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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Los Angeles government bans the unvaccinated from society

Coming to your town in America soon!
Death camps are coming for the unclean unvaccinated.

Persecution is now cool! On Octover 6th the Los Angeles city council joined a number of other cities in California as well as New York and voted to restrict access to most of society for anyone who has not gotten vaccinated against COVID.

Under the new law, businesses must require proof of vaccination when customers enter indoor facilities, including coffee shops, gyms, museums, bowling alleys, spas and a range of other venues.

…The L.A. rules allow customers to submit written exemptions for religious or medical reasons, but businesses must require those customers to use outdoor facilities, or to show evidence of a recent negative coronavirus test to come inside if no outdoor facilities are available. Customers who have no proof of vaccination or exemption can still enter briefly to use the restroom or pick up a takeout order, according to the ordinance.

Businesses that violate the rules can face escalating penalties under the ordinance, starting with a warning for a first violation, then a $1,000 fine for a second violation, eventually reaching a $5,000 penalty for a fourth or subsequent violation. The fines would begin to be enforced starting Nov. 29, according to the ordinance.

The rules apparently allow the unclean to enter supermarkets to buy groceries, but I would not expect that exemption to last much longer. Fear is what is driving these rules, not rational thought or actual data.

Moreover, the illogical of the rules is mind-boggling. Why is it forbidden to enter a bowling alley without a vaccine card, but you can still buy groceries? And why can the unvaccinated still enter to use the bathroom? Does COVID not spread when you need to pee?

Since March 2020, when the panic began, the claim has repeatedly been that the oppressive lockdowns, mandates, mask requirements, and restrictions of social activity are only temporary, and will help to slow and even stop the spread of COVID. And yet, none has worked, because none of these policies ever had the slightest chance of working. Respiratory illnesses like COVID spread, and eventually fade out as the general population gets the disease, survives, and becomes resistant to it. To make believe you can stop it is to imagine you can stand on the beach and hold back the tide with a shovel.

What makes these oppressive edicts even more absurd is that they are based on contradictory assumptions. First, they assume that if everyone gets vaccinated, everyone will be protected from COVID. Yet, they also assume that the unvaccinated are dangerous and can infect everyone, even those who have been vaccinated.

Which is it? Does the vaccine make you safe, or does it not? If the former, why bother banning the unvaccinated? If you have gotten the vaccine you thus safe and cannot get sick. You should be able to hug the unvaccinated, or even someone who is sick with COVID, and be immune.

And if the latter then why bother with these rules at all? The vaccine doesn’t protect you anyway, so you might as well allow everyone to go about their business normally.

In other words, these dictatorial rulings are insane, and are not based on any rational thought.

And yet, large swaths of the American public are demanding them, because they are afraid and need some make believe law to make that fear go away.

It will never go away however. These tyrannical laws cannot accomplish what the fearful desire. And until these fearful people recognize that reality and resolve instead to face their fear, that fear will rule their lives. The fear-driven will move for more and more restrictions and stricter and stricter rules against those who disagree with them, until we are living in a governmental hell far worse than anything Orwell imagined in his novel 1984.

We might even be there now.

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  • Phill O

    Gee, I wonder if that applies to illegal aliens which now are very dominant in CA?

    Canadians have all kinds of restrictions to get across the border while the caravans have none. Canadians have to get travel insurance while illegals get free stuff.

  • V-Man

    Up here in Quebec, you can’t enter a bar, restaurant, gym, movie theater or dance hall without proof of double vaccination. There are rumors that when the third shot becomes available, all double-vaccinated will be considered non-vaccinated(!).

    Otherwise, you can enter any type of store (merchant, convenience or grocery), as well as clinics, spas… and public museums.

    Our government has been quite clear that the restrictions are not health-related but punitive in nature. “If you only get vaccinated, you will get your freedom back.”

    So far, it’s not working. Seems there’s about 20-25% who will not get vaccinated no matter what. They wanted to force health personnel to get vaccinated, and when they realized they would loose half their staff they pushed back the deadline another month. And now that the new date’s getting close, they will push out yet again.

  • Concerned

    Scary times indeed.

  • James Street

    Sometimes the friend (CCP) of my enemy (the swamp) is a useful tool.

    Don’t leave home without it.

    Federal Agents Seize 3,000 Fake Vaccination Cards Made in China

  • wayne

    Kelthuz (2017)
    “Start up the Rotors”

    (the other version is far better, but it’s been age-restricted at yt, in the past 2 weeks.)

