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Today’s blacklisted American: Richmond restaurant to the Family Foundation: “No Christians served here!”

Metzger's: in favor of discrimination

They’re coming for you next: The restaurant, Metzger’s Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia, has now decided that it will no longer serve Christian-affiliated organizations.

Last week The Family Foundation, which is affiliated with the Christian ministry Focus on the Family, had scheduled a gathering at Metzger’s. However, ninety minutes before the event was to take place, Metzger’s told the foundation that it would not serve them, and the event was cancelled. In the restaurant’s own words:

“We refused service to a group that had booked an event with us after the owners of Metzger found out it was a group of donors to a political organization that seeks to deprive women and LGBTQ+ person of their basic human rights in Virginia,” they wrote. “We have always refused service to anyone for making our staff uncomfortable or unsafe and this was the driving force behind our decision.

“Many of our staff are women and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community,” the community wrote. ‘All of our staff are people with rights who deserve dignity and a safe work environment.” [emphasis mine]

So in other words, Metzger’s has now posted a sign on its door, stating bluntly “No religious individuals served here!”

The highlighted words in the quote are also an utter lie. Neither the Family Foundation or Focus on the Family call for the denial of human rights to any person. What both do is advocate for the family and traditional values of child-raising. This means protecting underage kids from being exposed to inappropriate sexual matters. If the queer movement opposes such things, it only proves they are pedophiles who merely wish the power to groom children for perverse sexual practices.

It seems to me that religious people have a choice. They can either boycott the restaurant, or they can go there while clearly exhibiting their religious affiliation, and dare the restaurant to throw them out. The former might quickly get it to change this illegal policy, but only temporarily. The second option will either lay the restaurant open to lawsuits and serious financial loss, or it will force the restaurant to end this behavior instantly.

In the past I would have favored the boycott idea. Today, based on the aggressive and vicious behavior of the blacklisting left, my opinion has changed. Christians have to tell Metzger’s that they do not consent to this discriminatory policy, and will defy it. I guarantee the restaurant will back down.

Either way, Christians might wish to contact Metzger’s to let its owners know what they think of its discriminatory policy. Its phone number is 804.325.3147, its email address is .

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  • Patrick

    Will they refuse to serve members of that other religion that ACTUALLY DOES deny the basic human rights of LGBTQ, sometimes through freelance enthusiasm but also by law in various countries?

    Rhetorical question, I already know the answer.

  • Being that this is in Virginia, I don’t think they can sue for discrimination as in Colorado but that is just a guess. I would love to see a discrimination lawsuit against a public accommodation such as this. Maybe Robert’s Option 2 is the best.

  • Gary H

    I’m a bit unclear as to what is going on here. I understand that religious groups can refuse to marry gay persons, but refusing service in reverse is not allowed??? I would not advocate for the refusal of service on the bases of sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. Perhaps we should carve out an exception for cavers. Many exceptions exist based on attire, conduct and what you conceal carry.

  • Cotour

    My initial reaction? Very foolish IMO.

    As soon as you decide to become political in your business, you are a political business. Good, bad or otherwise.

    You are there as a general rule to objectively do business and unless there has been some threat of violence related to this organization, you should just suck it up and objectively do business.

    Just off the top of my head, meat eaters as a general rule are not known to be big supporters of the “Woke” agenda.

    But there is a bit of a disconnect here, you would think that “Metzgers Bar and Butchery” would primarily be a steak house.

    But it seems reviewing the menu to be more of a salad and trout kind of place.

    If they were a solid steak house as their company name indicates I would think they would be shooting themselves in their righteous buttocks. But it looks like they are more of a “Woke” business catering to the “Woke” in their community.

    If you can discriminate in your business and make it work for you then more power to you.

    As a general rule I would not draw business / political lines like that.

  • pzatchok

    Just because your associates are not religious does not mean that the rest of the community at large is.

    But the local churches and other religious organizations should get together and actively start a campaign and advertise the restaurants refusal to serve religious people.
    In fact I would invite any Wicca or Satanic religion to join in.

    If the restaurant serves them then a law suit is justified. You can not say no religious groups them openly allow even one.

    This will never stand as written. They will capitulate long before any court date but why should any religious people go there after?

