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Today’s blacklisted American: Unvaccinated Americans should be denied health care, according to television show host Jimmy Kimmel

Coming to your town in America soon!
Rounding up the unclean unvaccinated: What Jimmy Kimmel wants.

Genocide is coming: According to television show host Jimmy Kimmel, people who have not gotten the Wuhan flu shots, whether by choice or medical necessity, should be denied access to health care in hospitals.

“It was not a fun Labor Day weekend COVID-wise,” Kimmel said in his post-holiday monologue. “Dr. Fauci said if hospitals get any more overcrowded they’re going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed.”

He added, “That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. ‘Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right in, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.‘” [emphasis mine]

So much for the left’s endless mantra, “Healthcare is a right!” Kimmel is a typical leftist who deep inside is really “a totalitarian screaming to get out.” He now thinks it is okay to treat some humans as subhuman, because they happen to have made some decisions in life he disagrees with.

You can watch the actual video of him saying this at the link. As vile as Kimmel’s remarks might be, I think it more important to listen to the audience reaction. They cheer and clap in enthusiastic support, essentially endorsing Kimmel’s basic message: “It’s okay to kill people who do things we don’t like.”

I always say it is the audience that counts. Kimmel is a loud-mouthed and ignorant person, one of those buffoons who now dominate our culture. However, he is in that position because of the large audience that agrees with him. They give him power, and there are a lot of them. I guarantee you know many, some of whom might be your oldest friends or close relatives. If you show them video of Kimmel’s statement their first thoughtless reaction will likely be, “Hell, yeah!” And even if you point out that such a policy might condemn some of their dearest friends and relatives to death, it is quite likely that they will still shrug and insist those friends and relatives deserve it because they won’t obey the orders of their leftist betters.

That Kimmel still is on television after saying something so odious also illustrates how corrupt and partisan the entertainment industry has become. The management at ABC and Disney, which produces Kimmel’s show, have no problem with such totalitarian ideas. If anything, they are eager for the day they can gather up the unvaccinated (and anyone else who disagrees with them) and send them to concentration camps. That way the pure and noble leftist vaccinated can live in peace.

For free-thinking and freedom-loving Americans, of which fascist thugs like Kimmel and his producers are decidedly not, the challenge now is to remain courageous and refuse to back down. Force them to be thugs. Fight them bluntly and loudly. It will better reveal their evil for all to see.

That now is our only choice, because any compromise will only be used by these leftists to clamp down even harder on our freedoms.

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  • Phill O

    I go with the science: Vaccines work! Seems Bill O’Reilly also argues that 95% of those getting this virus are vaccinated.

    There may be some rare exceptions (I have a friend allergic to them), but I also get the flu shot, Shingle vaccine etc. Health care workers should be required to get the vaccine as are others mandated when dealing with infectious diseases.

    My wife (has worked in the level 4 lab in Winnipeg (a supplier of this Corona?)) and has had all her shots: thank God!

    When one deals with others, choice becomes a moot point but rather, protection of others.

  • Cotour

    Pay careful attention to the words this Australian official uses in her interview:

    Australians are for the most part UNARMED and they appear to be the first Western civilization country to be fully indoctrinated and enrolled into the “New World Order”.

    Australia and its people are living under thee most draconian measures to “Protect” them from Covid.

    Australia as well as New Zealand are for all intents and purposes locked down forever and are being dragged to obedience by their Globalist masters within their government.

  • Cotour

    Phill O:

    My post above represents what happens when:

    “When one deals with others, choice becomes a moot point but rather, protection of others.”.

    At what point does it become reasonable to risk dying in order to retain your freedom?

  • John C

    Cotour- I am so glad I already visited both Australia and New Zealand. Crossed those off the list. Do not intend to ever go back as those governments are effectively totalitarian regimes. I visited Kyrgyzstan in 2019 and I’m sure it is currently freer than Australia or New Zealand. Maybe it is better to live in a sparsely populated country where the authoritarian government doesn’t have the means to reach much beyond the capital city, then it is in a first world country where the tentacles of the government are already in every aspect of it’s citizens lives. It is clear that first world countries have become victims of their own success, now comes the slide backward. Maybe some good will come with it. I’m sure there are no Dean’s of Diversity and Inclusion in Kyrgyzstan, or other worthless jobs like that.

  • Patrick Underwood

    What about denying medical care to gangbangers injured in shootouts?

    Ha ha… who am I kidding.

  • Mark

    Here is the Opening Statement in the case of ‘The People vs the Tyrant”

    “You’re not a king, hell you’re not even legally competent. We rule. We are the people. We formed the union. You work for us.”

