to fight back.

As Burke said, “For evil to triumph good men need only do nothing.” Tragically we’ve got a lot of nothing going on right now. And its going to lead to a lot more evil.

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  • Col Beausabre

    Next time a liberal poo-poos the idea that higher education is overwhelm liberal bias on campus is destroying free speech point them to this – from MSM, no less


    We Have the Data to Prove It: Universities Are Hostile to Conservatives

  • Be polite; don’t be nice.

    I’ve noted social decorum demands politeness, but not necessarily niceness. Reading the essays, articles, and op-eds from the late 18th-century Colonies, there is nothing nice at all going on. But social decorum is observed (along with really great use of English). Now it’s all a bunch of words-that-will-get-me-banned, and shouting. I have seen this by elected officials.

    Americans (and Westerners, in general), don’t like to make people uncomfortable. This is a great way to live, as long as everyone agrees. We’ve just had four years of half the country alienating the other half. Make people uncomfortable; call them on their, uh, stuff. Socially, what have you got to lose?

  • Robert Pratt

    Right on Blair.

  • Cotour


    “A sixteen-year-old in 2021 possesses a wisdom and a maturity that comes from 2021 challenges, 2021 hardships, and 2021 threats,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, one of the members of Congress behind the amendment, said in a statement on Monday. “Now is the time for us to demonstrate the courage that matches the challenges of the modern-day sixteen- and seventeen-year-old.”

    The now out of control Liberal / Leftist Democrat lead Congress are making all of the moves that they possibly can to ensure that they will have in perpetuity the votes that they need to stay in power. 16 year olds to vote, you remember being 16, don’t you? Representative Ayanna Pressley believes that 16 year old’s in 2021 “Possess a special wisdom and maturity”. Do you agree with that?

    The Democrats as you may know are also in the process of flooding the border with undocumented future Democrat voters. Covid 19 re infection comes free, its a bonus.

    And I heard minority leader of the Congress, Kevin McCarthy reveal that AOC and the “Squad” proposed a bill and I believe it was voted on where the government would match campaign funds. For instance if a campaign raised $200.00 in donations, the government would match it with $1600.00. The Democrats apparently want the government (You) to fully fund the disassembly of America. They are tired of having to raise money I suppose. I think that is called irony.

    You are a Democrat? You voted Democrat? Be proud, your now officially your and everyone else’s own worst enemy.

    You going to keep doing that?

  • Lashkar-e-Trumpii

    Lee County, FL/Ft. Myers area is where this happened. There is no reason that CREW, given their un-American and un-Floridian stance, should continue to receive Lee County funds, until they restore the student and issue an unambiguous apology.

    Here are the Commissioners of Lee County, which has an overwhelmingly Republican majority.

    I also encourage anybody or either party to become a Precinct Committeeperson, with the ability to censure and make decisions over local (and up to state) political party agendas, regardless of whether you are a Democrat or Republican. The “Bowling Alone” trend in our society has made it too easy for politicians, even on the local level, to ignore their consituency.

  • Grim Leaper

    I’d describe rank cowardice as the fundamental problem. What good is the Constitution and innumerable laws against voter fraud, for example, if The People aren’t willing to enforce them? Remember those incidents with Democratic operatives pushing Republican observers out of ballot counting rooms and even taping over windows? Not one single observer said, “No,” and physically, forcibly ripped off the window obstructions or, Lord forbid, physically shoved his or her way back into the ballot counting room to observe as strictly set forth in black-letter law. No, all we saw was weak-kneed whining.

    I’m not a particularly brave fellow myself, but you can be sure as hell that I’ll not abide some things in my sight. Sheer, arrogant fraud and bullying of the sort you’ve described are such. How can the Republic survive such hordes of “chestless men”?

  • Dan Chern

    Grim Leaper is correct. We cannot keep our constitutionally-limited republic when people won’t push back, figuratively and literally, against those taking our liberties.

    GL, I would respectfully make a suggestion: start using your full name. You have not said anything that (yet) requires anonymity. You and I and those who believe as we do have a right to be heard.

  • wayne


    “Wild In The Streets” (1968) Trailer

  • Cotour


    “We’re calling for an autonomous…..

    [The remainder deleted by webmaster for reasons Cotour should know by now.

  • Cotour: I wasn’t in the mood to edit the curse words out of your comment, especially when you reposted the comment four times without fixing the issue.

    Comments with curse words automatically go into moderation these days. That’s why your comment did not show up. And once again, don’t argue that the words were a quote.

    I should ban you according to my rules, as you have already once before served a one week suspension. I am in a good mood right now, and won’t. You should have known better.

  • Cotour

    (1. I made a special effort and removed the offensive words from my post on BTB. The offensive words remained within the news piece that accompanied my comments. A news article with offensive content was never an issue in the past on BTB to my recollection. Unless you have further tightened your requirements. 2. So happy you are in a good mood today.)


    Our president, Joseph Robbinet Biden, was plainly not up to the job of being the president at any time before, and he is certainly not up to the job now. He was clearly installed by the Democrat party machine by hook or by crook and he is “In Charge”. This is not good my fellow Americans, its very dangerous.

    “President” Joe’s news feed during what was going to become some questioning by the press was unceremoniously cut off by those who are actually running things in the White House. (Who exactly is that? Aren’t you curious America?)

    Joe Biden is being managed by his handlers and is not allowed to participate in any news conferences or any questioning by the press, “Weekend At Bernie’s” style. Why is that?

    And there will not apparently be a state of the union speech as is traditional as is expected of all competent chief executives of the United States.

