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Today’s blacklisted American: UCLA threatens to expell remote student for not revealing his COVID shot status

Dictatorial clowns are running UCLA
Dictatorial clowns are running UCLA.

They’re coming for you next: Christian Walker, an online student who never comes on campus was threatened with expulsion by UCLA if he did not reveal whether he had gotten his COVID shots or not.

“You are calling to tell me you will drop my classes after we’ve already paid $70,000 for the year if I don’t upload something about my vaccine status when all of my classes are online,” Walker is heard saying in his video. A UCLA official responded, “Correct.” “Got it.” responded Walker.

“All of my classes are online. I don’t step onto campus. I’ve already paid. We’re a week into classes. My university just called to tell me they are dropping my classes if I don’t report to them about my vaccination.” Walker commented on Twitter.

You can listen to Walker’s recording of this conversation at the link.

UCLA quickly responded, claiming it had no intention of expelling Walker, only that he must sign a waiver stating he was ” informed of the risks of COVID-19 infection including long-term disability and death both for myself and others whom I may expose the disease.”

Yet, Walker was also contacted by the university’s health center, telling him that he faces disciplinary action and possibly other financial and consequences, apparently for the crime of telling this story publicly.

Nor does it appear that this insane policy is only limited to UCLA. This story is identical to the one I reported on November 5th of Logan Hollar at Rutgers, who also was a completely online student who was banned because he refused to get COVID-19 shots.

Thus, it appears that this nonsensical policy is being picked up by college administrations nationwide.

Here’s the real punchline however. Walker has a twitter feed with about 162,000 followers, and it appears they are mostly on the side of the university.

“They’re actually cheering this on. They scream at me online, cuss me out that I should just disclose my vaccination status even though I’m not even going onto the campus. They love the mandates, and even though most of them are vaccinated, they are also forced and encouraging everyone to wear a mask in class and while walking outside to different classes. It’s complete derangement.”

Apparently, the younger generation now becoming adults endorses mandates, edicts, blacklists, censorship, and dictatorial control over everyone. And unless more people begin to stand up to this mob of bullies, as Walker is doing here so courageously, that mob will win, and win in the most ugly way, not only destroying many innocent lives but their own as well.

Note too that courage is not simply required by those being blacklisted. Courage is now demanded by innocent bystanders. If you see someone being blacklisted, censored, or oppressed in some way, if you believe in freedom you are obliged to speak up in their defense. Don’t put your head in the sand, because if you do, it is eventually going to cut off also. Remember, they aren’t simply coming for Walker, they’re coming for you too.

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  • Thanatos

    The younger generation is on the right track. I like seeing the diminishing influence of these older, racist, science denying, evangelical, libertarians and conservatives. Its only a matter of time. Looking forward to the future.

  • Chris Lopes

    Hey Mr. Smarty-pants, do we know for a fact (as in did a scientist guy say so) that the virus can’t be spread by the Internet? Until Neil Degrassi Tyson or that dorky Bill dude say so, we shouldn’t take any chances. [/sarc]

  • Cotour


    (This is important IMO, feel free to share this email and video with several friends)

    Dr. John Campbell has been one of the sanest and the most balance voice’s in the analysis of all Covid related drug performance and medical statistics. He to a fault attempts to remain neutral, objective and non political. Science based and real world rational all the way. BUT.

    And here he shares scientific evidence that: 1. Established objective scientific evidence of existing Ivermectin efficacy V Covid. And 2. Evidence of clear and unambiguous what can only be interpreted as spoken and unspoken collusion and suppression of information between big government, big Social Media Tech, and Big Pharma in the pursuit of profits and political agendas over peoples lives he becomes sarcastic.

    And that is his way of transmitting his outrage while remaining objective, civilized and NON political.

    Dr. John Campbell: “No one’s saying that the information has been deliberately hidden away while millions of people have died.”

    (And of course that is exactly what, Dr. Campbell is saying, millions have unnecessarily died due to censorship and political agenda)

    Dr. John Campbell: 22 min:

    All of the many real world doctors who have very successfully used Ivermectin in treating their real world patients, who’s prescriptions in time have been denied being fulfilled by many pharmacies have now IMO been vindicated. Ivermectin and the New Pfizer Covid pill uses the exact same methodology. Ivermectin costing less than $5.00 to treat early Covid, and the Pfizer pill costing north of $700.00 per treatment.

    Now do you understand? This is an extreme example of Strategy Over Morality.

    S.O.M: EXPLANATION: Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring and that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective. jgl.

    And it was all known and it was clearly a manipulation focused on enriching Big Pharma and in turn has been used hand in hand by the political powers that be in America to control and manipulate the population for nefarious political reasons IMO. Nuremberg level crimes against humanity?

    How many people unnecessarily died in the interests of profit and power?

    Opinions? Agree? Disagree? I look forward to your opinion on this subject.

  • David M. Cook

    $70,000 just for ONE year of college?!? What a racket! Where are the anti-trust regulators? These colleges are nothing but giant scams!

  • Col Beausabre


    And Biden & Co want YOU to pick up the tab for the deadbeats who don’t want to pay what they owe.

    It also shows what happens when the Feds just shovel money out the door “for education” – there is no incentive for colleges to apply any discipline to their expenses and what they charge. (Since 2000, the increase in tuition has been double that of inflation). The cost of attending college doubles every nine years (8 percent average annual increase)

  • Col Beausabre:

    First undergrad; Paid for out the door. Work and scholarships.

    Second undergrad (10 years later): Working a full-time, professional job, I could not afford school.

  • James Street

    Do you remember when we treated viruses with chicken soup, vitamin C, and plenty of rest instead of communism?

