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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Google to fire anyone who refuses COVID jab

Google: a company of oppressive clowns
Google: a company of oppressive clowns.

They’re coming for you next: In a memo to all its employees, Google has announced that it intends to fire any employee who refuses to get any of the COVID shots.

“We expect that almost all roles at Google in the US will fall within the scope of the executive order,” the memo said, according to CNBC. “Anyone entering a Google building must be fully vaccinated or have an approved accommodation that allows them to work or come onsite,” the memo said, adding that “frequent testing is not a valid alternative to vaccination.”

The company will give those lacking the jab six months of unpaid leave to get it, after which they will be terminated. It also appears that it will not matter whether the employee is working remotely or is coming into the office. Google wants everyone to get COVID shots, and will use force if necessary to make them do it.

The insanity of this rule is breath-taking. The evidence now shows that the various COVID shots are generally ineffective over the long run in protecting the population from getting the Wuhan flu. Thus, making employees get these shots is silly, and irrational.

It also violates numerous civil rights and privacy laws. First, Google has no right to demand this medical information from its employees. Second, to blackball certain employees because of their personal medical decisions is certainly discriminatory and violates their civil rights.

So, why are you still using gmail? Why are you still using Google as your default search engine? Both are easily replaced, especially the latter, and until you get rid of both you need to be logged into this unethical and oppressive company, which means it is collecting data from you continuously, for its own use.

For the same reason, I beg my readers who like to suggest evening pauses to look at other video sites, like Rumble and Vimeo, before relying on Google-owned YouTube. We need alternatives from a company that not only censors and blacklists conservatives, but now clearly wants to discriminate against some of its employees.

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  • t-dub

    I use Qwant for private searching, they are based in Paris, France where privacy laws are better than in the US. I also like Brave for secure, private browsing combined with a VPN. Just discovered a site called “Brand New Tube” which is a yt alternative, looks promising.

  • Andi

    Do you have a recommendation for getting off of gmail? My main issue is downloading the several thousand emails I have saved over the past 15 years or so, and I can’t see an easy way to do that.

  • Andi: There are alternative email services. Your ISP (such as the phone or cable companies) always offers an email service. The trick is not to depend on them. You use a email reader on your computer, such as Thunderbird or Eudora, and have that download the emails to your computer while deleting them from the server.

    Getting those old emails off the gmail server however is outside my pay grade. When I used it I only used it as a backup, so I simply deleted everything when I got rid of gmail.

  • Andi

    Bob, thanks for the info. For my business, I do use an email client to download and delete email from my hosting provider’s webmail service. I’m using an old version of Windows Live Mail, which is not supported, but I’ve been using it since it was supported.

    Unfortunately, for my personal email, I found that I like being able to access my email both on my computer and my phone. Maybe there’s a way to have the email stored on my hosting provider (as a backable-uppable database, not using webmail), but until I can figure out how, and until I can figure out how to download and save all my gmail, I think I’m stuck.

  • Gary H

    I use protonmail… Encrypted communications and storage in one of the most privacy stringent countries..Switzerland.

  • Andi: My wife Diane has for years had her former gmail emails go to her phone. However, when she turns on her desktop her email reader in Seamonkey downloads the emails off of gmail. To keep them on her phone she doesn’t have Seamonkey deleted them when it downloads.

    She is in the process this week of dumping gmail for an email address my own website can provide. Unfortunately, I can’t offer this as service. Not enough demand, and too complicated. However, there are plenty of other options.

  • If there was ever a reason to get fired . . .

    We are going to have to accept some personal pain in order bring change. That’s just how the Universe works, man. What is your dignity/liberty/freedom worth?

  • Alton

    Check out Google to Go
    It allows you to download all emails and other data that Google has compiled on your Gmail account. Google also allows any other IMAP email account to download your data to the new account. Warning if you have had Gmail for long you may be looking at five to one hundred gigs of data, takes a while to transfer.

