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Today’s blacklisted American: Tenured professor fired, given no due process, because one student didn’t like what he was doing

The Bill of Rights cancelled at Berea College
No first amendment allowed at Berea College!

Persecution is now cool! The administration at Berea College, a Christian university in Kentucky, fired tenured professor Dave Porter because one student complained about a research survey he was conducting.

Porter’s offense was to have done a survey of attitudes on campus. One student claimed that the survey was a retaliation against her for having filed a Title IX complaint. Writes Porter, “The campus was quickly polarized, and the administration saw a crisis looming. Apparently, the dean had received information from a former student that current students were fearful of attending my classes. There was no investigation and suggestions of mediation or compromise were squelched by the dean’s claim that I was ‘unrepentant and unapologetic.’” [emphasis mine]

More details in this essay Porter himself wrote:

Even before this evidence was collected, several faculty members expressed their fears to the dean that I would come to their homes and “get in their face.” On that basis, he concluded I was “dangerous.” I was banished from campus and prohibited from communicating with students.

After a 10-week suspension based on fears expressed by unidentified grievants and unrelenting defamatory attacks on social media, my professional competence was questioned under the Faculty Manual’s Professional Competence and Dismissal for Cause section. Specifically, a faculty panel agreed with the dean that my “personal conduct” had interfered with my “professional responsibilities,” and this was sufficient cause to terminate my tenure and dismiss me.

Porter also noted he offered a three page apology, which was rejected out of hand because of the dean’s claim he was “unrepentant and unapologetic.”

The survey, which is described in this video [which you can run at 1:75 speed because Porter is such a slow speaker], was designed to document the conflict between freedom of speech and the modern academic effort to protect students from all language that offends them. Apparently these protections as proposed initially had claimed they would enhance academic freedom because students would be less fearful.

The survey found the opposite, that the more students and teachers ascribed to the belief that they must be protected from offensive speech, the more they abandoned the first amendment and the consept of freedom of speech.

Ironically, Porter immediately discovered how true his survey was, in the worst possible way. A single student complaint was immediately accepted without due process and used as a justification for stoning him off the campus, by students, teachers, and the administration. How dare he ask some pointed questions about the leftist orthodoxy that runs American campuses.

Porter is suing of course. His essay at the link above documents the numerous ways the college broke its contract with him by not following its own policies in terminating him. Thus, I suspect his chances of winning in court are high. Unfortunately, I doubt he will return to the campus. They will settle, paying him off so he goes away, thereby allowing them to maintain their close-minded bubble of intolerance to other viewpoints.

This story once again illustrates that the source of today’s blacklisting culture in academia comes not from a handful of evil petty dictators at the top, but from the overall larger community of students and teachers. The only way to truly defeat these storm troopers will to bankrupt them, to shut such corrupt institutions down. As long as they have their jobs and their college as a base of operations, their effort to silence dissent will go on, and will do so quite effectively.

Parents and high school students must stop attending such places. The students will not be well educated, and if anything they will be taught badly, to hate and fear and to promote intolerance. Better to go and get a job right after high school, as you will probably get a better education that will serve you better in life, and you will no longer be financing the oppressive blacklisting power culture that is destroying freedom and liberty in America.

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  • This story once again illustrates that the source of today’s blacklisting culture in academia comes not from a handful of evil petty dictators at the top, but from the overall larger community of students and teachers.

    These days, Red Guards come in Blue.

  • Carole King’s rendition of ‘Smokewater Jack’ comes to mind. True for one side now; and they fear most that the oppressed will take them up on the offer:

    “You can’t talk to a man, with a shotgun in his hand.”

  • wayne

    great reference!

    Sweden’s Loney Dear [Emil Svanängen’] covers Metallica
    “No Leaf Clover” (2018)

    “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel,
    Is just a freight train coming your way….”

  • Craken

    “Parents and high school students must stop attending such places.”

    I think turning all white collar jobs over to the Left by abandoning colleges en masse will be severely counterproductive in the end. If America achieves a counter-revolution against the current Leftist tyrants, it is likely to be led by a disgruntled faction of the elite–not by car mechanics, electricians, factory workers, truck drivers, etc. Gorbachev was a consummate insider–as was Yeltsin–or for that matter Khrushchev. Deng Xiaoping was also a total insider–to the point of helping Mao complete the Great Famine. Franco helped prevent–from his lofty position–Spain from turning into an outpost of Stalinism. Even the Founding Fathers were an elite set, connected, accomplished, highly educated, affluent.

    Even on a practical, personal level, imagine being trapped in a society in which surveillance is total and all professionals (including doctors and lawyers) are confirmed, convinced Leftists with absolutely no colleagues capable of conceiving any deviation from the Party. That goes beyond risking Stalinist tyranny all the way over to inviting it.

  • Anon

    What is the going rate for paying off a professor?

  • David Jay

    “Parents and high school students must stop attending such places.”

    The problem is that Hillsdale College isn’t large enough to accept all those students…

  • Phill O

    This is yet another example which illustrates the need for an alternate education system. When any organization relies even a bit on government money, they control the institution.

  • Cotour

    Related, its all related now:


    I was just listening to, Dr. Robert Malone being interviewed. He is *THEE* inventor of the mRNA vaccination technology. He knows every nook and cranny of this virus / vaccine issue. I do not have the video yet but will forward it when I get it.

    He by his own words is very pro vaccine and is a “True Vaccine Believer”. And I think you would have to agree that he being who he is is the one person on the planet to be paid attention to regarding Covid19 and these mRNA vaccines that he himself invented if you want the unadulterated truth on the subject.

    He has now unambiguously stated that, Dr. Fauci is now clearly lying to the public. And it appears to him that the vaccines are now causing the virus to become more powerful and not diminished through an unwanted condition called, “Antibody Dependent Enhancement”.

    Antibody Dependent Enhancement: “ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.”

    What exactly does this condition mean? The vaccines are apparently making the virus better able to re infect the population. It happens apparently.

    He was also asked if he was in the meetings with Dr. Fauci, who he knows very well, in the White House about the governments policies and what they should now be regarding the vaccines. His recommendation? : Stop administering all vaccines!!!

    What!? Remember this universal truth: Government is a very blunt instrument. Government is like trying to remove something from your eye, using a sledge hammer. once they are committed to a policy, its hammer time.

    This will be my path from today forward: ; Ivermectin as an 83% Prophylactic effect against Covid19. I started this protocol the other day and I have had no ill effects. Keeping in mind, I do not give medical advise and this is not me giving medical advise. But I do give political advise, your government is now blatantly lying to you. Its just the nature of the beast.

    And here is a funny note and example of just how the government works hand in hand with and or is driven by big tech corporate media, your new overlords and owners:

    Inventor of mRNA technology removed from Wikipedia after he warned against taking COVID jabs | News | LifeSite (

    Now who do you think is being more honest and truthful, Dr. Malone? Or or the people attempting to erase him from the equation?

  • Mark G. Kent

    American Patriots must go postal on the communists infecting our schools, universities and culture. Globalists are communists and seek to kill 5/6ths of the worlds population so that we that are left will be more manageable as their thralls. If you believe otherwise then you will be a casualty for certain.

  • Cotour

    Delta variant 1200 times more virulent:

    That got my attention.

  • Richard M

    The inmates are in control of the asylums now.

    Students know they can empower themselves by acting as Red Guards, and they’re taking full advantage.

    The Thermidorean Reaction cannot come soon enough.

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