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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Conservative student journalism conference shut down by city of Alexandria, Virginia

They’re coming for you next: Based on a single anonymous complaint, the city of Alexandria, Virginia, shut down a conservative student journalism conference this coming weekend, claiming it was not following its Wuhan flu health regulations.

About 72 hours before the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Collegiate Network student editors’ conference was slated to begin this weekend, Hilton was told it could not take place due to COVID health regulations, organizers said. “We received news from our hotel that the local department of health … in response to an anonymous health complaint, someone called expressing concerns about the safety of the attendees at our conference,” John Burtka, president of the ISI, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

“In response to that complaint, an eager and willing bureaucrat complied and reclassified ISI’s educational program as a social event, and all social events in the state of Virginia are limited to only 10 people, effectively canceling our student journalism conference,” he said.

Burtka said there are many other conferences being held throughout the state and ISI is willing to complying with all COVID safety regulations.

“This had nothing to do with public health,” he said. “What it had to do with is there was someone who clearly did not want this event to happen. … We are working to find another city that welcomes freedom, diversity and civil discourses for a variety of perspectives.”

Note the dishonest game played by Alexandria government. They clearly misused their insane and odious COVID rules — rules that make no sense under any definition of scientific and medical research — to silence a political event that they disagreed with, proving once again that these COVID restrictions never had anything to do with preventing the spread of COVID, but instead were designed to prevent the spread of ideas hostile to leftist ideology.

The organizers of the conference say it will go on, but they will not publicize the location or any details, meaning that only previously registered attendees will be included, and that anything said at the conference will essentially be muzzled from the public square.

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  • Col Beausabre

    It;s called “Being SWATed”

  • William

    Col Beausabre-
    Except with less guns and trigger-happy cops.

  • Deserttrek

    The Old Dominion has dishonored itself.

  • Curtis

    People have to stop believing they will be treated fairly in blue states, counties, cities, towns and venues. Get over the notion that you can expect fair play from the odious blue scum and hold your events in red states and places.

  • I would love it if you could have a web page with all your ‘Blacklisted’ articles and date first published. My guess is it will be quite long in 4 years from now.

  • Edward_2

    74 million people voted for Donald Trump.

    Surely some sizable number of the 74 million can RESIST, PUSH BACK the fascist left.

  • Cotour

    Personal opinions and personal truth no longer acceptable in America!

    “We demand nothing short of the immediate termination of Sandra Sellers as adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center,” the group said in a statement. “Not suspension. Not an investigation. The university must take swift and definitive action in the face of blatant and shameless racism.”

    No one in America is now allowed to express their own private impressions or opinions if that opinion includes the judging of a person of color. However if you are a Jew, a Christian, an Asian or anything else you can say, in what you assume is a private conversation, ANYTHING and even promote their termination in more ways than one.

    Instead of raising a standard, we apparently in our society and in the halls of “Politically Correct” higher education we are required to lower ALL standards. And I personally know several professors who would in general back up these opinions about the quality of the student in todays education environment. Suggestion: Never characterize ANY student by anything other than their ability and what they intellectually bring to the table.

    Students in general: Not every professor or teacher likes or admires you personally or how you demonstrate just how much you bring to the intellectual / developmental table as established by their professional opinion. You might want to actually pay attention to them on some of these issues and use it to provide you a direction and inspiration to build your character and abilities. Instead of constantly finding yourself butt hurt because someone does not consider you the best they have ever seen and everything that issues from your mouth golden words from the Gods.

    Mutual respect being taught in the home and in schools would go a long way to solving these issues on both sides of the equation. And the fact that there are two sides to this equation further divides America and in fact promotes racism and intolerance. Both sides have to give a little here and this constant outrage that drives the Left is just not sustainable.

    Since LBJ there have been spent 27 Trillion dollars in “Reparations”, and what has that delivered? More racism and now the Marxists among them who leverage it to destroy what they despise, AMERICA and its CONSTITUTION! Sorry, but that is too high a price.

  • Art Cambigue: To create such a page do a search on Behind the Black for “Today’s blacklisted”. It will give you that page, which is already getting quite long.

  • Ian C.

    That one anonymous source was likely the bureaucrat him/her/xirself. Or his/her/xis friend.
    What the state itself cannot do by law, it sources out to private citizens or organizations (often NGOs with interesting funding sources). “Someone” has to make a request or hand in a complaint, now the state can act. Many such cases.

  • Edward

    Curtis wrote: “People have to stop believing they will be treated fairly in blue states, counties, cities, towns and venues. Get over the notion that you can expect fair play from the odious blue scum and hold your events in red states and places.

    What is fair treatment? Is it fair that those who think or make good ideas are more successful than those who play X-Box all day, or is it fair that the X-boxers be equally successful and live equally well?

    Are we a meritocracy (work, talent, skills, ingenuity, etc. are rewarded), or a nanny-ocracy (cradle to grave governmental care) — do we mature into adulthood or are we forever children? Answering this question will help to define what is fair.

  • Cotour



    A psychologist friend on my email list sent me this John Hopkins what appears to be a real world scenario “SPARS” event test that potentially takes place in only 5 years from today. Government agencies refining how to communicate with the public and the public has advanced instantaneous communications capability. In the past you listened to the radio or you read the news paper and you were “Informed”. This technology thing is something else and creates all kinds of problems for the powers that be. Look for them to limit your ability to communicate? Fee speech?

    I was speaking with a friend, he was with his wife and his daughter.

    The wife proudly says: Well we all know have the vaccine.

    Me: Great.

    Her: Are you going to get the vaccine?

    Me: No, I do not think its necessary for me to get it.

    Her husband: Oh yeah, he is one of those Trump Republicans who will refuse to get the vaccine. ( And interesting, her husband’s family as I understand it were Russian Jews who I assume came to the U.S. during the war, he is a big Socialist apparently. Does he not know his own history? I guess not, American Socialism must be much better than Russian Socialism.)

    Me: No, no, I am a registered Democrat.

    Him: Yeah, I know plenty of Republicans who are registered Democrats in NY.

    Her: You should get it.

    Another conversation this morning with another lady friend:

    Her: Well, Im getting my second shot on Tuesday.

    Me: Great. I ask her what vaccine she is getting? Pfizer she says. So I tell her this story I saw just the other day about the Moderna shot.

    Her: You should get it. Why arent you getting it?

    Me: I do not feel its necessary for me.

    Her: Why don’t you get it, then you won’t have to be scared.

    Me: Why? Im not scared now about it, so why should I get it?

    Her: Well you should get it. (No thanks, and I hate needles!)

    As long as they all “feel” safe in the short term I guess that is whats best. And although the vaccines have apparently been highly effective from what I can gather, although there has apparently been some statistical casualties, I just do not have the highest confidence in the technology and its long term potential effects. And I hate being a statistic no matter how unlikely. Not unless I determine that the risk is at the point where it is worth the “Safety”.

  • Cotour

    Marvin Haggler dies suddenly. Thomas Hearns posts this on his Instagram Social Media:

    “A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.. he’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine! He’ll be just fine but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his Full Recovery.”


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