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Today’s blacklisted American: Surgeon fired after telling school board its mask mandate on kids was wrong

Jeffrey Horak, speaking at school board against masks
Jeffrey Horak, speaking in opposition to mask mandates
at Fergus Falls school board on October 11th.

They’re coming for you next: Jeffrey Horak, a surgeon in Minnesota with 32 years of experience, was fired by his hospital just nine days after he publicly told a school board it had no business mandating masks on little children, that such a decision belonged solely to the parents.

When asked why Horak was so suddenly fired, officials at the hospital provided the typical weasel-worded answers designed to dodge responsibility.

A spokesperson for Lake Region Healthcare deferred questions to Lake Region Medical Group, saying that the “Medical Group Board made the decision about discontinuing Dr. Horak’s practice, not LRH.”

Dr. Greg Smith, the president of the Medical Group Board, said they made the “decision to discontinue Dr. Jeff Horak’s employment contract after a thorough review process.”

“The reasons for Dr. Horak’s separation are a confidential matter,” Dr. Smith said in a statement provided to Fox News on Tuesday. “To be clear, this was a decision that was made by Dr. Horak’s peers who serve on the Medical Group Board, not by Lake Region Healthcare, the community-based hospital where Dr. Horak practiced General Surgery.”

Note that Horak has been working for the hospital for more than fifteen years, as per this radio interview, under a contract that allowed either party to end the agreement at any time, without cause. Until Horak spoke at that school board meeting, the hospital never had any problem with him.

Immediately after his firing there was a big demonstration of local support for Horak, numbering in the hundreds.

If you want to view Horak’s school board speech, you can see watch it here. Note that when he finished speaking he received loud applause. And ironically, Horak made his statement on October 11th. The school board subsequently voted to allow their mask mandate to expire, which it did on October 24th.

It clearly appears that Horak was dismissed because he would not toe the line, had doubts about mask use in his practice as well as the COVID shot mandates, and expressed them publicly. Speaking freely is no longer allowed by our leftist masters who control most governmental, managerial, and administrative positions in America. You will agree with them, or you will shut up. And if you don’t they will punish you.

I think it is time to once again post Andrew Klavin’s 2011 commentary on “shut-upism”. Watch it below. You will be amazed how accurately it describes the modern “debate” tactics of the left and those ruled by fear of COVID.

And what is Klavan solution? It is the same as mine. He concludes, “Whatever you do, don’t shut up.”

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  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    One of my suppliers sales men called me and in our conversation he tells me, “Yeah, and I also just got Covid. I was weak and I had a lot of joint pain”. He is OK and back at work. He knew that I also had Covid.

    He is young, about 35 or so and we have had political conversations over the years and he is / was a bit more wishy washy / Liberal about the subject. He clearly understands my perspective.

    I ask him, “Did you also have the vaccine and you caught it anyway?”. Yes he says. And I have heard about this joint pain issue that some people get. I did not have any of that.

    And then he said, and this is where we all must be hopeful about what is currently underway in American politics.

    He says to me, “I think I kind of better understand now the things that you spoke about and I called them conspiracy theories”.

    “Oh, your paying attention now?”. “Yes, I am paying attention now”. (And I had given up on him long ago.)

    This political revelation theme by Liberals / Democrats that I know is occurring more and more in my orbit.

    And in that there is hope.

    (Slewa will win the NYC mayoral race. Murphy will lose to Chiderelli in New Jersey, and McCaulliff will lose to Youngkin in Virginia, and the Biden Build Back Better BS road to Socialism will for the most part fail. And that will be the set up for the 2022 midterm elections where the real transformative blood bath will occur. The Democrats at this point will become very, very dangerous IMO)

  • Jeff Wright

    A bit more on topic-from “Journal suggests open peer review could lead to more bias.” That could go either way…

  • Sonny Crockett

    Good! Just another example of someone thinking they are an expert when they are not. He’s a surgeon, not an expert in epidemiology, virology, communicable diseases, public health, etc. Doctors are not all the same. A hallmark of a real professional is knowing the limitations of their expertise. He’s closer to the science and still wrong. Imagine how silly the group of keyboard experts on this forum look with even less professional training.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Sonny – You could have had a shorter post if you just told all of us to “shut up”.

