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Today’s blacklisted American: Suspended for refusing to exempt black students from finals, UCLA professor sues

King's dream banned at UCLA
King’s dream of equal treatment for all
called racist at UCLA

They’re coming for you next: Gordon Klein, an accounting professor at UCLA for 39 years, has sued that university’s Anderson School of Management and its administrators for suspending him for three weeks in June because he refused to favor black students in grading or exempt them from final exams.

Prof. Klein’s alleged offense was that he insisted on treating black students equally. He refused a request by a white student to allow black students preferential treatment on final exams. Because such a racial preference would violate UCLA’s anti-discrimination policies (and maybe even the law), Klein refused. Students then launched a defamatory campaign against Prof. Klein, and the cowards who run UCLA’s Anderson School capitulated, denouncing and suspending Klein. He eventually was reinstated — because he did absolutely nothing wrong — but not before his reputation and career were severely damaged.

..Prof. Klein has just filed a lawsuit in California state court, and among the things he wants, is for UCLA administrators to be held personally liable. [emphasis mine]

During his suspension Klein was also threatened with violence, requiring an increased police presence at his home to protect him.

After three weeks UCLA reinstated him, apparently recognizing that if it didn’t it would be very vulnerable to a lawsuit.

The Anderson School and its administrators however remain vulnerable, which is why Klein’s lawsuit target both directly. His complaint [pdf] specifically notes how these administrators suspended him even when told by their superiors at UCLA that they had no legal cause to do so. The Anderson School’s dean, Antonio Bernardo, also slandered Klein in public, sending out tweets and announcements that strongly implied Klein was racist and in favor of treating blacks unfairly.

In truth, Klein’s statements were exactly the oppose, clearly defending the right of all students to be treated equally while also noting that if he gave blacks favored treatment he would not only be violating school policy but breaking the law. Klein also wrote this to the student making the discriminatory demands:

One last thing strikes me: Remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the “color of their skin.” Do you think that your request would run afoul of MLK’s admonition?

For that comment Bernardo attacked Klein repeatedly in public while getting him suspended.

The most important aspect of this court suit is Klein’s effort to make the individual administrators at the Anderson School personally liable for their wrongful and slanderous actions, as noted in the highlighted text above. Klein’s suit is aimed at punishing these individuals directly for their own actions.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t people always be personally responsible for the evils they commit?

Sadly, that has not been the case in recent decades. The courts have been affording such people a form of limited or qualified immunity, so that only their employers are punished while the individuals get off scot free. Qualified immunity has thus made government officials as well as those officials merely associated vaguely with the government exempt from direct liability. They can do anything they want to anyone, no matter how vile, and face no consequences for their actions. In fact, the ones who get punished are the taxpayers, as they are made to foot the bill.

This needs to change, and Klein’s lawsuit is part of an effort to begin that process.

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  • Cotour


    (Its all related, ridiculous double standards that promote racism and segregation or ridiculous double standards related to vaccines)

    Finally, a book that lists all of the reasons to vote for Democrats: All in 1 minute, 4 seconds. Truer today more than ever.

    Your a Democrat? You consider yourself a patriot? You believe in the Constitution? Are you a Socialist? Do you believe in wide open borders flooded with millions of people who are NOT mandated to be “Vaccinated” with an experimental “Vaccine” who’s long term effects is entirely unknown. BUT YOU ARE MANDATED TO BE VACCINATED!?

    Have you thought about that for one second? (And by the governments own numbers at least 20% of them are ill with Covid and who knows what else?)

    What the hell are you going to do?

    (And I am not an anti vaxxer nor am I saying that these experimental therapies are not effective to some degree. But the long term effects are unknown and are entirely unknowable, especially for young children. But you as a free American are expected to accept it without question while illegals are flooded across our borders by the desperate Democrat party machine and they are not required, not mandated to accept them. They have a choice as illegals, but you as an American do not! And I find that incongruous and illogical)

  • Gary H


    That video is four years old. Pretty sure there is an updated edition.

  • Cotour

    Yes, the updated version has three new chapters.

    And they are just as chock full of more reasons to vote for a Democrat.

    Truly inspirational.

  • Mitch S.

    Hmm, this Bernardo looks awfully white.
    And he’s been “exercising his privilege” at UCLA for 25 years.
    Isn’t it time for him to move aside so a person of color can have opportunity?

  • Cotour

    “New South Wales Premier Says Unvaccinated Sydney Residents Face Total Social Isolation *Indefinitely* When Covid Lockdown Ends”

    These people have lost their collective now Nazi like minds.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Bob, this is a potent but largely unused tool against many of the petty tyrants of the left, such as school boards, principals, superintendents, city council members, county board, county executives and the like. Take them to court, personally. Make them pay, personally, for exceeding their authority, imposing unhealthy agendas on children, attempting to destroy livelihoods and reputations, and everything else they have been doing to create authoritarian states in this country. Win a few of these cases and suddenly their penchant for executive fiats and unpopular actions will weak substantially.

  • Cotour

    SANITY ……..OUT OF……..WAIT FOR IT………..THE NBA! (Its all related, its all about control and power and nothing more)

    Want and need the boiled down reality on the subject of Covid and taking the vaccine? And where does it come from? Of all places, a few of the players in the NBA. ; 3 min. 40 sec.

    These are some of the simplest, most articulate and rational positions on the subject of Covid and the Vaccine you will hear. Principled positions based in facts and understanding the potential consequences both regarding health and financial.

    You gotta love America.

  • David Ross

    The guy in your post, of course, was a staunch believer in affirmative-action and racial reparations.
    I know you have a conservative audience, but you should assume it is a literate conservative audience.

  • David, even in the light of his positions on affirmative action and reparations (does he still hold those positions?) he still deserves credit for expecting his students to live up to their responsibilities … which is a refreshing change from the condescending bigotry of low expectations that is so typical in our society these days.

  • Cotour


    Who has DeBlasio, BLM and the “Progressive” Leftist Democrat agenda failed in their irrational Marxist, Leftist lies and their attempt at “Fundamentally changing America”?

    Liberal Democrats, RINO Republicans, Democrats who believe they are compassionate and generous in how they see the black community. Your “compassion” is killing those who you think you are protecting!! Please, stop helping!

    The Democrat party machine’s “best intentions” become a political power acquisition model which funnels mass amounts of money to those who they are “Helping” essentially buying their votes. And in turn this political scheme funnels mass amounts of money into the Democrat party coffers. This “Compassion” model has become a political cash flow model that the Democrat part can not survive without. And they will do and say ANYTHING in order to preserve and expand it.

    Who is the real enemy of the black population in America? You tell me.

    Your a Democrat? You vote and support the “Progressive” no consequences for criminal acts Democrat party agenda? You support a Leftist, Marxist agenda? Are you suicidal? I didn’t think so. What the hell are you going to do!?

    (Do you notice a theme flowing through this picture below? And there is a theme flowing through the pictures of those people who killed these young people. Can you tell me what that theme is?)–~D

  • Cotour

    America is a racist country? Sorry, that is not so, not today.

    There are however racists in America, like there are all over the world, but America the country certainly is not racist. How do I know this to be so?

    When a black man of some note can threaten the local government in his town and force them to abandon a plan for development of affordable housing apparently because it will encroach on his very large property and his sanctuary, then that to me is hard evidence that America the country is not racist.

    “Dave Chappelle vows to pull investments from Yellow Springs, Ohio, if it doesn’t nix affordable housing plan”

    America, not perfect by a long shot, but pretty close.

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