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Today’s blacklisted American: Vermont’s organization of principals bans Christian school for being Christian

Mid Vermont Christian School: banned for supporting Christianity

They’re coming for you next: One month after administrators of Mid Vermont Christian School decided to default a game against a public high school girls team that had a boy in woman’s clothing as a player, citing safety and religious concerns, the Vermont Principals’ Association moved to ban that Christian school from all sports and sponsored activities.

Jay Nichols, the executive director of the Vermont Principals’ Association, said the organization’s 15-member executive board was unanimous in its decision. “If you don’t want to follow VPA rules, that’s fine,” Nichols said. “But then you’re just not a VPA member. It’s fairly simple. That’s really all we’re gonna really say about it.” [emphasis mine]

In its letter to Mid Vermont Christian, the VPA stated “…the school’s actions do not meet the expectations of the VPA’s 1st and 2nd policy, Commitment to Racial, Gender-Fair, and Disability Awareness and Policy of Gender Identity, respectively.”

If you want to know in detail what VPA’s 1st and 2nd policies are, you can read them here. The key quote is this:

The prohibition against discrimination includes discrimination based on a student’s actual or perceived sex and gender. [emphasis mine]

Note too that VPA’s policy document is 44 pages long, but it makes its policies on gender items #1 and #2, above everything else, including scheduling events, rules for play, recruitment, age limitations, and eligibility to play.

In other words, the queer agenda rules all. Christian or conservative beliefs are not allowed, and VPA will ban anyone who dares to note that a boy in woman’s clothing is still a boy.

What does this action tell us? It tells me that parents should run, not walk, to get their kids out of the Vermont public schools run by these principals and the state government that backs them. And that appears to be all Vermont public high schools. These administrators are not interested in defending the rights of all students, only those pushing the queer agenda. It also appears that these principals will enthusiastically support the pedo-grooming of children by teachers.

The priorities of Vermont’s public school principals also helps explain why public schools nationwide are trash heaps not capable of doing what they are supposed to do, why no students are proficient in math in nineteen Minnesota public schools, why teacher resignations in Washington state’s public schools are at the highest level in three decades, why 29 public schools in Atlanta were rated as “failing”, why less than 20% of all Chicago students meet their expected performance levels, and why not one student in 23 of Balitmore’s public schools were proficient in math.

These are only a few examples of decades of public school failure. That it has taken parents decades to only now begin to see it is shameful, but that they are now seeing it is a sign of hope.

Kudos also to the administrators and coaches at Mid Vermont Christian School. They showed that they put the health of the youth under their care first, and were willing to make a stand to do so. It seems parents should not only abandon Vermont’s public schools, they should be flocking to this private school (as well as others like it).

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  • Edward

    In other words, the queer agenda rules all. Christian or conservative beliefs are not allowed, and VPA will ban anyone who dares to note that a boy in woman’s clothing is still a boy.

    This is literally the very definition of bigot.

    a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

  • Mitch S.

    “The prohibition against discrimination includes discrimination based on a student’s actual or perceived sex and gender”

    So how could they even have a “girls” team or a “boys” team?
    If a biological male, who identifies as a boy, wanted to join the “girls” team how could they say no?
    This looks like the end of girls sports. Perhaps they should give it up now and just split players based on ability. The “A” level team would end up mostly (if not all) biologically male, the “B” team mostly male with some biological females and so on. Everyone would use the locker room they prefer… or just shower at home.
    Will parents and the community go for it? If administrators like the VPA really believe in their principals then they should grow a spine and do it.

  • Edward

    Mitch S. asked: “So how could they even have a “girls” team or a “boys” team? If a biological male, who identifies as a boy, wanted to join the “girls” team how could they say no?

    It is no longer who or what you are that matters, it is who or what you identify as that matters. You are who and what you say you are. As for myself, I usually identify as a major deity. (Second and third person singular and plural pronouns: tithes and worship. The actions not the words. Tithes are 10% and worship is something like “all hail my great god, Edward.”) Since AI am gender-fluid, I also spend time identifying as a black lesbian woman (too bad the left cannot figure out what a woman is). (Second and third person singular pronouns for biological females to use when referring to me: “have sex with me now” and “I want coitus with you,” and plural pronouns for biological females: “an orgy would be nice right about now” and “are we all going to bed together, or what?” Second and third person singular and plural pronouns for biological males to use: hiccoughs and wet sneezes. The actions, not the words.) In California, government employees are required to use my pronouns, under pain of punishment. It is too bad that I do not identify as a sadist, as a conversation with California government employees could be very enjoyable.

    Sorry. I got distracted.

    Since a biological male identifying as a boy is still a boy, he does not get to join the girls’ teams. He has to first identify as a girl, then he gets to join their teams, shower with them in their locker room, and use their bathrooms, because he is now magically a girl. No Harry Potter wand necessary. Recent history shows that if he — assuming that is still his pronoun — does something bad to a biological girl, then they will just move him to another school where he will again get to use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and continue doing bad things. Recent history also shows that should they put him in jail, they will put him in the women’s prison, where the women suddenly start getting pregnant, and the state’s corrections department can’t figure out how that happened.

