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Today’s blacklisted American: PJMedia banned by Twitter for calling a man a “man”

Cancelled Bill of Rights
Doesn’t exist at the Twitter.

The new dark age of silencing: The quite legitimate and major conservative news outlet PJMedia was locked out of its Twitter account this week because it had the audacity to state that just because the Biden administration’s assistant secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services likes to wear make-up and dresses, that does not make him a woman, even if he claims he is and the government and Twitter insist we accept that claim, no questions asked.

PJM’s Matt Margolis took issue with that claim in an article titled: “Rachel Levine Is Not the ‘First Female Four-Star Admiral’… Because He’s a Male.” He wrote:

Even if you believe that gender is a social construct and subject to how one feels and not dependent on biology, sex chromosomes determine whether an individual is male or female. Rachel Levine is 100 percent male, right down to his DNA. He is not a female. He may have grown his hair out and changed his name to a woman’s name, but that doesn’t make him a female.

Let me second Margolis’s position. If Levine likes to cross-dress, all power to him. However, he is still a guy, and that is what I will call him, to his face if I ever had the unlikely opportunity to do so. This would likely get me arrested and blacklisted also, as that is now what our present culture demands for anyone who dissents from the leftist agenda, even if that leftist agenda is utterly false and contrary to reality.

To get Twitter’s ban lifted, PJMedia must delete its tweets promoting Margolis’ essay, which according to Twitter will be PJMedia acknowledging its tweet violated its rules.

Twitter made it clear that in order to access our account we would have to delete the truthful offending tweet, thereby admitting we had violated a Twitter rule, purportedly the one that bans “misgendering people.” You can read all about it on their page outlining what it considers to be “hateful conduct.” Misgendering is lumped in with death threats, references to mass murder, and Nazi imagery. (It’s funny that you never seem to hear leftists complaining about being banned from Twitter for calling for Trump’s death or for attacking Christians and Jews. I wonder why?)

At the moment it appears PJMedia has no intention of doing such a foolish thing. Good for it. Stand by the truth and the truth will eventually win out.

Sadly, in our modern oppressive culture the victory for truth might take awhile, and require the destruction of many innocent but honest people along the way.

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  • wayne

    The Tim Dillon Show
    January 25, 2021
    “Rachel Levine, Assistant Heath Secretary, Gets It…”

  • Cotour

    The Liberal, Leftist reality is an *Intellectualized* reality. This trait and ability is unique to the human animal.

    They make it up because it serves their purposes, call it good, and insist that you get on board. And if not? Then you are a racist, or trans phobic, or are a xenophobe etc, etc.

    I understand the technique in the quest to change and reform social attitudes. I understand that. BUT.

    And I have no issue with someone who is differently oriented, embrace it, be comfortable with yourself, do as you please, dress as you please, but please don’t insist that I MUST fully embrace your intellectualized reality. And if I do not, but I still respect your different orientation, you still insist that I love you.

    I may not love you, but I respect you.

    Rarely do you get both in life, and this is one of those instances.

    And that is one of the components in this on going psyops that the Left is engaged in to destroy all and every social and cultural norm of the West. Not much more complicated than that.

    The radical Left and those who follow their lead are a danger to themselves and to others.

  • Questioner

    No, Cotour. No respect for these people! Also no acceptance!

  • Cotour


    Make the distinction and clearly call them and their agenda out when necessary, but always default to first respecting another. Always.

    If you can call them out and reveal their agenda and manipulation and have a genuine fundamental respect for them as individuals and people who are different then you can gain some leverage. Its similar to in an argument asking someone the question: “WHY?”.

    If someone is forced to stop and think about what they are arguing and have to rationally explain their position and they are unwilling or unable to do so. Then they have lost the argument. This is the philosophy you find here on BTB. Its simple and effective.

    If you refuse to consider respect then all that can result is warfare.

    Respect is the solution to most all of these political wedge issues. Teaching it and explaining it.

