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Today’s blacklisted Americans: California Democrats to blacklist all conservative or religious policemen

The cancelled Bill of Rights
A document Democrats clearly don’t like.

They’re coming for you next: California Democrats have introduced a bill in the state legislature that would essentially ban the hiring of any policemen who had religious or political beliefs that oppose the agenda of the leftist sexual rights community.

The bill, known as the California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act (CLEAR Act), claims to combat “the infiltration of extremists in our law enforcement agencies” and would mandate a background check for all officers who have “exchanged racist and homophobic messages.”

Kalra claims that AB 655 is necessary to prevent “the apparent cooperation, participation, and support of some law enforcement” in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

The bill defines hate speech as “as advocating or supporting the denial of constitutional rights of, the genocide of, or violence towards, any group of persons based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

As several conservative and religious individuals note in the article, the bill’s vague language basically makes it illegal for cops to harbor conservative or religious beliefs, and will give the government the right to fire anyone who disagrees with the homosexual lobby or opposes abortion.

As of this moment the bill is not yet law. Knowing the strongly Democratic Party make-up of the legislature, however, expect it to pass with flying colors.

California has been a fascist state for at least a decade, with its voting system designed by the Democrats to prevent any opposition party from winning. This bill only accelerates that process. And if you live there don’t expect your voice to be heard if you protest the bill. The Democratic Party has a lock on all government positions, and doesn’t need to cater to the citizens of the state any longer. Their will shall be done.

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  • Alex Andrite

    Mr. .Z. , and all listening to his blog;

    Be aware of this, ” [Their] will shall be done.” YES it will be done …..

    Unless we, each one of us, take upon ourselves the responsibility to struggle and redeem this (your) State, and this Nation of its fascist ideologies.
    Serious stuff here folks, unto the destruction, or salvation, of the souls of us and our of our children.

    There are many of us Californians who struggle here for our ….. Freedom.

    And we vote.

    “Our greatest sin is Forgetfulness .”

  • I would think that competent people will increasingly say “Who needs this?” and self-select away from law enforcement. Californian’s won’t have to worry about police presence, as departments will become less effective over time. Predicting that bribery will become commonplace in ten years, just to get the police to do anything. Where have we seen this?

    And do not these people realize that law enforcement is employed and directed by government? The same-same government people are voting for? Are Progressives saying that the police do not reflect government values? That’s a heck of an indictment against government, if they have no control over law enforcement. You’d think police were an entity independent of government.

    We have people with no idea how anything works making decisions. But, to be expected when a society values feelings and security over competence and ability.

  • Micha Elyi

    I can imagine candidates for county sheriff touting their CLEAR Act background checks.

    I’d vote for someone whose belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman is well documented!

  • wayne

    Robert Earl Keen
    “Blow You Away”
    A Bigger Piece of Sky 2004

  • GWB

    Blair Ivey

    I would think that competent people will increasingly say “Who needs this?” and self-select away from law enforcement. Californian’s won’t have to worry about police presence, as departments will become less effective over time.
    Very wrong. Police presence won’t ultimately decrease, it will simply become the right kind of police as its presence in everyone’s life increases dramatically. Finding people to work for the Stasi was always easy – on and off the books. *points to all the Twitter hall monitors and the mask scolds and the Karens*

  • wayne

    Deep Space 9
    Dominion War Part 65 2
    The Last Stand
    “I have an even better reason Commander, Revenge”

  • Cotour

    Sounds like a big fat law suit that would wind up in the Supreme court to me.

    Both on a religious and work place discrimination violation of the Constitution and several other civil rights laws.

    Bring it on!

    Hire Allan Dershowitz, he is an actual civil Rights lawyer that actually knows the difference between irrational punitive “Politically Correct” actions by the now entirely insane with the ultimate drug Leftist controlled Democrats. Bring it.

  • mikesixes

    If we had a federal government with office holders who upheld their oath, any legislator who voted for this bill would be arrested for conspiracy to violate their citizens’ civil rights.

  • Cotour

    The charade of the Joe Biden presidency continues, I suspect it will not be long now:

  • Steve S

    “What a horrible piece of legislation. This cannot stand. I shall have to flee to Colorado.”

  • pzatchok

    I like it!!

    I think its everything California needs and wants.
    California will eventually get so discusted with the rest of America that it will vote to secede.
    Its next step will be to go to war with the rest of America because we will not sell them cheap water, electricity and food.

    At that point we have a far better chance to get rid of all the dimwits and return it to a constitutional system.
    We can then replace all the politicians, teachers and profesors,and remove all the illegals. We can then employ all the liberals to rebuild California during the reconstruction efforts.

  • Cotour

    From the Marxist who may well now see himself as the new governor of the state of New York: (Never happen, at least I do not think so that is. NYC elected De Blasio as mayor because its NYC. I do not think the people of the entire state would go near him. But then again what will become of the election security and verification in this state and the country if the Left is allowed to execute their master plan?)

    Bill DeBlasio: “Even if something is not a criminal case, a perpetrator being confronted by the city, whether it’s NYPD or another agency, and being told that what they’ve done was very hurtful to another person — and could, if ever repeated, lead to criminal charges — that’s another important piece of the puzzle,” de Blasio told reporters.

