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Today’s blacklisted American: Police officer fired for making anonymous donation to another man’s defense fund

Today's modern witch hunt
Burning witches: Norfolk’s new policy for anyone they don’t like.

They’re coming for you next: : A high-ranking police officer in Norfolk, Virginia, was fired from his job when the leftwing newspaper The Guardian revealed he had made an anonymous donation to the defense fund that had been set up for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who when attacked by BLM rioters shot and killed two.

According to the Guardian newspaper on Friday, Lieutenant William Kelly, who served as the executive officer of NPD’s internal affairs division, made an anonymous $25 donation to Rittenhouse’s defense in September. … The revelation came after a data breach of the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo, which showed official email addresses belonging to many police officers and public officials. The information was shared with the Guardian by the transparency group Distributed Denial of Secrets.

The alleged donation from Kelly was made on September 3 and included the comment, “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong” and “Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.”

After the donation came to light, Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said Kelly was initially reassigned to another division pending the results of an administrative investigation. He did not identify Kelly in that original statement. According to Kelly’s LinkedIn page, he had been with the Norfolk Police Department for 18 years. He has been the executive officer of internal affairs for the last two months.

In a release sent Tuesday, April 20, Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer said he has accepted the recommendation of Chief Boone to relieve Lt. Kelly of his duty.

First, the donation was supposed to be anonymous, and Kelly’s identity only came to light because the site GiveSendGo was hacked, illegally.

Second, Rittenhouse has not been convicted yet of any crime. What happened to being considered innocent until proven guilty? Are we not allowed to give every American the right in court to defend themselves? And wasn’t it the left that demanded free legal aid to all accused citizens under this very premise? Did that principle never apply to those the left disagreed with?

Third, what justification on Earth does the Norfolk police department have to fire Kelly? His donation had nothing to do with his performance as a police officer, and from what I can gather, his record was so clean he had just two months ago been promoted to an executive position.

They had no justification. They fired him because they simply didn’t like his opinions as stated in his donation comment, as bluntly admitted by Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer:

I have reviewed the results of the internal investigation involving Lt. William Kelly. Chief Larry Boone and I have concluded Lt. Kelly’s actions are in violation of City and departmental policies. His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve. The City of Norfolk has a standard of behavior for all employees, and we will hold staff accountable. [emphasis mine]

In America today the left no longer respects the right of individuals to donate anonymously to whatever cause or individuals they choose. No, you are only permitted to support leftwing causes, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and every Democrat running for office. Give any of your money to anyone they disagree with or hate — no matter how unjustly — and you will be blacklisted, blackballed, destroyed, and hunted down like a rat.

I truly hope that Kelly can get work elsewhere, on a police force that respects the law, the right of free speech, and the rights of the individual to a fair trial. And I certainly would not want to live in Norfolk, which now has a local government that no longer believes in these ideals.

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  • George

    Guardian, Distributed Denial of Secrets, the Administrators of Norfolk Police Department, and the city of Norfolk’s city manager, should all be charged with accepting stolen goods, prosecuted, and ordered to pay reparations to whomever is harmed physically or civilly over this data breach. A federal crime, certainly, because it probably crossed state lines. Unfortunately, not going to happen because of the “woke” culture these individuals are enthralled with. Karl Marx’s ghost must be ecstatic by now!

  • Jeff Wright

    They need to be doxed in turn

  • Cotour

    You do understand that this is just proforma strategy and action now for the Left.

    And it has a purpose behind it, intimidation.

    The only solution?


  • pzatchok


    Every time the left asks for a federal background check for any reason they actually mean a social media check.

    That is what all these Red Flag laws are all about. If your dog drops one in the neighbors yard he could call the cops and just say he is afraid of you because of your unstable attitude and might be dangerous (I.E. you have guns).
    Slap boom bang they are coming in to take them until they finish the investigation. No time limit on that investigation. They can then hold your fire arms for all time. Or at least until you prove your innocence.

    Is it still Doxing if the feds do it?

  • Jeff Wright

    We have to be the underground now.

  • Alton

    Maintain several public email accounts without your name on them, yes it is a pain – but use them to force the GOONS to have to dig deep to out you. I have several that go back into the ninties and the creation of Hotmail and Yahoo.. My Name is rather uncommon as you all know from my posts.

  • Gary

    “We have to be the underground now”

    That is where the left wants you to be. Go underground and the country’s lost for sure

  • James Street

    These articles never give details so I always wonder if it was a “hacker” or a malicious employee with a thumb drive. I’ve been alarmed at the number of people with access to the databases at all the companies I’ve worked at. Someone can download a table like this in a few seconds.

  • Gary, many now live and work in places where they are targets for excommunication from work/school/society, by our ascendant neo-feudalist lords and their fundamentalist Church of Woke. They are being compelled to go “underground” to avoid that and its impacts.