    What is the Left endeavoring to do? To cause division and draw lines. They demand that you LOVE them and skip over the respect. You can not have love if their is no respect first. And to demand it is ludicrous.

    That is their argument and its fraudulent, focused only in destroying who and what they see as the thing that stands in their way of “Equality”. They are not equal, they are different.

    All people are equal under the law, and the law is objective. What comes to you after that in the subjective world is what it is.

    And I do not mean to suggest that you or anyone else be weak and compliant. Not at all. Strength, compassion, benevolence and respect solves the problems in the world today.

    The problem is, that these political operators do not truly seek solutions, they seek political warfare. Its their nature.

    You don’t love me? I could care less, but you will respect me.

  • jburn

    womb + man = woman

    The dude doesn’t have, nor will he ever have, a womb.
    He’s just another pretender. Someday in the future he will be regarded as someone wearing “blackface” of this era and pretending to be something which he is not — regardless of how he identifies at the moment.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Has it occured to anyone that when McAulliffe wins in VA, that the press is going magically declare that this vote was actually a vote on CRT and that the people voted for it?

    As for the above disagreement, I was always taught, love the sinner, not the sin. That implies a base level of respect for all.

  • Alex Andrite

    Mr. Z., please …
    “… that is now what our present culture demands … ”

    Culture ? Please sir, what “culture” ? Society perhaps, but “culture” ?
    Our Culture is, has all but perished in the decay of nominalism and.

    I do embrace Hope though. For my grand children’s sake, and theirs.

  • Cotuor wrote: “The Liberal, Leftist reality is an *Intellectualized* reality.”

    I learned last week that there are 12 applicants for every academic tenure-track position. Now, some disciplines are likely crying out for people, while others are awash in the over-educated. Those folks have to do *something* for a living; and society suffers as a result of the intellectualization of practical reality. We are living the reality of 40 years of Big Education’s ‘Stay In School’ mantra.

  • Cotour wrote: “The Liberal, Leftist reality is an *Intellectualized* reality.”

    I learned last week that there are 12 applicants for every academic tenure-track position. Now, some disciplines are likely crying out for people, while others are awash in the over-educated. Those folks have to do *something* for a living; and society suffers as a result of the intellectualization of practical reality. We are living the reality of 40 years of Big Education’s ‘Stay In School’ mantra.

  • Aargh! Posted twice because I miss-spelled Cotour’s name in the first comment.

  • wayne

    Saturday Night Live (1990)
    “Pat at the Office”

  • wayne

    “Absurdistan The Music Video”

  • James Street

    Personally I’m enjoying watching the godless commies implode.

    MAGA Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Clintonista Democrat Terry “parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education” McAuliffe in a huge win for governor of Virginia.

    There’s panic in DC tonight.

  • Questioner


    If you leave every ideology and theology both, you must realize that there is no such thing as a law of nature. All law arises from the interaction and from agreements between people, more precisely between different groups of people, depending on the power relations between these groups and their interests. Valid law arises from the fact that the ruling group can transfer its will or its legal understanding to society as a whole.

    In practice, this process is not as absolute as it might sound here, as one group does not have absolute control over another in the long run. Even with dictatorships, the dictator (emperor, king, etc.) needs the permanent recognition of his power by other parts of the elite and by the acclamation of the people (public opinion). Law arises solely from the result of negotiations in a society between the groups of people involved. Law is not absolute, but dependent on the situation and time. Depending on the balance of power that changes over time. What was right today doesn’t have to be tomorrow. That’s how I see reality.

  • Michigan J Frogg

    Transgenders want everyone to accept them the way they are, but they could not accept themselves the way they were. Personally, my response to their theatrics is I choose not to participate in their fanatical delusions.

  • Cotour

    “All law arises from the interaction and from agreements between people, more precisely between different groups of people, depending on the power relations between these groups and their interests. ”

    Human nature:

    1. “A body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.”

    2. “An observable law relating to natural phenomena.”

