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Today’s blacklisted American: The pioneers who settled the west

The Oklahoma Land Rush: cancelled
The Oklahoma Land Rush, wiped from history.

They’re coming for you next: A local community college in Oklahoma has removed a monument that commemorated the pioneers who settled the state in the 1800s because some people complained it was “not inclusive.”

The monument depicted the Oklahoma land run of 1889, which occurred on the day the U.S. government opened Oklahoma up to homesteaders for settlement. Apparently, there were complaints about this depiction on social media (which usually translates as a Twitter mob) as well as threats of violence. The college’s response to these mob threats?

According to … Executive Vice President Danita Rose, removing the monument was a top priority for school leadership, calling the move a “no-brainer.”

“If our goal is to create a community that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, a monument that depicts cruelty and oppression can’t be on display here,” Rose told The Oklahoman. According to interim President Jeremy Thomas, the administration has “always agreed” with those who felt the monument was “offensive” and had “no place on our campus.”

“It does not accurately represent history, and it does not accurately reflect the respect, empathy and admiration we have for the true pioneers of this land: the indigenous people of this country,” Thomas told The Oklahoman. “As soon as we were in a position to take it down, we did.” [emphasis mine]

The problem is that Thomas is wrong. The monument did depict history accurately. It just depicted only one part of that history, the part that today’s racist, anti-American mobs want wiped from our memory.

All the college’s officials were eager to express their desire to be inclusive and welcoming, except that based on this action they have no interest in including or welcoming into their education the American pioneers who built modern Oklahoma and also established law and western civilization in the American west.

American homesteaders, wiped from history
American homesteaders, wiped from history.

No, modern inclusion means applying white-out to history so that only the story of minorities gets told. And only those minorities that for the moment serve the purpose of slandering the roots of American history.

These so-called educators sicken me. They above all should be defending this monument, if only to challenge their students into finding out about all parts of that past history. Instead, they willingly participate in an effort to censor that history, so that only one story gets told.

Note too that this is a public college. Where our Oklahoma’s legislators who fund this college? Have they no opinion about this slander to their state’s history? Nah, they are too busy cashing campaign checks and bribes and making believe they represent all the people of their state. No time to do their job and make sure the colleges they fund are actually educating their students rather than indoctrinating them.

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  • Diane Wilson

    My grandfather was a “Sooner,” the term for settlers who went in ahead of the land rush. He later served a couple of terms in the Oklahoma state legislature. I’m sure he is turning over in his grave. I can ask my relatives in Arkansas to check his grave to see if there has been a disturbance.

  • wayne

    The Twilight Zone
    “The Mirror”

  • Col Beausabre

    As a kid, I loved the TV version of this series. This is a radio episode from 1948

  • “not inclusive”?

    What does that even mean? Why does no one think to ask these people to define terms. You know, so we all know what we’re talking about.

    Spells and incantations.

    Throw out the right ones, and you can make large numbers of people react, instead of think. It’s powerful stuff.

  • Nolan Parker

    Executive Vice President Danita Rose, removing the monument was a top priority for school leadership, calling the move a “no-brainer.”

    [Deleted] got that right,, no brains were involved

  • Echo Jaguar

    100 Indians couldn’t live off a plot of land that could support 10,000 Americans

  • Nolan Parker: Read the rules. No obscenities allowed. Misspelling it slightly hardly passes. You are warned.

  • Sam L.

    The STUPID is STRONG in Oklahoma.

  • pzatchok

    We better get rid of all references to the “Buffalo” Solder because they oppressed the natives.

  • GWB

    If our goal is to create a community that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone
    Well, there’s the problem! That’s NOT your job! Your job is to EDUCATE people, giving them facts and teaching them to think critically. You certainly shouldn’t be discriminatory in doing so, but “inclusive” and “welcoming” is not your first priority – it’s way down the list somewhere behind fire safety and crosswalks.

    a monument that depicts cruelty and oppression
    Da whut?

    the true pioneers of this land: the indigenous people of this country
    Ummmm, maybe a thousand years or more before this event. And they didn’t settle the land – the Plains Indians lived primarily as nomads. So, “pioneer” in the common usage of that term isn’t really applicable to them.

    established law and western civilization in the American west
    Oh, well, we can’t have that now, can we? That’s obviously just White Supremacy and Patriarchy and transphobia.

