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Today’s blacklisted American: School officials attempt to censor and shut down conservative club at Utah high school

Copper Hills High School: No free speech allowed for conservatives!
Copper Hills HS: No free speech allowed for conservatives!

Persecution is now cool! School officials at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, Utah, have repeatedly attempted to censor and block the conservative Turning Point USA chapter there, first by making it difficult for the students to form the club, then by telling them they had to remove some signs as well as always include opposing points of view in their displays. When the students objected these school officials then shut down their gathering entirely.

The specific oppressive actions of the school’s principal, Bryan Veazie, and his assistant principal, Rufine Einzinger (both reachable here), are well described in the letter [pdf] sent to Tracy J. Miller, the President of the Board of Education for the Jordan School District, by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is representing the students:

The chapter sought and received the school’s pre-approval to table at lunch during the week of March 7, 2022 to share its views with other students and recruit for the chapter. At the table on March 7, the group displayed posters, pins, and stickers expressing its views, such as “Socialism Sucks,” “Always Love America,” “I’m a Conservative,” and “Don’t Tread On Me.” The table proved popular, attracting fourteen new members to the group. And it caused no disruption to school activities.

The chapter again tabled at lunch on March 9. It displayed the same posters, pins, and stickers as at the previous table. The table again proved popular, drawing in seven new members. But this time, school officials abruptly put an end to the group’s speech. When she became aware of the table, Assistant Principal Rufine Einzinger instructed the chapter’s officers to take down the “Socialism Sucks,” “I’m a Conservative,” and “Always Love America” posters. She reasoned that the posters did not represent “both sides.” She also informed the group that—notwithstanding the school’s pre-approval—it did not have permission to table. The assistant principal shut the table down and marched the chapter’s officers to Principal Veazie’s office.

Despite recognizing that the district and school created a limited open forum for student groups, Principal Veazie told the club’s officers that they needed to balance out their speech with viewpoints they opposed. He wanted the chapter to focus on creating a “welcome, safe, and comfortable” environment. In pursuit of that end, Principal Veazie told students that no law, policy, guideline, or rule told him what speech he could allow at school. Rather, he reserved for himself the power to make those censorship decisions based on his own assessment of the—otherwise unidentified—“good-bad, pros-cons, [and] unintended consequences.” And he even went so far as to accuse the chapter’s posters of “defam[ing]” other forms of government—if that’s even possible.

It should be noted that when Principal Veazie initially gave his approval to allow the club, he made his hostility to it very clear. He even demanded they change the club’s name from “Turning Point USA” to just “Turning Point” in order to hide its affiliation with that national conservative student organization.

The ADF letter makes it quite clear that Veazie and Einzinger are violating numerous free speech laws, both federal and state, and that both must not only stop such behavior, the Jordan School District must by June 24, 2022 publicly declare that it will henceforth follow such laws or it would face legal action.

We shall see what happens. The school district and its officials really do not have a legal leg to stand on, but nowadays the left is often quite willing to ignore the law if it doing so is to its advantage. Worse, it has found it can get away with out more times than not.

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  • James Street

    “I never thought I’d live to see the day when the right wing would become the cool ones giving the middle finger to the establishment, and the left wing becoming the sniveling self-righteous twatty ones going around shaming everyone.”
    – John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols)

  • John

    Seems like lawsuits are the best and perhaps only way to push back on liberal progressives and their anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-free-speech, and anti-Second Amendment policies. They know they can’t muster enough votes to repeal the Constitution so they simply try to ignore it and do what they want. There’s been a growing trend for at least 40 years for the government at all levels to ignore the law or will of the people and simply push their agenda anyway.

    There will be many more lawsuits in the future as people push back against those who want to destroy the United States, its wealth, prosperity, and freedoms. Everyone has an opinion and should be allowed to express it freely without being attacked, ridiculed, disrespected, censored, or rejected just because their opinion differs from that of others.

  • willis forster

    it rarely gets to court, they know they are wrong and will lose and just costthe school money. ADF does not charge students for their services/

  • Michael G Jarman

    I’m sure the administration requires the Alphabet club to “balance” their message by including messaging on biblical chastity.

  • LOL, that’s nothing. At Park City, UT, High School an activist leftist student sprayed chemical weapons at a TPUSA event sending some students to the hospital. The perpetrator was slapped on the wrist and the story was buried deep in the local paper which called it a “prank”.