    How did we ever let such stupid people be in charge? These same stupid people are training their new artificial “intelligence”, ChatGPS (which is actually just another curve-fitting program), to be just as stupidly woke. It is bad enough that these humans are too stupid to run this country, but those stupid people are going to put equally stupid “smart” computers in charge.

    How will we ever survive? Whatever will we do?

    Everyone would use the locker room they prefer… or just shower at home.

    I’ll be in the girl’s locker room, identifying as a fifteen-year-old. What would have been a felony in the good old days is perfectly acceptable today, the left’s days of wine and roses, where we get bread and circuses, and our leaders “let them eat cake.”

  • Alton

    Edward CHEERS ?

  • Dale

    Thank god i don’t have children

  • Robin

    The elite private school that has the trans girl on the team has offered no comment, as far as I know.

  • Vermont Farm Wife

    Our beautiful state has been dragged through the mud by the Left crazies, I don’t even recognize it anymore.

    When I get some money together I’m going to send a donation to the Christian school, not that my pittance will make a huge difference financially, but it might let them know they have supporters here at home.

  • “If you don’t want to follow VPA rules, that’s fine,” Nichols said. “But then you’re just not a VPA member. It’s fairly simple. That’s really all we’re gonna really say about it.”

    I’m pretty much fine with that. It’s being forced into groups who do things one does not like that created this mess. If groups are allowed to self-sort – yes, including the WSI (White Supremists, Incorporated) – then this problem just goes away.

    The next step: Create another group. Might I suggest the VSPA: The Vermont Sane Principals’ Association.

    Another potential next step: Why is an association of principals in charge of athletics? That seems like an avenue for attack.

  • Cotour

    Your radical Democrat today. Please copy and share with a Democrat friend, see if they agree with this historian.


    “Historian Calls Pedophilia ‘Intergenerational Sex,’ Refuses To Describe Rape Of 10-Year-Old Boy As ‘Abuse’

    “Historian Rachel Hope Cleves described pedophilia as “intergenerational sex,” adding that she wouldn’t describe the abuse of children with words such as “survivors or necessarily abuse.”

    And what if it were YOUR 10-year-old son or daughter that was being “Intergenerationally” sexually “accessed” by someone older, much older who was having regular sexual relations with them? You are good with that Ms. Cleves? I would assume so.

    In the current cultural and political evolution atmosphere within America where “traditional hierarchies of race, class, sex and gender” are stretched beyond any rational and reasonable bounds where the concern for a minor child is thrown out the window in the interests of some perverse minor segment of our population is in a word SICK at the minimum and criminal at the max. Radicals can intellectually justify ANYTHING that furthers their cause.

    Rational lines within culture and society must be drawn and the attempt once again normalize what has been clearly established through common sense to be abusive and extremely harmful to minor human beings appears to be owned in its entirety by the radical Left in America and is exclusive to the Democrat party. Why is that? Are you a Democrat and do you support such things? I do not believe so.

    The radical Left (D) is attempting to break society and culture because of some argument that because our country is founded on “WHITE” Judeo Christian concepts of right and wrong and morality linked with the abuses that have occurred in our history is a reason to destroy it all, throw it all out the window and start anew. But the only place that that leaves you is in a depraved Imperial Roman empire time machine where everything you know is bad, destructive and abusive is now good.

    You know in Imperial Rome the “Intergenerational sex” (what fraudulent a term) that historian Rachel Hope Cleves promotes was also accepted, and it was also an acceptable punishment to crucify a person who was thought to be an enemy of the state and the common good if your memory serves you.

    Maybe if the one is now acceptable the other, crucifixion, should also be acceptable for those who are perceived as a threat to the good of the state or a threat to reason and a threat to children. Might not be a bad idea.

    Hey, what ever happened to that guy that was a threat to the Imperial Roman state way back when?

    Are you paying attention yet America? (And you’re a Democrat?)

  • Star Bird

    So are t hey going totally secular or are they just going to sacrifice a few lives to their false gods?

  • sippin_bourbon

    Yes, they will.sacrifice them.

    Through extended family in the area, we learned that the injured girl is still undergoing treatment.
    Additionally, the boy in a girls uniform that injured her had video of the event as part of his “highlight reel” that he sent to colleges seeking a scholarship.

    So yes, your children will be sacrificed, they do not care.

  • sippin_bourbon: In this case however the school board decided it would no longer play any games with the team with the boy-in-woman’s-clothing, “for safety reasons.” It would rather forfeit the games than risk the girls health on their school team.

    Allowing this idiocy in the first place was disgusting, but at least we see here a small movement in the direction of common sense and sanity.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Z. In the post millennial article, they state the very same motivation. Safety.

    “In a 5-1 vote, the Cherokee County Board of Education canceled all remaining games against Highlands High due to the injury, and declared it a ‘safety issue.'”

    In your example, as you noted, state safety as the reason. Both accept forfeit in the future.

    These other side says:
    “This recent issue of forfeiting a game because you disagree with someone’s right to exist is a clear example of what is happening in Vermont and around the country…etc”
    Which speaks to my point. They demand that our children’s safety is secondary to Their Cause.

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