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Today’s blacklisted American: ULA fires leader of protest against its COVID shot mandate

The religious banned at ULA
The religious banned at ULA

They’re coming for you next: The rocket company United Launch Alliance (ULA) yesterday fired Hunter Creger, the man who organized public protests against its COVID shot mandate.

Creger, a Laser Weld Technician at ULA, reported for his day shift at the rocket parts manufacturing plant on Wednesday for the first time this week. On Monday and Tuesday, Creger organized a protest with other employees to raise their voices in unison over the company’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

The mandate requires the federal workers at the plant to be vaccinated by Friday, October 29, or face termination. Creger asked his supervisors if the suspension is related to his role in the protests. He said they would not clarify that, but he has his own suspicions. “Even after all of this, after walking me out of the facility for my role that I played in the protest, at the root of all of this is because I’m a Catholic and that’s why they fired me. They denied my religious accommodation. That’s what started this whole thing.” [emphasis mine]

According to the story, more than two hundred employees filed for a religious exemption to the mandate. All were denied.

The company of course can hire and fire whoever it wants. However, it appears the company is deciding who to fire not based on any rational rule but based on specific religious beliefs. This is blatant discrimination and violates numerous civil rights laws that have been in effect for more than a half century.

I suspect that if Creger sued ULA he would win easily, costing the company a lot of money. And that loss would be on top of the loss of a substantial portion of its workforce, which creates for ULA a bigger problem. What is it going to do if more and more of its employees disappear because they won’t tolerate this oppression? It will surely cripple it when it tries to compete with companies like SpaceX who have not imposed such rules.

And you can be sure that if SpaceX is forced to enforce mandates, it will quickly approve all requested religious exemptions, no questions asked. That has been the culture of that company, as established by Elon Musk, from day one. He might demand ungodly hours from his workers, but he also supports them to the hilt.

Finally, at what point do these unevenly applied discriminatory COVID mandates become entirely unjust? I think we are already at that point, but soon it should become obvious to everyone. Because of their panic over COVID, those in power and their supporters are now demanding that some people be treated as unclean and inferior.

Nothing good can come from this. Nothing.

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  • Cotour

    Lawyers, Courts and Money!

    They all need to call in sick on Friday.

  • Arthur Glunt

    Right, wrong or indifferent this Hunter Creger’s, fellow employees should walk off the job until these religious exemptions and or accommodations are honored. Maybe they are not religious but it’s just a matter of time before they come after them for the next jab or whatever hair brained scheme the Left comes out with to control the masses

  • Andrew_W

    ” . . at the root of all of this is because I’m a Catholic and that’s why they fired me.”

    That’s dishonest, there’s nothing in catholicism that prohibits or restricts catholics getting the covid vaccine, vaccine uptake has been as high in catholic countries as non-catholic countries, the Pope had the vaccine In January and is urging his flock to get the jab.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    The religious exemption is based in the involvement at some point in the development of the vaccine using aborted tissue, either in the development or the testing.

    And that is an issue if the person believes it to be an issue. The much bigger issue is that without doubt these vaccines no matter what is argued, all of the mRNA “vaccines” are still and remain experimental.

    The mandates are solely about forcing an issue and exercising control over the public by the likes of people like Bill DeBlasio who has plainly stated that he is using this mandate issue as a forcing tool.

    Just plain old force, no choice. Its the nature of the Jr. Nazi.

  • Col Beausabre

    ULA – Cocks pistol, Takes aim, Shoots self in foot

    And where is the union, that he was forced to join and pay dues to and that is supposed to represent and protect him? They’re GOOD democrats, they think that management is just peachy. Of course if Trump tried to impose such a mandate….

  • Skunk Bucket

    It seems to me (being cynical here) that if a company wanted to identify their religious employees, an exemption like that would be a good way to do it. With anti-Catholic/Christian (some overlap here of course) bigotry on the rise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these folks end up on some kind of industry blacklist.

  • George C

    The Catholic situation is a bit more complex than to state that if the Pope got it then it is ok. This is a good read if you want to see an argument based on the remoteness of the cooperation in evil:

    The cooperation in evil.

  • Mike Borgelt

    “Just plain old force, no choice. Its the nature of the Jr. Nazi.”

    Or any leftist.

  • Derrick

    They should fire each and everyone of them! They laid down the requirements for employment, you don’t abide, then go look for work elsewhere. Go work at the Dollar tree and cough all you want for $7.50 an hour. You won’t have benefits for a shot anyway so that solves that. Wearing a seat belt is a mandate but where is the outrage? What about vaccines for the measles… the mumps? You vote for politicians that push “Right to Work”, but now it’s coming back to bite you in the a$$! Good luck in the unemployment line.

  • Cotour

    “They laid down the requirements for employment, ”

    This is sarcasm, right?

