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Today’s blacklisted American: The Catholic Church

Cancelled Bill of Rights
No longer applies to the Catholic Church.

They’re coming for you next: In the past year the schools and churches of Catholic church nationwide have experienced numerous repeated acts of vandalism, violence, and arson, all expressing hate and a desire to deny it and its practitioners the right to express their religious beliefs.

At least 67 incidents occurred across 25 states since May 2020. … Incidents include arson, statues beheaded, limbs cut, smashed, and painted, gravestones defaced with swastikas and anti-Catholic language and American flags next to them burned, and other destruction and vandalism.

The article at the link provides a detailed list of the sixteen attacks from January to April 2021 alone. For a list of the attacks in 2020, go here, which also provides an update adding four more attacks in just the first week of May.

This is all reminiscent again of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, when Jewish businesses and synagogues were targeted in much the same way. First, while a few of the attacks appear to be simply ordinary random acts of vandalism and graffiti, most appear to carry a clear political signal of hate aimed at the church itself and what it believes in. For example, of the sixteen attacks in ’21, eleven involved destruction or damage to statues at these churches, mimicking the effort by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs to destroy statues that celebrate the history of the United States.

Other acts of vandalism that indicated the political and organized Antifa and BLM nature of the attacks included spraying black paint on the faces of statues in California and North Dakota, spraying “Jesus is Black” and “Black Jesus” on the walls of a church in Ohio, and anti-cop graffiti on St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York during a protest. The similar symbolism of the vandalism in widely dispersed locations suggest strongly that, even if they were not specifically organized, the perpetrators were imitating each other based on the political agenda of BLM that puts the black race above all others, while hating whites and anything associated with them.

It is also striking the lack of any coverage of these attacks in the mainstream press, especially considering the pattern of the attacks suggesting a KKK-type campaign of intimidation. Those who are old enough to remember the 1990s will remember how the press went nuts over what it called a terrible “epidemic” of church burnings after President Bill Clinton made it an issue, even though the total number of attacks then was far less and had taken place over a much longer time period. More significantly, of the few dozen known attacks, only four were ever directly attributed to racism.

Yet today we have a nationwide campaign attacking Catholic churches, and the press is silent. Maybe they approve. Maybe to them, freedom of religion as required by law in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights only exists for the right religions, either promoting perverse sexual rights, giving preferential treatment to the right minorities, or advocating the right scientific theories (such as global warming), whether proven or not.

Everyone else is evil, and must be silenced, by force and violence if necessary.

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  • Cotour


    ​1. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used and abused in the quest of the few in pursuit of control and power over the many.

    ​2. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has acted not always in the interests of what they have purported to represent themselves to be acting in the interests of.

    ​3. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used as a ruthless tool in the abuse of power in the furtherance of business and politics.

    ​4. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history selectively teaches the exclusion of some.

    ​5. Humanity needs God, spirituality and religion and must be cognizant of their nature as it relates to those subjects and where the business of religion and politics can deliver them.

    6. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have the potential to be perverted, corrupted and the power derived there of abused. JGL 4/3/21

    “Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies – Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look “Divisive” – But Same Pope a Frequent Critic of Trump”

    Pope Francis, essentially the CEO of the Vatican, is in the business of religion. And the business of religion, as is the business of the sole less, amoral international corporations in todays world panders to the Communist Chinese because that is where they see their expansion market.

    And that is who the Globalist / One World Order model needs to empower to fully realize their world domination agenda.

    No, this is not a James Bond movie treatment, where do you think they get the ideas in the first place to movies like that?

  • Maybe to them, freedom of religion as required by law in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights only exists for the right religions

    It appears that one gets a pass on the Establishment Clause, when their faith sees the objects of their worship on video screens and/or in their mirrors. That breeds the self-righteousness we see in a faith like the Church of Woke … which is possessed with a fundamentalist zeal that makes fire-and-brimstone Baptists look like libertines out for beads at Mardi Gras.

    They have become what they decry … turned up to 11.

  • Sayomara

    This isn’t even close to a complete list. In my local area these attacks have happened but they were never reported in media they don’t make the list. Honestly we should be shocked these are report all.