    Joe Biden is but a political facade, a Potemkin village of a politician, a front of a radical Democrat Leftist operation within America and its White House.

    Joe Biden is a clear and present danger as the president of the United States. Your a Democrat? Are you getting it yet?

  • Cotour

    I just reviewed my post. I eliminated the one offensive word and failed to take care of the other, my oversight, please forgive, unintentional mistake.

  • Cotour wrote: “A news article with offensive content was never an issue in the past on BTB to my recollection..”

    Your recollection is very wrong, especially because your previous one week suspension was specifically for posting a quote with a curse word. As I said then, just because someone else wrote it does not make it all right. We can very easily delete and cover it with [expletive deleted].

  • janyuary

    Grim Leaper: “How can the Republic survive such hordes of ‘chestless men’?”

    The answer I think relates to “rank cowardice” (you nailed it) … cowardice physical and moral. Here, courage applied is where moral conviction dictates willingness for physical risk.

    But people whose lives since childhood have included countless hours sitting, looking at a screen where they watch other people taking physical risks, are bred to be spectators and they are currently hypnotized. They are the “good people sitting by and doing nothing.” Evil results.

    It’s worth noting that America is going on three generations where the woman holds legal authority in the family via “no fault” divorce: mom can leave dad for any reason at all, take the kids, and get support money out of ex-dad almost in perpetuity. The courts (“family law” in America is an oxymoron) will usually back her at great financial expense to Dad.

    The toll on manhood has been heavy. For example, one actual case: a mouthy athletic young teen is becoming beyond handling for his single mother who divorced his dad by choice. On the weekend that his dad has him, dad ends up getting physical and exacting genuine respect from the young boob. Mom hears about it, complains to the court, and Dad is forced to apologize to his son. What lesson in that? What sane human male would want to grow up to be a “man” in such a world?

    Nature and God are sexists. The left vainly seeks control over both. The right understands that nature and God stand outside of control, that we must adapt to them. Courage is a blessing delivered in both sexes, however. The left can think that being a sexist (acknowledging the profound innate differences between girls and boys, men and women) isn’t sensible. The left will lose ultimately because illusions (such as “men and women have equal abilities”) shatter when reality hits the fan.

    Rank cowardice … maybe the reality of no-fault divorce is hitting the fan. Lots of TEMPORARILY emasculated boys and men out there, but there may be a lot of good surprises coming up. I believe in God, and nature — I even believe in men. :^)

  • I have noted that mine was perhaps the last generation to battle it out on the playground, with tacit adult approval (to a point).

    Dealing with physical confrontation is not experience you can fake. You either have, or you haven’t. This, perhaps, causes me, and my generational cohort, to look at the world in a more basic way. Opinions vary as to the efficacy.

    If your experience with confrontation comes from academic dueling, then you may tend to see physical events as not so important. Because, you can always argue the next round. And you can. But meanwhile, the physical reality has changed, and with it the space in which the conversation takes place.

    As someone said “You need to recognize!”

  • pzatchok

    I call it the mothering of America.
    Our sons have been s-mothered to death.

    I am one of those fathers who got custody exacted child support from the mother and raised my son as a single dad.

    At 25 he is in a union making a good living and has no children yet. he drinks like I did at his age, a little to much. But that is his worst quality. He hunts and fishes and can kick my fanny at Trap and Skeet. I would like for him to join the military like I did but his mother got to him about that.

    He has three sisters raised by his mother and they, like their mother, are total train wrecks. Drugs and mental problems.

    The mothering of America

    The oil needs changed in the car.
    Mom hands you cash and says take it to the shop.
    Dad says follow me and shows you how to do it yourself.
    Who helped you more?
    Moms way was easy and it was nice just telling someone to do it for you.
    dads way was harder and you learned something.
    Lets say your out fishing and jamb a hook into your own finger.
    Mom gives you a hug and cries right along with you.
    Dad gets the priers and pulls the hook out. Telling you to go and clean up the hole and get back to fishing,
    Mom made you feel nice but dad took care of the problem.

    The left is just like mom. They want to make you feel better and just make your life so much easier,
    Like a strong family raising children you need both a mother and a father. Our society has pushed the man out, made the dad irrelevant.

    How many young people want dad the disciplinarian back now?

  • wayne

    I would second that thought.

    Great back-story!


    Jordan Peterson
    “Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back”

  • janyuary

    Pzatchok,, Blair, wayne — well said! Except for one thing: making dad irrelevant, on the contrary Dad is the FUNDING, he is CRUCIALLY RELEVANT — he is THE source of money, and boys grow up seeing fatherhood reduced to that role, as an entity required by the government to work and finance a “family” that only wants (“needs”) his income and ZERO else. It is disgusting. I am glad that you, Pzat, got to raise your boy. Lucky son. Tell him to look for women who:

    1. Have cars that are maybe a little dusty, dirty, a few dings and dents, but that get her from point A to point B and that’s all she cares about.

    2. Have fingernails clipped neat and short. If he meets a gal with extra-long nails, no matter how sweet and bubbly and funny she is, he is wise to walk away and look for a gal with sensible hands.

    Guys who allow themselves to fall for a gal who lavishes undue pride and attention on her car and her fingernails, will find out too late that they have married a high-maintenance person with wildly screwed-up priorities. Low maintenance females, like low-maintenance males, are GOOD FINDS.

    The Founders were wise in prohibiting women from voting. Women who cast votes based on pure emotion (most of them, and now at least half of male voters, too, after two generations of being socially feminized) give the rest of us level-headed gals a bad name.

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