    Google Takeout is the engine you need:
    Search in Google OR the G Search app.
    It will on your Android phone drop into the correct area if your account Settings.


    Able Windsor

    Only you can see this Google Account info
    Your data from Google services
    You can download a copy of the data saved in your Google Account to use it with another account or service, or to keep for your records. Learn more

    Download your data

  • Alton

    Fast mail is a good alternative, It is a paid service like Proton mail. has a good comparison of both.

    FastMail vs ProtonMail detailed comparison as of 2021 – Slant.Co
    When comparing FastMail vs ProtonMail, the Slant community recommends ProtonMail for most people. … ProtonMail is ranked 3rd

  • Alton

    Note’ you may have oodles of data in Google as I do. Since 1996 I have had both Hotmail, Yahoo and even AOL transferring emails via IMAP into my Google Data Pile (plus files that contains work from Compuserve and General Electric ? Genie network before 1993 and the public internet), so far, I do feel your pain …..

  • Alton

    Note 2:
    With the size of Google’s and AWS server farms be Ware of deleting data from their servers, their terms of service ALLOW them to keep photos and other file types for “research” once Uploaded. That is how they are training their Ai programs form separate databases created at time of upload.
    So anything you placed on The service that was not user encrypted before upload may very well be readable long after deletion.

    Google sells a thousand gigs for only $200 a year to the general public, with certain discounts that drops it much lower. Says the snake to the Gerbil……

    Now that is our good thought crime for today folks ….

  • D Parker

    Alton: That comparison seems flawed. Many of the pros listed for FastMail vs Proton are also available on Proton but not listed as such. For example, IMAP migration tool. I migrated 5 mailboxes from google to Proton with their tool, years of data, no hiccups at all. Aliases are also available from Proton. As are proper support for folders. FastMail’s integration with desktop clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook does not encrypt your email on your local machine, it sends and receives to the FastMail servers in plain text. Proton uses a local agent to encrypt/decrypt so that your data never leaves your machine unencrypted.

    I have no idea whether anyone else’s service is better than Proton’s for the average user, I make no assertion that you should use it. I merely want to point out that the review you pointed to was done by someone who either didn’t do any basic research, or was biased. Skepticism seems warranted in this case.

  • Cotour


    “Our preliminary investigation of the first outbreak in Norway with the Omicron VOC supports the notion that this SARS-CoV-2 variant is highly transmissible even among fully vaccinated people.”

    If you have not had Covid in one of the many forms that it has presented itself, you are probably going to get the Omicron variation of it. EVEN IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED.

    And the good part of this story is that the Omicron version of Covid apparently expresses itself in the form of a cold or a flu. And that apparently being the general manner in which the Omicron variant expresses’s itself, deaths from contracting Covid at this point in its life cycle should be dialed way down. Its more transmissible, but probably less deadly. That is how it appears at this moment in time.

    The bad part. Since Delta is still around and is more potent and although it will soon be entirely displaced by Omicron the push for vaccine and mask mandates goes on. America should be fully Omicron in about 4 weeks or so? 5 weeks? And then it will become endemic.

    Your best course of action if you choose to not be vaccinated? Increased levels of Vitamin D (4000 IU? Most everyone is deficient in vitamin D and Vitamin D is essential for your immune system to operate at a maximal level), Vitamin K (Vitamin K facilitates vitamin D and keeps calcium in the bones), Zinc, that is the foundation immunity support. If you become aware or suspect that you have contracted Covid get it treated early. (Make sure you check with your doctor if you have any heart or other health issues that may contra indicate these supplements and the doses.)

    That is the good and the bad, this is the ugly: This IMO is the face of the government’s inability to properly and honestly communicate with the citizens of America and is why they have zero credibility on this and many other issues. A doctor turned politician that runs government policy who clearly has conflicts of interest on many levels.


