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Today’s blacklisted American: Unvaccinated students at Penn State banned from remote classes

Coming to your town in America soon!
Rounding up the unclean unvaccinated: It is coming.

They’re coming for you next: Unvaccinated students at Penn State who fail to get a COVID test for three weeks in a row are now banned from the school, including a ban from even attending remote classes.

At Penn State University, 117 students have been placed on interim suspension for failure to comply with the university’s weekly COVID-19 testing requirement.

Students at University Park who are subject to required weekly COVID-19 testing and who have missed at least three weeks of testing have been notified by Penn State that they are out of compliance with the university’s health and safety policies and have been placed on interim suspension through the Office of Student Conduct, a statement from Penn State said.

Students on interim suspension may not participate in classes, in-person or remotely; are not allowed on university property; and may not attend any Penn State-sponsored events, programs, and activities, including football games. On-campus students on interim suspension also are temporarily removed from their residence halls.

The highlighted word prove the insanity and irrationality of this policy. It is not aimed at protecting anyone from getting sick, since if that was its true goal the school would have no problem with unvaccinated but untested students from attending classes remotely.

Instead, the policy is being used as a tool to dehumanize the student population and make them see themselves as mindless worker drones to whom the powers-that-be can do anything to, without opposition. And while the school itself has some limitations in its ability to crush the human spirit, its policies help prepare these poor students for life in the oppressive society that the leftist administrators and faculty in academia wish to create. Once they graduate, they will have been well taught to obey any order of their superiors, no matter how insane.

It also appears this policy is working, based on this editorial published yesterday at the college’s student newspaper, The Collegian: Penn State makes right decision to suspend students who don’t represent the university. To quote the opinion of the students:

Whenever an institution implements rules, it’s expected they follow through with punishment when said rules are violated. After a poor initial response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a promising sight to see Penn State crack down on those who aren’t following testing guidelines.

In other words, these students have been well trained to follow orders. And if that means eventually rounding up these unclean malcontents, then so be it. It is far better for society to remove unclean people from sight then force the clean and pure to tolerate them.

Some readers might claim that it is wrong for the unvaccinated to go about their business without consequences. But what harm can they do, if the bulk of the student community is vaccinated? Isn’t the vaccine supposed to make you safe from COVID? And even if it is not foolproof, it remains a blunt fact that healthy young people — like college students — are under almost no risk from the Wuhan virus. Just like the flu, it might make them sick for a few days, but they will then quickly recover and in fact be better immunized against the disease than the vaccinated. There is no reason for these students to fear it, at all.

But yet they do. The indoctrination has succeeded quite well. They are now well ruled by their “betters”, and will follow any command of those “betters” if properly couched with just the right amount of fear-mongering.

Meanwhile, Penn State is a public university. The state’s legislature is controlled by Republicans. As usual, they are doing nothing about this. What good are they?

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  • Geno

    They are being conditioned to accept the absurd as normal. Freedom and tolerance for differences is something to be feared.

  • GaryH

    When ‘a friend’ deceives me they cease to be in my contact list. Students/parents need to question everything presented at such an institution and go elsewhere. The same applies to dictatorial state and local governments. The change may be painful, but with time and good choices, the future will benefit.

  • Christopher Lopes

    Has it actually been proved that COVID-19 can’t be spread digitally? Until it has, it’s best to be careful.


  • Doubting Thomas

    “For the Glory….”

    State College PA and adjacent University Park has been going down hill since 1971 (which is the last year that I puked while sitting on the wall along E. College Ave).

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “The highlighted word prove the insanity and irrationality of this policy. It is not aimed at protecting anyone from getting sick, since if that was its true goal the school would have no problem with unvaccinated but untested students from attending classes remotely.

    What is worse is that college students are in the demographic that is least affected by the virus and most affected by the vaccine.

    What is wrong with the invulnerable young trying to get the Wuhan flu in order to get the most effective vaccination from it? If a student has already been infected with Wuhan, does she (60% of students being women) get the same pass from having to take tests as the vaccinated (the article is behind a paywall, so I don’t know whether they answer this question)?

    Why is it that those who supposedly are concerned for our health continue to set the least effective and most dangerous policies possible?

  • Edward: The article should not be behind a paywall. I haven’t subscribed to the Epoch Times, and can see it entirely.

    The article however does not say whether previously infected Wuhan flu individuals, who have very robust immunity, are required to get vaccinated.

  • And now we have the NY Governor making vaccination an article of faith …. complete with her “Vaxxed” necklace … and denigration of those who do not vaccinate as outside God’s will. (Ok Gov … now do abortion …)

    Almost makes me wish Cuomo was still there … almost.

    Did Penn State require masks at their football games? I’m looking forward to the next week or two, to see if any spikes in WuFlu cases are associated with college-football games where there are not masked/distanced fans … and if there are not spikes(which is plausible if not likely) that needs to be pushed over top of the panic-demic narratives, from the White House on down.