    Impacts not only on them, but on their employers and those they associate with as well. Which is one reason I don’t use my real name when posting, even here … my opinions are my own, not necessarily the opinions of my employer.

    That does not mean we cease to push back where we can – and look for opportunities where we can overtly do so. As long as you, I and those who value liberty and initiative over submissive conformity and blind trust are still breathing, there is still hope for this nation.

  • Max

    The same Guardian article from the illegal smash and grab hackers, was used by a reporter in Utah to go to a man’s home to accuse him of wrong doing.
    They interviewed the paramedics employer who said it’s under investigation but it’s not a public matter but personal. The woke media wants blood. They won’t be satisfied until they destroy this man’s life for a $10 donation…

  • wayne

    The Man In The High Castle
    “The Death of John Smith”

    “We’ve seen things, you and me, other worlds, other lives, we have that in common. It’s unbearable, to be able to look through that door and glimpse all the people you could have been. To know that out of all, this is the one you became.”

  • Daniel Silvan

    Well, he has a sure-win lawsuit that will pay off handsomely now. There is no way the can justify their actions. So, he will have a tidy sum to relax with while he decides which non-Communist state he wants to move to. Florida and Texas are nice and are receiving a lot of LEOs that are leaving Democrat run Leftist cities. They treat you right over there.

  • Anthony Schmieg

    Wow! This information following that short film Utopia is really chilling.

  • Cotour


    What is the problem with the extreme Left and their politically ill and desperate Democrat party facilitators logic and rational? They are teaching a dark lesson and are actively indoctrinating people to think in their racist terms. AND IT IS WRONG, IT IS UN AND ANTI AMERICAN.

    The Left is actively teaching racism and retribution and not mutual respect.

    What do you teach your child? Mutual respect for all people that they encounter, skin color aside, OR do you teach them to be racist and to exact revenge and retribution? Your answer to that question is the key to actually resolving any inequities in America, perceived or otherwise.

    (That is a rhetorical question, I know you do not teach your child to actively be racist or that retribution is the best path for them in their life. I know that 100 percent. So why are you allowing your school to teach such things to your child?)

    Below is information about what is going on in a community in Washington State where people, tax paying Americans in the state who happen to have white skin are actively being excluded from receiving a shot of the vaccine if they so desire. Creating an exclusionary list in a program funded by government with tax dollars is an abuse of power and needs to be remedied ASAP. It sends a purposeful incorrect message and it is illegal.

    If you show up black, white or polka dots, you should be able to receive the shot if you so desire and anything other than that based in skin color is illegal, is active racism and needs to be ended if not by the local government by the Federal government and the DOJ.

    Do you live in the dark past? Do you live IN history? No, you live in the now and the today. We do not live in the dark past, and if you do choose to live in the past you live in a very dark place indeed where teaching racism and retribution is the logical conclusion that you come to.

    This perspective offered by the Left is nothing more than a technique of psychological manipulation and control designed in drawing bright lines between Americans in order to further acquire or retain political power. The Left are very well versed in psychological manipulation, the Left and the ill Democrat party leadership MUST have racism alive, well and growing in America. Your being manipulated America.

    “Washington State Department of Health Allows Vaccination Sites to Deny Vaccines to White People to ‘Address Inequities”

    “Whites are not welcome, says at least one vaccination site in Washington state. The Washington Department of Health spokeswoman Kristen Maki said people of color are being prioritized to ‘address inequities.”

    “White people will be denied an appointment and automatically put on a standby list.”.

    “This policy effectively bars white people from accessing taxpayer funded vaccines set up through the state.”

  • Gary


    All good points, but I never have been a fan of social media. As a result, I’v edd lost touch with most everyone and I haven’t a clue what they had for lunch.

    I have further reduced my involvement with Google and Amazon. I cancelled Amazon Prime and have moved away from Google. That said, my phone is Android, so no real underground. I’ll soon be out of my deep blue state and will be in more friendly environments. My acquaintance have done the same. People are moving..changing jobs….way outside our comfort zone, but extreme suppression of viewpoints, historically, doesn’t end well. My wife barely survived the modern Khmer and I fear for my children. So, make smart moves, but don’t expect that hiding will work.

  • Gary: Hiding now will not work. People now have be finally be willing to lose their jobs for freedom and human rights. If you hide because you want to hold your job than that job is not where you should be working.

    There is always more work. Tell them they are pushing bigotry. If they want to punish you for speaking the truth, then leave.