  • Concerned

    Bob is absolutely right: I’ve never been able to stand Jimmy Kimmler and the other odious “entertainers” that have hijacked late night TV and so many other formerly pleasant forums. I too am appalled that there is even the slimmest audience for these types; however it is apparent that the old ratings and money generating standards no longer apply. It is clear these sycophants are being propped up by the deep pocketed media overlords, who are more than happy to lose money in their quest to provide proper “programming”. There is no doubt about the danger represented by the sizable, albeit much reduced, crowd of seals that clap at this kind of “entertainment”. I pray there is still at least a large minority of thinking liberty lovers that are waking up en masse, tuning out these propaganda artists, and ultimately bankrupting the evil overlords.

  • Ian C.

    This is not an accident. The same message is made in various (mainly left and center-left) MSM in Western countries. They follow the same agenda and narrative and use the same phrases even. I follow the news in different Western countries and it’s almost the same, only with different people, places, and timing.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “As vile as Kimmel’s remarks might be, I think it more important to listen to the audience reaction. They cheer and clap in enthusiastic support, essentially endorsing Kimmel’s basic message: ‘It’s okay to kill people who do things we don’t like.’

    This is not particularly new. Back in the days when the Democrats were telling us that the Republicans wanted to throw granny off the cliff, it was the Democrats advocating that we let her die, and it was Berkeley students cheering at the idea. (1 minute)

    Apparently, if a leftist says it, America’s younger generation will agree blindly.

    Of course, back then, it was just the grandparents of those kids slated for refusal of healthcare, not people who disagreed with them, but it seems a small step from killing off your own relatives in order to save a few bucks to killing off those who disagree in order to be like the Brown Shirts or Himmler’s Schutzstaffel (SS). Keep in mind, Himmler’s political party was the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party, a left wing philosophy.

    And America’s younger generation still cheers for the deaths of others.

    So much for the left’s endless mantra, ‘Healthcare is a right!’

    As with most rights granted by the left, they are not immutable. It is the danger of not having natural or God-given rights. If they are given to us by men, then they can be withdrawn by men, at their whim. Perhaps giving those men the feeling of being the Gods themselves.

    Concerned wrote: “I’ve never been able to stand Jimmy Kimmler …

    No, no. You have that wrong. It is Jimmy Kimmel, not to be confused with Heinrich Himmler. The difference is that Jimmy has a TV program to influence a nation and Heinrich only had a small army to do the same job. Although, come to think of it, both seem to be equally successful.

    Denial of healthcare is merely the next step in the fascisization of America.

  • Edward: I am well aware that this type of audience reaction is not new. I have in fact been pointing it out for decades in my endlessly vain effort to get freedom-loving Americans to recognize the evil that has been growing in their midst. All to no avail.

    My life has been like the life of this woman in Nazi Germany, as described in my July 2020 essay, Genocide is coming to America:

    In my last visit to Israel in 2018, my brother and sister-in-law took me sight-seeing to the northern parts of Israel near the Sea of Galilee. On our first night, we stayed at the home of one of their older friends, a man in his seventies.

    That night we sat around their kitchen table so that they could catch up on family matters. At one point in the conversation our host reminisced about an older woman, now gone, who he had known in his childhood in the 1950s who had lived in Germany before and during World War II and had survived a concentration camp.

    To paraphrase the story he told us, what this woman always remembered most starkly about that time, especially in the 1930s, was how difficult it was to get German friends who were not Jewish to believe the horrors she and other Jews were going through. To her, their calm nonchalant dismissal of the Nazi bigotry and oppression of Jews — too unbelievable to take seriously — was what had horrified her the most. Even twenty years later, it was this dismissal that appalled her the most, despite her time in a concentration camp and the death she had seen around her.

    As he told us this story, what struck me was how similar my own experience has been. Time after time for the past four decades my liberal friends and relatives have refused to believe anything I say to them — always based on actual events — about politics and the growing corruption and bigotry within the Democratic Party. Like those decent Germans in the 1930s, these decent Americans find reasons to quickly dismiss what I say, without making any effort to find out if there is any merit to it.

    Now that evil is here and in power, and it has no interest in compromise. There is still a tiny window to stop it, but that window has shrunk enormously, and is shrinking fast.

  • Ryan Lawson

    I am seriously contemplating that the best solution for progressives is to use their momentum against them.

    By Kimmel’s logic, let us also not treat illegal immigrants, anyone dying of a drug overdose, anyone injured because they were drunk driving, anyone shot through gang violence, anyone dying of a sexually transmitted disease, anyone dying because of a botched abortion. I’m willing to take the hit to not be treated because of lack of vaccination if all of the above also apply.