  • mpthompson

    It really bothers me that people are focused so much on religious exemptions for Covid vaccines. What happened to: “I don’t want to get the vaccine for my own reasons, and those reasons are none of your business.” If women can get abortions (ie. commit what many people consider murder) because of a “right to privacy”, it seems vaccination mandates should be able to be fought on the same ground. For four decades those on the Left have been screaming “my body, my choice”. Throw it right back at them.

  • Cotour

    What ever anyone says the mRNA Covid vaccine is still an experimental therapy.

    This is a gigantic world wide human experiment and no one understands the potential long term effects effects.

    And that should be the primary argument IMO.

  • mpthompson

    What about vaccines for the measles… the mumps?

    Oh, you mean vaccines that have been developed and refined over many decades and with multitudes of long-term studies that demonstrate they actually work for the diseases they were created for? These vaccines? Also, these vaccines for which there are no federal mandates with regards to employment? Where someone’s livelihood isn’t threatened if they refuse to the vaccine?

    Equating voluntary vaccines for measles, mumps and even chickenpox with enforced mRNA genetic experimentation for a low-risk disease such as Covid is ridiculous.

  • Edward

    Derrick wrote: “They should fire each and everyone of them! They laid down the requirements for employment, you don’t abide, then go look for work elsewhere.

    These were not the requirements for employment when they hired in. They did not agree to them. These requirements are an explicit violation of patient healthcare privacy. The employees are being wronged by both their company and their government. Derrick supports tyranny.

    mpthompson wrote: “If women can get abortions (ie. commit what many people consider murder) because of a “right to privacy”, it seems vaccination mandates should be able to be fought on the same ground.

    It already exists. It is called HIPAA.

    It generally prohibits healthcare providers and healthcare businesses, called covered entities, from disclosing protected information to anyone other than a patient and the patient’s authorized representatives without their consent.

    The spirit of this law, if not the letter of the law, is being violated by requiring health status to be reported. That the same people who passed this law (the president was in Congress at the time) are mandating its violation shows just how tyrannical the country has become. That we have to show our papers in order to go certain places or to continue our careers shows how our leaders are following the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Then again, the Democratic Party supported that group, before Germany declared war on the U.S. in December 1941.

    It gets worse. We are just as likely to contract the original variant despite our faux vaccination. Plus, not only are those who were poked more likely to succumb to the Dreaded Delta variant, we are now biohazards to the unvaccinated, who are otherwise safer than those of us who chose poorly. (10 seconds)

    We have been given piss poor information, these past two years, and we made poor and tragic decisions based upon that information.

  • Cotour

    Related to Covid:

    Spoke with a friend today and he told me of his niece who had Covid and survived, and then she went literally nuts and became super paranoid. She had to be hospitalized in a mental facility. Due to Covid.

    She was a perfectly nice and reasonable person pre Covid.

    Turns out its not just the effects of the fear that has been experienced due to the unknown related to Covid, its something that is caused by the virus in the brain.

    Just a little extra feature the Communist Chinese threw in the mix? Or just a serendipitous bonus? Lets call it a Fauci.

    Fauci really got his money’s worth.

    PS: Has the animal vector ever been revealed that demonstrates the animal to human transfer of the SARS COV2 virus?


  • Sayomara

    Andrew W there are many of us Catholics who aren’t getting any of these shot due to there connection to abortion. Just because the Pope and most of Bishops won’t stand up for our faith doesn’t mean the faith stops existing. At the end of the day the Pope isn’t the king of the Catholics and while most of the time have a lot of respect for that office and man doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes

    Here is a good write up of what pope and more bishops should be saying

  • Jeff Wright

    Power doesn’t just change character-but reveals it. Fired people should get lifetime positions when the worm turns…and vice versa.

  • Andrew_W

    Sayomara, I assume that you also have haven’t been vaccinated against other major contagious diseases either then, as most vaccines use cells descended from the foetuses aborted in 1973 that you refer to. I assume you would also decline other treatments, like cancer treatments, that use foetal cells.

  • Richard M

    Just to clarify on the Catholic position on the vaccines:

    “The bishops” have not, in fact, released a statement on religious exemptions, if by that we mean formal canonical bodies like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). You can see the USCCB page on Moral Guidance on Vaccines here:

    It is true that some bishops, like the Archbishops of Los Angeles and New York, have declared that they will not support any claims for exemption within their dioceses. Other dioceses, like those of Colorado, have supported such claims.

    To go higher up the chain, the Holy See, in the form of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, released its instruction on the question (“Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines,” 21 December 2020), which made two key points of moral guidance. First, it condemns (again) the use of stem cell lines from aborted fetuses, while declaring that “it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.” But second, that “At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary.”

    Pope Francis of course has publicly urged qualified Catholics to take the vaccine, though personal statements like this do not have magisterial authority per se, in the way the CDF instruction (which Francis approved) does. Gregory XVI once attacked railways as chemins d’enfer (“road to hell”) in an audience with French visitors, but that wasn’t binding on Catholics consciences in 1835 any more than it is today.