  • Cotour

    As long as this fraudulent Democrat administration allows our borders to be freely over run by illegals who are without doubt infected to some degree with Covid and who knows what else and they are not required to be tested or be vaccinated this vaccine mandate argument by any government official especially if they are Democrat is all a farce.

    Do they think that this counter intuitive mandate from on high is going unnoticed by the people that put them in office?

    Now the question remains, do elections in America really reflect the people will? Or is it all now just an exercise in futility and scripted prearranged political theatre? What we are witness to right now in American politics, the fraud, corruption, lying and tyrannical manipulations is precisely what the American Constitution was designed by the Founders to counter balance. They knew what they were talking about.

    Never a more stressful test of their good work. How well did they do?

    We all are staying tuned to find out.

  • Alton

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    ????????? ????? ?????…………

  • Alton: I’m not sure what graphic setting you are using, but please stop bolding the text of your entire comments. It comes of the same as all CAPS, like you are shouting at us.

  • Col Beausabre

    :”State College PA and adjacent University Park has been going down hill since 1971 (which is the last year that I puked while sitting on the wall along E. College Ave)”

    Too many grilled stickies from the Old College Diner?

  • Alton

    Sorry Z- Man
    But at my age and with my bad eyes…
    Four operations later the Bold type is so much easier to work with.
    The way your standard typeface generates on my equipment drives me batty trying to use it.

  • Alton: Then write your comments in a word processor where you can increase the size of the font, and then cut and paste it into the comment box. That way you can also edit it safely before posting.

  • Alton

    Sir that is just what I did then reduced the size of the typeface to make it less obnoxious.
    Your primary typeface even makes your whole website hard to use.

  • Christopher Lopes asked (\sarc) if “Has it actually been proved that COVID-19 can’t be spread digitally? Until it has, it’s best to be careful.”

    Not physical viruses.

    Ever notice how ‘critical thinking’ is no longer the darling of Education, and hasn’t been for some time?

    Geno noted: “They are being conditioned to accept the absurd as normal. Freedom and tolerance for differences is something to be feared.”

    The next Blacklisted German: Franz Kafka

    I would say that George Orwell is on the short-list for Blacklisted Americans, but maybe that’s already happened.

    Can’t have people wondering why their lives are worse than a dystopian novel.

  • wayne

    …surprisingly well done….
    (with only a little bit of vulgarity….)

    Tom MacDonald
    “Fake Woke”

  • Depends upon one’s definition of “paywall”, I suppose. I see this:
    Continue Reading For Free
    Quickly log in or create your free account to read this article

  • Cotour


    Installing the New World Order all started for real in Australia during the Covid pandemic. How timely, thank you Communist China and Dr. Fauci. There are no conspiracies, and there are no coincidences.

    Dr. Fauci: “Gain of function research is very dangerous, but its worth the risk”.

    Australia is the “Civilized” Western civilization Globalist compliance test laboratory. (And remember, there is NO Second Amendment in Australia.) 1:58 min.

    What are you going to do when it arrives here in the U.S.A. for real?

    Your an emotional Democrat? Your a fraudulent RINO Republican? Your a Communist Democrat Socialist? You had better wake the hell up! In your ignorance this is what you are delivering to America and the world, this is the New World Order.

    YOU WILL COMPLY! (This is no BS)

    How close it now?

  • Edward

    Here we are, living in America, but not an America with liberty for all.
    1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views: compulsory retirement would interfere with individual liberty.

    at liberty
    2 allowed or entitled to do something: competent adults are generally at liberty to refuse medical treatment.

    Our authorities tell us when we may go outside and what to wear. Our social media companies tell us what political views we may discuss. And now we are told what medical treatment we must have, whether or not we need it, whether or not it is healthy for us, whether or not it is actively harmful to us. In Obama’s fundamentally transformed America we have restrictions imposed upon our way of life, behavior, and political views.

  • Milt

    As Robert observes:

    “Meanwhile, Penn State is a public university. The state’s legislature is controlled by Republicans. As usual, they are doing nothing about this. What good are they?”

    The official Republican response, outside of a few states like Florida, is to do absolutely nothing about any of this and wait until the
    midterm elections in 2022 to try to elect more milquetoast candidates who won’t do anything either once they are in office. In Texas, there is a (self professed) conservative governor who — at least as I understand the legal / constitutional implications of such actions — has every right and indeed the obligation to stop the influx of illegal aliens into his state as the federal government fails to uphold its own laws. But he won’t. He, unlike Governor DeSantis, has no desire to “confront” anyone, even as his state is overrun with “undocumented” people from all over the Third World.

    Had these same kind of “conservatives” been in office in December of 1941, they would not have declared war on the Axis powers, nor would have voted to pursue the Cold War against the Soviets. And, after all, if the United States is taken over by a foreign ideology and all of its freedoms abolished and its people enslaved, would this really be so bad.? Perhaps, they would say, we can just wait to the next election in Germany and in Japan (or in the Soviet Union), and war can be avoided. Meanwhile, who cares if our fundamental rights continue to be abrogated and unvaccinated Americans are rounded up and put in FEMA camps. These things are NOT IMPORTANT, but we must win in 2022 … for some reason.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And the Republicans (far too many of them) are
    exceedingly good at doing nothing, especially when it comes to meeting existential challenges to the future of this country. Gosh, no, we don’t want to fight with anybody, and if a few of our constituents get dragged off to FEMA camps, well, shucks, they ought to have gone along to get along and taken those fine vaccines. Likewise, who needs a 2nd Amendment — or any of the others — when the government is there to protect everybody — just ask the folks in Australia. We’re the government; we’re here to help.