  • Alton

    And in Canada according to Rebel News the number of Christian Pastors arrested by the government continues to increase, well they do need to keep their SWAT teams busy……

  • Francis is a twit – and, I say that as a regularly attending Catholic, my whole life.
    We’ve actually survived popes as bad – or, even, marginally worse. However, the Deep State of the Vatican makes that of America look like a part-time endeavor, amateurishly done.
    There will be a Counter-Woke movement. It will likely happen soon.
    Unfortunately, before then, the Lavender Mafia, and their Woke friends, will chase a lot of people away from Christianity for the foreseeable future.
    My personal bet is on the African/Asian bishops, cardinals, and church members. They will lead the way back to orthodoxy.

  • Cotour

    Liz Cheney, OUT.

    “Just a lady on a walk”.

  • Cotour

    Linda S Fox:

    Its not the Christianity or the teaching of Jesus that is the issue here, its the *Business* of religion of the Catholic church that is at issue.

    At the point that an alleged Christian faith Pope and the head of the Catholic church defends abortion AND he bows to the powers that be in Communist China, that is the moment when the people around the world that adhere to the Catholic religion which he heads must rise up and do something about what is apparent to all.

    The Pope, any Pope should be far above politics and is or should be less able to subjectively interpret their “corporate” mandate or their Constitutional fiduciary responsibilities.

    The Pope, like most all Popes, are corporate CEO’s / heads of state of the Vatican, politicians in other words and are the figured head of essentially a corporate / state entity and corporate / state entities are soleless and Amoral.

    This is not sustainable nor is it acceptable. But there it is all the same for all to gaze upon.

  • Cotour: While all of your complaints about the Church might be valid, that is not the point. Your complaints do not justify KKK tactics against church property and its practitioners. Ever.

    To list those complaints here is to try to do so, which I find more that abhorrent.

  • Cotour

    Where do you detect in any way, shape or form my promoting KKK tactics?

    THAT is ridiculous and if I was someone who ever took offence at anything that was typed on this or any other form of media, and I am not, THAT would offend me.

    I think you need to reread exactly what I posted and please point out to me where you find me fulfilling your accusations.

  • Cotour: You are shifting the discussion to arguing the policies of the Catholic Church, under Pope Francis. My point in these daily columns has never been to endorse or condemn the opinions or policies of the blacklisted victim. It is irrelevant. The point is to highlight the evil of the blacklisting.

    By shifting the discussion from that point only serves the purposes of the blacklisters quite nicely.

  • Cotour

    I am focused here and on other venues on creating a productive conversation about the truth about what is in reality underway in America and in the world, and that focus exists in addition to your focus.

    You have not given me the example where “I” promoted KKK like tactics, and it is clear why. Because I did not do so.

    I respectfully expect you to correct your incorrect assertion.

  • Cotour: I never said that you “promoted KKK-like tactics.” I said your desire to shift the conversation served their ends. The difference is quite important. I am surprised you don’t see it.

  • Cotour

    Did you write this?

    “Your complaints do not justify KKK tactics against church property and its practitioners. Ever.”

    I never said or implied any actions against anyone’s property or anything like what you wrote.

  • Cotour

    Please feel free to enlighten me.

  • TCN

    Let me paraphrase for you, Cotour. You are anti-Catholic, but not THAT kind of anti-Catholic. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  • TCN: Now, now, let’s not be rude. Cotour has many things worthwhile to say, and he generally does so like a gentlemen. In fact, he did so here in his criticism of the church. My problem is that his take in this post distracts from the real point, which is that in today’s decaying culture disagreeing with someone now justifies violence and vandalism rather than civilized debate.

    I want to keep the focus on this point, because that is what we need to fight more than anything.

  • Cotour

    TCN: (And the Zman)

    “You are anti-Catholic, but not THAT kind of anti-Catholic.”

    What exactly is “That kind of Catholic” and how does that related to the KKK?

    I am neither pro or anti Catholic, all I have done is stated what is. Who has a problem with what is? Do you have a problem with what is?

    Does anyone want to argue otherwise? Feel free.

  • Cotour

    “My problem is that his take in this post distracts from the real point, which is that in today’s decaying culture disagreeing with someone now justifies violence and vandalism rather than civilized debate.”

    At what point does my comment descend into the support of or promoting of the KKK? Or violence, or vandalism?

  • Cotour

    The both of you are off the rails here.

    One of you is apparently personally insulted by some elements of the truth related to the management of the Catholic church and its head, and the other is fabricating an offensive and unsupportable interpretation of what was stated.

    And both of you need to better understand how the left is using this issue and many other issues in their argument to the masses and they need to be called out and understood, not hidden from.

    No matter that some elements of the truth is personally offensive. The truth is a female dog sometimes.

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