  • James Street

    Jordan Peterson says that envy is the foundation of Marxism. I think it’s in this video (warning 80 minutes) that he says envy has been the foundation of all world systems and the person who got a little ahead were wiped out by the envious. He theorizes that the reason societal advances explodeds in the 15th century was the printing press made the Bible available to the masses. Forgiveness and self-sacrifice as exemplfied by Christ became the foundation of society.

    Oil, Inflation, and the Way Forward | Congressman Mike Johnson
    Jordan B Peterson

  • VetFred

    Cotour above is correct—-a Butchery serving sprouts. Sheez! And who’s going to hold the sign at the restaurant to tell about this? Besides, the Richmond Times-Dispatch probably didn’t even mention it. Let Brittany and her snowflakes live in their bubble, and just cancel them out when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Travis Russell

    Talk about cut off your nose to spite your face. The Christian Group should sue.

  • BLSinSC

    People in the area should go there, enjoy a meal, and leave a TWO CENT TIP!! From what I read it was the SERVERS who complained and refused so the owner caved rather than be an AMERICAN! Also, CALL and BOOK a RESERVATION!!! Yes, book a reservation and just don’t show up or go, look over the menu, drink a glass of water, eat the complimentary bread, study the menu some more, and then say “Hey, isn’t this the place that denied the Christian Group”? And then “We have to leave, we thought this was a decent place”! If a few HUNDRED do that on a rolling basis then MAYBE the owner will get the message that he/she/they/thim need to hire BETTER people or just stop listening to the ee’s! Frankly, what I’ve seen in a lot of restaurants gives me the shivers about what or who might be handling my food in the kitchen!
    I do think a CHRISTIAN Organized EDUCATION for these “wokesters” is needed! We shouldn’t be discriminated against NOR should we back down!

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    We all reasonably believe at this point that the Covid health emergency was based in a virus that was up manipulated and made in a lab in China and it was either released on the world due to human error, or it was as a result of a preplanned effort by those in the Globalist / “Progressive” / Liberal / Leftist agenda of “Properly” (Your government) controlling the population primarily of the first world.

    And we have all seen the outrageous actions that have been taken all around the world as these actions of “Proper” population control by these governments. And what is the next step as this trend progresses?

    Sky News, Australia:

    We all are witness to the many abuses of power taken by our own government and we in America are all witness to how elections have been perverted and corrupted from education actively teaching children to hate America, to teaching children to reject their sexuality, to the feminizing of our military, to the reasonable questioning of the validity of our election system based in the many now legal ways that they can be devalued and stolen.

    You always rejected the idea that these “Woke” / “Progressive” primarily Democrat / RINO “Climate Change” warriors were that Orwellian. Well how do you feel about that position now as the water gets warmer and warmer for you and the rest of the frogs?

    For your and the population of the entire earth they seek to own and manage you. Do you get it yet?

  • Cotour

    (And you thought they were going to allow someone like Trump to once again disrupt their high agenda? Bahhhh! Funny)

  • Cotour

    The future of America under the radical Democrat / Globalist agenda.

    Florida man breaks into home, kills family puppy with machete: cops

    We are all “Equal” now.

  • Cotour

    A little more, I cannot help myself today:

    The Left Is Melting Down Over An Election Case About To Be Heard By The Supreme Court

    “Just what is this “fringe” theory? Progressives call it the Independent State Legislature Theory, but most Americans have another name for it: THE CONSTITUTION!

    All the way back in 1787, the Framers had the foresight to give the power to write the rules of federal elections to lawmakers — not courts — and that’s driving today’s litigious left crazy.

    Queue the outrage from Elias and others. After all, if the Justices issue a constitutionally-grounded ruling in this case, their highly lucrative, nationwide campaign to use rogue courts to rewrite election laws for political gain could grind to a halt. If it does, Elias will have nobody to blame but himself.”

  • scruboak

    Might be unpopular, but my opinion is that if you don’t want bakers forced to produce gay marriage wedding cakes, then you can’t force a restaurant to host a conference that holds views they oppose. This isn’t about not serving them because they are religious, but they didn’t want to host an event whose viewpoints they are against. You have to let everyone have freedom in this regard if you want to exercise that freedom. Now if they kicked out persons who were just dining like everyone else because they learned they have strong traditional family views, or conservative political positions, that would be discrimination and should not be allowed. Not hosting an event versus not letting persons dine is the same to me as refusing to making a specific cake with messaging that is objectionable to the baker versus refusing the same person to buy pre-made cakes offered for sale to everyone.