    As for me, I will stick to this site and read about a wide ranging set of topics and discuss with Robert and the regular posters, our opinions, observations, questions and analysis of whatever topic that comes up from the perspective of our experience and expertise. That is what freedom is all about.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Robert – I am not sure if I double clicked or what – please remove my duplicate when you get a chance and this one. Try to do my best to avoid these kinds of things – my apologies.

  • Doubting Thomas. The duplicate is deleted. No problem, accidental double clicks do happen. I normally don’t bother about them.

  • Chris

    Sonny –
    Science and especially engineering (many in the audience here are engineers) is NOT driven forward by “experts”. It is driven forward by proven data and proven hypothesis backed by proven data.
    Medicine, a science, is no exception. In a one-on-one relationship with a doctor a patient should question anything that is not clear coming from the doctor – they should seek a second opinion as well. The doctor should welcome this.
    In our Covid crisis there is no second opinion. From our national “experts’ – “SHUT UP” and obey.

    In science and engineering we review the data, the design and in this case the decrees. We critically question them. This is the process – true experts welcome this.

    Yes, there are experts in the science and engineering fields, and they should know their limits. But they can still question – especially when an “expert” decrees without data to back him up or decrees against previous known data. If prior data (ie showing masks have little efficacy) is being swept aside by an “expert” then they need to establish why this is so – they should welcome the questioning and the critical review.

    When someone tells us to SHUT UP! And obey – alarm bells should go off.
    Alarm bells ARE going off across America – you should listen to them, question and verify and not blindly listen to the “experts”

  • Sonny … I’m 62, survived WuFlu, and strongly disagree with you.

    Good! Just another example of someone thinking they are an expert when they are not.

    Like Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom and several other governors who screwed up the lives of their citizens by imposing their “expertise” upon them? As opposed to other governors like Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem … and President Donald Trump … who had the wisdom to NOT send out decrees as though they were “experts” ???

    He’s a surgeon, not an expert in epidemiology, virology, communicable diseases, public health, etc.

    He has a working knowledge of the first three, certainly – in order to keep his patients free from post-operative infections. Unlike Anthony Fauci, who to my knowledge hasn’t seen a real patient in years – and himself got it wrong on HIV, big time, back in the day, just as he has with WuFlu. (I predict that there will come a day, when the name “Fauci” will be looked upon with the same contempt as the name “Ponzi”.)

    Doctors are not all the same.

    They all have one thing in common, no matter their specialty or accomplishments: they are HUMAN and capable of tunnel vision, error, and even an avaricious desire for fame and fortune that leads them to not consider the full scope of that phrase in the oath they all take: “First, do no harm”.

    A hallmark of a real professional is knowing the limitations of their expertise.

    Starting with their own human potential for getting it wrong, before they impose their diktats upon us with coercive force.

    He’s closer to the science and still wrong.

    Please, point me to the studies that conclusively prove that masks in a non-clinical setting – where sterile/antiseptic technique is NOT standard practice and it is impractical to frequently change them – are effective against viral spread, to the degree that their benefit in preventing a disease that is an insignificant threat to the young outweighs the hassles and trauma – and potential for spreading WuFlu and other infections through repeated contact with contaminated masks to obey Teacher and keep them on – in the classroom.

    Or, do you just assume that they actually will work, outside of the clinical environment, because “experts” recommend them without conclusive proof to back that up?

    Imagine how silly the group of keyboard experts on this forum look with even less professional training.