    Questioner: When I refer to human nature I am referring to how human beings naturally act, consciously or unconsciously, and how they respond to certain conditions and situations that they find themselves in. And this runs from their primal drives and tendencies all the way up and into the highest levels of civilization. Its all connected, but I am not specifically referring narrowly to theories of civil or criminal law or justice.

    For instance, all living things (Even you) have a natural drive and desire to survive and live and will fight to the death if they / you are confronted with something that seeks to injure or end that life. That is human nature as it is the nature of all living things.

    Leftists / Marxists / Communists / American Liberal Democrats attempt to *Intellectualize* this human nature and convince people that they know better for them and offer them security. And that usually (Read: Always) results in their subjugation or death. Exactly the opposite from what was advertised.

  • Beverly

    I find it… interesting … that these gay males are allowed to practice sex-appropriation. They are essentially trying to steal women’s roles and our place in society and are encouraged to do so. The left has shoved women’s rights to the back of the line. Natural rights, to be exactly who God and nature made us.

    Richard Levine is a malignant, dishonest, deranged man, deserving only of scorn and contempt. Most of all for his complicity in the mass murder of the elderly in his state.

  • wayne

    I’d like to see the list of this guys psych meds. I can’t write Rx’s, but trust me on this; behind the scenes, there’s always psych meds involved.

    extremely good points.
    In addition to mass murder, he also moved to severely restrict access to pain killing medication in his State.
    My only quibble–in reality, gay guys have very little in common with lesbians, and both have very little in common with people who want to play at being their opposite genetic sex. And as an aside, all of these groups make up a miniscule proportion of the population. For what rational reason they have disproportionate political power just illustrates how over the edge we already are.

    Now for an interstitial musical interlude….

    Lets Go Brandon –
    Forgiato Blow [Kurt Jantz] (October 18, 2021)
    –>this is the version you want. Get it before it disappears.

  • Questioner


    The following applies:

    1. Law that cannot be enforced in practice is not a law.
    2. Hence the law always follows political power.
    3. The law is therefore always made by the mighty and dictated to the people.
    4. Immutable moral principles that come from outside the human mind do not exist.
    5. There is no equality among men. On the contrary, they are very different.
    5. Man was not created, least of all equal.
    6. This right created by the mighty can be good or bad.
    7. Good law will last longer than bad, because it supports the mighty and is more likely to be accepted by the ruled.
    8. Yes, there is such a thing as human nature (as part of nature or derived from the laws of nature).
    9. Good law is in harmony with the natural hierarchy of things, as follows from the nature of man and the differences contained therein (1st example: good law takes into account the different social nature of men and women, 2nd example: Example: the strong / able rules over the weak / incompetent, the bold rules over the coward).
    10. Good law is in harmony with the laws of nature in general.

  • Cotour


    Again, you are blending two related but different things.

    The nature of man, and law as determined by man.

    When you are able to separate and distinguish the two you will better understand my perspective.

    Until then, you and people that think in similar conflated ways are the problem. (And I do not mean that pejoratively. Both you and them are I am certain good and thoughtful, compassionate people. You just need a little adjustment)

  • BLSinSC

    How long before EVERY internet site bans all SANE people?

  • David Telford

    M J Frogg had it succinctly. Add to that the adage that the Left can only win through deception. We have deception on full display.

    ? If you refuse me, honey, you lose me

    But they don’t leave us alone, do they?

  • “You just need a little adjustment”

    Oh, Dude! Is there a more dystopian statement?

  • sonny wayz

    New-ish here.

    Re respect: Respect is earned. I’ll stick with courtesy and civility as an opening position. I hope to see it reciprocated some day.

  • Cotour


    Re: “You just need a little adjustment”

    You are correct, should have read and what I meant : “YOU just need to MAKE a little adjustment”. Words and sentence structure have meaning.

    If its not accomplished through personal realization and changing ones perspective then what is the point? Then your just a Liberal, Leftist Jr. Nazi Democrat. And there are way too many of those on the planet and in government currently.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Sonny,. Well said.

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