    [For the record, 1) I am Catholic, 2) I have taken the vaccine, but 3) I oppose Covid vaccine mandates.]

  • Questioner

    Richard M:

    The Catholic Church has not always been as left-wing and gentle as it is today. See attached report!

    After all, the Pope took great care of the soul of the delinquent – who are said to have gone to death with a happy heart and purified – and also materially for the bereaved of the executed.

    Comment: The death sentences were the result of terrorist attacks on a barracks of the Papal States, both carried out in 1867, in which 25 soldiers were killed.

  • John

    Branch Covidians are free to practice. Our religion shall flourish across the motherland. Hail god king Fauchi. Inject his essence into your veins, be one with us, you have no choice. It’s better for everybody this way.

  • Richard M

    Hello Q,

    The Catholic Church has not always been as left-wing and gentle as it is today. See attached report!

    Ah, the good old days…

  • Cotour

    A reminder about what politics, business and religion are:

    ​1. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used and abused in the quest of the few in pursuit of control and power over the many.

    ​2. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has acted not always in the interests of what they have purported to represent themselves to be acting in the interests of.

    ​3. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history has been used as a ruthless tool in the abuse of power in the furtherance of business and politics.

    ​4. The business of religion of all stripes at every point in human history selectively teaches the exclusion of some.

    ​5. Humanity needs God, spirituality and religion and must be cognizant of their nature as it relates to those subjects and where the business of religion and politics can deliver them.

    ​6. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have the potential to be perverted, corrupted and the power derived there of abused. JGL 4/3/21

  • Questioner

    Richard M:

    Could this not be an opportunity to extend papal rule – now to Mars? In any case, many, much better than transferring left rule to Mars. Personally, however, I would prefer a strict military dictatorship for the first Martian society (combined with papal spiritual guidance?). Otherwise it will not be possible to ensure their survival.

    “Implementing a Catholic Diocese of Mars – Cherilyn Young – 2021 Mars Society Virtual Convention”

  • Wearing a seat belt is a mandate but where is the outrage?
    What planet have you been living on? There was plenty of outrage. The fact that it has died down doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. The “must wear helmet” motorcycle outrage was sufficient to kill that in many states. (Personally, I wear a helmet simply for protection from the wind-noise.)

    It is called HIPAA.
    HIPAA doesn’t generally apply because employers are not asking “covered entities” for this information. They are asking individuals. The ADA does apply. For a good discussion of the issue, see this at According To Hoyt.

  • Cotour: You generalize too much about religions. There are several that are very much not interested in “control and power over the many.” Judaism specifically is not, because the Old Testament makes it clear that while it lays our the rules for good and bad behavior, it also makes it clear that the choice of what each person does must be left to the individual. This is why in Judaism there has almost never been a power structure like the Catholic Church.

    It is also why the Protestant reformation duplicated that lack of structure. The Reformation was based on having each person learn to read the Bible for themselves, and thus the influence of the Old Testament came to the fore.

    And this is also why the rise of freedom and liberty corresponded with that Reformation.

  • Hunter Creger

    Robert! My name is Hunter Creger. I’m the weld technician that works at United Launch Alliance. I’d love to make a statement and clarify some points you wrote about in your article especially concerning my faith and what’s at stake specifically at the company. If you’d like to chat you can contact me at the email address listed. Thank you!

  • Hunter Creger: I have emailed you, and will correct or amend the story, if needed, after we correspond.

  • Cotour


    ANY intent that man conceptualizes and attempts to implement, from religion to Constitutions all contain the best intensions from the perspective of those formulating the religion or Constitution.

    And the Jewish religion and the Constitution may well have been the best structures conceived and implemented by man that are the closest to being objective in those regards? I would have to include many other religious and governmental structures in that list, but none are perfect as we all will agree.

    ALL of these structures however have the potential to be abused.

    From religion to Constitutions, and they are abused usually in the interests of those who have structured those religions and / or Constitutions.

    These are the basic rules of human nature, I stand 100 percent behind my proposal.

    It does not mean that all religions and / or Constitutions are all bad and do not do good, not at all.

    Human beings need structure and without it there would be chaos and death until structure was established in some manner by someone. And that structure will be abused.

    And I mean no insult to any religion in my proposal, but we can all see and admit that there are blatant abuses expressed in all of them in some way or another. Its the nature of the human animal.

  • Cotour

    To my point about what religion intends to structure V the nature of man and power.

    “One of the suspects, said to be men in their sixties and seventies, reportedly became a state’s witness and pointed a finger at the outlaw rabbi over the murders that shocked Jerusalem, leading to his arrest.”

    Formal structured religion is a concept of man and is but a vehicle and where that vehicle is driven and goes and what comes of it is determined by human beings, as faulty, emotional, greedy and perverted as they can be.

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