    Imagine how foolish “experts” – and those who play one on TV and in governors’ offices – look today, after killing grandmas, tanking the economy, and robbing our kids of year of education … in response to a disease that is not life-threatening for the vast majority of people, outside of well-known demographics that could be protected without what your heroes did.

    Imagine how foolish you look, for supporting them … and worse yet, how gullible you appear to be, in your near-total trust in these mere humans, considering yourself unworthy to even apply your own common sense to question their “expertise”. I’d wager you believe in the systemic-racism and climate-change narratives, as well, because “experts” told you to.

    Gullible, but so typical of citizens for whom social technocracy is the only way of life they have known. From COVID to the Climate Change Cult, it is so easy for an elite few to lead you off the cliff like lemmings.

  • Chris, thanks for your refutation of Sonny. It was nicer than mine.

    I can definitely relate to that surgeon. I’m an engineer who works with renewable-energy tech almost every day, for off-grid, small-scale applications where it can make sense.

    I can safely tell you that the promises being made by the Climate Change Cult – that, in today’s state-of-the-art, the wholesale replacement of utility-scale fossil/nuclear energy sources with renewables is practical and prudent – are not only false, they have the potential to wreak havoc upon the productivity of a civilization that leverages the availability of 24/7/365, instant-on, quickly-refueled energy to push that productivity to the high levels that they have.

    False, because the state-of-the-art of energy storage is not capable of supporting it … and therefore renewables have to be backed up, practically watt-for-watt, with Icky Brown/Neutron Blue sources. All we are doing, is greatly increasing the capital investment and fixed/maintenance costs of power generation – in effect, supporting two sets of generators when only one can be relied upon to deliver 24/7 – to take advantage of “free fuel” and pat ourselves on the back that we “did something to save the planet.” whether we actually have or not.

    Such realization, is the difference between actual working knowledge and academic “expertise”. And that working knowledge, coupled with common sense, leads me to call into question the entire premise of the Climate Change Cult … just as this surgeon stands against the Woke tide regarding WuFlu.

  • MadRocketSci

    Good! Just another example of someone thinking they are an expert when they are not.

    Ah, yes, because expertise is determined by and only by parroting the party line. If you’re a doctor and you speak, you’re no longer a doctor. If you’re a microbiologist and you speak, you’re just some schmoe in a bread line. This pernicious statement is at the root of an evil philosophy.

    What was that line that the 90’s internet religious fanatics would throw around? “Lean not on your own understanding.” (PS: I’m not aiming this at all the religious, just those who use authoritarian arguments.) In other words, shut up. Don’t believe your lying eyes, don’t believe the arguments you find credible, don’t believe the things you understand – knuckle under to authority! Wow, does anyone remember the days when it was broadly agreed that people had the right to think and question for themselves? Could you have imagined that the religious fanatics would be the least annoying and most toothless advocates of knuckling under to authority?

    In reality you *can’t* lean on anything else than your own understanding! You have to start by evaluating what you are going to believe and who else seems to be making sense. You can’t “believe” (in the proper sense of the word) anything you don’t understand, and you can’t really disbelieve (other than believing it may not apply) anything that you do understand. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

    Arguments from authority are what charlatans, crooks, and tyrants turn to after they’ve set their credibility on fire and rolled around in the ashes. Real people try to persuade.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Anecdotally– just paid my electric bill; almost exactly 20 cents the kWh, all in.

  • Wayne, thanks … also anecdotally, even though there is another entity than the Long Island Power Authority that operates our electric grid these days, I still refer to our relatively-meager electric bill as “LIPA$uction”.

    MadRocketSci … if one is to resort to an appeal to authority to win an argument, they had better be citing an unimpeachable authority – the dialogue between Christ and Satan in Matthew chapter 4 (with its three “It is written …” statements) is the shining example of this, IMO. I have yet to see any human authority rise to that unimpeachable standard.

    In God I trust – all others pay cash.

    And the only way I would accept theocracy is if God Himself personally and physically showed up to lead it – and even then, I’d check His ID first. I think He understands and expects nothing less from us.

