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Today’s blacklisted American: TV reporter fired for covering protest objectively

Johathan Choe, blacklisted for being a good reporter
Johathan Choe, blacklisted for being a good reporter

The new dark age of silencing: A television reporter for the ABC affiliate in Seattle, KOMO, Jonathan Choe, was fired after he had covered, as accurately as possible, a peaceful Proud Boys demonstration in Seattle, including a photo montage of the event.

Choe, a reporter of 20 years, created a photo montage with sound from the march to end his day. In the clips, he included music from the rally that included a song called “We’ll Have Our Home Again.” Although Choe was unfamiliar with the tune, it is allegedly played frequently at Proud Boys rallies and similar gatherings.

“I wanted to simply capture a moment in time, with authentic visuals and sounds. It was clearly misinterpreted by some on-line,” Choe wrote.

Because of the uproar, Choe said his news director told him to take down all his social media related to the Proud Boys rally. He did so, but was fired the following day, he said.

By his own response to his firing Choe reveals that he himself buys into the racist, anti-American propaganda of today’s left, focusing much of his commentary on his race (he is Asian-American) and noting that though he has been a successfully journalist “for more than 20 years,” he has somehow “faced years of discrimination for my race and ethnicity.” The willful blindness of these statements is astonishing. How could Choe get a great job for a major television affiliate reporting the news if he was living in such a terrible bigoted nation (which by the way has recently twice elected a black man as president)?

No matter. He tried to do his job well and fairly, and a Twitter mob immediately descended upon him. His boss then cowered in fear, forcing Choe to first censor his work, and then firing him because the only thing that will satisfy a lynch mob is a lynching.

Of course, the lynching is not enough. When a mob senses blood, it only grows in force and anger. Don’t expect this news station to ever again cover any news about politics fairly ever again. For example, during the worst Antifa riots in Seattle, Choe had attempted to cover the violence and hate within those organizations accurately.

At KOMO, I spent a lot of time the past two years covering Antifa violence and destruction in the city. According to the ADL, “Antifa’s professed purpose is to vigorously oppose fascism. While some extreme actors who claim to be affiliated with Antifa do engage in violence or vandalism at rallies and events.” But during my time at KOMO, we still covered them even though some of these bad actors espoused hate and followed through with violence and destruction, including flag burnings and Molotov cocktail attacks on the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct and union headquarters.

I have also been assaulted by alt-left activists who claimed to be part of Antifa. Many adherents openly talk about destabilizing America and bringing a socialist revolution. Some also proudly say they want to kill police. One young man who aligned himself with this ideology was just convicted of smashing an SPD officer in the head with a bat.

Don’t expect this ABC News affiliate to ever again allow its reporters to cover any Antifa or Proud Boys demonstration honestly ever again, as Choe had done. From now on, Antifa’s riots will either be “just,” “peaceful,” or ignored, while protests by the Proud Boys will either be “racist,” “violent,” or ignored. The affiliate’s news director has made it clear to his staff that is how he wants it.

Choe meanwhile has a choice. He can kow-tow and get another job with some other mainstream television outlet, where he will certainly be required to similar leftist censorship rules, or he can do what other former mainstream reporters have done after getting fired (such as Sharyl Attkisson, Sarah Carter, and Emerald Robinson) and start his own webpage and begin making money as a journalist independent of the leftist goons who run the networks.

The latter choice would be the smart one, as there is a strong public need for good honest journalism. And when there is a need, there is opportunity. Seattle could use a good and independent reporter covering its local political news. Choe should take up the banner and provide that service. His income might drop, but he certainly can make a living doing this, and it would be far more honorable than brown-nosing a mainstream news director at another television affiliate.

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  • Jeff Wright

    Asians have faced adversity-from punks. Fox should hire him.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “… and noting that though he has been a successfully journalist ‘for more than 20 years,’ he has somehow ‘faced years of discrimination for my race and ethnicity.’ The willful blindness of these statements is astonishing. How could Choe get a great job for a major television affiliate reporting the news if he was living in such a terrible bigoted nation (which by the way has recently twice elected a black man as president)?