  • Cotour

    Today I am getting a lot of feed back from people in NYC, Covid is apparently all over but the hospitals at this point are apparently not being overwhelmed. Either because it just has not ramped up enough yet, OR its Omicron and its not expressing itself in an extreme manner.

    A friend told me she tested positive this morning, felt fine. Went to the hospital to get a jump on it, tested positive two more times, could have received monoclonal antibodies but decided not to, no symptoms. She went home and will wait it out.

    Stay tuned.

  • Cotour: Fear the cold. Fear!

  • Cotour

    Unfortunately there are real things that the Leftist government of NYC is attempting to install over and above “The Virus”.

    “A bill sponsored by liberal New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, D-Fort George, passed the chamber earlier this week, which allows noncitizens to vote in local elections, despite being met with somewhat bipartisan opposition.”

    ” the legislation, which is expected to be signed into law by outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio, as it allows green card holders to have the same electoral rights as U.S. citizens.”

    IMO this is un Constitutional as per the NYS Constitution and will or should be rejected by the NYS Supreme Court.

    Be afraid there are Leftists afoot and they understand that the only way they can win elections in the future, is by cheating!

  • m d mill

    If vaccines are effective then any who are fearful of infection can get the free vaccine and be safe, regardless of what others may do, so mandates are not needed. If vaccines are not effective then mandates are pointless. In either case their is no good need for a mandate, and many reasons to oppose it.

  • pzatchok

    m d mill

    Please stop it with all this logical thinking.

    Your confusing the heck out of the left.

    They do not want to learn about a subject and actually make up their own minds. That means taking personal responsibility.
    No its just easier to listen to the professionals and do as they say.
    Then load up the bong and keep playing video games.

  • wayne

    Excellent stuff!

  • wayne

    Excellent stuff!

  • Cotour

    “Fear, isolation, hospitalization and death”

    Dr. Peter A. McCullough on Covid Treatment The truth of the matter all in 2 min.


    IMO this entire exercise in chaos and government incompetence was at least in part focused on proving this new mRNA type drug development and production which is much less time intensive. They wanted to prove the *NEW* technology in order to replace the old.

    Nuremberg level crimes against humanity by government and those who run the health agencies within it. IMO.

    This is a prime example of Strategy Over Morality.

    And there will be no consequences for either incompetence or criminal activity.

  • Cotour observed: “If you have not had Covid in one of the many forms that it has presented itself, you are probably going to get the Omicron variation of it. EVEN IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED.”

    We had invited some folks to Christmas dinner. They let us know today that they had COVID-O. They had all three shots. Huh.

    The anecdotal evidence is really starting to pile up against the One True Religion.

  • t-dub

    Even more news coming in from Alex Berenson on Substack:

    “Stunning Covid data from Denmark, but not for the reason you’ve been told; the story is vaccine failure, not Omicron.

    The Danes are now publishing extremely detailed daily data about Covid cases and hospitalizations – not just about Omicron, but all Covid variants.

    And, in news that will surprise precisely no one who has been alive the last two years, they paint a picture entirely different than what the media claims.

    Omicron – which continues to appear significantly less dangerous though more transmissible than earlier variants of Covid – has been used as a cover for vaccine failure.

    Most new Covid cases in Denmark occur in people who are vaccinated or boosted – and that is true for both Omicron and earlier variants. More than 76 percent of non-Omicron Covid infections in Denmark are in vaccinated people, along with about 90 percent of Omicron infections.”

    There is more to that post on Substack and Alex cites his sources. The point is it is starting to look like most of the people getting sick are the ones that got jabbed. Interestingly enough, Kamala admitted it on live television just a few days ago, she even repeated it so there would be no misunderstanding:

  • Alton

    T-Dub. !?!?!?!

    Wow Dang!

    He Haw !!!

    Some One in this Administration FINALLY
    Told the TRUTH. …..

    Now We know WHY the Eisenhower Office Building Denizens are on the Out’s with the Truth Goddess…..

    {SARK …. Off}
    We now return to Scheduled Programming of the Population ….

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