  • M Puckett

    BillB, this violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act at a minimum. I am sure there is a Virginia statute that mirrors it too. Unlike the Colorado cake case, discrimination by businesses against race and religion are prohibited at the state and federal levels. The cake matter was not against a legally-protected class.

  • LongTimeTexan

    “Many of our staff are women and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community,”

    No Christian should ever eat at this restaurant. It is obvious they hate Christians so you would not know just what they may do to your food.

  • pzatchok

    There refusal to serve has nothing to do with Christians anymore.

    They specifically say ALL religions.

    If they just wanted to stop people who did not like the LBGTQRNA community they could have just posted a sign that said that they fully support the LRGTQAAA community. Then those who do not care for the community would not eat there of their own accord. ‘

    But by saying religion they included religions that agreed with them also. And as previously stated its states law “race or religion” period, not a specific religion.

  • Edward

    pzatchok noted: “If they just wanted to stop people who did not like the LBGTQRNA community they could have just posted a sign that said that they fully support the LRGTQAAA community.

    An alternative would be to require all employees to wear rainbow hearts as part of their “flair.”

    Too bad these Christians didn’t demand that the restaurant bake them a religious cake. Then they would have an obvious leg to stand on. Instead, the LGBTQ+/ (division sign, as in dividing rather than uniting) community demands to have it both ways. It would be a double standard, except that the standard is for them to always have it their own way at the expense of everyone else. Didn’t kindergarten teach them the lesson of getting along with others? If not, what did they learn in grade school and high school?

    scruboak is right, but in the other direction: their community may force the wedding cake bakers to participate in their weddings, but they need not merely serve those same bakers. No, wait. scruboak thinks that the bakers wouldn’t serve, but they were perfectly willing to bake the cake, they just didn’t want to participate in the nuptials. IF (a big “if”) all the LGBTQ+/ employees were unwilling to serve religious people, then I think we can conclude that most or all of this community are this bigoted. Then the question would be: is bigotry baked into that DNA or are they taught it?

    It must be so good to be such special people that always get their way. One might even call it privileged.

  • Mike-SMO

    Metzgers seems to have missed the point.

    1) The “religious” ban rather assumes that gay, lesbians, etc. people are not religious. Most that I have encountered are quite religious although a good number have joined groups that don’t care about sexual orientation.

    2) the dividing line, as I understand the argument, is that an individual can not be forced to perform acts or a service that violates their religious beliefs. On the other hand, a firm, company, group that performs a generic service (lunch counter, restaurant, etc) can not reject patronage due to race, ethnicity, etc. I hope that Metzgers looses business and the gets sued. Personally, I’d be very suspicious of the staff and management of any business that put a sign like that on their door. “Freedom of Religion” includes the right to have or not have a faith. If the gay, lesbian, etc can’t deal with the “conventionals”, perhaps they should find a basement to hide in.

    It seems simple to me. Maybe Metzgers should require any group contracting for a meeting to acknowledge that they don’t care who, or what, the waiter/waitress slept with the night before the event. The sign on the front might just warn that the staff is untrustworthy. If you care how your food is prepared, go someplace else.

  • Barbara Nohrenberg

    Americans (like myself) who are very disturbed by this discrimination should take action to destroy this restaurant’s financial viability. Boycott, one option. Have a big table order one soda and sit for an hour at dinnertime on Saturday. I was going to visit Richmond over CHRISTMAS holidays and take my cousin (who is a tiny, devout but feisty Catholic nun) out to a dinner. Maybe this is just the place. Are they going to throw out a 70 year old arthritic nun after she takes her coat off and (God forbid) some hostile/offended/under-educated waiter faints from fear? It would remind me of the type of Exorcist movie, where the demon (Metzger waitstaff) has a crucifix put in its face and it spins it’s head around, spits out pea soup and explodes….Is this place going to ban Rabbis, Catholic Priests and Ministers too? New signage: “Only Athesists Allowed To Eat Here”…..Let’s see if this place is in business in 6 months. How about this….if you are a supplier to this establishment and you don’t agree with this discriminatory stance , don’t sell them food or liquor as a protest.

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