    Today’s thought for the dimmer animals: “Freedom is slavery” — and we will work tirelessly to keep you free and to preserve our
    one party democracy / new, built back better global governance.

    PS — Even given the situation that now obtains — see Jim Kunstler’s most recent “estimate of the situation”

    — most Republicans are loath to admit that we are anywhere near (or are indeed already in) a real cultural civil war in this country. Or even that The Powers That Be in Washington are lying through their teeth abut nearly every aspect of the Covid debacle. (Had Covid, gotten over it, and have strong natural immunity? Well, you are a DANGER to the vaccinated, and you MUST get vaxed even though this contravenes every tenet of science and rational thinking). Just go pretending that everything is fine and hope that nothing bad happens. “Bad” meaning that average citizens begin to get tired of being treated like cattle, and they refuse to put up with any more of it.

  • Max

    Jester Naybor;
    Did you catch what the New York governor said at the beginning of the speech? That she is going to sign an “executive order” giving her the “power” that the governor does not possess, to do the things that are formally illegal? So her apostles can travel throughout the state forcibly vaccinating to save their souls? When a tyrant does what they wish without fear of retribution or the law, then truly they are the supreme leader with no consequences because her people will follow her orders like mindless acolytes!

    The lying, apologizing, and lying some more white house press person said that “businesses who must raise their wages to keep employees, cannot raise their prices as their taxes go up”. This will not be permitted! Is there no brain? Are liberals devoid of simple economic principles?

    Is it bad enough that the military gives away peace keeping air bases in Afghanistan, fully stocked and ready to make war, then turn around and give away the largest naval base in the world! To NATO /UnitedNations in Norfolk Virginia in which it is rumored will soon be a concentration camp for the unvaccinated by Biden’s order?

    Zimmerman said;
    “Instead, the policy is being used as a tool to dehumanize the student population and make them see themselves as mindless worker drones to whom the powers-that-be can do anything to, without opposition”
    That is actually a post of the “world economic forum”, build back better, who “rule the world” people from Davos… You know, sustainable development, circular economy people? They claim to be able to program the human animal to do whatever they want, no more free will. Recording of the boast exposed on this website. (YouTube has taken down this video… and other sites, for some reason, will not play for me, so I had to listen to it by pressing the MP3 button)

    Col Beausabre,
    I don’t know anyone with your intelligence that’s familiar with the military.
    I asked a coworker about the heads of babies purchased by the government, and what they could possibly be used for?
    He sent me this military document that looks official… But I just can’t believe it!
    Is there a way these names and military people can be identified to see if it’s real?
    Records of children being harvested and disposed of at military bases.
    Makes me wonder where all the people and children at the border are disappearing too…

    By the way, remember the Chinese spies who were caught red-handed with technology and viles of virus/ biological specimens? Bidens Attorney General just released everyone with no charges! There is no doubt anymore, this administration is working for the Chinese on every level… Just as they falsely claimed President Trump was working for the Russians.
    I bet Hunter Biden just sold another painting for a billion!

  • Milt

    On today’s edition of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Texas Governor Abbot gave a detailed account of how his administration intervened to curtail the influx of illegal immigrants who were coming across the river in Del Rio. Moreover, he assured the listeners that he will continue to to take such actions as may be required to protect the Texas border. This in addition to the state’s ongoing legal efforts to compel the Biden Administration to comply with the order by a federal district judge to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy.
    For a full transcript of this interview, see

    On this basis, I clearly owe Governor Abbott an apology, and I commend him for the stand that he is taking against the lawless Powers That Be in Washington.

    If other elected officials were to find the courage to oppose the radical, America-hating regime in Washington* and take a similar principled stand, there may yet be a functioning United States when the 2020 midterm elections do finally take place. As it is, the radical Democrats are planning a “repeat” of the 2020 election debacle, if indeed “normal” elections will even be possible at that point. Again, far too many people see what is happening as “just normal politics,” and they cannot imagine what the radical Democrats and their media allies are willing to do in order to remain in power. The question is, will the Republican “opposition” — as in refusing to go along with the Biden Administration’s illegal open borders agenda — meekly stand by and allow them to do these things.

    *Boys and girls, its called “Federalism.” Can you say Federalism?

  • wayne

    One of the few times having a crummy internet connection comes in handy— the paywall (‘sign in to continue reading’ pop-up) eventually shows up for me (20-30 seconds), but after some trial and error (and continuously cleaning my browser cache after every attempt) I was able to freeze the page before the pop-up appeared and read the entire text.

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