  • Edward

    Jester Naybor wrote to Sonny: “Imagine how foolish you look …

    I doubt he has that much imagination.

    Sonny Crockett wrote: “Good! Just another example of someone thinking they are an expert when they are not.

    Oh, look. Someone claiming to be an expert on experts. How silly does he look?

    Imagine how silly the group of keyboard experts on this forum look with even less professional training.

    Of course, Sonny says this in an attempt to get us to shut up, as Robert predicted.

    As near as I can tell, I have had more training at research and at reading scientific papers than do these supposed experts, and obviously far more than does Sonny. I can review and check the research that has been done and that the supposed experts cite, and I have, the few times they cite it. Dr. Horak is far, far more an expert, with a decade more professional training and several decades more professional experience than Sonny. So, we need not imagine how silly Sonny is, pretending to be more expert than the fired doctor and than the scientists and engineers on this forum.

    But, Sonny, don’t shut up. Just stick to your own knowledge and expertise.

    Are these supposed experts really experts in the field, or are they each just playing expert on TV? Considering that their recommendations contradict a century of research into masks — research performed by doctors and scientists who, after the Spanish flu and other diseases, were desperate to find valid ways to prevent the spread of disease, and masks kept failing — and contradict several centuries of research and practice at successfully reducing the spread of communicable disease, their expertise is certainly questionable. Considering that their pronouncements fall in line with what the politicians say that they want done, it looks like the experts are really only good at Lysenkoism — declaring that the science says what the politicians want it to say.

    There is a time to be politically correct, and it is not when we need to protect health and safety.

    Who is the expert on each child, anyway? Is it the guy on TV, broadcasting from the capital city a thousand miles away, or is it the parent who raises the child, takes him to the doctor, feeds and medicates him, and soothes him when he is hurting? The only reason a parent would not be the correct person to make the choice on masks is when that parent does not have the information to make an informed choice. The position that the parent should not make that decision means that the experts have lied to We the People about masks.

    Are the experts lying to us, or are we properly informed and should make our own decisions?

  • wayne

    “Lets Go Brandon”
    Forgiato Blow [ Kurt Jantz ]
    (October 18, 2021)
    (repetitive adult language)

  • Cotour


    (Copy and share with a friend. Better yet a friend who is a Democrat or a RINO Republican. They both by default are supporting the Leftists in our country)

    The other day a friend said to me: I para phrase: ” Before I called you a conspiracy theorist when we spoke about politics and what was going on in the world. I don’t think that any more”. He is paying attention now.

    NONE of this is by mistake, misstep or blunder. From wide open borders, to your Social Media, to the validity of your elections. Make no mistake about it.

    First, we have had a tech company called, “DOMINION”. Which is a company that is embroiled in the 2020 presidential election controversy. And the more and more the evidence coming out appears to demonstrate is that Dominion and the company’s that use their equipment or systems lets say have some problems when it comes to the accuracy of their election tabulations.

    This controversy will play out in the courts, and my impression from the start has been that Dominion will not prevail, they will lose in court.

    And what does Dominion mean when you look up the definition? Dominion: Sovereignty or control. Supreme authority.

    Where does all of your power as a citizen reside? In your elections. Who has “Dominion” over those elections? Tech company, Dominion?

    And now we have Facebook changing its name to “META”. And of course Facebook, a tech company, has also been embroiled in issues concerning the 2020 presidential election and how they with great effort have severely censored the information that they allow the public to see and share.

    And what exactly does Meta reference in Hebrew?

    Gateway: “Facebook’s new name makes people laugh in Israel. Meta, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg proudly christened his parent company this week, means ‘death’ in Hebrew. And that causes a lot of hilarity on social media.”

    And when I looked up the word Meta in a Hebrew dictionary I could not find the reference. But then you listen to the back round music chosen for Mr. Zuckerbergs announcement and video. The name of the group? UNIVERSAL DEATH SQUAD.