    He just got fired from that great job, so this could be interpreted by him to be racism. I’m pretty sure that all the difficulties that I have had in life would have been due to racism, if only I had been a minority race. They might have been due to sexism, if only I had been a minority sex. Because there are 57 genders, I must be in a minority gender (just like everyone else), so that is what I will blame, and now I, too, can be a victim, the latest American pastime. This way, I can go along to get along with everyone else.

    Which explains why Choo claims that he “faced years of discrimination for my race and ethnicity.” He is just getting along with everyone else. It is an important lesson learned from getting fired for being unique, like everyone else.

    Except that we must all be exactly alike yet be a diverse population with a diverse workforce and diversity in our schools, too. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on in our country?

    Where the [ahem] did we get such whacked-out dichotomies in our society, where we must maintain opposite notions and conflicting policies in order to operate our lives and our businesses?

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Edward, to answer your last question, we got it from George Orwell’s “1984”. It is doublethink writ large.

  • pzatchok

    I just do not understand racists.

    Not in America. Not now. In the past yes, but not now. It is nothing like it used to be and young people who think racism is bad now need to be educated better.

    And there is only one race. The human race.

  • Col Beausabre

    “And there is only one race. The human race.”

    And the Hungarians.

    Noted Physicist Leo Szilard, claimed Hungarians are space aliens from Mars. As Szilard was, himself, Hungarian, he ought to have known

    “Leo Szilard, who suggested that Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars, used this term. In an answer to the question of why there is no evidence of intelligent life beyond Earth despite the high probability of it existing, (note – The “Fermi Paradox”). Szilárd responded: “They are already here among us – they just call themselves Hungarians.” “

  • wayne

    Andy Ngo & Dr. Jordan Peterson
    “ANTIFA: The Rise of the Violent Left”
    (March 28, 2022,

  • Col Beausabre:

    Leo Szilard looked like a familiar name, so I looked him up. OK. Brilliant, brilliant, man. But I think he was joking.

  • Calisse Tabarnac

    Sue, sue, sue. Make their lives utterly, hopelessly miserable. Unless you make it very, VERY painful for the perpetrators, they’ll just do it again. They understand clearly the concept of “no consequences for their actions”.

    If you want this type of racist fascism to stop, then you have to sue the bastards out of every dime that they have. Any other remedy — even the most gushing of apologies — is mere virtue signaling and in the long run, utterly ineffective.

    You win wars not by winning individual battles, but by convincing the enemy that it is pointless to continue fighting. REMEMBER THAT.

  • suburbanbanshee

    There are so many Asian newscasters on the West Coast that, maybe twenty years ago, when I mentioned how weird it was to see all these Asian newscasters there, vs. almost none in my hometown or in smaller cities on the East Coast, that a lot of people assumed I was describing racism.

    Actually, it turned out that virtually no Asian TV newspeople were applying for jobs outside of the West Coast, and those venturing onto the East Coast were applying for jobs in big cities. Wanting to become TV journalists instead of doctors and lawyers was a West Coast thing. And that was twenty years ago. (Now they are not so picky, and we do see such reporters more. Until they find jobs on the West Coast.)

    But it is true that lefty communities find it easy to justify firing or not hiring folks with Asian ancestors, because they have decided Asians are not victims. And that means he may have experienced real racism, as lefties are known for that.

    Still, the real problem here is expecting reporters not to do even a minimal good job, and to stick to marketing the left’s current narrative.

  • Cmsmith

    Recall that 60 Minutes ran no sound for their meetings with the Proud Boys and Antifa so as to hide the Antifa rants. The Proud Boys showed their faces. Antifa wore masks. And then, video of Antifa attacking the Proud Boys was simply the two sides fighting.

  • askeptik

    REMEMBER – ABC is owned by DISNEY, respond accordingly.

  • William O. B'Livion

    @Jeff Wright:
    Why should Fox news move any further to the left?

    @Col Beausabre, Blair Ivey

    Szilard is clearly an anagram for Lizards, and we’ve known for a long time about them

  • David

    Interesting that it appears judgments have been pronounced and forecasts made without first obtaining the position(s) of KOMO’s management, HR, or Mr. Choe’s fellow reporters regarding his termination. You know, both on and off the record. I thought getting the whole story was part of being a journalist.

    An incomplete story is all we have at this point.

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