  • Yes to lawsuits, but ALSO allow the kids to be fully part of the process. They will gain so much for their participation in the fight into how government officials interfere with civil rights, with relative impunity, and with the collusion of other government employees.

  • wayne

    James Street—
    One of Johns problems is, he’s all over the map on politics.

    “I became an American [citizen] because I believed in Barak Obama.”
    John Lydon March 10, 2017

  • Cotour

    Related, it’s all related:


    What are the results of the Liberal / Leftist / Radical / “Progressive” / “Woke” / No Bail No Jail / Flood the country with illegals / Soros paid for Democrat dominated major city law “Enforcement” and “Justice” in America?

    Make sure you watch this brutal and evil video and then thank God that you or a member of your family was not in the way when this and the many other brutal and murderous events like this goes down where primarily young black gang members are killing other young black men, for whatever actual or perceived reason.

    I know, talk to and love many, many, many good, hard working, friendly and decent people of color from brown to black and they are not stupid. They see what is going on, they see what evil the now insane by design Democrat dominated politics within these major American cities is delivering to their and their loved one’s lives.

    They (Government, both parties) generally want you scared, broke, obedient and dependent on their particular flavor of government. And they will do anything in order to retain or further acquire their political power and control. They do not care about you or your family or these children who are mindlessly killing each other. They ONLY care about their further acquiring or retaining political power.

    You ask: Why does it appear that the Democrat party wants everything that is bad for and weakens America? You see it. Anything up to and including murder in order to retain or acquire political power. PERIOD! The only answer is you, at the ballot box, rejecting this agenda of death.–~D

    (Yesterday, a customer came in and I see he is shaken. He proceeds to tell me he and one of his workmen were in the Bronx looking at a job. He parked his car and as he was opening his door a young man about 18 or 19 was riding by on a bicycle and the door almost hit him. He says something derogatory; the young man stops and replies in kind and confronts him and as he does so he is reaching for his waist band and under his shirt.

    Luckily his worker who is a large, young, street savey man of color was close enough to deescalate the situation. He literally in essence dodged a bullet. It can happen today in a second. As he told me the story, he was shaking his head in disbelief because he understood how close he came.

    The only solution? Dial try to down the testosterone and develop a philosophy of mutual respect. Exactly what is NOT being taught in most places in media or in public schools, and many homes.)

  • Ron Reich: Do you have any links to this story?

  • Luke

    Tar. Feathers. Rail.

    These administrators will pay no price for this in the legal setting, the school system will.
    If the school board objects enough to fire them, they’ve got ironclad protections, and an educational establishment that will make sure they’re rewarded with better jobs.

    Make it personal, make it painful, make it humiliating. Bring back the ways of old.

  • Bill Francis

    The correct answer is to eliminate the federal and states departments of “education”(aka indoctrination).

    Take the funds and give it to the local state counties for private schools instead of the so called public schools.

  • Israel Espinoza

    Tinker vs Des Moines! I checked Utah’s Dept of Education course requirements for Administrative Licensure. “Ethics, Law and Policy” is one of the courses. It should be similar to the course I took in Idaho titled “School Law.” Students’ rights were extensively covered in that course.
    “Leadership for Equity and Social Change” is another of the required courses for aspiring administrators in Utah. Be ethical and respect the law, or be a leader for equity and social change? Based on the actions of these administrators, I think we can all agree that they have chosen to be sjw rather than being ethical or respecting the lawful rights of students.
    As a former school administrator, I would recommend the following course of action for the parents of these students: First start with phone calls to the principal and district superintendent, face to face meetings with the principal or superintendent if necessary, speak to the school board if not satisfied, then sue if the bastards are uncooperative. I would also throw in organized protests in front of the district office buildings with the local tv stations invited to cover the protest.

  • Cotour


    Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams testifies in front of Congress the other day.

    Mayor Adams: “It is high noon in America. The clock is ticking, every day, every minute towards another hour of death,”, “I am here today to ask every one of you, and everyone in this Congress, to stand with me to end gun violence and protect the lives of all Americans. We are facing a crisis that is killing more Americans than war. A crisis that is now the number one cause of death for our young people,” he continued. “A crisis that is flooding our cities with illegal guns faster than we can take them off the street.”.

    He continues: “Time to decide if it is more important to protect the profits of gun manufacturers or the lives of our children. “Time to decide if we are going to be a nation of laws, or a confederation of chaos.”