    Listen to the lyrics: Epica: Universal Death Squad: 6 min.

    “We embrace, judgement day, new intensions, find your grace in defeat, new intensions forced on us, by decree.

    We are the ones to change the world now, still in control of all machinery, we claim the right to pull the trigger and damage your image, of

    honor, inventing, improving, creating, existence, embrace the technological remedy. etc, etc.”

    Now, do you think this name change is all a big mistake by one of the biggest company’s on the planet? They made a mistake in choosing their new name? And they made a mistake in choosing the back round music for their CEO to announce the new name and the message it transmits?

    Your “superiors” always tell you what they intend, its a game they play. Why? Because they can, it demonstrates their absolute superiority and power over you, your freedom and your future.

    At first I thought it to be just a media / political attempt to dirty up Mr. “Z”. But when you look a bit further into it I would say that the “Universal Death Squad” song: Epica was written specifically for Mr. “Z” or Mr. “Z” liked the lyrics so much that be adapted it to his purposes and the message he intends to transmit to the entire world.

    Pay close attention and question all of it, things are not as presented or as you believe they are. JGL

  • wayne

    “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”
    (something like that….)

  • Andi

    Cotour: I used to translate “death” to hebrew. One of the definitions was מִיתָה, which is pronounced “mee-TAH”. I guess that’s close enough.

  • Sonny Crockett

    “As near as I can tell, I have had more training at research and at reading scientific papers than do these supposed experts, and obviously far more than does Sonny.”

    Haha, love it. Thanks for that. I’m very interested to hear more about your qualifications here. Reading articles doesn’t always mean they are understood. And I’ve seen so many people lately think they understand and are able to accurately analyze the data. It’s interesting, often amusing, and also a little sad. Just because someone has a medical background, or even some other technical background, doesn’t mean they can automatically and sufficiently comprehend discussions in fields outside their own. Please tell us more about your qualifications.

  • In other words, Sonny, you want others to do your thinking for you, as though they are gods … even though they are as subject to human failure as you or I are.

    Common sense – and an appreciation for the scientific method, as opposed to exploiting the appearance of it to further an agenda – goes a long way as a cross-check against the advice of “experts”. Which is exactly how they should be treated by you … as advisers, while you retain the responsibility and authority to make the decisions.

    Otherwise, you risk getting led off a cliff, or painted into a corner, by people who may have an impressive resume, but don’t know YOU from a hypothetical “average person”.

    Let me repeat the results of your “experts”:

    Imagine how foolish “experts” – and those who play one on TV and in governors’ offices – look today, after killing grandmas, tanking the economy, and robbing our kids of year of education … in response to a disease that is not life-threatening for the vast majority of people, outside of well-known demographics that could be protected without what your heroes did.

    As they have done with the systemic-racism panic … and the climate panic … and earlier, with the housing bubble (BTW, Cuomo played a starring role in that one too) … they have done with this panic-demic: forsaken common-sense and honest observation in favor of assumptions and preferred agendas.

    Now, please show us your respect for the scientific method. I ask again … point me to the studies that conclusively prove that masks in a non-clinical setting – where sterile/antiseptic technique is NOT standard practice and it is impractical to frequently change them – are effective against viral spread, to the degree that their benefit in preventing a disease that is an insignificant threat to the young outweighs the hassles and trauma – and potential for spreading WuFlu and other infections through repeated contact with contaminated masks to obey Teacher and keep them on – in the classroom.

    If you can’t do that, your position is far weaker than dissent by a physician with a working knowledge of sterile/antiseptic technique, validated by his successful surgical treatment of likely hundreds of patients.

  • Sonny Crockett: You keep condemning everyone you disagree with because you claim they aren’t qualified to have their opinions.

    What are your qualifications? You have been remarkably silent about them.