    We should also have gone along with defunding the police, there would be no one left to protect progressives at that point since they can’t protect themselves and they all live in blue cities where the crime is the worst.

    One thing I have learned from my progressive “friends” is that whenever they are in a position of power they will absolutely turn the knife and love every moment of it. If conservatives ever get back into power we have to make large swathes of America uninhabitable for progressives for the next 100 years. We will have to be ruthless.

  • Edward

    I think that my point was that America’s youth will fall for anything that the Democrats say. Tell the youth that they will have to pay more, and they applaud. Tell them that their grandparents will have to stop receiving healthcare (even though they have the right to healthcare), because we just aren’t prosperous enough to afford it, and they applaud. Even tell them that they won’t live longer than their parents because the result of Democrat policies is the cessation of medical innovation, and they applaud.

    The society of Logan’s Run is not so far off as it was four decades ago. We already tell American citizens that they don’t have to work hard and that there are no consequences to promiscuity. How many people in America have realized the absurdity of having both the requirement for diversity and the philosophy that everyone is exactly the same? Google fires anyone who points it out. What good is Title IX if men can pretend to be women and play in their sports (and shower in their locker room)?

    America’s youth accepted the Obamacare mandate as necessary, that central control was more necessary than individual rights. The Republican Party was the last remaining bastion of the American way, but two decades ago it lost its way when it started acting like the Democratic Party, losing its focus on fiscal responsibility and on social morality. We were no longer securing “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves,” much less “our Posterity.

    The federal government took total control over our healthcare, and the Republican Party took it as a means of getting votes. First they told us to give them control of the House, and they would reverse Obamacare. When we did that, the Republicans said we had to give them the Senate, then they would reverse it. When we reached the goal, we found that the posts had moved. When we gave them the Senate, they said that they needed the presidency, too, in order to do what we wanted. After they got the presidency, they showed us that they were really turncoats, and now we are stuck forever with Obamacare and the tyranny that allows government not only total control over our health but allows government to direct us as to what to do, what to say, and who and what to be. We were fooled time after time after time; shame on whom? The Republicans are Democrats by another name, and they smell just as sweet (if you can call that stench “sweet”). Are we really in a republic if our elected representatives don’t represent us?

    There is still a tiny window to stop it?

    When the people of the Republican Party chose a Democrat as a presidential candidate, that window was already closed. Not only did we no longer have a political party on the side of liberty, most of the citizens who were on the side of liberty had already jumped ship. People who would have never voted for Bill Clinton voted for his clone, a quarter century later, and even today treat him as though he were a savior. He saved nothing, because his policies were the same as the Democrats of the 1990s. Isn’t it amazing that today’s Republicans think those were good policies? (Clinton himself regrets his most important and legacy-defining liberal policies.) Without realizing it, even conservatives are accepting leftist policies. So here we are today, with a government that ignores its own laws and defies Supreme Court rulings, in order to gain additional power over We the People.

    We are now living in a land of bread and circuses, where a majority are happy to receive free stuff and are entertained by the thought that their elections are fair. Are we really in a democracy if the government can change our votes before announcing the results? Even where they still are fair, it turns out that we elect people who are actually on the other side. The Democrats convinced the people that they are bringing us a utopia, but it is in reality a dystopia. We are living in a science fiction story, where only a benevolent government knows what is good for us — except it isn’t benevolent at all. In this dystopic utopia We the People should not make our own decisions, because we choose wrong, every single time. We have not learned from history, and we have not learned from our own cautionary tales. (1 minute, “The Giver”)

    And most of the populace applauds at anything that the centrally controlling left says, because their government-run schools left them refusing to believe what it all means.

    This is Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • Andrew M. Winter

    Consider the following from This data is available to anyone who wants to wade through the CDCs “wonder” database. In the FAQ page they answer the question: “Why does my search of “wonder” look different than yours?” The answer is openVAERS search criteria. You use those search parameters and all that data can be verified. I’ve done more than once.

    But I digress. Consider this, the VAERS wonder data base shows approx 58,000 hospitalizations due to adverse reactions to the COVID19 vaccines across the entire spectrum of vaccines. That same data base records the current deaths due to the COVID19, including sources outside the US, at approx 14,000.

    So, IF you are “blessed” by being “allowed” to have health care what do you really get for it? You get a one in four chance of never leaving that hospital alive! (hopefully my italics work)

    So what am I really giving up be getting health care? Not much it would seem. Given the panicked minsets of most medical practitioners these days I don’t really want any of THEM to access to ME!

  • Andrew M. Winter

    ugh. sorry for the typos. My fingers shake from rage when I write about this.

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