  • Gospace

    I’m going to equate it to the fifth amendment- the state is assuming people are guilty of being diseased and infectious without proof. And specifically violates nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;. It’s a deprivation of liberty without due process of law.

  • Gospace: Excellent point. I should have thought of this before. I will make sure to mention it in future blacklist posts.

  • We are told the vaccines are free. We know that nothing is free. In January of 2020, Moderna stock was $19.00. It is now $350.00. Free? How much of this windfall is being passed back to politicians? It looks like a lot to me.

    As I see it, this is pure profiteering by the political class. It’s win, win, win. More money and power to the top, less money and power at the bottom. Mom and Pop shops closed down, corporations thrive.

    Here via Hoyt.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “To make believe you can stop it is to imagine you can stand on the beach and hold back the tide with a shovel.

    Robert, Robert, Robert. You clearly misunderstand, but you are from a landlocked state, so you probably don’t know. Obviously a shovel is not enough to stem the ocean’s tides, but the combination of oppressive lockdowns, mandates, and mask requirements are enough. It takes all three. Add to that the requirement for businesses to become Nazi Stazi police-enforcers, then I guarantee that six hours later not only will the tide stop coming in but that it will even actively ebb. Pretty soon hospitals will even stop treating people who don’t produce vaccination papers — even people who need life-saving kidney transplants.

    Seriously, Robert, you need to educate yourself before you get shipped off to some reeducation camp.

    Huh. Look at that. Somewhere along there the sarcasm ended.

  • Edward: Gosh, I hadn’t thought about this properly. Thank you for straightening me out. Next time I go to the beach I’ll bring a mask and I’ll borrow a vaccine card to wave. Maybe just those two will be enough to protect my sand castle.

  • Jeff Wright


    Hey California movie armorers! Come to Alabama! Upstart Breeze Airways is in love with our first Bama built Airbus.

  • ontoiran

    so i would demand to know the health and vaccine status of everyone working there. does anyone working here have aids? hep c? is everyone current on ALL of their vaccines, etc?

  • Someone needs to design a badge for the Unvaxxed – maybe a bright yellow, perhaps with a 6-pointed star, and a big U for Unvaxxed and Unclean.

  • Jeff

    David E Prince wrote – ” this is pure profiteering by the political class. ”

    Heard recently that Pfizer was the most popular medical stock of Congress, did some research and found this. Interesting article, scroll down for 2021 top ten.

  • Linda S Fox: Someone needs to design a badge for the Unvaxxed

    Well, we already have a stylish “Vaxxed” necklace, recently modeled by Pope Kathy I of the Vaccine Vatican in Albany, for the “clean” to wear as a virtue signal. No need to interact with the “unclean” to badge them and risk getting the WuFlu (since they can’t count on their vaccine to keep them safe).

  • BKMart

    The entire vaccinated world is a Leper Colony, and I have no problem not joining them…

  • wayne

    “Red Sector A”

  • wayne

    Geddy Lee Tells His Family’s Holocaust Story
    Q104.3 FM (2019)

  • Paco

    Just as well. The ‘Un-Jabbed’ may want to get out of LA anyway before the ‘jabbed to zombie’ transition gets any worse. It will be gradual, so don’t be fooled.

  • D3F1ANT

    Humanity has become a bleating flock of cowardly sheep. This won’t stop until we refuse to comply.

  • MadRocketSci

    “Fear is what is driving these rules, not rational thought or actual data.”

    Not fear. Fear has nothing to do with this. This is sadism and dominance, plain and simple. These people are *not* afraid of a virus – if they were afraid, they personally would be taking precautions. It would look a lot different if this actually *were* smallpox or the black-death with a 30% death rate. You wouldn’t see aristocrats throwing massive parties while muzzled slaves attend to them.

    These people are not afraid. The “fear” is an excuse for them to abuse their neighbors.

  • tex52

    IT WILL GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. Roll up your sleeves and dig in….

  • Leanna

    Since the vaccinated seem to be the ones spreading COVID, I guess the unvaccinated can be happy that they won’t have to be around them to get infected. Also, the unvaccinated are protected against all the blood clots and other problems now known to be associated with the jab., and herd immunity is far more effective than the vaccine. So, there is a bright side of being an outcast.

  • Jeff,

    Great resource. Thanks!


  • Cotour

    Lawyers, Courts and Money.

    “White Male Hospital Executive Wins $10 Million Payout in Discrimination Case After He Was Replaced by Two Women – One Black, One White – For ‘Diversity’ Program”

    This is how we fight political warfare in America.

    Well done.

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