  • Edward

    William Briggs, statistician to the stars, had a thing or two to say about this travesty of science:
    The proportion of true believers swells. The midwits point to the elite and are happy to believe, well pleased to elevate themselves, in their minds, above the doubters. Soon, a flood of Science™ is upon us, its very size sufficient to convince doubters. How could so many be wrong, they ask themselves. Surely something is here to see.

    Midwits, of course, don’t have their full wits about them. If all the experts agree, then it must be right. Right?

    Again, as with Experts and bureaucrats, the media, anxious as ever to serve their masters, enters the fray. Many leading journalists, or owners of media firms, are cynics. They’re happy to preach whatever the official line is, with seeming sincerity, even if that line inverts itself. Whatever, they say. I’m just reporting.

    If all the news media and the entertainment industry only reflects a certain set of experts, not all the experts (“97% of climate scientists agree with global warming,” even though 2/3 didn’t agree), then the gullible midwits will unquestioningly insist that the experts overwhelmingly agree.

    Sonny Crockett wrote: “Haha, love it. Thanks for that. I’m very interested to hear more about your qualifications here.

    From the guy without any qualifications to speak of, or that he can speak of. The guy who admits that he cannot “sufficiently comprehend discussions in fields outside their own” but claims that some people he cannot understand are right. How does he know? He does not. Still thinking that he is the expert on experts, even though he has never been one or even worked with one.

    Sonny has never checked anything that he hears, because it is beyond his comprehension, and he projects that lack of comprehension onto everyone else. It is more than just a little sad. It is dangerous, because he votes.

    Sonny, you didn’t take my advice to just stick to your own knowledge and expertise. Do you see how silly you look? Of course you don’t.

  • Sonny Crockett

    Y’all are too much! I’ve never made a point of my expertise because I haven’t been touting myself as an expert and haven’t offered my own analysis of the nature of COVID, the efficacy of masks, etc. But some folks here are quick to appoint themselves expert researchers without explaining how they’ve earned those qualifications. I suspect you’re sitting near the top of the first hump of the learning curve.

    I commend you on wanting to learn, but that can be a dangerous place, especially when you’re selling opinions as fact that you want to be true but that can have real consequences with regard to matters of life and death for others.

    I could tell you about my training, but I’m not trying to sell my qualifications. Who’s to say you would even believe me if I did tell you? So, for those so certain that masks don’t work, that COVID isn’t so bad, etc, please elaborate on what qualifies you to make those proclamations?

  • Max

    I have no qualifications at all.

    But the math is obvious. If you have an ill fitting mask on a child made for an adult, it’s virtually useless in its intent.
    A mask that will stop dust particles measured in microns, is the wrong tool against viruses measured in nanometers. (1000 times smaller, you’ll often hear the phrase “using a chain-link fence to hold out a mosquito”)
    If the mask will not filter out smoke, perfume, or a fart somebody left in the elevator… Then it’s only purpose is virtue signaling to others that you are woke! A outward sign of religious devotee to the state religion… Similar to the burka in the Muslim world.

    That’s why lab technicians who work with viruses have their own oxygen supply with positive ventilation at all times. Anything less is a joke. (The level 2 Wuhan lab proves this)

    A mask has the same protective value as a rabbits foot, a cross, and some garlic hanging around your neck.

    Here is a anonymous whistle blower who has submitted a detailed analysis of COVID-19.
    Although professionally done, he refuses to let himself be burned. So he footnotes his professional opinion with so many links that it’s nearly as long as the article.

    Here is a small section of his long article relevant to this discussion.

    COVID-19 Transmission:

    “COVID-19 is airborne. The WHO carried water for China by claiming that the virus was only droplet- borne. Our own CDC absurdly claimed that it was mostly transmitted by fomite-to-face contact, which, given its rapid spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, would have been physically impossible.

    The ridiculous belief in fomite-to-face being a primary mode of transmission led to the use of surface disinfection protocols that wasted time, energy, productivity, and disinfectant.