    The Mayor failed to define precisely what he meant by “hurtful,” but since he framed it in the context of non-criminal behavior, he can only be referring to mean words.”

    They are all nuts, insane and drunk with their hopefully short lived power spike.

    People used to say to me: ” Trump is so embarrassing!”.

    And my response would be: ” Trump may have personally embarrassed you here and there but every agenda that he executed as the president has been thee most pro American citizen and country in American history. I will live with what little embarrassment that may come along with him”.

  • wayne


    just adding a footnote on de blasio— never forget his real name is Warren Wilhelm, Jr.

  • Cotour

    He (in his opinion) is doing the best work of his life!

    And yes, he apparently was ashamed of his father, I think DeBlasio was told by his mother that he went out for cigarettes one day, and he never came back. Then when he got older he found out……….his father did not smoke!

    That may be the moment that he decided to become a Marxist?

    And the people in NYC elected him twice, if you want to believe that. And there in we have to question just how secure our election system actually is. I assume, not very. Its going to be a long hard slog. And then there is governor, Gretchen Whitmer, another gem.

  • wayne

    ‘best work of his life,’ –> hilarious!

  • pzatchok observed “We can then employ all the liberals to rebuild California during the reconstruction efforts.”


    I suspect if CA wanted to secede, many, many people would wave goodbye.

    “Sometimes a thing gets broke, can’t be fixed.”


    “Out of Gas” Firefly 2002

  • Cotour

    That is what he thinks, no, he knows, and he is serious.

    And when you think about it, even though he is universally disliked, I have never met anyone that admits to voting for him, or does not say instantly that they despise him. Someone had to vote for him. In the future if the Democrats have their way this will not be an issue, voting will not be necessary.

    DeBlasio has been very successful, like it or not. He has singlehandedly destroyed THEE major American city and has turned it into Seattle, just another “Progressive” bastion.

    He has been very successful, not so hilarious. But there it is all the same.

  • James Street

    Now see, if we just get rid of all these Christians we’ll be rid of all the small minded haters in this country.

  • Cotour


    ​”​In this empowered leadership / fiduciary / existential mode of thinking and justification for action there can not be allowed or it can be very flexible the subjective belief in a higher power, a religion, a creator or a God. Leadership in real terms can be devoid of a belief system other than power and their retaining it. ”

    “Leadership will profess their guidance by such morality and belief systems, but they are in fact not directed by them, not to any great degree anyway. Lying for the greater good, Strategy Over Morality in other words is perfectly acceptable and justifiable. As disturbing as that sounds to your Pedestrian Realm ears and sensibilities.”

  • Mike Weyhrich

    Part of the process to hang the Jan 6 incident to all Republicans and conservatives, isolate and maginalize them.

  • Cotour noted ” He has singlehandedly destroyed THEE major American city and has turned it into Seattle, . . . ”

    Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark if you’re a New Yawka.

  • GWB wrote: “Very wrong. Police presence won’t ultimately decrease, it will simply become the right kind of police as its presence in everyone’s life increases dramatically. Finding people to work for the Stasi was always easy – on and off the books.”

    [For context see my comment above].

    Dramatically more than how? Americans are already afraid to express opinions contrary to the Establishment. And how far down the road to perdition we’ve gone when a near-60 year-old White Male rails against the social order. Man. you’d think I’d be down with the program, being part of the power structure, and all.

    But, that’s not the case.

    See, I lived in a world where people tried to make a go of it. 1980’s and 90’s; there was a seemingly real effort to integrate. But, I noted that the 2000 Presidential election was something of a turning point. Now, no one wants to do anything but complain about how well they have it, compared to, say, 50 years ago.

    It’s as if the past 50 years of social advancement have been ‘cancelled’. Same complaints; different generation. But the complaints ring hollow, and they are not offering anything better.

  • wayne

    Red Hot Chili Peppers –
    “Californication” (1999)

    “Born and raised by those who praise control of population,
    Well, everybody’s been there and I don’t mean no vacation.”

  • Cotour

    I spent all of the the last 30 minutes crafting three amendments to the United States Of America’s Constitution.

    Here they are for your consideration, feel free to comment:


    ​THE TWENTY EIGTH AMENDMENT: No bill presented for consideration in the United States Congress or the United States Senate for the presidents consideration to sign into law may be presented without a two thirds majority in both the Congress and the Senate. And no agreed upon rules or policies in or between either body may usurp this two thirds requirement.

    ​THE TWENTY NINTH AMENDMENT: A government agency of the United States government may not initiate any rule or policy that has the effect of law and depriving any American citizen of either their free speech or their private property.

    ​THE THIRTIETH AMENDMENT: All qualified American citizens 18 years or older will present in order to either register or to vote in any election in the United States or the territories there of a valid identification as determined by the state or territory there of and that identification will comport with the standard legal requirements for identification in those states or territories, and will include a photograph.

    These three amendments to the Constitution solve most of the problems that we are all presented with today and in the future.

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