    The reality? Liberal, Leftist “Progressive”, “Woke” Democrat legislators in the many states run by them have lowered or eliminated the actual laws and consequences, mostly based on skin color, that would actually allow the police to remove the illegal guns off the streets, and arrest and hold those who carry and use them to commit crimes and indiscriminately kill in order to actual make the country a safer place.

    There could be piles of fully loaded guns on each street corner of every city in America and no one would ever be injured or killed by them. Until a human being picked one up and used it improperly.

    Mayor Adams (D) specifically has been deballed and made impotent by the Liberal, Leftist, “Progressive”, “Woke”, Sorosian financed legislators and prosecutors because he is obligated and politically fears them. He blames gun manufacturers and not the illegal traffickers, and he blames the guns themselves. And guns the last time I thought about it are inanimate objects that have no ability to use themselves to injure or kill anyone.

    Why are there no credible consequences and deterrents in law any more for those who are now a direct threat to your and your family’s safety and lives? Politicians who are politically obligated speak honestly and logically at their own peril. There is something missing from this equation, logic. You see it, you know it, and you intuitively understand that what these politically empowered, politically obligated operators (D) are leaving out of their conversation.

    There are always two conversations ongoing in American politics, and this right now is a BS conversation. (Bovine swill)–~D

    S.O.M. : “Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring, and that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective.”

  • Jeff Wright

    Utah no less…wow.

  • Cotour

    Related, its ALL related:

    HAVE BACKUP, IN YOUR POCKET (Copy and share)

    What is the nature of something like voting and elections in politics in America? There will be corruption and the need to prevail will inspire players on both sides to push to the limits the rules and moral sense of fair play and the law. And the more desperate they become to prevail the further they will push the limits of honesty, fair play and the law.

    What is but one of the tools that are used by those who control the count in elections? Have backup votes in your pocket that you can direct where needed and secure the desired victory. Below are just three examples in three states where prevailing in an election was essential. How many dead people are still on the voting rolls throughout the country? An estimated 350,000 “Voters”. And those numbers alone are in many instances the margin needed to win most elections. Why are those in control of such things (D) slow to or refuse to rectify their voter rolls? You know the answer to this one, let us not be naive.

    * “Pennsylvania to remove the over 20,000 deceased registrants from the Commonwealth’s voter rolls. In one of the few victories for election integrity in 2020, we won the case.”

    * “Michigan has over 25,000 deceased registrants still on its voter rolls, according to the Foundation. Nearly 4,000 of these registrants have been dead for at least two decades.”

    * “North Carolina, also has a high number of deceased individuals on their voter rolls. The state has nearly 8,000 deceased registrants still on the voter rolls.”–~D

  • Cotour

    Related, it’s ALL related:


    Who is financing and thus allowing the Russian invasion of the Ukraine? Joe Biden and the Democrat party machine as they force the Globalist “New Green Deal” onto the American economy. By necessity these agendas are causing extreme inflation and are breaking the American economy to get America compliant with their political agenda. Day one this administration shut down in real terms Americas ability to produce energy. Less production = higher prices.

    “Russia earned £80BILLION in fossil fuel exports during the first 100 days”
    (80 billion pounds equals $97.1 billion dollars.)

    Russia earned £80BILLION in fossil fuel exports during first 100 days of war, with most bought by EU | Daily Mail Online

    In 2020 (Under the Trump administration, like it or not, these are the facts) a barrel of oil was $35.00 and we were energy independent and that fact kept Putin in a financial box. The price of oil today as a result of the Biden and Democrat party machine purposeful political actions is $120.00. And it will be going higher. You can figure this out.–~D

  • I would recommend the following course of action for the parents of these students:

    As nobody in particular, I would recommend that EVERYTHING be recorded. Check local laws – they vary considerably – for how to do so legally, but do it anyway. If nothing else, the “illegal” recordings can be leaked.

  • Cotour

    Still related:

    SO CUTE, AND HONEST TOO (Copy and share)

    The most honest person in the now Leftist dominated Democrat party? AOC. 5 min.

    Thats right, AOC.

    AOC is sooo inexperienced in politics and is sooooo naive and half educated in general that she by default is the most honest person in the now Leftist dominated Democrat party. The most dangerous 118 pounds in America, this is the future of the Democrat party. Oh excuse me, the “Democrat Socialist” party.

    It’s actually refreshing. (So cute, the lens loves her)–~D

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