    Uh oh. You’ve done it now. Heh.

    so that only one story gets told
    And an inaccurate one, at that, as they gild their favored actors. Ironically, their basis for grasping hold of history to change its expression was supposedly because the then-current presenters of history had done just that to their favored actors.

  • LTC Ted

    Easy-Peasy! If something fails to reflect ALL of history, we won’t show ANY of history. Then, the Minitru can concoct any “history” that advances Big Brother’s ends.

  • white-out
    Uh oh. You’ve done it now. Heh.

    GWB: Gosh, I hadn’t realized I had made that pun. Heh. Glad I did, however.

  • askeptic

    Yes, EVP Rose, and her associates, all lack brains.

  • George True

    No problem. Now that we know the rules, we will simply demand that each and every statue, monument, painting, and mural EVERYWHERE that commemorates or honors minorities must be removed immediately for being non-inclusive. After all, it’s a no-brainer. If that is what they say they want, then I propose we give it to them good and hard.

  • Nothing says “inclusive” like assigning victim and “privileged” status on the basis of skin color.

    and every statue, monument, painting, and mural

    For a minute, I read “mural” as “urinal” … which might be the term used by some to describe a suitable monument for a few among us – like perhaps how some Vietnam vets will view Jane Fonda’s burial plot, once she gets there…

  • James Street

    Boss (aka GEOTUS) will speak at CPAC today Sunday 2/28 at 3:40 pm ET. RSBN is streaming CPAC live on their YouTube channel.

    “Trump’s CPAC speech will rip Biden, map out retaking Congress in 2022”

  • Mitch S.

    And of course inclusiveness doesn’t include Republicans (unless they sign on to our agenda). The new, improved election rules will insure that.
    Don’t worry, we looked into the election and there was nothing wrong – it all worked out the way it was supposed to.
    Anything that changes things would disenfranchise the magical post-election mail-in ballots, can’t allow that!

  • wayne

    James Street–
    Just started watching the Trump CPAC speech replay on youtube (via the RSBN feed), and youtube will not let me download the video. This has been happening more-n-more recently at yt, (I download like’ 75 GB’s of audio/video per month from all sources, I notice when this happens) enough that it makes me wonder why I can’t have the full file. (It’s like they are dying to ‘fix it’ in post-production. <– sarcasm alert)

    So, off to C-SPAN–
    Former President Trump Addresses CPAC

  • Alex Andrite

    ” …the true pioneers of this land: the indigenous people of this country …”

    Oh, indigenous. So they have ALWAYS been here?
    Or did some of them cross over the northern land bridge long ago and head south ?
    Or did some of them travel north from the far south of this continent ?
    Or did some of them …. hmmm …. paddle down vigorously from the far north east to our eastern shores and pause to thaw out ?

    These “educators” are empty damaged souls, without reason or critical thinking skills.

    Oh, I have ‘always’ been here, as far as I can remember.

  • James Street

    Wayne, I just successfully downloaded all 10 hours of today’s RSBN CPAC video using the free app 4K Video Downloader. I’ve also had success downloading video from most of the older social media sites using this tool:

    If big tech blocks one way, I consider it a personal challenge to find a work around.

  • wayne

    I will take a look at the program you suggest.
    I normally use Internet Download Manager (“IDM”). [highly recommend, ya’ can test it for a month for free, o/w it’s like’ $30 to own. Literally the only Program I use on a daily basis, and for the last 15 years. The only downside is, it won’t over-ride copyright restricted items if the code on the source page objects, and/or if the Content is behind a paywall.]
    –Did download the Trump speech from C-SPAN last night, checked the RSBN yt channel feed again this am and was able to get the file address for the 10 hour extravaganza, and currently downloading all 1.87 GB’s.
    –Tangential yt complaints– more-n-more Content I know exists, is becoming more-n-more difficult to easily find, and yt has been putting more-n-more stuff behind “age-restricted video, please sign in to verify..” — which I NEVER do.

    I as well, have always been here.

  • Gee, I sure hope my old friend from my teaching days, Charlie, doesn’t hear about this. He’s an “Okie” – a descendant from early settlers. He’s also Black. When I heard his story, and asked him about it, he told me of the MANY former slaves who settled in western lands, and became prosperous – just like the White settlers.
    He grew up riding horses, and would sometimes wear his cowboy hat on field trips. The kids were fascinated by his tales of the West. It was hard for them to picture a Black man who wasn’t ‘hood’.

  • wayne

    Great little anecdote!

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