    The 6-foot guidelines are absolutely useless. The minimum safe distance to protect oneself from an aerosolized virus is to be 15+ feet away from an infected person, no closer. Realistically, no public transit is safe.

    Surgical masks do not protect you from aerosols. The virus is too small and the filter media has too large of gaps to filter it out. They may catch respiratory droplets and keep the virus from being expelled by someone who is sick, but they do not filter a cloud of infectious aerosols if someone were to walk into said cloud.

    The minimum level of protection against this virus is quite literally a P100 respirator, a PAPR/CAPR, or a 40mm NATO CBRN respirator, ideally paired with a full-body tyvek or tychem suit, gloves, and booties, with all the holes and gaps taped.

    Live SARS-CoV-2 may potentially be detected in sewage outflows, and there may be oral-fecal transmission. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, in the Amoy Gardens incident, hundreds of people were infected by aerosolized fecal matter rising from floor drains in their apartments.”

    Has the water evaporated in your floor drain? Did you know you had a floor drain? It’s under my water heater, next to the intake for my heater that circulates the air through my home…
    Pest’s like cockroaches that crawl up through a dry floor drain have fecal matter on them, in them. Looking for those crumbs you dropped on the floor… solution? Fire all the doctors and nurses!

  • Sonny, we aren’t the ones trying to impose mask mandates in a non-clinical environment, disregarding obvious inconsistencies, the potential for doing more harm than good, and the actual scope of the threat they are supposed to protect specific populations against.

    The burden of proof, is upon those who seek to impose such mandates, that they are necessary and beneficial … and “we see them on doctors in operating rooms” is not sufficient justification.

    It doesn’t take an expert, to skeptically question experts by leveraging one’s own observational skills and common sense. Especially when one has learned the limits of their own expertise, through their practice of it … as I have in my own work as an engineer.

    Appeals to authority ring quite hollow in the face of inconsistency.

  • Cotour

    *Barcelona Football Star Sergio Aguero Taken to Hospital After Experiencing Chest Discomfort During Match – Six Weeks After Promoting Vaccine to 12-Years-Old*

  • Cotour

    “It is not yet confirmed whether Aguero has been vaccinated or not. But according to a report from Football Espana last September, Barcelona has moved quickly to vaccinate its players and staff against COVID-19.” 99.9% of the clubs people have been vaccinated.

    I think it a safe bet that this footballer was vaccinated. Young, in shape, healthy as a horse, and is laid out on the field holding his chest, and he has been vaccinated.

    And these people, these political manipulators want to pump this vaccine into children as young as 5 years old? (The FDA approved it? “Approved” what? There is no data to establish this being approved and safe for anyone!) Because they may transmit Covid to an older person, and the medical profession has many drugs and therapies to deal with Covid now?

    The Left, these Jr. Nazi’s, have nothing on Dr. Josef Mengele IMO. They appear to walk in lock step.

    How dare those in the political realm gamble and potentially sacrifice young children and their health on their sick Leftist do as I command alter.

    What is outrageous is outrageous. What sane person would go along with this insanity?

    Excuse me, political agenda of “safety and health compliance”.

  • wayne

    I enjoy your stuff. You have the best qualifications on earth, more than a modicum of common Sense

    Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice, Glenn Frey……
    Smuggler’s Blues

  • Rick

    Contour, while I hope for the election results that you predict, you obviously aren’t factoring in the cheating factor.
    Unsecure mail in ballots in NoVa, like in the 2020 farce, will carry McAuliffe to the win, I am afraid.
    Republicans own 90% of the rural VA votes, but the DC bedroom communities overwhelm our votes.

  • Edward

    Sonny Crockett,
    You wrote: “He’s closer to the science and still wrong.
    and: “I haven’t been touting myself as an expert and haven’t offered my own analysis of the nature of COVID, the efficacy of masks, etc.