  • Gary


    I completely agree. I’m on the other side of the job loss and without warning after 22 they can’t get rid of me a second time. California is beyond lost and fighting here is futile. My kids are fed up with the educational indoctrination and they are powerless to fight. The district is pushing parents to attend zoom meetings to fight their white privilege I was so privileged that I started working at the age of nine. I dug ditches, drove trucks and put myself through school. I became a vegetarian because I could not afford to eat meat. A good conservative friend preceded me by six months. He had a hard time checking his white privledge because he is black.
    We are entering a period of first and second amendment sanctuary states. The legal system will be key to this fight. Pack the courts and options narrow to few and no positive options. Cutting ties where possible and dropping high tech, NBA, MLB, products from woke corporations are a must.

  • Edward

    Gary is correct. California is lost.

    Its election system looks like the Soviet system. By design, only one party ends up on the November ballot. Just to make sure, however, California allows for vote harvesting for a week following an election, so that Democrat votes can be found in order to negate the valid election of anyone other than a Democrat. No opposition party can compete with the Democratic Party.

    California is home to many or most of there high tech socialist media companies, so we should not expect to see much in the way of competing ideas available to the masses. Google once fired a guy for pointing out that they can’t have a diversity program if they pretend that everyone is exactly the same.

    We may have to resort back to the printing press in order to express any first amendment rights.

  • pawn

    “Google once fired a guy for pointing out that they can’t have a diversity program if they pretend that everyone is exactly the same.”

    Not just Google, it almost happened to me. Mostly because it embarrassed the boss because it’s true. They will agree with both premises but not at the same time or in the same sentence. Pointing this out is a big no-no if you like your job.

    I imagine this situation is pretty common considering all of the wanabe “progressive leaders”. Oxymoron IMHO.

  • Cotour


    Former Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer Player Sues Coach After She Was Forced Off College Soccer Team For Refusing to Kneel

    SUE THEM !

    Lawyers and lots of money.

  • Cotour


    What is now officially a threat to your freedoms, your free speech, and the core of the Constitution? BIG TECH! Silicon Valley.

    This one paragraph below clearly demonstrates my point, and if you have been paying the least bit of attention to what has been going on you clearly understand, which ever side of the political aisle you fall on, that BIG TECH has chosen a side and is not for one second interested in a somewhat down the middle administering of the extreme power they now have over Social media and free speech.

    “Big Tech has showered Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ PAC and charities with millions in donations — and censors her online critics — as she backs their battle to control the internet.”

    Big Tech is now aligned with forces that have a desperate need to gut the Constitution. And they along with other now INTERNATIONAL companies who were formerly American companies and are now fully “Woke” like, APPLE, GOOGLE, TWITTER, AMAZON, Coke Cola, Delta, the NBA, MLB, NFL. These are all companies who see their future financial interests lie in pandering to one growing country with a market based in 1.5 billion potential customers: COMMUNIST CHINA. And the Communist Chinese strategically need the Constitution gutted.

    What does that make these companies? There is a line and they are all in the interests of financial self interests, and that is a powerful motivation, willing to go over it. But the costs are high. Never thought about things in terms like that before? Well that condition is over, that in fact is what is underway, whether you thought about it like that before or not.

    Big Techs clear abuse of power bestowed upon them by government under the authority given them by Act 230, which was intended to protect free speech leads to the gutting of the American Constitution and our core freedoms and the abuse of power. That is the nature of the beast. And that is why our government, who by the way is now controlled to some degree by all of that money that is being paid out by Big Tech, MUST dismantle Act 230.

    “Section 230 is a provision of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. A number of tech industry observers say it’s the most important law protecting free expression online. The provision essentially protects companies that host user-created content from lawsuits over posts on their services.”

  • Cotour

    Related: This video is about Covid treatment but it is also about just how desperate and how fraudulent the Democrat party and their Leftist masters in tech and Social media are.

    Dr. John Campbell interviews Dr. Pierre Kory (D), front line doctor, in the field, accused during his testimony in front of Congress of being a shill for the extreme Right. Testified about the efficacy of the off label use of Ivermectin. Part 2, Part 1 is also worthwhile.

    Fear, desperation and political agenda have killed many more people during this Covid pandemic, compliments of the Communist Chinese, then was necessary. Government, a blunt instrument at best, and at its worst is your worst enemy and will kill you.

  • Cotour

    These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint For Complete Takeover

    Start your week off right.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    I’ll toss this in here:

    Lex Fridman Podcast #178
    Michael Malice & Yaron Brook: Ayn Rand, Human Nature, and Anarchy
    4:25:18 (!)

    (The Robot Man, an Anarchist, and a Randian walk into a bar….)

  • Cotour

    Wayne, I once watched a Lex Fridman podcast, I feel a sleep.

    4 + hours of him?

  • wayne

    I empathize.
    That being said, –>it depends on the guest(s).

    You might however, enjoy Michael Malice on his own. (at roughly 1 hour each)

    (For the Space enthusiast, Malice just recently spent an hour with astronaut Clayton Anderson.)

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