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Today’s blacklisted American: Princeton considering blacklisting John Witherspoon, Founding Father and signer of the Declaration of Independence

John Witherspoon: Target for cancellation
John Witherspoon: a target for cancellation

The modern dark age: Princeton University is now considering removing from its campus a statue of John Witherspoon, Founding Father, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the college’s sixth president, because some students have whined about the fact that in his life he also at one time owned two slaves.

A petition, started by three graduate students in the Philosophy Department, states that the “prominent place on campus of the John Witherspoon statue is inappropriate” and calls on the university to “remove it from its pedestal in Firestone Plaza.”

The petition asks that officials replace the statue with an informational plaque that reflects both the “positive and negative aspects of Witherspoon’s legacy.”

In other words, we must denigrate and devalue all of our past history simply because past great Americans were not perfect, as these three philosophy students must surely be.

The statue itself was only unveiled in 2001, and was created by Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart, who attempted to portray “Witherspoon in vigorous middle age, preaching at a symbolic lectern on which an open Bible rests.”

At his feet are five books. Four have their spines to the front, so that we can see they are the works of Cicero, Principia [by Newton], Locke, and Hume.

Well Lordy-me! It We can’t honor these dead white philosophers as well, can we? I am sure that is the position of these absolutely perfect philosophy students. By removing the statue they will also successfully cancel Cicero, Newton, Locke, and Hume, and get a five for one victory! All that will remain is a small plaque that gives as much if not more space to Witherspoon’s human failures.

Princeton officials have not yet made any decision. Instead, they have asked a council made up of administrators, students, faculty and staff to weigh the issue. Knowing the cowardice and general oppressive culture at most of today’s American colleges, we must not be hopeful that Witherspoon (and Cicero, Newton, Locke, and Hume) will survive this witch hunt.

At the same time, some members of Princeton’s community late last year proved themselves to be a strong defender of free speech, allowing a professor give a speech that had been canceled by MIT because some there had objected to that professor’s firm stance in favor of free speech.

We shall soon see if Princeton really does stand for free speech, or whether it is now willing to kow-tow to those who wish to rewrite history to cancel everything great about America’s past.

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  • David M. Cook

    I heard today that Princeton will be offering a course on sexual bondage for black people! Clearly, Princeton has the best in modern education!

  • David M. Cook: Can you provide a link?

  • “The petition asks that officials replace the statue with an informational plaque that reflects both the “positive and negative aspects of Witherspoon’s legacy.”

    Some reason why the plaque can’t be affixed to the statue’s pedestal? There appears to be space.

  • Wonder if Reese Witherspoon will suffer some associated fallout? She is a descendant.

  • GWB

    The best result would be the university telling the students to shut up and learn something before they go making demands of their elders, then they are horse-whipped for any minor mistake they make for their four years of university. I could see my way to the use of an iron maiden, too, if the horse-whipping is speciest or something.

    But, understand, this is a contest of cultures. Progressivism is a religion. And it is trying its best to replace the religion that built Western Civilization – and it’s winning right now. To win back the Republic, you will have to evangelize Christian morals and American ideals – and getting people’s heads out of the universities is a big part of that.

  • Jeff Wright

    One of the more frightening things I have seen is this:

    What they found was that only reading the “common-enemy” article about Russia, Iran, and China moved people’s guesses, and it appeared to increase animosity rather than bringing people closer.

    I wonder if there is a fix in that article though

  • Cotour

    Related, its ALL related:

    (And these Political Realm players in both parties are dragging you right along with them and you have the honor of paying for it all with your money and your freedom)

    Without any laws and responsible actions that counter insanity, this is the only thing any government can accomplish over time, the descent into hell, chaos and destruction. The Romans have nothing on America.

    “3 NYC nonprofits with marijuana licenses also offer drug abuse treatment”

    When government is licensing nonprofits to treat drug abuse AND they are also licensing those very same nonprofit drug treatment organizations to also sell the very same drugs they are supposedly helping people to quit, then that is a sign that it is almost over for us all. And there are of course tens of millions of dollars involved. What do you think about this?

    (Where do you think those millions and millions over time end up? Thats right, the Democrat party machine coffers and those nonprofits who are affiliated with them. The height of perversion and corruption.)

    And where is this insanity established, promoted and ongoing? All primarily Democrat party machine controlled cities in our country. And they are ALL to a city dirty, filthy crime ridden and unsafe piles of crap! Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, New York etc. All now the same, all “Equal”.

    Government wants you dumb, they want you drugged, they want you compliant, and they want you dependent on them. Government creates the necessity for government.

    All in the permanent government both Liberal / Leftists and RINO’s pursuit of absolute and perpetual political control, no elections necessary. Elections are now only symbolic at this point because they are all now controlled and pre-determined for the most part IMO.

  • David M. Cook

    Sorry, no link. “I heard it in the alley on the weird radio.”

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