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Today’s blacklisted American: Twitter bans all election audit accounts in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin

Liberty and freedom banned
Twitter’s goal: Only Democrats can have freedom of speech.
Photo credit: William Zhang

The new dark age of silencing: In a single purge Twitter yesterday banned all the accounts of all election audits going on in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

Earlier today Twitter permanently suspended all nine of the official ‘Audit War Room’ accounts from it’s platform. The accounts were a main source for breaking updates and were banned as part of big tech’s continued attempt to shield the public from the stunning revelations being found regarding the fraudulent 2020 election.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter provided no reason for the suspensions. [emphasis mine]

Note the highlighted sentence. Twitter is no longer even pretending that it is banning these accounts because of some vague “community standard” that each violated. No, Twitter banned them simply because it is possible that the election audits going on in these states might actually uncover evidence of election fraud, and to allow honest and real news reporting can no longer be allowed, if that reporting might threaten the dominant leftist agenda and the Democratic Party politicians who are imposing it.

Many of these accounts already have alternative outlets, such as Gab. However, Twitter today has become the go-to place for journalists — quite foolishly — for their stories and news. Its blatant declaration with these bannings that it is working aggressively to censor all news stories it doesn’t like means that the mainstream news pumped into the public’s smart phones will be even more distorted and dishonest.

Furthermore, if the Democrats and the left are so certain there was no fraud in the November 2020 election, why are they working so hard to prevent any investigation while blacklisting any story or person who reports on those investigations? Such behavior suggests to any reasonable person that they actually know that such fraud occurred, and are attempting a cover-up.

Coming to your town in America soon!
Political round-ups and death camps:
Coming to your town in America soon!

That such actions are now happening frequently in many different venues (corporations, academia, entertainment, social media) and in multiple outlets (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp, etc) , often instigated by lower management, points to how widespread this evil totalitarian culture has spread. As horrifying and as unbelieveable as it might sound in America, too many Americans who support today’s Democratic Party are wholly in favor of censorship, of blackballing, of oppression, and of even violence against their opponents. Their nonchalent approval in the past year of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots proves it.

These people hate, and because of that hate are eagerly in favor of denying others their first amendment rights under the Bill of Rights, and of canceling the Constitution so that the politicians they support can take power forever.

Be prepared. Worse is coming. These storm troopers will not be happy until every single dissenter is smashed, even if it eventually means herding them all into concentration camps for mass execution.


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  • Cotour

    How much more transparent can the internet tech lords become?

    No one NEEDS Twitter.

    Its all going in the correct general direction.

  • Chris Lopes

    Nothing says “We believe the election was fair and honest” like suppressing all mention of it.

  • Ray Van Dune

    The Democrat strategy is simple: impose controls to suppress free speech through their running dogs in the media, to either exterminate the election audit movement or to goad free-speech patriots into some protest that can be leveraged by their media into an “insurrection”. The Trump patriots are either to be taught to shut themselves up, or they will be actively shut up through imprisonments and prosecution.

    Why is the current incarceration of free-speech patriots as political prisoners drawing so little public ire? Firstly because conservatives make lousy lawbreakers – they have difficulty disrespecting the law even as its enforcement is obviously corrupted. But just as importantly, their leaders such as Trump know that any protest will be ginned up into a crime to short-circuit their ability to win an election, even a fair one!

    The criminals won the last election. They now hold all the cards, and unlike the honest citizenry, they know how to play them! The criminals also know that only by keeping their boot on the necks of free-thinking Americans can they avoid the punishment they deserve

  • Andi

    Small edit in second paragraph after quote: “blatant declaration “

  • Andi: As always, thank you. Fixed.

  • Alex Andrite

    twitter …. The “canary” in the mine shaft, although it lives, we perish.

  • wayne

    “Freedom: The One Way Out,”
    Hans-Hermann Hoppe (1996)

  • Don

    So, a states congress wants an audit, and twitter does not want anybody talking about it.

  • RRP

    “threaten the dominate”

    The word you want there is dominant.

  • RRP: Thank you. This is an error I make in typing this particular word repeatedly. The same error, twice, almost slipped through the copy editing of my new book. I don’t know why, as I know the right word and hear it in my brain. My fingers however type the wrong one unless I am very careful.

  • I will repeat myself: This is not the behavior of people who are winning.

    There is a weird dynamic around network effects, preference cascades, and similar group phenomena (e.g. elections) that I do not understand the defeatist attitude around at all. “I’m just one person, what difference does it make if I _____”. Fill in the blank with the behavior of your choice: Leave Twitter, vote, throw cigarette butts out the car window, eat meat, boycott Walmart, whatever.

    We are each always “just one person”, yet group effects happen. I’m (barely) old enough to remember litter-strewn highways. Amazing how that cleared up when littering fines were imposed. I doubt anyone was ever actually fined. If so, it was a miniscule number of people compared to the number who were throwing garbage out their car windows.

    Do what YOU believe to be the right thing. Pretend your action is the only action that matters (and in a lot of ways that’s not pretending) and do that. Ignore the group.

    I’m so tired of people complaining about Twitter and Facebook. Stop paying attention to them. Remember that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Even negative attention is attention – ask any parent.

    Your posts about real-world things, such as universities, are far more important. Social media is a figment of our collective imagination. Stop thinking about it and it will cease to exist. Much as the “faith of worshippers creates the gods” trope in fantasy novels.

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