    You are still trying to get us to shut up, but you are wrong about us and even wrong about yourself. By declaring that the doctor is wrong you have offered your own analysis of the nature of Wuhan flu, the efficacy of masks and all the et cetera that the doctor stated. You offered your opinion as though you have expertise in whether or not he is right or wrong. You pretend that you didn’t, but it is there for all to see. You accuse us of lacking expertise, but we have far more knowledge of the subject than you, as we told you early on (you didn’t pay attention), but you don’t see that, because you project your lack of knowledge onto us. You assume that since you don’t know much, we must not know much, too.

    Now that you have been informed that you are out of your depth, you may want to finally take my advise before you falsely accuse us again and before you embarrass yourself further. You very clearly have no idea what you are talking about, not only when it comes to doctors being right or wrong but also when it comes to talking about us and our qualifications. All that you really know for certain is that you say things that are beyond your knowledge yet pretend that you know what you are talking about.

    You are making accusations about a group of people who know how to read research papers and have spent close to two years following this topic at the basic research level. For almost two years, you have clearly only been listening to people who have been trying to fool us — and succeeded in fooling you — have been making poor decisions for all of us for that same time, and have coerced us to do things that they stated (sometimes before the coercion and sometimes after) were wrong things to do, and who often did not follow their own dictates.

    The people that you have placed your trust in have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. You don’t pay enough attention to see it and thus to give up on them, but we do, and we have.

  • Sonny Crockett

    Haha, I think you’ve proven my point for me. One respondent cited someone advertising themselves as “statatition to the stars” and another admits to believing an anonymous expert rant with some amazing conspiracy theories. If that’s the type of sources your “research” leads you to believe in, you are not qualified to render any opinions on the topics we’ve been discussing. It’s been fun, but I’ll leave it at that. I’ll check back every now and then for a laugh, and I truly do hope you come around and keep safe.

    Last note to Jester, thumbs up on being an engineer, what type type? I’m a ChE.

  • Cotour


    I might have been a bit overly optimistic, but the change was in the air. Turns out that Youngkin did win in Virginia and by a handy margin. That was the tell tale race as to what the Democrats have brought upon themselves and their clearly un and anti American policies and agendas.

    Curtis lost in NYC, and Cidirelli was just announced to have lost to Murphy in new Jersey. But there were many many very positive in indicators for people who still believe in America across the country.

    I still do not trust most all election results and if they are close IMO the Democrats will / did cheat to get over the line.

    The important result from yesterday? The Democrat gift to Liberal / Leftists for the next 10 years is probably dead. When in doubt do no harm, and the Democrats have been given the message that they should do no harm. They will ignore it as best as they can, and that will bring the consequences they will suffer in 2022.

    One thing I liked very much to hear from Youngkin is that parents will be able to have portability regarding the school funds for their children. And he now will have the political majority to get that done due to the others who were elected along with him.

    That will send the democrats into an insane tail spin, that is their and the teachers unions bread and butter. No bread and butter for you!

    Joe *Lets Go Brandon* Biden is going to be very lonely in the White House in 2022. Hopefully he will be impeached and removed from office. The justification for that exists now. I have to assume the justification for impeachment will have grown greatly by November of 2022.

  • Max

    Thanks Wayne for the kind words.

    And here’s yet another let’s go Biden video staring Biden himself.
    Soon everyone will be wearing an LGB T-shirt with a whole new meaning… PG-rated.

  • Edward

    Sonny Crockett,
    You wrote: “If that’s the type of sources your ‘research’ leads you to believe in, you are not qualified to render any opinions on the topics we’ve been discussing.

    Considering that you have done no research at all, including checking out our sources, you are the one not qualified to render any opinions on these topics. You argue from complete and willful ignorance, willful because you do not research even our sources but make mere assumptions about them.

    That you only want a laugh shows that you have no intention of being serious and exposes you as a an ignorant troll.

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