  • Jeff Wright

    But if I went up to Fauci-who scares me more than Oppenheimer-and stuck him with a needle as done to Markov…I’d be arrested. But aren’t acts speech now?

    Here is a deeper stab: I say ban Earthside experimentation so pharma doesn’t compete with space…it must help pay to keep bugs offworld. Time for them to feel the weight off the Albatross on their necks for a change…it’s only fair.

  • This is nothing more – and nothing less – than mindless zero-tolerance policy: an extension of the idea that we can replace thoughtful consideration with more and more “rules”, so we don’t have to exercise discernment and judgment.

    The “threat” to those making this rule, is that someone else will challenge the rule if this student is allowed an exception to it – even when the exception is dripping with common sense. And they would have to expend effort – and take the risk of being found wrong – to confront the challenge.

  • Thanatos

    James Street: “Do you remember when we treated viruses with chicken soup, vitamin C, and plenty of rest instead of communism?”

    I remember when we used to treat mental illness by burning witches, tobacco smoke enemas to “warm” the body from within, and treated syphilis with mercury. Science and technological improvements mean we do better. The old ways and old ways of thinking will die.

  • wayne

    not to be overly picky…. but ‘come on,’ you don’t actually “remember” any of that (witch-burning, et al) cuz’ none of it happened in your lifetime. (Strike that in part, maybe mercury & syphilis, depending on your age.)
    It’s really easy to sit back and laugh at our ancestors, or forget that a short 75 years ago we had no antibiotic or antipsychotic agents, all those ‘primitive’ people had to invent them first…

  • Ian C.

    The cancelled (in the US) are starting their own university. It will take some time until they arrive at serious programs, but one has to start somewhere.

    I see several smaller counter-movements (e.g., free speech clubs, conservative academic initiatives, anti-woke companies) popping up in various Western countries. Looks like we’re not dead yet.

  • Max

    Bill Gates just admitted that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines don’t work well.

    On the other hand, leaches to control blood clots are becoming popular again.

  • Thanatos

    Wayne, equally picky point but I think you meant to use “etc.”. not “et al”. No worries there. We don’t laugh at the ancestors, far from it. They did what they could with the information they had at the time. These days, we’re laughing at the regressives in society that reject modern developments and look backwards. Anti-vacciners, COVID-deniers, flat-earthers, those types.

  • Thantos, virtue did not begin the day you were born.

    Neither did your rhetoric. I remember my generational big brothers/big sisters having the same attitude in the 1960’s. And their ways of thinking were rejected by the 1980’s, by me and others, after they led to socio-economic malaise (as they are doing as we speak – those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, y’know).

    Those “modern developments” you say you support, you have been TOLD to support by those whom you consider your “betters” … without regard to their own ability to err, exhibit greed, and deceive in the name of their agenda, or even their human inability to tell YOU apart from a hypothetical “average citizen” as they paint you into corners with their decisions.

    How many of those FDA-approved “modern developments” do we now see in ambulance-chaser ads, for example?

    You are no better, than the past generations you sneer at. In fact, your faction may be worse off than those past generations were, in your Flounderian trust in your “betters” and their definitions of “progress”.

  • Cotour


    Pro bike rider gets second vaccine shot, immediately develops a metallic taste in his mouth and proceeds to develop a sever heart condition and extreme weakness. (This condition is apparently the result of the mRNA vaccine being mistakenly injected directly into the blood stream)

    And the medical people who initially dealt with him tell him he is nuts and think he is an anti vaccine doubter and have him psychologically evaluated?

    Kyle: “With risk there should be choice”.

    A rational and reasonable conclusion related to most things in life, especially when you are being mandated by your own government to accept an experimental drug / therapy into YOUR body. Especially if you have already had the virus and now have natural and a full spectrum immunity.

    The exact opposite than what the government is attempting to mandate.

    And that is NOT acceptable.

  • Edward

    Thanatos wrote: “These days, we’re laughing at the regressives in society that reject modern developments and look backwards. Anti-vacciners, COVID-deniers, … those types.

    There are none who deny Wuhan flu exists, and few who deny it came from China, but there are many who acknowledge that the attempts to control it failed. Sending people to Chinatown for Chinese New Year was a bad idea, but Democrat leaders did so. Sending ailing people into nursing homes was a bad idea, but Cuomo and six other governors did so, despite a month earlier the first half dozen or more Americans died when Wuhan flu swept through a Washington state nursing home. Long-term lockdowns were obvious bad ideas, since it is well known that flu spreads in winter (northern hemisphere) because people stay indoors, out of the cold weather. The experts confused everyone by continually changing their recommendations on every preventative, from masks to the vaccines (which are not real vaccines). For this one disease, the world’s leaders and experts looked backwards, rejecting centuries of lessons in dealing with disease, and they have done many things that science, medicine, and doctors have known do not work, at best, and at worst are counterproductive. (Several of these same people even violated their own recommendations and decrees, doing not as they say but as everyone else wanted to do.) Now we do not have the freedom of speech to point out these failures and problems, otherwise we are are cancelled on social media or called names, such as anti-vacciners, COVID-deniers, or even flat-earthers.

    Until January 20th, the story was that the vaccines were too rushed to be safe, but around that date they were declared safe, by decree, but no mandate would ever be imposed — until it was. Now we are learning that these faux vaccines really are dangerous and even counterproductive, which explains why the Wuhan flu has not been abated. Again, we are not allowed to say so. Obey or else lose your job, and you and your family will starve in the cold and the dark — and don’t dare try getting medical care, you denier, you!

    If the experts are so right, then why have they been so wrong so often, and which of their many contradictory claims are right? The people Thanatos laughs at have questioned authority, once a trait valued by the Democrats and liberals, and that authority was found wanting. Thanatos redefines people as deniers, even though they aren’t, so that he can unfairly laugh at them.

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